The LP Plenary at IMNs Opportunity Fund Forum
High-Net-Worth, Private Banks, Family Officers, Fund-of-Funds, Pension Funds,
Endowments & Foundations dont miss the sessions dedicated to the LP by the
LP. At the LP Plenary you will be presented with the key issues when evaluating
and investing in real estate private funds. The LP Plenary at IMNs Opportunity
Fund Forum will be a separate track during IMNs Opportunity Fund forum and
all opportunity fund attendees are eligible to attend. If you are an LP or want to
hear they have to say this is a must attend plenary. The LP Plenary will be taking
place for the next 5 sessions on track C

June 12
4:35c LP/GP Relations The Alignment, The Fee, The Promote and the Incentive
Aligning Interests Managing conflicts of interest What are
fair margins? Fees for core vs. value-added Largest issue, postfund
formation Follow-on funds Management fees Addressing
conflicts of interest that do/should come up Pre-2007, terms
negotiating power was disproportionately in the managers favor,
that shifted in 2009, where is it today? What levers do we rely
on to drive terms? Trade management fee for promote, promote
for catch-up? Where does transparency need to improve?
Session Chair:
Claiborne Johnston, Senior Director Invesco Real Estate
Panel Participants:
Joseph Nahas, Senior Vice President, Institutional Marketing & Investor
Relations Equus Capital Partners, Ltd
Jahn Brodwin, Senior Managing Director FTI Consulting
Jeff Kanne, President & CEO National Real Estate Advisors
Adam Lesnick, Counsel Seward & Kissel LLP
Brooks Blake, Managing Director Verdis Management

5:20c Evaluating the Role of the Consultant
The LP perspective Consultant or money manager? How
investment consultants can be a useful tool to GPs How are you
used by different investors? Large vs. small Do you function as
the LP CIO? How do you evaluate a new fund? A debt fund?
Who do you recommend do separate accounts and club deals?
Session Chair:
Robert S. Insolia, Managing Partner Goodwin Procter LLP
Panel Participants:
Poorvi Parekh, Director of Outsourced Investments
Canterbury Consulting
Joseph Wilhelm, Trustee Hampshire County Retirement System
Stuart Elizabeth Baldwin, Principal Hodes Weill & Associates
Leslie E. Greis, Managing Member Perennial Capital Advisors, LLC

June 13
8:25c LP Asset & Real Estate Allocation
What are your current allocations? Rebalancing 2015 Given
the run-up in the equity and real estate markets are you looking
to de-risk your portfolio? Do you see core as a fixed-income
substitute? What is behind the black box of asset allocation
models Liability considerations
Panel Participants:
John Girard, Trustee
Boca Raton Florida Police & Firefighters Retirement System
Paige Mueller, Director of Institutional Real Estate Advisory Services
Rodney A. Lumpkin, Portfolio Manager-Alternative Investments
SEI Investment Management
Dhruv Sharma, Director-Asset Selection Strategic Assets Partners
Greg Spick, Portfolio Manager-Real Estate/Real Assets UPS

9:10c LP/GP Panel on First Time, New and Emerging
Defining the term emerging manager What are you looking
for from the new fund managed by the #2 man? How do
you meet new managers? Why do LPs have emerging manager
programs? How have they performed? Becoming a graduated
manager How much of a percent of the fund would you invest in?
Session Chair:
Leo Leyva, Member Cole Schotz
Panel Participants:
Maria Stamolis, Managing Director
Canyon Capital Realty Advisors
Julie Rost, Vice President
Franklin Templeton Real Estate Advisors
Stephen Davidson, Vice President
Morgan Stanley Alternative Investment Partners
Jim Dillavou, Principal Paragon Commercial Group

9:55c LP Manager Selection & Fund Due Diligence
Evaluating a new team from an old fund How has the financial
crisis and resulting performance struggles for real estate managers
impacted track record analysis? Past returns are not indicative of
future results, how do we evaluate a managers prospective ability
to be successful? When would you invest with a manager with a
mixed track record? How do we justify that investment internally
How useful are on-list reference checks? To what extent do
we rely on off-list references Track record attribution How
important is fund level vs. asset/deal level Mortgage funds vs. hard
assets-key differences
Session Chair:
Thomas B. Brown, Partner LGT Clerestory LLC
Panel Participants:
Peter Madden, Director-Americas Real Estate
APG Asset Management US Inc.
Alisa M. Mall, Director of Investments Carnegie Corporation of New York
Roland du Luart, Managing Partner-Head of US LFPI
Sean Ruhmann, Principal-Senior Consultant, Private Markets
New England Pension Consultants
Amy B. Hirsch, CEO Paradigm Consulting Services, LLC.
Robert L. Greene, Syncom Venture Management
(Vice Chairman, Virginia Retirement System)

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