Land & Homebuilding (West)
Las Vegas, NV
September 23 - 24, 2019


Focusing on private equity, debt and joint venture financing in the land and homebuilding markets, IMN's Real Estate Private Equity Forum on Land & Homebuilding (West) will return to Las Vegas, NV on September 23-24, 2019.

Join us as we examine the latest investment opportunities, strategies and trends that will carry your business forward. This is a must-attend event for homebuilders, developers, private equity and real estate funds and service providers to the industry.

The event, in its 7th year, is the only forum dedicated to an in-depth examination of the private capital available for land owners and homebuilders as well as the latest industry investment strategies. With record attendance of over 300 participants at last year's conference, this is the one event that needs to be on your calendar.

We look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas on September 23-24!

Who Should Attend
  • Funds
  • Homebuilders
  • Land Developers
  • Land Owners
  • Private Equity Firms
  • Property Management Firms
  • Legal Firms

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    Monday, September 23rd, 2019

      Macroeconomic Factors and their Implications for the Homebuilding Market

        • Where are we in the cycle?
        • Trump, tariffs and trade wars – what are the impacts on homebuilding?
        • Analyzing mortgage rate trends and their effect on consumer and homebuilder confidence
        • Regulatory and governmental changes
        • What does the recent interest rates hike mean for the national housing market?

      Deep Dive into National Demographics and the Implications for the Homebuilding Industry

        • What does the data say that people actually want, with regards to their home?
        • Millennials – are they starting to buy?  Which locations are most desirable?
        • Active adult, senior housing and second-time buyers – what are the trends?
        • What demographic-related challenges are homebuilders facing in the Western US?
        • How are these problems being solved?  Which strategic partners are you working with to better serve the consumer?
        • Where will millennials and Generation Z be living in ten years’ time?
        • How are product offerings changing to meet affordability issues?

      National Homebuilding and Land Market Outlook

        • How has the supply/demand balance for various products? 
        • What impact has this had on prices and what are the expected trends for the coming year?
        • Will prices continue to rise in typically expensive coastal markets?
        • Land, labor and material costs – where are the opportunities to increase productivity by managing costs?
        • What is the current appetite amongst first time, second time and foreign buyers?
        • State by state – which markets are performing particularly well and which are in a slump?

      Young Industry Professional in Homebuilding

      • Homebuilders and developers are ramping up their efforts to develop young leaders that will be the future of the industry.  This panel of young professionals share their experiences starting off and working their way up the ladder in the homebuilding industry and where they see the industry going.

      Private Homebuilder Strategies and Consolidation

        • Current supply/demand dynamics in the areas in which you operate
        • Which markets are you most bullish on in the next three years?
        • Financing strategies – what works best for your business and why?
        • What deals will you be looking to finance in the next year?
        • Which markets have the most upside this coming year and why?
        • Land light vs land long – what is the ideal strategy in markets where land is desirable but difficult to acquire?
        • How do you adapt your strategy to compete with larger players entering your markets

      M&A Opportunities in Homebuilding

        • M&A activity has been picking up as starts have peaked and organic growth is slowing
        • Considerations for sellers – valuations, earn outs, timelines and diligence; an overview of what to expect
        • Foreign real estate companies are engaged, how do they compare to the US counterparts as long term partners?
        • What are the pros & cons of consolidating into a public company?
        • How do you adapt your strategy to compete with peers gaining increasing share in your markets?

      Innovation and Disruption in the Residential Housing Market

        • What are the key disruptive technologies in the housing market?
        • Unorthodox moves that could lead to better business outcomes
        • How can leaders in homebuilding help their teams deploy such technologies in a safe-to-fail environment?
        • How do these innovations lead to better quality and value for the customer?

      Appealing to the Consumer: Technological Innovations Within the Home

        • What innovative designs and technology solutions are being utilized to save costs, increase efficiency and still create an attractive product?
        • Government and municipal incentives – which are worthwhile and how can these be improved?
        • How can builders work with technology providers to deliver solutions that make sense for the consumer?
        • How can these strategic partnerships eventually lead to the realization of affordable housing on a larger scale?
        • What gadgets and other modern amenities are millennials, active adults and seniors demanding?  Are you looking ahead to Generation Z?

      Land Banking Capital: Sourcing and Structuring the Deal

        • What are the main drivers behind land banking in the current market?
        • How are land banks typically being funded?  Does this differ by region?
        • Considerations regarding financing and fee structuring
        • Learning from past experiences – what has worked and what has been a bust?
        • Do you have any risk management practices in place?
        • Filling land banking arrangements with new vs. previously owned parcels
        • What legal considerations have to be made?

      Private Equity Perspectives: Homebuilding Investment Strategies in Today’s Market

        • How are you creating investment opportunities in the current land and homebuilding market?
        • What types of deals are you targeting? 
        • Where do you see the most up-side, in terms of product and geography?
        • Small private homebuilders – what do first time private equity users need to know?  What are common misconceptions they have?
        • Evaluation of current debt and equity structures
        • What do you look for in an ideal JV partner?
        • Are you seeing much foreign money entering the market?  What are their pain points?

      Land Entitlement: Success Stories and Challenging Cases

        • What is the current risk appetite of land developers, homebuilders and investors regarding the entitlement of projects in the Western states? 
        • What are the costs and timeframes to obtain entitlements like these days and how does that impact contract structuring with the land owner?
        • What are the most common obstacles in the entitlement process and how are processes being adapted to improve the likelihood of success?
        • Which major potential legal issues should be taken into consideration?
        • How best to work with councils and governing bodies to fast-track approvals and ensure that projects are right for the community and the investor?
        • Similarly, is NIMBYism on the rise and what are the best approaches with groups who oppose a development project?
        • Greenfields vs urban developments – how does the entitlement process differ?

      Financing Build to Rent Projects

        • What is the preferred model for private homebuilders when it comes to single family homes for rent?
        • What do the financing options really cost?
        • Tax considerations and the impact of interest rate hikes
        • How many projects do you have simultaneously and are you financing them the same way?
        • How do investors feel about backing single family rental projects?  What are their reservations?
        • Economies of scale – what is required to make this model financially viable and successful?
        • Risk management strategies

      Evaluating the Build to Rent Business Model

        • A look at the numbers – who is buying and who is renting in today’s markets?
        • Having surpassed baby boomers as the largest living generation, what is the demand from millennials for single family rentals?  Looking ahead to Generation Z?
        • How are you ensuring your margins stay high?
        • Which locations are best suited for B2R projects?
        • How can B2R be viable in an environment of high labor and materials costs?
        • Finding and retaining construction personnel and contractors

      Evaluating the Latest Available Sources of Private Financing

        • What is the latest on equity, joint venture, foreign capital, mezz and debt availability?
        • Structures and deal terms
        • Which financing options are most viable for construction lending?
        • Balancing the capital stack
        • Recourse vs non-recourse
        • What was the asset and structure of your last deal?

      The Art & Science of Marketing: The Ideal Mix of Design and Data to Drive New Home Sales Success

      • This panel of homebuilding executives and marketing experts will discuss how to best create the perfect balance of compelling and smart marketing solutions in 2018 and beyond.   They will address how to produce memorable marketing experiences through the usage of analytics while accounting for how these efforts directly impact sales successes. 



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