Real Estate Family Office (West)
December, 2021


The 6th Annual Real Estate Family Office and Private Wealth Management Forum's (West) date and location is still being determined. Please bookmark the website or contact to remain updated on the event’s status.

IMN invites you to attend our 6th Annual Real Estate Family Office and Private Wealth Management Forum (West), in Los Angeles, CA.

As the economy and the real estate investment climate has improved, family offices and private wealth managers are increasing their allocation and interest in investing in real estate. Be it direct investments, using private equity managers or the public markets there is a plethora of investment options that need to be considered and this deep dive into real estate by the IMN conference will meet all of your education and networking needs.

We look forward to hosting this event once again and providing the platform for attendees to connect with the investors who are actively engaged in this private real estate investment.

Who Should Attend
  • Asset Managers
  • Debt & Equity Financiers
  • Family Business-Owners
  • Family Foundations and Endowments
  • Family Offices
  • Investment Consultants
  • Investment Infrastructure Providers
  • Legal
  • Placement Agents
  • Private Banks
  • Private Equity
  • Private Investment Offices
  • Private & Public Real Estate Funds
  • Private & Non-Traded REITs
  • Real Estate Investment Managers
  • Tax Services Including 1031 Investment Advisors
  • Wealth Advisors

Conference Highlights

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My Agenda

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    Preliminary Agenda

      Family Office Discussion – 2020 Market Outlook

        • Where are greatest opportunities within the family office sector?
        • What are the most concerning challenges for family offices?
        • In this competitive market, how are family offices successfully structuring deals?
        • How are family offices responding to rising interest rates?
        • How are family offices structuring manager selection and asset allocation processes?
        • With regards to alternative property types, where are family offices investing?
        • How are family offices successfully managing succession planning?
        • What resources are you utilizing to mitigate risk?
        • How are family offices handling cybersecurity?

      Commercial Real Estate Outlook – Finding CRE Returns in California & Beyond

        • How will rising interest rates impact family offices’ investment decisions?
        • Which markets are showing growth? Which markets are not?
        • With the rise of co-working spaces, how will the office sector continue to grow?
        • Are there geopolitical risks on the horizon?  How should family office investors prepare?
        • What global investment opportunities are family offices pursuing?
        • What should California-focused investors be watching?
        • Northern CA v. SoCal – how do these markets differ, and how are they changing? Which California sub-markets are gaining interest?
        • Which Emerging Growth Market regions should investors be watching?

      Structuring Deal Flow & Due Diligence

        • How are family offices securing new investments?  How are they overseeing new investments?
        • Why have you turned down deals?  Why are others successful?
        • What is in your pipeline for the next 12 months?
        • What does your investment criteria look like?
        • Are you getting the returns you expected? Or are you having to adjust your strategy?
        • What challenges are you seeing with Fund Administration?
        • How is technology impacting the way you structure deals?
        • What technology are you investing in to enhance fund administration systems and processes?
        • JV partner/service provider selection: What is your criteria and has it changed recently?
        • Determining the best structure for your JV: Any recent innovation in structuring?
        • Deal-based v. programmatic JVs and multi-property agreements 

      Direct Investment in Real Estate

        • There’s been a renewed focus on direct investing by family offices. What’s driving this shift?
        • What types of direct investments are family offices targeting?
        • How do you approach co-investing? What do you need to know when vetting investment partners and evaluating opportunities?
        • How are you approaching reporting and transparency issues?
        • Have you partnered with other family offices before? How effective is that strategy?
        • Why do some direct investment structures work for certain family offices and not others? How do you find the right fit?
        • Family offices have shown a strong interest in early-stage and middle-market growth equity. How will this trend evolve?
        • What challenges do family offices typically encounter with direct investing?

      Reimagining Retail

        • Where is retail ultimately going? 
        • What are the new needs of retail tenants? Consumers?
        • Where are family office investors finding opportunities in retail?
        • How are investors successfully converting underperforming centers?
        • How is technology impacting the future of retail? How can investors stay ahead of the curve?
        • How are brick-and-mortar retailers staying relevant?
        • What does retail investment look like in opportunity zones?
        • What are the most severe risks facing the retail sector?  How can investors protect themselves?
        • How are experiential retail centers creating new opportunities for investors?

      Alternative Property Types

        • Are there benefits in investing in niche property types?
        • How are living patterns changing and which alternative property segments emerging?
        • How are investors approaching the student housing asset class?
        • How recession-proof is the senior housing asset class?
        • How are investors approaching co-working and co-living spaces?
        • What’s new with cannabis legalization?
        • Which niche markets are getting stronger, offering the best investment opportunities? Data centers? Cell towers? Senior housing? Student housing?
        • Which healthcare real estate segments are seeing the strongest growth?
        • What risks do investors need to keep in mind when considering niche property types?
        • What are best practices for investing in self-storage assets?

      Hidden Opportunities in Hospitality

        • Should investors be considering existing hotels or building new hotels?
        • As travel trends emerge and the hospitality industry evolves, are there new opportunities for hotel owners and investors?
        • Which hotel subtypes are offering the best returns?
        • Are investors looking in Gateway Cities, 18 Hour Cities, and Emerging Growth Markets?
        • What new innovations and technology have impacted the hospitality space?

      Multifamily Real Estate

        • What trends are having the greatest impact on multifamily investing?
        • Where are investors finding returns?
        • What do first-time multifamily investors need to know before entering the sector?
        • With prices and valuations soaring, what strategies are people using to control costs?
        • As rents continue to rise in the US, should investors prepare for a change?
        • How is the private sector benefiting from investing in affordable housing?
        • How are opportunity zones impacting multifamily investing?
        • Are investors looking in Gateway Cities, 18 Hour Cities, and Emerging Growth Markets?

      Single-Family Rental (SFR) Real Estate

        • What kind of returns are investors getting from single-family real estate assets?
        • How is the market positioned for future growth? Does it face similar oversupply risks as multifamily?
        • What is driving renter demand for single-family real estate? How long will those trends continue?
        • How will Generation Z impact the single-family real estate market when compared to Millennials and Baby Boomers?
        • What are the best ways to address the needs of seniors within single-family rentals?
        • How are opportunity zones investors approaching the single-family rental sector?
        • What kind of returns are secondary and tertiary markets providing in the SFR space?
        • Are build-to-rent homes delivering durable cash flows?
        • Are investors looking in Gateway Cities, 18 Hour Cities, and Emerging Growth Markets?

      Fund Structuring & Fees – How Are Managers Effectively Attracting Capital?

        • What methods have you seen or encountered that has worked well?
        • How are seed funds being structured?  What do the fees look like under pressure?
        • To incentivize early investors, have you offered reduced fees, carried interest, or other types of incentives?
        • When are fee waivers appropriate?  Have you utilized fee waivers to align interests and satisfy operator capital requirements?
        • How do you benchmark fees when it comes to construction, acquisition, and property management fees?
        • How transparent are you?  From a disclosure standardization standpoint, what templates, terminologies, and metrics should be used?
        • How can placement agents be most effectively utilized?

      Dissecting Investment Strategies – Core v. Value Added v. Opportunistic v. Debt

        • In the current economic climate, what are core, value added, opportunistic, and debt investment strategies available to investors?  
        • Which investment strategies are gaining favor?
        • What kind of returns can realistically be expected from each? 
        • Is there still room for growth?  If so, where?
        • How are fund managers adding value to assets?
        • In certain markets, do stabilized assets create more risk than opportunistic assets? How can you determine the risk?
        • What is the financing climate like for the different investment classes?  How has it changed?
        • What is the capital raising environment for core, value added, opportunistic, and debt funds?

      Asset Protection

        • What should investors consider when selecting an asset protection plan?
        • What are the benefits for family offices?
        • How can advisors protect their clients from fraudulent creditor claims?
        • What should advisors know about state laws around trust and estate planning?

      Market Downturn Protection – What Risk Management Strategies Are in Place?

        • The market downturn is coming.  How can Family Offices protect themselves?
        • What steps, if any, have you taken to prepare for a recession?
        • A look back at 2008 – what have we learned and which investments can withstand the next downturn? Which areas will be hit the hardest?
        • With a potential downturn on the horizon, are you reassessing your investment strategy and criteria? If so, what changes are you making?
        • How can you assess the extent to which your current portfolio is recession-proof? What are your biggest areas of concern within your portfolio and how are you addressing these?

      Fund, Deal-By-Deal, or Hybrid Investment Models?

        • What opportunitities and risks are associated with different approaches in the current economic environment?
        • How does your investment strategy dictate your decision?
        • How do your target asset classes factor into the decision?
        • What are your views on upfront costs, ongoing costs, fees, time, effort, timeframes, and return potential?
        • What fundamental structure and tax considerations are top of mind?
        • What are your thoughts on fundraising versus financing?
        • How are your decisions affected by compliance, governance, and fund administration?

      Emerging Manager Discussion – Launching A New Fund

        • In the current economic climate, what are the drawbacks and benefits of launching a new fund as an emerging manager?
        • Having launched a fund as an emerging manager, what advice would you give to your peers?  What would you have done differently?
        • Debt v. equity – which fund will generate greater returns?
        • Investment vehicle and fund structuring – how does your firm evaluate these?
        • How much startup capital is needed?  How do you source and secure capital?
        • What are the best ways to stand out in a crowded market?  How do you establish a value proposition to set you apart?
        • What are best practices in fundraising without a track record?

      Family Office Identity – Aligning Values with Investments

        • Does your family office have a formalized constitution or a wealth thesis? How was it created?
        • How do your family’s values inform your long-term investment strategy?  Does it impact the way you conduct business?
        • Does your family office have a defined culture?  
        • Where do you stand on Impact Investing?
        • How can you uphold your ethics and values while still making a profit?

      Are Qualified Opportunity Zones Still Relevant?

        • How do you know if your fund is structured correctly?
        • What do you need to know to protect your investments in opportunity zones?
        • Which are the most important tax issues to keep in mind when investing in opportunity zones?
        • What parts of the final December Regulations do you find most helpful for transactions?
        • What common deal points are you seeing being negotiated into Operating Agreements?
        • What key misperceptions exist still in OZ Land?
        • What deal velocity are you seeing in 2020, and what has changed from 2019?
        • What types of returns are Family Offices looking for?
        • Is social impact investing occurring in the US in OZs?

      Generational Shift of Wealth

        • Why do family real estate businesses fail over generations?
        • How have families remained successful through generational shifts?
        • How can family offices gain control of their financial futures to ensure that they can maintain their lifestyles with appropriate legacy?
        • How can advisors, financial planners, and managers help?
        • How do you engage and encourage younger generations to be responsible stewards?
        • What challenges arise in developing a long-term strategy and communicating it internally?

      Late-Cycle Debt Investment

        • What opportunities exist in this market? What risks should investors keep in mind?
        • What yields are investors getting on bridge and mezzanine loans for different property types?
        • Do family offices have an appetite for secured debt?
        • Should you invest in real property, or the notes underlying the asset?
        • Should family offices consider purchasing tax liens?
        • What are the late-cycle risks of investing in debt?
        • How do regulations impact the outlook for debt investment?


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  • Conference Venue
  • Westdrift Manhattan Beach

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    Manhattan Beach, CA, 90266

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