New York, NY
June 17 - 18, 2019


Real estate is undergoing many disruptions. This is manifest nowhere more broadly and with more transformational potential than in real estate technology. 

An emerging class of well-funded proptech companies are creating applications that are beginning to transform building management and the occupant experience. And in the coming years, proptech will be essential for all stakeholders in residential and commercial real estate—including tenants, management and landlords. 

Moreover, investment in the space continues to boom: In 2017 venture capitalists invested $12.6 billion in real estate technology, otherwise known as “proptech,” which is triple the amount invested in 2015*.

Against this backdrop of sweeping change and disruptive opportunity, IMN is delighted to announce the launch of its inaugural RealTECH Forum taking place June 17-18 in New York City. The event will give attendees critical insights into how proptech is shaping the future of real estate and how the industry is embracing it and harnessing its potential. After a day and a half of rich content and fantastic networking, you will leave New York having gained insight and access to the latest trends, new business opportunities, investment sources, new players and next-generation solutions at the intersection of real estate and tech.

IMN, with over 5000 registrations during the last year for our series of Single Family Rental, Middle Market Multifamily, Land & Homebuilding Private Equity, Residential Property Management and CFO & COO Forums, has the background and relationships to make this conference a success right out of the gate. Expect to hear from and network with senior-level technology, operational, finance and investment professionals.

Join us in June for a unique opportunity to hear commercial and residential real estate industry leaders share their visions of the market as they showcase the impressive technologies and innovative solutions that are shaking up the real estate industry.
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Who Should Attend
  • Real Estate Firms
    • Commercial Real Estate, Residential Real Estate, Real Estate Developers, Private Equity
  • Professional Service Firms:
    • Law Firms, Accountants, Fund Administrators, Consultants, Banks
  • GPs:
    • Venture Capital Firms, Private Equity Firms, Hedge Funds
  • LPS:
    • Family Offices, Endowments, Foundations, Retirement Plans
  • FinTech:
    • Residential Tech, CCRE Tech, Outsourced Solutions, Platforms, Blockchain Firms, Token Providers, Start-Ups, Fundraising Platforms

Conference Highlights

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    Monday, June 17th, 2019

      8:00 AM
      Registration & Breakfast for Conference Attendees

      8:30 AM
      Real Estate’s Next Decade: Executives Weigh In

        • What are your predictions for real estate over the next 10 years?
        • How is technology poised to impact property management, development, finance and investment over the next 10 years?
        • What partnership models, opportunities and risks will arise as the real estate industry’s digital transformation accelerates?
        • How are real estate companies using technology to address climate-related risks?
        • What can the real estate industry learn from smart cities around the world?
        • How is technology changing how residential and commercial properties are traded, managed and leased?
        • What efficiencies are possible through cooperation among established real estate firms?

        • Sandy Jacolow , Chief Information Officer (Meridian Capital Group)
        • Chris Zlocki , Head of Innovation, Executive Vice President, Americas Corporate Solutions (Colliers International)
        • Frank Spadafora , Head of Investor Services Technology (Cushman & Wakefield)
        • Adi Chugh , Founder & Managing Partner (Maverick Commercial Properties)
        • Inaas Arabi , VP of Single Family (GM of PW) (RealPage/PropertyWare)
        • Clelia Peters , President of Warburg Realty & PropTech Investor (Warburg Realty)

      9:15 AM
      Innovation, Disruption & the Impact on CRE Investment & Development

        • With the rise of e-commerce, how are property owners using technology to revamp existing retail assets and develop new experiential retail properties? When is the retail industry likely to see wider adoption of drones, robotics, blockchain and bitcoin?
        • How is the hospitality sector using technology to elevate the guest experience, improve security, and address asset management challenges?
        • What opportunities is technology creating within the office sector in urban vs. suburban markets?
        • What efficiencies will technology bring to industrial, logistics and distribution facilities?
        • What are the newest innovations in capital markets technology? How are real estate firms using fintech to deliver better risk-adjusted returns to investors?

        • David Blatt , CEO (CapStack Partners)
        • Nancy Lashine , Principal (Park Madison Partners)
        • Jonathan Robbins , COO (SMA Equities )

      10:00 AM
      How Tech Is Upending the Tenant & Resident Experience

        • Which technologies are helping property owners update existing buildings to the expectations of today’s occupants?
        • Which amenities are driving meaningful rent premiums in residential and commercial properties? How are real estate companies using technology to select the right amenity package?
        • Will technology reduce friction costs in real estate or reallocate them (and who will be the winner in either scenario)?
        • Which listing tech innovations are streamlining the process of viewing and investing in properties?
        • How will augmented search and virtual viewing lead to quicker sales?
        • What technologies are real estate companies using to revamp limited-service buildings? 
        • How does tech come into play after lease signing? What are critical touchpoints for residents and tenants after they move into a space?
        • To what extent can PropTech impact both tenant experience and asset value?

        • Sean Miller , President (PointCentral)
        • Cyrus Claffey , CEO (ButterflyMX)
        • Larry Gorman , Chief Technology Officer (Invitation Homes)
        • Kieran Hannon , Chief Marketing Officer (OpenPath)
        • David Sorise , Senior Vice President (Pinnacle City Living)
        • Demetrios Barnes , Chief Operating Officer (SmartRent)
        • Rebecca Snyder , SVP-Residential Asset Strategy (Strategic Property Partners, LLC)

      10:45 AM
      Networking Break Courtesy of:

      11:15 AM
      Tech-Driven Business Intelligence, Deal Flow & Originations

        • How can real estate companies use location intelligence to identify new investment opportunities, set rents based on real-time pricing trends and drive new revenue streams?
        • How are lenders changing the borrower experiencing using machine learning and AI?
        • Who are major players in the leasing management software space? Are new disruptors likely to emerge? What are the newest innovations in AI-enabled leasing? What methods are being used to project costs for leasing up new vs. existing buildings, 12-24 months from now?
        • As your company enters new markets and expands its portfolio, how do you ensure that your technology is sufficient?
        • How is technology being used to drive value from existing real estate assets?
        • When will technology disrupt real estate’s relationship model, with robo-brokers leading to the elimination of fees? How long will it take for this to happen? Even with all this technology, do you still need boots on the ground?
        • What capabilities is blockchain bringing to leasing and financing?
        • What impact will real estate tokenization have on deal flow, partnership structures and originations?  

        • Kathleen Hurley , Director of IT (Madison International Realty)
        • Darren Wesemann , EVP-Chief Innovation Officer (Berkadia)
        • Matt Forest , Director of Business Architecture (CARTO)
        • Zac Rosenberg , Director (Greystone Labs)
        • William Hyman , Senior Managing Director (Hunt Real Estate Capital)
        • Perrin Quarshie , CEO & Founder (RealBlocks)
        • Ben Beggs , VP Sales & Marketing (redIQ)

      12:00 PM
      Merge FinTech & PropTech to Close More Opportunity Zone Deals

      • Technology is allowing for more sophisticated analysis of investment data pertaining to qualified opportunity zones. This panel gathers real estate investors to demonstrate how they are combining FinTech and PropTech solutions to close more deals using the new tax-advantaged community development tool.
        • How are real estate investors using these tech-enabled data mining tools to navigate opportunity zone investments across property types?
        • How are data analytics and proprietary data models being used in market intelligence?
        • What tech-driven solutions are helping real estate decision-makers close opportunity zones deals before their competitors do?
        • How is technology improving transparency between the public and private sectors?
        • What software tools are real estate investors using to make the most of QOZ (qualified opportunity zone) tax incentives?

        • Kyle Walker , Managing Partner (Agora AltX)
        • Josh Mandell , President/COO (Gateway Companies)
        • Stefan Schimenes , CEO (InvestReal)
        • Akanksha Raina , Assistant Vice President-Development (NYCEDC)
        • Aviva Fink , VP of Business Development & Partnerships (Reonomy)

      12:45 PM

      1:45 PM
      Future-Proofing & Managing Risk from the Ground Up

        • What innovations in construction materials are helping to improve the durability, health and cost of buildings?
        • What technologies are being used to enhance building envelopes and make structures more climate-resilient?
        • What kinds of questions should building owners be asking their vendors to stay ahead of these innovations?
        • Which tech applications are being used to deliver deeper intelligence into portfolio-wide energy performance, and helping owners meet sustainability objectives?
        • How are real estate companies using technology to manage construction risk this late in the cycle? What kind information is guiding the decision to pursue cash flow vs. construction vs. value-added strategies?
        • From modular building to offsite construction, robotics and 3-D printing, which tech-enabled solutions are helping control development and labor costs? What are the latest implementations in large-scale developments?

        • Amar Brahmbhatt , Transaction Manager (Kimco Realty)
        • Loren Nelson , Vice President of Business Development (AVM Industries)
        • Avish Bhalani , Senior Manager (Distech Controls)
        • Hemant Chavan , Development Director (Gemdale USA Corporation)
        • Sirobe Carstafhnur , Design Associate (RXR Realty)

      2:30 PM
      Property Management, Maintenance & Rehab Technology Best Practices

        • How are real estate companies using technology to improve workflow among property management teams?
        • How are real estate companies using drones for property and facility management? Can drones offer deeper insights into value-add opportunities? What other innovations are having a meaningful impact on property and facility management?
        • How are virtual reality and augmented reality impacting facilities management?
        • What software is having the greatest impact on accounting? How can these solutions be improved? How do you prepare your software for CAM reconciliations?
        • How do property managers handle the tenant experience during the maintenance and rehab process?
        • What's the process for deciding on a modest vs. extensive rehab? What incentives are available for rehab projects? What do financing terms look like?
        • How are real estate business leaders managing IoT device integration across large portfolios? What are their pain points, and which solutions are proving effective? Beyond streamlining utility management, how can IoT be used to better automate building systems and, in turn, improve the resident and tenant experience?
        • Which marketing and lease-renewals apps are most appealing to tenants? What apps are improving tenant communications? 

        • Marc Kaplan , Executive Managing Director-Multifamily Rental Division (FirstService Residential)
        • Guy Blachman , Chief Executive Officer (Carson)
        • Russell Alt , Director, Operations (CrestCore Realty LLC)
        • Prabhu Ramachandran , Founder & CEO (Facilio)
        • Jeff Hendler , CEO (Logical Buildings)
        • Robert Morgenstern , Principal (Morgenstern Capital)
        • Andreis Lewis , CEO (Radius Properties)

      3:15 PM
      Networking Break Courtesy of:

      3:45 PM
      VCs & The Thirst for Real Estate Tech

      • The real estate tech landscape is now crowded with software and technology firms backed by institutional-grade and venture capital, with established real estate owners and operators driving the accelerated pace of M&A. This panel takes a deeper look into what projects are getting funded and where the market may go in the next few years.
        • What are the latest capital raises in the real estate technology space? How are investors likely to approach the sector in the next few years?
        • As more money pours into the space and valuations begin to climb into the sub-billion range, how much higher can the space climb?
        • What's behind the trend of family offices dedicating more of their portfolios towards early-stage investing? How will this influence the way the GPs invest? What sort of deals will be sourced, and how will this impact today’s founders?
        • What do headwinds in the public market mean for investment in real estate technology?
        • What distinguishes investment in real estate vs. investment in tech startups? Where do co-living, co-working and discount brokerage models fit in?

        • Kurt Ramirez , Partner (Nine Four Ventures)
        • Jake Fingert , General Partner (Camber Creek)
        • Daniel Fetner , Chief of Staff (Corigin)
        • Andrew Ackerman , Managing Director (Dreamit)
        • Zak Schwarzman , Partner (MetaProp Ventures)
        • Ed Walters , Partners (Tamarisc Ventures)

      4:30 PM
      Startup Showdown

      • A curated group of PropTech startups, each with a disruptive idea and a few minutes to pitch to our audience. Stay tuned to the end of the conference to see whose idea wins!
        • Clelia Peters , President of Warburg Realty & PropTech Investor (Warburg Realty)

      5:15 PM
      Networking Reception

      6:15 PM
      Day One Concludes

    Tuesday, June 18th, 2019

      8:00 AM
      Registration & Breakfast for Conference Attendees

      9:00 AM
      Tech Effects in Multifamily & Single Family Rental (SFR) Real Estate

        • How are multifamily and single-family rental operators using technology to manage operating costs, rehab and maintenance?
        • What are the newest tenant-facing technology tools, and how are you applying them?
        • What types of tech solutions are you using to expand into new markets and scale up your operations?
        • How can innovations in technology extend the SFR market's already successful run? Can the same be applied to multifamily?

        • Stephen Haskin , Director of Operations (Buildup)
        • Tal Bar-Or , Co-Founder (Lantern Real Estate)
        • Michael Mintz , CEO & Founder (MD Squared Property Group)
        • Stefan Martinovic , Vice President-Investments (Midwood Investment & Development)
        • Jonathan Schultz , Managing Principal (Onyx Equities, LLC)
        • Robb Napolitano , Chief Information Officer (The Brooksville Company)

      9:45 AM
      All Together Now: Macro Trends & the Sharing Economy

        • How can management and landlords to harness the power of PropTech to better engage and serve multigenerational tenants and residents?
        • With homebuilders facing headwinds, which housing tech platforms are poised to disrupt the market in the next few years?
        • Could modular housing solve the housing industry's worsening labor and affordability issues?
        • With more people working from home, how should residential rental properties be designed to address this trend?
        • What kind of connectivity considerations should property owners make? In the early stages of the design process, how can project teams ensure that units can incorporate all the connected devices now, and after 5 years of additional IoT innovation?
        • Is smart home technology a wise investment? Which utility apps are helping owners cut costs?
        • What types of services are co-living spaces offering to attract residents? 
        • How are workplaces and living spaces being designed to address the needs of multigenerational occupants?
        • How do you educate office landlords and tenants about PropTech? How do you ensure all stakeholders are on the same page?

        • David Zarnitzky , Vice President of Information Technology (MAXX Properties)
        • Brian Lee , Director of Real Estate Acquisitions (Common)
        • David Namkoong , Senior Account Executive (Rently Keyless)
        • Alex Moullé-Berteaux , COO (Starry)
        • Jeff W. Adler , VP, Matrix (Yardi Systems)

      10:30 AM
      Networking Break Courtesy of:

      11:00 AM
      Workplace Innovation & The Office of The Future

        • To what extent is the space-as-a-service model becoming the norm? How are these services being delivered in workplaces?
        • How do you assemble the right project team to create an agile workspace? What skill sets do these team members need to have?
        • What features do modern offices need to have in order to serve the needs of today’s multigenerational workforce? What are the benefits of locating co-working spaces within conventional offices?
        • What are the latest innovations in virtual staging and 3-D visualization?
        • When can we expect more partnerships between co-working firms and retailers?
        • What are the latest trends in wellness-focused amenities within offices?
        • What strategies are real estate companies pursuing for improving the economics of underutilized office spaces? 

        • Bill Wolf , Technology Director-Property and Research Systems (Cushman & Wakefield)
        • Tamar Moy , Senior Managing Director (NGKF)
        • Jacqueline Manzer , Tenant Experience Manager (Silverstein Properties)
        • Robert Corbi , Director (The Instant Group)
        • Ryan Salvas , Senior Manager-Digital R+D (WeWork)
        • Kieran Hannon , Chief Marketing Officer (OpenPath)

      11:45 AM
      Does Your Data Management Strategy Need a Reboot?

        • What technologies are making big data usable and mobile for the real estate industry?
        • What techniques are cutting-edge investors using to better value properties? Which technologies are streamlining data analysis in the valuation process?
        • What methods are effective at linking accounting and document management systems to improve workflow and data verification?
        • How do you identify trusted data sources?
        • What are the best tools for mining public vs. private data?
        • How severe are today’s cybersecurity threats for real estate organizations, and what tools are they using to combat them?
        • What vulnerabilities do intelligent buildings face? How can building management systems be designed to safeguard against cybercrimes?
        • How are real estate companies applying predictive modeling to their investment strategies?

        • Harry Blanchard , Head of Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities (Moody's Analytics)
        • Sasha Bernier , SVP (Cheltenham Enterprises)
        • Josh Panknin , Director of Real Estate Technology Initiatives (Columbia University)
        • Michael Cipriano , President (Millennia Group LLC)
        • Tim Benz , Director of Sales (Rockport VAL, LLC)
        • Josh Erosky , Director, Information Security and Building Technology (UDR)
        • Jeff W. Adler , VP, Matrix (Yardi Systems)

      12:30 PM
      RealTECH Concludes



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