Real Estate Family Office (West)
Dana Point, CA
April 29 - 30, 2019


IMN invites you to attend our 5th Annual Real Estate Family Office and Private Wealth Management Forum (West), April 29-30, 2019 in Dana Point, CA.

As the economy and the real estate investment climate has improved, family offices and private wealth managers are increasing their allocation and interest in investing in real estate. Be it direct investments, using private equity managers or the public markets there is a plethora of investment options that need to be considered and this deep dive into real estate by the IMN conference will meet all of your education and networking needs.

We look forward to hosting this event once again and providing the platform for attendees to connect with the investors who are actively engaged in this private real estate investment.

Who Should Attend
  • Asset Managers
  • Debt & Equity Financiers
  • Family Business-Owners
  • Family Foundations and Endowments
  • Family Offices
  • Investment Consultants
  • Investment Infrastructure Providers
  • Legal
  • Placement Agents
  • Private Banks
  • Private Equity
  • Private Investment Offices
  • Private & Public Real Estate Funds
  • Private & Non-Traded REITs
  • Real Estate Investment Managers
  • Tax Services Including 1031 Investment Advisors
  • Wealth Advisors

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    Monday, April 29th, 2019

      7:30 AM
      Registration and Breakfast for Conference Attendees

      8:15 AM
      IMN Opening Remarks

        • Sanyu Kyeyune , Program Manager (IMN)

      8:20 AM
      Family Office Roundtable: The Pros Weigh In

        • How are leading family offices structuring deals in today’s highly competitive market?
        • Does the market’s long bull run give you pause? Where are you looking to invest next?
        • What are the most common challenges facing today’s family offices?
        • What are the pros and cons of a single vs. multi-family office structure?
        • What strategies are family offices turning away from and toward as a result of rising interest rates?
        • How do family offices determine their asset allocations?
        • Are you using algorithms to make investment decisions? What assumptions go into those algorithms?
        • Which opportunities are family offices pursuing within different property sectors?
        • How does your practice handle succession planning?
        • What resources are you using to mitigate risk?
        • How are you addressing cybersecurity?
        • What happens when family office club deals go wrong?

        • Todd Bancroft , President & CEO (Draper and Kramer)
        • Mark Tronstein , Managing Director, Real Estate (Andell, Inc.)
        • David Luo , Executive Director (Cherng Family Office)
        • Josh Roach , Chief Investment Officer (Lloyd Capital Partners & Phi Group Investments)
        • Andrew Oshay , Principal (Oshay Family Office)
        • Alex Bhathal , Founder (RAJ Capital Management)

      9:05 AM
      The Secret to Exceptional Deal Flow & Due Diligence

        • What’s your process for securing new investments? How do you manage them?
        • Do you invest directly, with other families or through sponsors?
        • What does your investment criteria look like?
        • What are pros and cons of the OCIO model vs. multi-family office model?
        • What are some deals that you’ve turned down, and why?
        • Are you getting the returns you expected? Or are you having to adjust your strategy?
        • What’s in your pipeline for 2019? Are you looking to increase the number or size of deals?
        • Venture capital—how much is too much in terms of asset allocation?
        • How are you using technology to close more deals?
        • What are the characteristics of a smart deal? What are telltale signs of a not-so-smart deal?
        • What resources do family offices rely on for conducting due diligence?
        • How do family offices vet real estate fund managers?

        • Neel G Patel , President (OM Pacific Capital)
        • Dan Rosenbloom , Co-Head Investments (CADRE)
        • Bradley Florin , President (55 Resort Apartments (L3.CO))
        • Patrick O'Meara , Managing Principal (Taylor Street)
        • Henry Manoucheri , Chairman & CEO (Universe Holdings)

      9:50 AM
      Commercial Real Estate Outlook: How Much Runway Remains?

        • How will rising interest rates impact investment decisions? How are they affecting the increasingly competitive debt market?
        • Do family office investors have to wait for a buyer’s market?
        • What markets are showing strength? Which are beginning to soften?
        • How are investors driving value from Class B/C multifamily assets? In which markets is workforce housing outperforming multifamily overall? What are local governments doing to make workforce housing more attractive to investors?
        • How is the office sector going to thrive while co-working and flex spaces continue to grow their market share?
        • The industrial sector is enjoying a lengthy bull run, but how long will it last?
        • What geopolitical and trade-related risks are on the horizon, and how should investors prepare?
        • Will opportunity zones have a meaningful effect on the commercial real estate landscape?
        • What are the strengths and risks of secondary and tertiary markets?
        • What global investment opportunities are family offices pursuing?

        • Randy C Norton , Managing Partner (Green Mesa Capital, LLC)
        • Joshua Pukini , Managing Partner (AB Capital)
        • Jonathan Pharris , President (Caprock Partners)
        • Rodney Emrani , President (Emrani & Associates)
        • Matt Campbell , Principal (Forge Partners)
        • Jake Sharp , CEO (Jake Sharp Group)

      10:35 AM
      Networking Break Courtesy of:

      10:55 AM
      Are Opportunity Zones A Goldmine for Family Offices?

        • What rewards do opportunity zones have in store for family offices?
        • Who should be playing in this long-term investment space?
        • How should family offices go about evaluating opportunity zone projects?
        • What types of opportunity zone deals are family offices executing?
        • Are certain markets or property types better suited for opportunity zone investment than others?

        • David Daneshforooz , Managing Director (Kirin Capital)
        • Michael Fitzpatrick , Executive Vice President & CFO (Baker Tilly Capital, LLC)
        • Andrew Fenton , Head of Investment Banking and Advisory (COLLIERS)
        • Jim Hayes , CFO (Draper and Kramer)
        • Bill Truax , President (Galena Fund)
        • Patrick Kennedy , Owner (Panoramic Interests)
        • Louis Dubin , Managing Partner (Redbrick LMD, LLC)

        Contains 1 presentations, but you must be registered for this conference and signed-in order to view/download the files

      11:55 AM
      Direct Investment in Real Estate

        • There’s been a renewed focus on direct investing by family offices. What’s driving this shift?
        • What types of direct investments are family offices targeting?
        • How do you approach co-investing? What do you need to know when vetting investment partners and evaluating opportunities?
        • Have you partnered with other family offices before? How effective is that strategy?
        • Why do some direct investment structures work for certain family offices and not others? How do you find the right fit?
        • Family offices have shown a strong interest in early-stage and middle-market growth equity. How will this trend evolve?
        • What challenges do family offices typically encounter with direct investing?

        • Benoit Rochard , Vice President (CFH Investment Partners)
        • Stuart Bernstein , Partner (CapRidge Partners)
        • Anthony DeLorenzo , Executive Vice President (CBRE)
        • Dominic Zamora , Principal (CliftonLarsonAllen LLP)
        • Eric Kim , COO (InvestReal)
        • John Lustgarten , CIO (Summit Equity Investments)
        • Taylor Bennett , Managing Principal (Wilshire Capital Partners, LLC)

      12:45 PM
      Lunch Courtesy of:

      1:45 PM
      Have We Survived the Retail Apocalypse?

        • Where are investors finding opportunities in retail? What returns are they getting from grocery-anchored, single-tenant, malls, mixed-use power and strip centers?
        • Is now the right time to invest debt or equity, or is it better to sell?
        • Where are underperforming centers being converted successfully?
        • With automated vehicles becoming more prevalent, are retail owners finding innovative ways to repurpose parking lots and garages?
        • What do owners/operators need to know today about technology’s future impact on the retail supply chain? How can they stay ahead of the curve?
        • What are the winners and losers in the “clicks to bricks” movement? How are brick-and-mortar retailers staying relevant?
        • What does retail investment look like in opportunity zones?
        • How are investors getting creative when putting together retail deals?
        • How are LPs approaching various retail asset classes? Where are they finding debt financing, and what terms are they getting?
        • What are the most severe risks facing the retail sector, and how can investors protect themselves?
        • How are experiential retail centers creating new opportunities for investors?

        • Joshua Aven , CEO, Founder (Aven Financial Group)
        • Todd Laurie , EVP-Investments/Partner (Baceline Investments LLC)
        • Wally Clark , VP (JG Construction)
        • Neil Soskin , Owner (Neil Soskin Commercial Real Estate Services)
        • Rod Astarabadi , President (Pacific Castle)

      2:25 PM
      Multifamily Real Estate: What Are The Best Opportunities?

        • What trends are having the greatest impact on multifamily investing?
        • So much dry powder, so few reasonably priced deals. Where are you finding upside?
        • What do first-time multifamily investors need to know before entering the sector?
        • With prices and valuations soaring, what strategies are people using to control costs?
        • What are the advantages of looking outside of primary markets? Is it worthwhile to hire local experts?
        • Rents continue to rise across the country. How long will this keep up?
        • How is the private sector benefiting from investing in affordable housing?
        • What impact do opportunity zones have on multifamily investing?

        • Randy C Norton , Managing Partner (Green Mesa Capital, LLC)
        • Bryant Ferber , Managing Director (Azure Partners)
        • Jake Sharp , CEO (Jake Sharp Group)
        • Robert Lazaroff , Vice President (Michelson Realty Company)
        • Nitin Chexal , Director-Real Estate (Nimes Real Estate)
        • Michael Kalt , Principal (Partners Path Capital)
        • Jonathan Wintner , President & CEO (Winstar Properties)

      3:25 PM
      Equity Investment: Getting It Right & What to Avoid

        • Jay Rollins , President (JCR Capital)

        Contains 1 presentations, but you must be registered for this conference and signed-in order to view/download the files

      3:35 PM
      Late-Cycle Debt Investment

        • Family offices are positioned to become competitive with institutional lenders as the real estate cycle matures. What returns can be achieved, and by which strategies? How can you protect your position in a downturn?
        • Private debt funds are increasingly targeting higher-yield mezzanine loans. What opportunities exist in this market? What risks do these products carry?
        • What yields are investors getting on bridge and mezzanine loans for different property types?
        • What’s the appetite of family offices for secured debt?
        • How are private investors using hard money loans to structure deals?
        • Will senior debt funds help newcomers enter the real estate lending market?
        • Could Wall Street’s appetite for subprime loans lead to another downturn? What are local lenders doing to take advantage of this trend?
        • Should you invest in real property, or the notes underlying the asset?
        • What is your view on purchasing tax liens?
        • What are the late-cycle risks of investing in debt?
        • What relationships do you rely on to get access to favorable terms?
        • How do regulations impact the outlook for debt investment?
        • Are you gravitating more to fixed- or floating-rate debt?

        • Larry Steinberg , Chief Investment Officer (Financial Architects)
        • Jay Rogers , Executive Director (Bergendahl Holdings)
        • Jake Sharp , CEO (Jake Sharp Group)
        • Benjamin Nazarian , General Partner (Parkview Financial)
        • Natalie Do , Vice President, Senior Relationship Manager (Torrey Pines Bank)
        • Monica Mehta , Director of Key Accounts and Business Development (Vivaldi Capital Management)

      4:10 PM
      Networking Break Courtesy of:

      4:40 PM
      Are There Riches in Niches?

        • What yields can investors expect from niche property types?
        • What are benefits of investing in niche property types in opportunity zones?
        • Which niche property segments are in highest demand by investors?
        • How recession-proof is the senior housing asset class?
        • Are co-working and co-living fads? Or are they here to stay?
        • What’s new with cannabis legalization, and how does that affect investment prospects in the industry?
        • How are investors approaching the student housing asset class? Where are the next opportunities in the sector?
        • Which healthcare real estate segments are seeing the strongest growth? How should investors looking to enter the sector approach these opportunities?
        • How are investors uncovering upside in the life sciences and data center asset classes?
        • Which opportunities in gaming and casinos are showing the most promise?
        • What risks do investors need to keep in mind when considering niche property types?
        • What are best practices for investing in self-storage assets?

        • Larry Steinberg , Chief Investment Officer (Financial Architects)
        • Jared Hutter , Principal & Co-Founder (Aptitude Development)
        • Sean Baird , Director (COLLIERS)
        • Gene Guarino , President (Residential Assisted Living Academy)

      5:20 PM
      The Key to Hospitality

        • How are investors approaching primary vs. secondary market opportunities?
        • What travel trends are creating new opportunities for hotel owners and investors?
        • Which hotel subtypes are offering the best returns?
        • What are the pros and cons of investing in existing hotels vs. building new ones?
        • What do inexperienced hotel investors need to know before entering the sector?
        • As lifestyle- and wellness-focused hotels become more prevalent, is the struggle for talent only going to get worse?
        • What role does the hospitality sector play in opportunity zones?

        • Jeremy Lurey , President & CEO (Plus Delta Consulting, LLC)
        • Sanat Patel , Managing Partner (Avana Capital)
        • Bleecker Seaman , Co-CEO (Broadshore Capital Partners)
        • Adrienne Jubb , Vice President, Development (Marriott International)
        • Afshin Kateb , CFO (Nimes Real Estate)
        • Rick Takach , Chairman & CEO (Vesta Hospitality, LLC)

      6:00 PM
      Networking Reception

      7:00 PM
      Day One Concludes

    Tuesday, April 30th, 2019

      8:00 AM
      Registration and Breakfast For Conference Attendees

      8:25 AM
      Who Are We?—Defining Your Family Office’s Identity & Doing Well by Doing Good

        • What’s your family’s wealth thesis? How did you come up with it? How does it inform your long-term investment strategy? Does it address the values of younger family members?
        • What unique opportunities exist in real estate for next-generation family members?
        • Who is on your organization’s family council?
        • What’s in your family’s constitution? How does it impact how you conduct business?
        • What strategies have worked for more seasoned family offices? How can they be applied today?
        • Who makes investment decisions? Are these made by consensus or through specific allocations to family members?
        • Does your family office have a defined culture? Does it matter?
        • What questions should you ask your interim and long-term trusted advisors?
        • Who makes decisions about co-investment partnerships?
        • How do family offices uphold their ethics and values while still making a profit?
        • What practices can family offices adopt to make sure their investments meet a triple bottom line for generations to come?
        • How do family offices weight financial profit vs. social profit through charitable giving?

        • Milka Micic , Executive Director (J.P.Morgan Private Bank)
        • Dan Magder , Managing Director (Center Creek Capital)
        • Scott Fifer , Founder & CEO (GO Campaign)
        • Steve Kwong , Vice President, Senior Financial Advisor (Merrill Lynch)
        • Joe Strazzeri , Partner (The Founders Group)

      9:10 AM
      Structuring Your Opportunity Zone Fund

        • What do family offices need to know before investing through a qualified opportunity zone fund?
        • How do you know if your fund is structured correctly?
        • How are changing regulations impacting fund managers’ strategies?
        • What impact do state and local tax credits have on opportunity zone projects?
        • What do you need to know to protect your investments in opportunity zones?
        • Which are the most important tax issues to keep in mind before getting involved with opportunity zones?

        • Gregory Banner , President (Asset Preservation Strategies, Inc.)
        • Richard Blumenreich , Principal (KPMG LLP)
        • David Meulmester , Partner, Tax (KPMG LLP)
        • Sheryl Morehead , VP-Capital Markets (Sunstone Properties Trust)
        • Victor Chiang , Founder (Tiberius Family Office)
        • Erik Hayden , President (Urban Catalyst)

      9:55 AM
      Single-Family Rental (SFR) Real Estate

        • What is the role of SFR in a diversified investment portfolio?  What kind of risk-adjusted returns does if offer and how do the returns compare to other real estate classes?
        • What kind of returns are secondary and tertiary markets providing in the SFR space?
        • How does SFR provide a defensive investment in a recessionary environment?  How does it perform in an inflationary environment?
        • How is the market positioned for future growth? Does it face similar oversupply risks as multifamily?
        • If SFR makes up over 50% of the rental market, why are most family offices not investing – even the ones who are active in real estate?
        • What are the benefits to investing in SFR that are unique for family offices?  How does capital preservation and longer investment horizons align with SFR investments?
        • What is driving renter demand for single-family real estate? How long will those trends continue?
        • Will Generation Z have a major impact on single-family real estate? What about Millennials and Baby Boomers?
        • What are the best ways to address the needs of seniors within single-family rentals?
        • How are opportunity zones investors approaching the single-family rental sector?
        • Are build-to-rent homes actually delivering durable cash flows?

        • Joe Strazzeri , Partner (The Founders Group)
        • Dan Magder , Managing Director (Center Creek Capital)
        • Alan Harden , Family Member (Harlow Family Office)
        • Josh Roach , Chief Investment Officer (Lloyd Capital Partners & Phi Group Investments)

      10:30 AM
      Managing Wealth for Generations

        • Why do family real estate businesses fail over generations?
        • How do you gain control of you and your family’s financial futures to ensure that they can maintain their lifestyles with appropriate legacy?
        • How you define assets available for your aspirational goals for you and your family?
        • Managing the interests of families can be highly complex. How do advisors, planners and managers handle this?
        • How do you engage and encourage younger generations to be responsible stewards?
        • What challenges arise in developing a long-term strategy and communicating it internally?
        • How is multigenerational wealth management changing? Are there new solutions to tackling prevailing issues?
        • Are family offices considering the sustainability and ethical impact of investments? How does this inform their decisions?

        • James Solomon , Principal & CIO (Ravinia Capital Group)
        • Michael Polley , President (1st Commercial Realty Group)
        • Kip Kolson , President (Family Wealth Leadership)
        • Heath Goldman , President/CEO (ICON Wealth & Legacy Partners)
        • Milka Micic , Executive Director (J.P.Morgan Private Bank)

      11:15 AM
      Networking Break Courtesy of:

      11:45 AM
      The Tech Effect: From LA to the Bay

      • The technology job engine continues to cause an influx of people to specific areas increasing property value and causing companies to clamor for office space. We've already seen it happen in San Francisco and Silicon Beach. Find out which city the biggest tech companies are betting on next.
        • Erik Hayden , President (Urban Catalyst)

      12:05 PM
      Asset Protection for Family Offices

        • What should family offices consider when selecting an asset protection plan?
        • What are the benefits for family offices of using asset protection trusts?
        • How can advisors protect their clients and their assets from fraudulent creditor claims?
        • What should advisors know about state laws around trust and estate planning?
        • What do advisors need to know to address the needs of aging family members?

        • James Solomon , Principal & CIO (Ravinia Capital Group)
        • Jeffrey Verdon , Managing Partner (Jeffrey M. Verdon Law Group, LLP)
        • Doug Michie , Financial Advisor (Ventura Coast Wealth Management)

      12:45 PM
      The 5th Annual The Real Estate Family Office and Private Wealth Management Forum (West) Concludes



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  • Monday, April 29th, 2019
  • Are Opportunity Zones A Goldmine for Family Offices?

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  • Equity Investment: Getting It Right & What to Avoid

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  • Tuesday, April 30th, 2019

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