Real Estate Family Office (West)
Dana Point, CA
June 6 - 7, 2022


IMN invites you to attend our 7th Annual Real Estate Family Office and Private Wealth Management Forum (West), June 6-7, in Dana Point, California.

As the economy and the real estate investment climate has improved, family offices and private wealth managers are increasing their allocation and interest in investing in real estate. Be it direct investments, using private equity managers or the public markets there is a plethora of investment options that need to be considered and this deep dive into real estate by the IMN conference will meet all of your education and networking needs.

Of course the health and safety of our staff, our customers and indeed all our stakeholders is of paramount importance to us.  To that end we will continue to work closely with our event execution partners to ensure we welcome you safely and deliver a legally compliant and best-in-class experience for you all.  We will follow local government guidelines and incorporate measures outlined in the Euromoney Events Shield to ensure optimal health and sanitary conditions are maintained throughout the event.

We look forward to hosting this event once again and providing the platform for attendees to connect with the investors who are actively engaged in this private real estate investment.

Who Should Attend
  • Asset Managers
  • Debt & Equity Financiers
  • Family Business-Owners
  • Family Foundations and Endowments
  • Family Offices
  • Investment Consultants
  • Investment Infrastructure Providers
  • Legal
  • Placement Agents
  • Private Banks
  • Private Equity
  • Private Investment Offices
  • Private & Public Real Estate Funds
  • Private & Non-Traded REITs
  • Real Estate Investment Managers
  • Tax Services Including 1031 Investment Advisors
  • Wealth Advisors

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    Sunday, June 5th, 2022

      6:00 PM
      Registration for Exhibitors & Hotel Guests

    Monday, June 6th, 2022

      7:30 AM
      Registration & Breakfast for All Attendees

      • Courtesy of:

      8:25 AM
      Chairperson’s Welcome Remarks

      8:30 AM
      Family Office Structure: Direct Investing vs. Joint Ventures vs. Funds

        • What are the pros and cons to each of these investment models?
        • How do you approach GP/LP joint ventures vs. co-investing with other family offices?  Do you have a preference?
        • How can fund managers make their offerings more attractive to family offices in this environment?
        • Do you allocate to emerging and/or small-medium sized funds?
        • What does it take to get on your radar? Then what is the process of getting a deal over the line?
        • Are there specific criteria you are looking for in deals and partners?

        • James Solomon, Principal (Ravinia Capital Group)
        • Peter Habib, Principal Family Member (MPI Family Office)
        • Afshin Kateb, CFO (Nimes Real Estate)
        • DJ Van Keuren, Co-Managing Member (Evergreen)

      9:15 AM
      Single Family Rental, Build-for-Rent, Fix & Flip Investments

        • What are the attractive characteristics of the sector?  What kind of returns can be expected?
        • How is the market positioned for future growth? Does it face similar oversupply risks as multifamily?
        • What is driving renter demand for single family real estate? How long will those trends continue?
        • Primary, secondary and tertiary market opportunities – which areas do you like?  Which are you avoiding?
        • Build-to-Rent 101 – why is this asset class so popular and how can LPs participate?
        • New players, pricing, supply/demand trends – are you bullish or bearish?
        • Comparing business strategies in the current market climate - finance vs. own/flip vs. hold-manage vs. own

        • Biff Pusey, Jr., Co-Founder & Member (CrossGrain Family Investments LLC)
        • Craig Krandel, Chief Investment Officer & Head of Capital Markets (Beacon Ridge Capital Management)
        • Henchman LeMaistre, Co-Founder & CEO (Picket Homes)
        • Tarek El Moussa, Co-Founder & Managing Member (TEM Capital)
        • Joe Ollis, Chief Investment Officer (The Peak Group)
        • David Lynd, CEO (Lynd Living)

      10:00 AM
      Networking Break

      • Courtesy of:                                     

      10:45 AM
      Alternative Asset Classes & Niche Opportunities in Real Estate

        • A deep dive into the various alternatives out there – single-tenant, cannabis real estate, cell towers etc.
        • Which sectors have the most upside coming out of a tumultuous year?
        • How important is portfolio diversification as a form of risk management?
        • What risks need to be considered when investing in niche opportunities, themselves?
        • Do these alternatives lend themselves better to short or long term investments?

        • Kamran Jahangard, CEO (Nationwide Investment Group Inc)
        • Chris Christensen, CEO (iCap Equity)
        • Rob Sechrist, President (Pelorus Equity Group)
        • Brandon Hunt, EVP - Portfolio Manager (StratCap Investment Management)
        • Gavin Campbell, Founder & Managing Principal (Steelbridge Capital LLC)

      11:30 AM
      Unlocking Value in Family Real Estate Holdings with Hines, a Global Family Business

        • What are some examples of family land contribution joint ventures?
        • How are family development joint ventures typically structured?
        • What magnitude of incremental returns can be expected by contributing land to a joint venture vs selling outright?
        • What are the tax benefits of contributing family land holdings into a joint venture with a developer?
        • What are other ways family offices can participate in institutional real estate investing?

        • Biff Pusey, Jr., Co-Founder & Member (CrossGrain Family Investments LLC)
        • Eric Hepfer, Managing Director (Hines)
        • Brett Norton, Managing Director (Hines)

      11:50 AM
      Multifamily Strategy: Class A vs. Workforce; Value-Add vs. Stabilized; Urban vs. Suburban

        • Key market drivers and trends in the multifamily sector
        • What is your acquisition/development strategy?  Value-added, conversion, new construction?
        • Which markets do you like and which are you avoiding?
        • Product type: what features are most appealing to consumers and investors?
        • Is relying on market growth for returns still a feasible strategy?
        • What is your exit strategy for these investments?

        • Paul Wendee, , DBA, CFP®, CBI, Managing Director (Paul M. Wendee & Associates, LLC)
        • Ken Woolley, Co-Founder & Board Member (Gaia Real Estate)
        • Ben Beggs, Managing Director (redIQ)
        • Vikram Brar, Co-Founder (Waahe Capital)
        • Sam Grooms, Managing Partner (WhiteHaven Capital)

      12:35 PM

      1:40 PM
      Creating Value with Multifamily Investments

        • Where are cap rates and exit cap rates look like?
        • Conversions from retail, office, hotels and other in-trouble assets
        • Capital improvements and renovations of owned properties
        • What returns are you underwriting to?
        • Have your LPs changed their investment parameters?
        • Are you seeing more capital entering the area? Where is it coming from?
        • What does pricing look like right now?
        • What do you think of construction and value add? Alternative residential assets?

        • Louis Dubin, Managing Partner (Redbrick LMD)
        • Aaron Pacillio, Chief Investment Officer (Davlyn Investments)
        • Jason Kleiman, Director of Investor Relations (Goodegg Investments)
        • David Lynd, CEO (Lynd Living)
        • Mark Putney, Managing Partner (MNM Partners, LLC)
        • Patrick O'Meara, Managing Principal & CEO (Taylor Street)

      2:25 PM
      Qualified Opportunity Zones

        • What’s the most recent on QOZs?
        • Due diligence on opportunity zone projects – what do family offices need to know?
        • Analyzing the merits of the project vs only the tax benefits
        • Family office strategy – is it better to invest directly or as a limited partner, or both?
        • What fund structures are evolving amid changing regulations? How do you know if your fund is structured correctly?
        • Are certain markets or property types better suited for opportunity zone investment than others?
        • What do you need to know to protect your investments in opportunity zones?

        • Jennifer Halvas, Managing Director of Investor Relations (Cityview)
        • Gregory Banner, CEO (Asset Preservation Strategies, Inc.)
        • Jimmy Atkinson, Founder (OpportunityDb)
        • Jeff Feinstein, Managing Director (Pinnacle Partners)
        • Louis Dubin, Managing Partner (Redbrick LMD)
        • Alex Bhathal, Co-Owner Sacramento Kings & Managing Partner (Revitate)

      3:10 PM
      Innovative Ways of Raising & Managing Equity

        • Malcolm Davies, Founder/Sr. Managing Partner (WAY Capital, Inc.)
        • Benham Badiee, President & CEO (Badiee Development)
        • Larry Taylor, CEO (Christina Development)
        • David Tombers, Investment Manager (CrowdStreet)
        • Stephen Jensen, VP of Sales (Juniper Square)

      3:55 PM
      Networking Break

      • Couresty of:


      4:10 PM
      Investing in Digital Real Estate 101

        • Understanding the blockchain and tokenization of real estate assets
        • Investing in the Metaverse: where does real estate come into play?
        • What is attractive about investing in digital assets?
        • Are there potential issues with transparency and market security?
        • Tax and reporting considerations

        • DJ Van Keuren, Co-Managing Member (Evergreen)
        • Charles Kurz, AD- Real Estate (EquityMultiple)
        • Chris Christensen, CEO (iCap Equity)
        • Samuel Grossman, Managing Director, Real Estate Services (Inveniam)

      4:55 PM
      The Future of Office Properties

        • A look at the numbers: how were office assets impacted by the pandemic?
        • What are your views on the future of office space?
        • Which PropTech innovations get you excited?  Are you deploying capital there?
        • What’s the demand for creative office spaces for media/entertainment, tech, life sciences etc?
        • Adaptive reuse opportunities for properties no longer fit for purpose

        • Kenneth Brown, President (Lionchase North America)
        • Hugh Hilton, Co-Founder & CEO (Alvarez & Marsal Capital Real Estate)
        • Mark Putney, Managing Partner (MNM Partners, LLC)
        • Dennis Cisterna, Chief Investment Officer (Sentinel Net Lease)
        • William Shopoff, President (Shopoff Realty Investments L.P.)
        • Brad Werner, Partner (Wipfli LLP)

      5:40 PM
      Hotels & Hospitality

        • How are the supply-demand dynamics changing in the markets you’re targeting? What tools/strategies are you using to source new deals?
        • Given the current operating environment, how have valuations or BOV changed, in terms of LTV, LTC and DSCR, and what can owner/developers do to improve forecasting, for a 2023 (or beyond) recovery to 2019 values?
        • How are you approaching value-add opportunities in the hospitality space? 
        • What is your outlook for limited service and extended stay opportunities in secondary and tertiary markets?
        • What do traditional equity vs. rescue capital returns look like?
        • How attractive is C-PACE and other alternative financing?

        • Afshin Kateb, CFO (Nimes Real Estate)
        • Andy Bernard, Chief Investment Officer | Partner (Left Lane)
        • Peter Powers, Principal Member, VP of Acquisitions & Asset Management (MPI Family Office)
        • Candace Norville, Principal (Norcap/Sio)
        • James Cole, Partner, Asset Management (Ohana Real Estate Investors)

      6:25 PM
      Networking Drinks Reception

    Tuesday, June 7th, 2022

      7:30 AM
      Registration & Breakfast for All Attendees

      • Courtesy of:

      8:00 AM
      Family Office Closed Door Meeting

      • (Family Office attendees only)


        Jim Solomon, the founding Partner of Ravinia Capital Group, a Chicago-based single family office, will lead a behind closed-door discussion with other Family Offices regarding the most recent organizational and operational issues, as well as opportunities and trends in Family Office investment:


        Open to family offices, to discuss some of the most relevant issues facing family offices today

        • What are Families Talking About Today?
        • Defensive Strategies in Uncertain Times
        • Engaging the Next Generation of Family Members
        • What are Family Goals?
        • Who’s Minding the Store?  Enrichment and Education
        • Importance of Giving Back - Lead by Example

        • James Solomon, Principal (Ravinia Capital Group)

      9:00 AM
      Asset Protection Planning in a Litigious Real Estate Environment

      • With over 15 million lawsuits filed annually and over 700,000 lawsuits in CA alone, it should come as no surprise real estate is the most heavily litigated asset class and presents the greatest threat to one’s lifestyle and eventual legacy transfers.  The real estate investor can spend a lifetime building an exceptional portfolio and see it decimated with one unfortunate lawsuit or other legal or regulatory claim, for which liability insurance is unavailable or under available.  The Jeffrey M. Verdon Law Group, LLP has been providing integrated income, estate and asset protection planning strategies to affluent families and successful real estate investors for more than 3 decades.  Tis presentation will describe some of the tools and techniques real estate investors can use to protect their assets from those pesky creditors and predators in a litigious real estate environment.  

        • Jeffrey Verdon Esq., Founder & Managing Partner (Jeffrey M. Verdon Law Group, LLP)

      9:20 AM
      Family Office Management Roundtable

        • How have the challenges of managing a family office changed in recent years?
        • Where do you source deal opportunities?  How does your real estate deal flow compare with other sectors?
        • What’s been your focus over the last couple of years and does that look different as 2022 progresses?  Any exits in the near term or on the horizon?
        • How are you viewing specialized/niche investment strategies?
        • Any recent shifts in your CRE investment strategy/allocation?  Debt/private equity?
        • What resources are you using to mitigate risk?
        • How do you deal with family generational/leadership issues?

        • Alain R’bibo, Partner (Allen Matkins)
        • Mark Tronstein, Managing Director, Real Estate (Andell Holdings)
        • William Lappas, Managing Director (Beverly Park Group)
        • DJ Van Keuren, Co-Managing Member (Evergreen)

      10:05 AM
      Value of Class B Properties in an Inflationary Market

      • KeyCity Capital purchases Class B multifamily properties located in secondary and tertiary markets of the southeastern United States. This discussion will highlight the competitive advantage KeyCity, as an operator, has successfully built by optimizing the lack of affordable work force housing in these markets. KeyCity capitalizes on flyover markets typically ignored by the larger institutional buyers. Furthermore, this discussion will emphasize the inverse correlation between passive investment real estate and stock market returns as well as the tax advantages of rental real estate in these locations. Five of the 20 fastest growing cities are in tertiary markets due to the low cost for employers to relocate and the ability find untapped talent.  In addition, our presentation will discuss the natural recessionary hedge that Class B properties provide in an inflationary economy.

        • Tie Lasater, Chief Executive Officer (KeyCity Capital)

      10:25 AM
      Networking Break

      • Courtesy of:


      10:40 AM
      Tax-Efficient Investment Structures & Asset Protection Solutions

        • What tax-efficient structures are available to US tax-exempt and Non-US institutional investors and family offices?
        • What should family offices consider when selecting an asset protection plan?
        • What are the benefits for family offices of using asset protection trusts?
        • How can advisors protect their clients and their assets from fraudulent creditor claims?
        • What should advisors know about state laws around trust and estate planning?

        • Thomas Wiese, President of Institutional Solutions (Crown Global Insurance)
        • Larry Steinberg, Chief Investment Officer (Financial Architects)
        • Greg Gilbert, President (Infinity Financial Services)
        • Charlie Dombek, President & Chief Client Officer (KeyCity Capital)
        • Ben Phillips, Chief Investment Strategist (Savoie Capital)
        • Cory Bultinck, Partner (Wipfli LLP)

      11:20 AM
      Secured Debt, PACE Financing & Gap Capital for Family Offices

        • What opportunities exist in the high yield debt/mezzanine loan market? What risks do these products carry, especially late in the cycle?
        • What yields are investors getting on bridge and mezz loans for different property types?
        • What’s the appetite of family offices for PACE Financing, high-yield debt and other forms of gap capital?
        • PACE and other financing options for sustainable CRE projects - how do they compare? How to access them?
        • Which property types are best suited to PACE financing?
        • C-PACE was one of the few commercial real estate asset classes to have minimum volatility during COVID. Why does this asset class appear to be countercyclical?
        • What opportunities exist and how can C-PACE be made more scalable and investor friendly?
        • How are private investors using hard money loans to structure deals?

        • Pamela Wirth Barnhill, President (Strategic Growth Advisory)
        • Robert Lee, Managing Partner- Acquisitions (Healthcare Property Advisors)
        • Peter Kuhn, Principal (Compression Holdings)
        • Craig Sheftell, Managing Director (Fallbrook Capital)
        • Paul Hoffman, SVP and Sr Director, C-PACE (Western Alliance Bank)

      12:00 PM
      Multi-Generational Succession Planning

        • Is it possible to produce one comprehensive plan that services multiple generations?
        • How can differences in views between generations be reconciled?  With whom does the responsibility lie?
        • When does it make sense for a family member to remove themselves from the decision-making functions of the family office?
        • How does your practice approach such issues?

        • Andrew Low, CTFA, Senior Vice President – Wealth Management (UBS Financial Services Inc.)
        • Brett Brown, Managing Member (Dorado Peak)
        • Milka Micic, Managing Director (J.P.Morgan Private Bank)
        • Steve Kwong, Vice President, Senior Financial Advisor (Merrill Lynch)
        • Thomas Sutter, Financial Advisor (Morgan Stanley)

      12:40 PM
      End of Conference



This is a past conference, no registration is available.

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