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December 8, 2020

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IMN's Real Estate Private Equity Funds Virtual Forum will bring together Institutional investors, fund managers, developers, and more to discuss the future of private real estate investments at the industry's annual meeting place to knowledge-share, analyse and strengthen portfolio strategies.

Presenting a new forum fostering insightful debate, meaningful professional connections, and the exchange of crucial market intelligence, IMN is delighted to convene the industry virtually this December, with instant access from your own computer, laptop or mobile device.

Built upon a best-in-class, user-friendly platform, the virtual conference features a host of capabilities that will ensure you equip yourself with the information and connections signature to our industry-leading live event, including:
  • Attendee Networking Attendees and sponsors can meet via video or text chat; one-on-one or in groups; to discuss the latest deals, investment opportunities or whatever else is on your mind.
  • Diverse Content Hear from industry leaders through a range of keynote addresses, panel discussions, ‘closed-door meetings’, and roundtables.
  • On-Demand Access Can’t make it to the live session? Add it to your personal calendar and enjoy on-demand access whenever the time is right.
  • Speaker Engagement Engage directly with the virtual conference speaking faculty during live sessions with Q&A and polling, or take the conversation offline within the networking portal.
  • Unlimited Resources Download and save pertinent industry resources throughout the entire platform from panel presentations to exhibitor whitepapers, you will not leave the conference empty-handed!
  • Ease of Access Register for the virtual conference and receive access from any device no matter where you are.
IMN is excited to adapt alongside our clients in today’s new normal and we hope you will join us for this must attend virtual gathering.

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  • Owners/Operators
  • Developers
  • Lenders
  • Service Providers

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    Tuesday, December 8th, 2020

      10:00 AM
      LP Roundtable: Raising Capital During COVID-19

      • During this invite-only roundtable you'll hear from top institutional LPs on their 2020 investment strategy and how it's changed over the last nine months. While this year has made it difficult to forge new relationships, LPs have adjusted their approach to fundraising in our new virtual world and will share best practices and lessons learned on capital allocation. 

        • Brandon Sedloff, Managing Director (Juniper Square)
        • Drew Ierardi, Managing Director, Investments (Exelon Corporation)
        • Judy McMahan, Portfolio Manager Real Assets (UPS Investments)

      10:45 AM
      Crystal Balling the Future: Large Fund Perspectives

        • How are you thinking about deals in the current climate? Is now a good time to invest? Which asset types, deal structures and markets are you targeting?
        • What is your view on a ‘new normal’ with regards to remote working and the need for certain CRE asset types?  How do you view this on a market-market basis?
        • Where are you putting capital and what do you envisage with regards to deal volume in 2021?
        • How did you adjust your strategy as a result of the pandemic and how will this change given the election results and where we are in our recovery from the global health crisis?
        • Are you targeting distressed CRE through your fund?  What is most attractive?
        • What returns are you targeting and how are you setting your investors’ expectations? What risks are you willing to take in order to achieve these returns? How are you avoiding compounding risks in this climate?
        • Are you making direct investments into Tech companies or VC firms focused on CRE?
        • Rent affordability: How to achieve attractive risk-adjusted returns while maintaining safe rent to income ratios / deep demand from residents?
        • What do you see as the greatest challenges for CRE investment in 2021?

        • Alvin Katz, Partner (Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP)
        • Jay Glaubach, Partner (Ares Management)
        • Lauren Hochfelder Silverman, Managing Director (Morgan Stanley)
        • Ambrose Fisher, Managing Director (Oaktree Capital Management, LP)
        • Perry Pinto, Principal (Walton Street Capital, LLC)

      Track A 11:35 AM
      National & Global Macroeconomic Outlook: What are the Implications for CRE?

        • Impact of COVID-19 on commercial real estate investment strategy, financing and operations
        • Tax policy, low interest rates, health policy – which regulatory developments will make the biggest waves for CRE?
        • Trade standoffs, geopolitical uncertainty and a pivotal election – what is the fallout?
        • Employment volatility and associated implications for rent payments etc.
        • Increasing frequency of natural disasters – how is climate change impacting CRE?
        • Foreign investment trends into US CRE
        • Which asset classes will face the biggest headwinds in 2021 and which sectors, and markets are primed for the quickest recovery?

        • Devan Popat, Partner (Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP)
        • Alan Todd, Managing Director, Head of U.S. CMBS Strategy (BofA Global Research)
        • Aaron Greeno, Partner, Head of West Coast (Dune Real Estate Partners)
        • Peter Ciganik, Managing Director (GTIS Partners)
        • Thomas Errath, Managing Director (Harrison Street)

      Track B 11:35 AM
      Lender Insights on an Extraordinary Year & Beyond

        • Who is providing senior debt for to the CRE market in this environment?  Updates on banks and life companies.
        • What next for mezzanine debt, preferred equity, bridge loans & other types of junior debt?
        • Deal types and conservative vs aggressive approaches
        • What has been the biggest challenge for your lending business and your clients in the past year?
        • How has transaction volume been impacted and what do you predict for 2021?
        • What are your go/no-go markets and assets today? How active are you in secondary and tertiary markets? Niche asset classes? Has there been a shift in your thinking in the past 12 months?
        • How are you approaching distressed opportunities?
        • Any changes to the type of borrower/deal you prefer? What equity must borrowers put in?
        • How has the way you interact with your borrowers changed?
        • How are you viewing construction loans, mezzanine finance, preferred equity?
        • Update on CMBS and CLOs - where’s this heading in 2021?

        • Andrew Auerbach, Partner (Bryan Cave)
        • Chris Niederpruem, Managing Director & Group Head of Real Estate Finance (CIT Group)
        • Michael Zysman, Managing Principal (City Bay Capital LLC)
        • Dan Katz, Managing Director (Colony Capital, Inc.)
        • Michael Klein, Principal & CEO (Freedom Financial Funds, LLC)
        • Vicky Schiff, Managing Partner (Mosaic Real Estate Credit)

      12:20 PM
      2021 Outlook & Beyond: How to Thrive and Grow Business During Difficult Times

        • Impact of COVID on CRE: challenges, opportunities, trade-offs, outcomes
        • How are you thinking about investing in 2021. What assets are you targeting and why?
        • What are some key trends expected to shape the industry in the years to come?
        • What strategies have you implemented to stay successful during these trying times? Anything you’ll carry over once things start to go back to “normal”?
        • How, if at all, have you leveraged technology partners to increase efficiencies and growth?
        • How are you meeting the reporting and transparency needs of your investors? What are some unique challenges you faced these past 9 months?
        • Tips you can share with the audience

        • Melissa Houston, Head of Sales (Juniper Square)
        • Robert Bollhoffer, Managing Principal (29th Street Capital)
        • Susan Charendoff, Investor Relations (Antheus Capital)
        • Richard Hurd, Chief Investment Officer (Waterton Associates)

      1:00 PM
      Networking Break & Hosted Interactive Roundtable Discussions

      Track A 1:25 PM
      New CARES Act Tax Credits & Real Estate 5G Technology $ Revenue Generating Strategies

        • Master Class Playbook to understand and implement enhanced Stimulus Plan offerings now
        • Maximize 100% Bonus Depreciation, NOL carryback, immediate refund cashflow generators
        • Learn how to Lease your Rooftops with 5G Antennas -- Revenue Through the Roof!

        • Michael D'Onofrio, Managing Director (Engineered Tax Services Inc)

      Track B 1:25 PM
      The COVID-19 Impact Upon Real Estate Activity And A Path To Recovery

        • Activity across the real estate asset class reduced during 2020, with fundraising and deal activity reduced: we will look more closely at AUM, Dry Powder, Fundraising and Deal Activity
        • Despite the hit to activity in 2020, there are reasons to be positive for the future
        • Can those sectors hit hardest recover?
        • Which are the strategies that might deliver the strongest returns?

        • David Lowery, Head of Research Insights (Preqin)

      Track A 1:35 PM
      Launching a Fund in Today’s Climate vs. Taking the Deal-by-Deal Approach

        • What (dis)advantages do the different approaches offer in the current uncertain economic environment?  Deal-by-deal vs. fund vs. hybrid investment models
        • How do your investment strategy and target asset classes factor into the decision?
        • Costs, fees, timeframes and return potentials
        • Fund structure and tax considerations
        • Fundraising and financing in today’s distressed environment
        • Compliance/governance/fund administration
        • Deal-by-deal as a stepping stone vs. primary investment model
        • Targeting distressed real estate – why now?
        • Exit strategies

        • Matthew Ertman, Partner (Allen Matkins Leck Gamble Mallory & Natsis LLP)
        • Jonathan Romick, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer (GEM Realty Capital, Inc.)
        • Jonathan Needell, President & Chief Investment Officer (Kairos Investment Management Company)
        • Mark Schlossberg, Managing Principal (Southwest Value Partners)
        • Heather Turner, CEO & Co-Founder (Tamarack Capital Partners)
        • Frederick Cooper, SVP, Finance, Int. Dev. & IR (Toll Brothers, Inc.)

      Track B 1:35 PM
      Using Technology to Improve Efficiency & Returns

        • Update on the key disruptive technologies in CRE
        • How can leaders help their teams deploy new technologies in a safe-to-fail environment?
        • What are the next big tech innovations on the horizon that will change the CRE status quo?
        • Utilizing data to make qualified investment decisions
        • Using technology to cut costs and control expenditure at a property level
        • Streamlining and improving internal processes

        • Naseem Wenzel, Partner (CohnReznick Advisory)
        • Ryan Phillips, VP of Sales (Appfolio Investment Management)
        • Barbara Rea, Founder (Rea Advisory Group)
        • Vivek Kartha, CEO (Workspace)
        • Chris Barbier, Industry Principal (Yardi Systems)

      Track A 2:30 PM
      Meeting the Challenges of Fund Administration, Investor Reporting & Transparency

        • How are fund managers meeting the increasingly complex reporting requirements of LPs accurately, timely and with the necessary transparency?
        • What information do LPs actually want, how and how often?
        • What challenges do fund managers face in providing this information?
        • Investment committee, compliance/risk or operations - which department should be responsible for transparency? Should your fund administrator be responsible?
        • What are your processes for ensuring compliance with the SEC and IRS reporting requirements?
        • What should fund managers look for in a third party fund administrator?
        • How did you determine which fund admin duties to outsource vs. do in-house?
        • What technology are you investing in to enhance fund admin systems/processes?

        • Scott Tavolacci, Northeast Regional Director (Yardi Investment Management)
        • Kelly Blair, Chief Financial Officer (BKM Capital Partners)
        • Daniel Kaplan, Partner (EA RESIG LLC)
        • Vittoria Reimers, VP of Investor Services (Juniper Square)
        • Graham McConnell, CEO (Nth Round)
        • Jeff Bush, President (Standish Real Estate)

      Track B 2:30 PM
      Family Office & High-Net-Worth (HNW) Perspective 2021

        • Any recent shifts in your CRE investment strategy/allocation? What will have the biggest impact on your CRE strategy and capital deployment this year?
        • Where and in what are you focusing on? Debt? Private equity for real estate? How are you viewing specialized investment strategies?
        • Direct vs. JV vs. funds – what is your preferred investment model?
        • How can fund managers make their offerings more attractive to family offices, particularly in the current climate? What structures/assets are being favored? What are common must-have features? Buy or deny criteria? What alignment of interest are you looking for?
        • How much of a percent of the fund would you invest in? How much capital do you expect GPs to put in?

        • Alain R’bibo, Partner (Allen Matkins)
        • Adi Divgi, President & CIO (EA Global LLC)
        • Jason Illoulian, CEO (Faring)
        • CJ Follini, Managing Director (Noyack Family Office)
        • James Solomon, Managing Partner (Ravinia Capital Group)

      Track A 3:25 PM
      The View from 1000 Feet: State of the Industry & Fund Market Expectations for 2021

        • How aggressive are you being in this environment?  Are you keeping your powder dry?
        • Where are the opportunities for investment going to be in the coming year?  Which asset classes and regional markets are most attractive?
        • Analyzing a shifting supply/demand balance across sectors and geographies
        • How have valuations changed in the past 9 months and where do you see them moving forward?
        • How is PropTech changing the CRE market? Who is investing and how? What are the game changers and what do you feel is a bit premature?
        • How have deal terms changed since the start of the pandemic and where do you see them going?
        • What will deal flow look like in 2021?  What innovation in structures will we see to push deals through in this climate?
        • Which fund structures are popular today? Anything new and/or notable?
        • Who were the winners and losers in attracting capital in 2020 during a tough year? What is current LP sentiment?
        • What has been the direct/indirect impact of recent natural disasters on CRE investment?

        • Ronald Kaplan, CPA, Partner, Commercial Real Estate Industry Practice Leader (CohnReznick LLP)
        • Robin Potts, Co-Head of Real Estate Investments, Director of Acquisitions (Canyon Partners Real Estate LLC)
        • Doug Faron, First Vice President, Investments (CIM Group)
        • Andrew Gindy, Principal (Walton Street Capital LLC)
        • Sean Armstrong, Managing Principal (Westport Capital Partners LLC)

      Track B 3:25 PM
      Investment Strategies to Find Value in 2021: Core vs. Value Added vs. Opportunistic vs. Debt

        • What are core/value added/opportunistic investment strategies in today’s climate? What are realistic returns? What is the availability of deals? How much growth is left?
        • How are fund managers adding value to assets? How can LPs effectively evaluate value added investment strategies?
        • Are some stabilized assets more risky than opportunistic assets in certain markets in the current environment? How to determine risk?
        • What is the financing climate like for the different investment classes?
        • What are your asset underwriting strategies? What pillars do you look for before you take a position on an asset? What do LPs need to understand about underwriting processes?
        • How can LPs navigate the different investment strategies and risk factors in this climate?
        • What is the capital raising environment for core/value added/opportunistic/debt funds? Which investment strategies are gaining/losing favor?

        • Mike Sebastian, Industry Principal Director (Appfolio Investment Management)
        • John Gottfried, CFO (Acadia Realty Trust)
        • Dara Friedman, Managing Director (BentallGreenOak)
        • Dan Rosenbloom, Managing Director of Investments (Cadre)
        • Marc Davidson, Managing Director and Portfolio Manager (AEW Capital Management, L.P.)

      4:05 PM
      Networking Break & Hosted Interactive Roundtable Discussions

      Track A 4:30 PM
      Diversifying Your Portfolio Through Alternative Investments & Opportunities in Niche Asset Classes

        • Overview of the most attractive niche asset classes in this environment
        • Which sectors provide the most promising yields?
        • How important is portfolio diversification as a form of risk management?
        • What risks need to be considered when investing in niche opportunities, themselves?
        • Do these alternatives lend themselves better to short or long term investments?

        • Brian Lovett, Partner, Team Leader, Real Estate Services Group (Withum)
        • Christian Dalzell, Co-Founder & Managing Partner (Counter Management LLC)
        • Stan Kafka, Principal (Freedom Financial Funds, LLC)
        • Paul Moore, Founder & Managing Director (Wellings Capital)
        • Rick O'Brien, President & CEO (Athena Real Estate, LLC)

      Track B 4:30 PM
      Distressed Opportunities in the Hospitality Sector

        • What will the recovery look like for different hotel property types?  Independents, brands, luxury, motels, resorts etc.
        • What strategies are investors and lenders employing to find value in this environment?
        • Which capital sources are most attractive right now for owners?
        • How are terms changing for preferred equity, senior and mezzanine debt?
        • Identifying and evaluating value-add opportunities in the hospitality sector
        • How will short-term rentals impact the hotel industry moving forward?
        • An update on hotel development and supply vs. demand dynamics in urban vs. suburban geos
        • How has the health crisis changed the way hotels are going to be designed?
        • What tech are you investing in and why? How do you anticipate tech will further impact how hotels do business in the next 2-3 years?

        • Daniel Weede, Partner (Carlton Fields)
        • Andy Stewart, Managing Partner (Argosy Real Estate Partners)
        • Bleecker Seaman, Co-CEO (Broadshore Capital Partners)
        • Brian de Lowe, Co Founder / President (Proper Hospitality)
        • Allie Hope, Chief Development Officer (Virgin Hotels)

      Track A 5:25 PM
      Multifamily Market Drivers & Trends

        • Is multifamily still the safest asset class to invest in? Is it sustainable or past its investment prime? How are LPs/lenders viewing multifamily and its sub-types today?
        • Where are the deals today? What value-adds/amenities are key for multifamily developments?
        • Housing shortage & rent control - what does this mean for value add investors/developers? Are there incentives for multifamily developers to expand into affordable and workforce housing?
        • Fannie and Freddie restructuring and impact on multifamily
        • What has been the impact of the single family home rental market on traditional apartments?

        • Kenneth Weissenberg, Partner (EisnerAmper LLP)
        • David Smith, CEO (Avenue Living US Real Estate)
        • Jonathan Epstein, Managing Partner (BentallGreenOak)
        • Jason Danley, COO (Peak Capital Partners)
        • Jon Dishotsky, CEO & Co-Founder (Starcity)
        • Zain Jaffer, CEO (Zain Ventures)

      Track B 5:25 PM
      Solutions for Attracting Capital in Uncertain Times

        • Lessons learned raising capital in an unprecedented, difficult year
        • Seed funds and their structure
        • Early investor incentives -  reduced fees, carried interest, participation in GP
        • What’s the latest with fees and promotes?
        • Update on foreign capital
        • Fee waivers to satisfy operator capital requirements and align interests – contingent profits interests and incentive fees
        • Construction, acquisition and property management fee benchmarks
        • Disclosure standardization and transparency - templates, terminologies and metrics

        • Jonathan Glick, Managing Director (Incubation Capital Partners LLC)
        • Brad Markoff, Shareholder (Carlton Fields)
        • P.J. Yeatman, Managing Partner (Corten Real Estate Partners)
        • Jon Dishell, Chief Capital Officer (Gemini Rosemont Commercial Real Estate)
        • Jeff Cline, CEO (SVN | SFR Capital Fund I, LP)

      6:10 PM
      Women in CRE – An Interactive Roundtable: Forging a Path to Success

      • Our panel of senior female executives, representing different fields within the CRE industry, will discuss their routes to their current positions. They share the challenges they overcame along the way and will offer invaluable insights into how to get ahead in a highly competitive and male-dominated industry. The session is intended to be interactive and all participants are encouraged to be actively involved in the conversation. Come prepared to share experiences and insights that will benefit your colleagues in the audience. Open to All Women Registrants (Pre-Registration Recommended.) To register and to submit topics for discussion, please email  Submitted topics will be anonymous.

        • Stephanie Matz, CFO (Buhl Investors)
        • Emily Butler, Partner (CohnReznick LLP)

      6:10 PM
      Networking Meet-Up Powered by Meetaway

      • IMN is excited to be able to offer all of our REPE Virtual attendees a unique opportunity to network with their fellow event & industry participants via a series of one-on-one video calls, powered by Meetaway. Over 50 minutes, attendees will join a series of spontaneous 5-minute calls with their selected matches, based on their desired match objectives and attendee profiles. No prior preparation is required; these informal, on-the-fly calls serve as a means to making meaningful connections and engaging with the CRE industry. At the conclusion of the matchmaking event, attendees will have the option to share their contact information with one another to further their conversations and stay connected. Registration will be made available through the virtual event platform and communicated to all conference attendees in advance.

      7:00 PM
      Virtual Forum Concludes



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