Real Estate Private Equity Funds: Distressed Investing
Virtual Panel
June 23, 2020


    Tuesday, June 23rd, 2020

      2:00 PM (Eastern Time)
      Real Estate Private Equity Funds: Distressed CRE Investing

      • Please scroll down to view recording It has started… War chests are being filled with equity…  Assets are being scooped up at distressed prices… Loans are being acquired… This can be the biggest buying opportunity for real estate assets in a generation and you can network with the largest and most important players and hear the most up-to-date information on distressed real estate investing from the real-life players at IMN’s Distressed Real Estate webinar.

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      2:00 PM (Eastern Time)
      The Economy, Distressed Real Estate And The Sectors & Geography Where Investment Opportunities Will Arise

        • How long do you think the downturn will last?  How low will the markets go?
        • When will the distressed markets resurge?  How many dollars are chasing distress?
        • Pricing and valuation – catalysts to bolster the market.
        • Comparing against other recent distressed markets
        • As shelter in place orders fade, how will the market respond? 
        • Will as many people live in cities?  Working in offices?  What is the long-term demographic shift?
        • Where do we stand on debt opportunities? Equity opportunities?

        • David Valger, President (DVO Real Estate)
        • Mike Sebastian, Industry Principal (Appfolio Investment Management)
        • Sara Doelger, Principal (Argosy Real Estate Partners)
        • Aaron Gorin, CIO (Cedar Grove Capital LLC)
        • Brian Adams, President & Founder (Excelsior Capital)
        • Charles Toppino, President (Oak Pass Capital Management)

      2:40 PM (Eastern Time)
      Debt Opportunities

      • • Dusting off your notes playbook
        • How much of a discount are you looking for?
        • Financing distressed deals-What does rescue capital look like today? 
        • Busted construction plays
        • Are lenders raising their hands up and not wanting to work out there debt?
        • Loan-to-own… Will it be back and better than ever?
        • What kind of debt trades are appealing?
        • Looking at CMBS opportunities

      2:20 PM (Eastern Time)
      Equity Opportunities-Is It Too Early To Act?

      • • Where are you finding equity opportunities?
        • Injecting equity into deals-What are the structures you are using?
        • Transactions involving decreased valuations on the refinance
        • Takeout deals
        • Would you do construction deals? What would be the terms?
        • Capex and value-added work
        • Preferred equity terms for different situations

      3:00 PM (Eastern Time)
      Workouts In The Coronavirus Era

      • • What are the steps a mortgage lender should take before the workout starts?
        • Multi-tranche, multi-lender transactions
        • Communications, negotiations & new structures
        • Troubled asset types and construction loans
        • Valuing rent rolls • When does it pay to walk away? • When forbearance isn’t enough • Once it gets to the special servicer…

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  • Tuesday, June 23rd, 2020
  • 2:00 PM

    Real Estate Private Equity Funds: Distressed CRE Investing

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