Real Estate CFO & COO (West)
Dana Point, CA
September 21 - 22, 2021


Mark your calendar as IMN's 8th Annual Real Estate CFO & COO Forum (West) will take place in Dana Point, CA, September 21-22, 2021.
Every year, the forum provides unrivaled opportunities for attendees to participate in educational sessions focused on the latest trends in accounting, regulations and technology, and also in hours of built-in networking opportunities for forging those critical business connections.
The 2021 conference will again gather a delegation of CFOs, COOs, Tax & Accounting Officers, Controllers, Treasurers and more for a day and a half program packed with insights from within real estate developers, lenders, REITs, and operating companies.

Of course the health and safety of our staff, our customers and indeed all our stakeholders is of paramount importance to us.  To that end we will continue to work closely with our event execution partners to ensure we welcome you safely and deliver a legally compliant and best-in-class experience for you all.  We will follow local government guidelines and incorporate measures outlined in the Euromoney Events Shield to ensure optimal health and sanitary conditions are maintained throughout the event.

We look forward to welcoming you to Dana Point this Summer!

Who Should Attend
  • Accountants
  • Chief Accounting Officers
  • Chief Financial Officers (of REITs, Funds, Lenders and Operating Companies)
  • Chief Operating Officers
  • Chief Tax Officers
  • Controllers
  • Tax
  • Treasurers
  • Service Providers

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    Tuesday, September 21st, 2021

      7:45 AM
      Tier 2 Registration & Breakfast

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      8:15 AM
      Tier 3 Registration & Breakfast

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      8:55 AM
      IMN Opening Remarks

      9:00 AM
      Real Estate CFO Roundtable

        • How has your business strategy changed over the past 6 months?  Which opportunities/markets/asset classes are you focusing on?
        • What does the availability of financing look like for the markets in which you operate?  How have terms changed over the past 6 months?
        • How is construction financing availability impacting entitlement and project timelines for various property types?
        • Trends in tenant lease terms post-pandemic
        • How are you internally approaching the transition back to working in the office?  What are the implications for hiring new employees?
        • What changes have you made to core processes over the past 18 months?  Which changes are permanent and where will you revert to old processes?
        • What has changed about investor communications in recent months? 

        • Kelvin Tetz, Partner (Moss Adams LLP)
        • John Gottfried, CFO (Acadia Realty Trust)
        • Sean Cunningham, Chief Financial Officer (Integrated Capital Management)
        • Lori McKinney, Chief Financial Officer (McKinney Capital)
        • Jennifer Welker, Chief Financial Officer (Versity Investments, LLC)
        • Jiorjio Fetterman, CFO (Clairmont Capital Group)
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      9:45 AM
      CRE Market Outlook, Debt Finance & Capital Markets Landscape

        • What is the current landscape for distressed opportunities?  How do you expect this to trend over the coming year?
        • Which asset classes are poised for gains?  What property types are you staying away from?
        • How do you view the shift in workplace attitude and demand for office space in your markets?
        • Capital flows and trends in the public REIT space
        • Which markets are attracting most investment?
        • Where are stocks trading relative to Net Asset Value?
        • Which key metrics are investors focused on at the moment?

        • Sandy Geyelin, Senior Managing Director (Lombard International)
        • Wesley Wilson, Chief Financial Officer (Avanath Capital)
        • L.D. Salmanson, CEO & Co-Founder (Cherre)
        • Aaron Weaver, CFO (The Bendetti Company)
        • Ryan Patap, Senior Director of Market Analytics (CoStar Group)
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      10:30 AM
      Networking Break

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      11:15 AM
      Fund Administration Best Practices

        • What do real estate business leaders need to consider when partnering with third-party fund administrators? 
        • How are these partnerships reducing risk, enhancing operations and generating value for investors?
        • Who bears the brunt of responsibility for transparency: the fund administrator, or the investment committee, risk, compliance or operations functions?
        • Technology - what tools/systems do you use to streamline investor reporting, and provide more accurate analytics, faster?
        • What techniques are fund administrators using to meet increasingly complex regulatory requirements?
        • What’s on your checklist when selecting a fund administration service provider? Which functions do you keep in-house?

        • Abigail Holm, Director, Private Markets (SS&C Technologies, Inc.)
        • Jiorjio Fetterman, CFO (Clairmont Capital Group)
        • Jacqueline Johnson, Head of Administration Sales (Juniper Square)
        • Jeff Bush, President (Standish Real Estate)
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      12:00 PM
      Tax Planning, Compliance & Preparing for Regulatory Changes

        • How can real estate companies make the most of tax efficient structures to increase returns?
        • Analyzing recent legislation to identify the latest tax benefits and strategies
        • Implications of potential changes to the 1031 Exchange: how are CFOs and COOs approaching this?
        • How are innovations in regulatory technology aiding real estate companies with the demand of regulatory compliance?
        • How is AI simplifying compliance workflow?

        • Irene Kling, Tax Senior Manager (Moss Adams LLP)
        • Scott Humphrey, Partner (BKD)
        • Trent Wallin, Chief Financial Officer (Peak Capital Partners)
        • Alex Bagne, President (ICS Tax, LLC)
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      12:45 PM

      2:00 PM
      Technology ROI, Implementation Costs, Resources & Time vs. Expectations

        • What are the key components of your technology investment strategy? 
        • How do you assess the benefits and risks of investing in technology and partnering with third-parties?
        • How are innovations in technology impacting commercial real estate values? What risks are they helping to identify and mitigate?
        • How are you leveraging technology to manage compliance, hiring and training, and reporting?
        • What inefficiencies has the global pandemic highlighted in your property management strategy?
        • How can real estate execs make the most of the technology at their disposal to ensure strong ROI? 
        • What are the resource expectations and costs associated with implementing and effectively utilizing these systems?

        • David Gaultiere, Director, Product (Appfolio Investment Management)
        • Jonathon Barkl, Co-founder & CEO (AirGarage)
        • Jeannie Vu, CFO (JRK Property Holdings)
        • Joe Anfuso, CFO (MG Properties)
        • Ben Collins, Senior Director Industry Marketing, Financial Services (Sage Intacct)
        • Chris Barbier, Industry Principal (Yardi Systems)
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      2:45 PM
      What is the Most Profitable Investment?

      • The pandemic has seriously affected every corner of each country and city in the world. Fighting against the pandemic has become the common goal of human’s destiny. The traditional economy and digital economy are like two trains running on their own tracks, where traditional one runs into big trouble, especially on people’s life, survival, living, and employment. It hits real hard. Humans has lost not only time, but also the opportunity to gain wealth. Whether it is the traditional economy or the digital economy, what does it bring to everyone in the post-pandemic era? Is it a threat? Is it a hazard? Is it a disaster? Or safety, wealthy, creativity? Or a new job opportunity?At the time when the pandemic is sweeping the world,the digital economy suddenly shows a strong K-shaped countercyclical characteristic, and taking the responsibility of functioning as a shock absorber and stabiliser, but how can it builds an immunisation mechanism for the global economy? From developing the digital economy angles to telling you by Fight to Fame BMS Technology project

        • Eric Simons, BMS Global Brand Ambassador (Fight to Fame)
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      3:15 PM
      Networking Break

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      3:45 PM
      Outsourcing & Making the Best Use of Resources

        • How are real estate companies creating balance sheets that reduce overall costs?
        • What are the most costly and inefficient areas of your business? What are you doing to improve them?
        • How are you getting rid of time-consuming, manual processes across your business functions?
        • Which functions are better to in-source, rather than outsource?  What are your concerns around outsourcing these functions?
        • What parts of your accounting process are you automating?
        • What challenges do you face around scaling, and what solutions are you seeking?
        • How has the way you utilize your resources changed in the past 18 months?  Are there any lessons learned that have changed certain business functions or processes for good?

        • James Bohan, Principal (Stonehan Capital, LLC)
        • Brian Thayer, Director of Sales (AvidXchange)
        • Robert Lee, SMD-Acquisitions -Capital (Healthcare Property Growth Fund)
        • Morris Groberman, Co-Founder & Principal (Northwest Commercial Real Estate Invest.)
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      4:30 PM
      Technology Vendor Hot Seat

      • Real estate executives talk with these tech vendors to find answers to the pertinent questions on your mind when evaluating a new system for your business including ROI, implementation, resource management and cybersecurity. 

        • Barbara Rea, Founder (Rea Advisory Group)
        • Mike Sebastian, Industry Principal Director (Appfolio Investment Management)
        • David Hott, President (Hott Solutions Corp)
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      5:15 PM
      Networking Drinks Reception

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      6:15 PM
      Day One Concludes

    Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021

      8:00 AM
      Registration & Breakfast for All Attendees

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      9:00 AM
      Real Estate COO Roundtable

        • What operational lessons have been learned from the pandemic?  How can they be applied moving forward?
        • Which new operational risks have you identified?
        • What tech solutions do you use for back-office management? What about technology and process changes do you use to interact with your tenants and customers? 
        • Within your organization, where have you identified opportunities to reduce operating costs or improve efficiency? 
        • Managing employee expectations and market trends on flexibility of work location
        • How does this change your hiring strategy/practices?  How are you ensuring you continue to build a strong, diverse team?
        • Remote working implications for technology and office space

        • Jacqueline Johnson, Head of Administration Sales (Juniper Square)
        • Alexis Volen, Chief Operating Officer (CIRE Equity)
        • Jim Dillavou, Counsel/Principal (Paragon Commercial Group)
        • Jasmine Nazari, Partner, Chief Operating Officer (Urban Green Investments)
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      9:45 AM
      Targeting Transparency & Efficiency in Investor Reporting

        • What reporting challenges are you facing as your firm adjusts its business strategy?
        • Which main inefficiencies that arose during the pandemic do you expect to continue and how are you tackling these?
        • What reporting capabilities are investors demanding?
        • How have you been utilizing technology to optimize these capabilities?
        • What are the latest trends in reporting standards?
        • How are you using technology and process adaptations to effectively communicate with your investors?
        • What degree of transparency are institutional investors looking for as they increasingly seek out value-add and development opportunities, and how do you manage those demands?
        • What opportunities exist to improve budgeting and reforecasting? Which systems, processes, teams and best practices do you have in place now, and how do you expect those will change?

        • Chris Barbier, Industry Principal (Yardi Systems)
        • Stuart Wood, Managing Director-North America (Alter Domus)
        • Justin Schuman, Principal (Entrada Partners)
        • Kelly Blair, Chief Financial Officer (Mark IV Capital)
        • Mark Limpert, Principal (Orion Real Estate Partners LLC)
        • Steven Gesis, COO (Smartland)
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      10:30 AM
      Networking Break

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      10:45 AM
      Changes in Human Capital: Remote Work, Physical Office Space & the Impact on Corporate Planning

        • Managing employee expectations and market trends with regards to flexibility of work location
        • How do you view what your workplace will look like moving forward?  How are your employees evaluating how and when they will return to the workplace?
        • What does this mean for corporate footprints and how do you view that, in turn, influencing commercial property values in primary and secondary markets?
        • How does remote work impact productivity?  What is your business plan moving forward with regards to remote working?  Is this the new big employee benefit?
        • Do stimulus benefits harm the hiring process?

        • Greg Saunders, Chief Financial Officer (Ygrene Energy Fund)
        • Amy Pearce, Managing Director (SS&C Technologies)
        • Lori McKinney, Chief Financial Officer (McKinney Capital)
        • Steven Puodziunas, Managing Director, Operations (CIM Group)
        • James Huang, President (eXp Commercial)
        • Kathy Fishkin, Chief Financial Officer (Rich Development Company)
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      11:30 AM
      Distressed Asset Acquisition Strategies & Pricing in Today’s Market

        • How do you identify distressed opportunities?
        • Which asset classes and markets are providing the most deals?
        • Is there too much capital chasing too few deals?
        • How does one judge and identify true value in today’s market?
        • How has your due diligence process changed due to COVID-19?  Which changes will be retained and which will revert?

        • Jiorjio Fetterman, CFO (Clairmont Capital Group)
        • Afshin Kateb, CFO (Nimes Real Estate)
        • Jasmine Nazari, Partner, Chief Operating Officer (Urban Green Investments)
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      12:15 PM
      IMN’s Real Estate CFO & COO Forum (West) Concludes

    Registration Times

      6:55 AM
      Tiered Registration Times

      • *You will receive an email with your tiered registration time ahead of the conference. Please do your best to check in at the registration desk during this time. 

        Tier 1:
        September 20th 
        4:30-5:30 PM

        Tier 2:
        September 21st
        7:45-8:15 AM

        Tier 3:
        September 21st
        8:15-8:55 AM



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