Residential Property Management & Operations
Atlanta, GA
September 5 - 6, 2019


With a new location and same great content updated for 2019, IMN's Residential Property Management & Operations Forum is back to bring you another exciting 1 1/2 day event full of exclusive educational content and industry insights on September 5-6 in Atlanta, GA. Last year's forum brought together 300+ property and asset managers, owners, equity investors, and service providers including 25 sponsors and exhibitors discussing everything you need to know about the latest in residential property management.
From sessions like the Large Property Management Senior Executive Forum, technology trends, M&A to marketing to your perfect tenant as well as small group meetings discussing growth and luncheon roundtables getting local players to network this uniquely crafted event is the perfect opportunity for attendees to learn and network with the key industry participants.

Be sure to check in periodically for regularly updated program information.
We look forward to seeing you on September 5-6 in Atlanta, GA!


Conference Highlights

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    Thursday, September 5th, 2019

      The SFR Property Management Industry Overview: What Is Just Over The Horizon?

      • • What kind of growth level does the institutional single family rental market still have in it?  Are the demographics still favorable?
        • NARPM accounting standard update
        • The growth of build-to-rent
        • Industry changes and challenges 2020
        • Breakthroughs and technology to improve service
        • New regulations to be aware of
        • Continuing challenges of low income housing
        • Will the search for workers improve?
        • Industry consolidation: Blip or long term?

      Mergers, Acquisitions & Evaluating the Financial Health of Property Management Companies

      • • What are the first steps needed to take?
        • Identifying the goal of your merger
        • New vs. a market your already in-What kind of economies of scale do you get?
        • Should you leave as 2 independent businesses of merger into 1?
        • What are the entity-level valuation factors to consider?
        • Integration issues            

      Middle Market “C” Session-Competing With Larger Players & Your Special Sauce When Adding Value To A Client’s Portfolio

      • (>1000 doors-Non-moderator slots for owners/property managers only)
        • Competing on cost vs. value
        • Are you looking to stay small? Why? How do you play up the advantages of being small? 
        • Did you do anything different on the last building you opened? Took over management?
        • Importance of building vendor relationships when you can’t always compete on price
        • No account is too small…
        • Impact of market size
        • As your customers are getting larger you are…?
        • Preparing for a recession?

      Growing Your Property Management Business

      • (Small group meeting: owner/property managers only) Are you a small property manager looking to expand? Looking at larger portfolios and wondering how you should treat them differently than your current smaller ones?  Should you hire a senior executive to help manage the business? Are you leaving your home market and looking for the best way to keep tabs from afar? Are you looking into technology to help in this process? This session is here to answer all of your questions as you expand

      Large Firm Property Management Sr. Executive Forum

      • (Non-moderator slots for owners/property managers only) • How are the new NARPM property management accounting standards impacting the way you do business
        • Using M&A as a strategy to expand What would it take for you to get bought?
        • Do you have a minimum in units that you will manage?
        • As the owner industry consolidates and gets larger what changes are you doing to keep up?
        • Changing renter and owner demands today and how they are different? How are you changing your business to keep up with demands?
        • Different strategies in different markets or are you trying to do it the same thing in multiple markets?
        • Outsourcing: When do you outsource? When do you keep in-house?  
        • How do you find in-house employees, quality vendors, maintenance techs, construction workers in this tight market?  Any tools to manage them effectively?
        • What are your technology must haves that enhance your business?  What Property Managers Should Know About Market Performance

      Closed Door: 1000+ Doors Owner/Under Management

      • (small group meeting: owners/property managers only) For those institutions with 1000+ doors there are many pain points that start to arise that you do not have to worry about if you are a smaller company.  Expanding outside your home markets, what kind of key hires are cost effective? What are the challenges and obstacles that come with larger sized communities? What are some of the creative incentive compensation packages for those property managers looking to advance within the organization? Are some of the critical discussion points that we will discuss.

      Growing Your Portfolio In Your Own Geographic Area vs. Opening Up New Markets vs. Expanding the Services you Are Providing

      • • How are you preparing your company to grow?
        • What does it take to manage in multiple markets?
        • Recruiting talent and staffing issues
        • How are you generating the capital to grow?
        • The commercial side of the business
        • Which up and coming markets are speaking to you? Why?
        • Service to outsource? Keep in-house?
        • What are you doing to keep the quality consistently high?

      Neighborhood Cycles & Data Property Managers Used To Make Market Decisions

      • • What kind of data are you using?
        • Neighborhood turnover
        • Gentrification time lines and strategies to re-establish the neighborhood
        • Vacation and military markets
        • As the number of condos in a market increase apartment rent…?
        • Data integrity: Data corruption and what to do about it
        • What do you use from your dashboard?

      Short Term Stays

      • • Furnished vs. vacant
        • The vacation market: All I ever wanted?
        • Air BnB and competitors: Is it all success?
        • Different fee structure
        • Marketing and getting the word out: Which strategies are the most effective?
        • Renting by the room

      Preparing for A Recession

      • • Looking at the last recession: What happened to the SFR market?
        • Different potential causes of a downtown and how they will impact the business
        • The owner side: Where will the business come from? What kind of business will come from them?
        • Judicial vs. non-judicial state scenarios
        • What areas would pick up? Staffing for a downtown
        • Getting through a local downtown and what we can learn from recent natural disasters

      Role of the Founder/Owner as the Company Grows

      • • When should you still be the CEO? When should you give up the position?
        • How large do you need to be before you can afford to give up the captain’s chair?
        • Identifying your strengths and weaknesses and staffing to take advantage
        • Transitioning from hands-on to a leadership role
        • Delegating and managing the flow of information
        • Identifying the best use of your time

    Thursday, September 5th, 2019

      Working With Different Owners-Institutional Investors, Lenders, Family Offices, Banks, The Government & Military Markets

      • • The new class of I-Buyers
        • Lower Income, Section 8 & Workforce Housing
        • The bid process for military contracts?
        • Build-to-rent vs. traditional SFR market
        • What kind of services do fix and flippers look for?
        • Is it even worth calling banks?
        • Nuances when working with note buyers

      Property Management Shark Tank

      • Looking for a new property management company? IMN has taken its popular shark tank concept into the management side of the business and you’ll see 2 apartment owners who are looking to outsource the management of their property consider bids on their portfolio.  Discussions will focus on such issues as what an owner looks for in a property manager, what a property manager looks for in an owner, management structure, compensation and incentives
        Tank Leader: Will moderate the session
        Property Management Companies: (will bid for services of the apartment owner)
        Apartment Owners: (will put up their apartment/portfolio for bid)

      Finding New Portfolios, Fees & Negotiations, On-Going Relationship Management and Keeping Owners After The House/Portfolio Sale

      • • Evaluating the best way to keep an owner after the sale to an institutional vs. retail owner? How much in lost revenue does that ownership change result in?
        • What are other services that new owners are interested in?
        • Competing on cost vs. value
        • Partner vs. handing the reigns over
        • Fees and anti-trust issues
        • Communicating and reporting strategy
        • Rent and ancillary income splits
        • What kind of vetting are you doing?  Licensing you look for
        • Evaluating the financial health of the company: What is the math and what should you look for?
        • Assessing the market level for different fees?
        • Why change management companies?
        • Exit strategies property managers can offer to their owners

    Friday, September 6th, 2019

      Maintenance & Rehab Best Practices, Materials, Methods And New Automation Technologies

      • • Streamlining maintenance inspections and coordination so they aren’t such a time suck
        • Managing vacant properties
        • Long term asset preservation vs. deferred maintenance
        • Low cost, short-term vs. longer-term, higher cost solutions
        • Using drones
        • HVAC maintenance
        • Lease to own vs. rent and the associated costs
        • Whose job is it-renter vs. property manager
        • Working maintenance into the lease
        • Average monthly maintenance for us homes

      What Should your Property Management App Possess, New Technology & Home Automation Systems

      • • What new technologies are moving the needle?
        • Defining user-friendly
        • The one-stop shop: Do you use the big property managers app?
        • Cost and brain damage of having your own app and technology vs. outsourcing
        • Are you looking to update or streamline any of your technology
        • What are your technology must haves that enhance your business?
        • Sleeping without implementation nightmares

      SFR Property Management Tech Game Changers

      • • New tech on the builder side
        • The coming of 5G
        • How will Amazon continue to effect the property management business?
        • Technology-related demographic changes
        • Power over Ethernet and smart buildings
        • Facial recognition
        • Solar: coming of age?
        • The changing role of the car
        • The next game changer will be…

      Tenant Screening

      • • Finding and keeping the best tenants
        • Sensitive information and privacy laws
        • New technology for screening tenants
        • New HUD requirements and the newest local laws you need knowledge of
        • What do you think about outsourcing tenant screening?
        • What are your newest red flags?
        • Comparing your tenant screening policy with your owners

      Tenant Acquisition: Marketing/Leasing & Social Media

      • • Building a better app
        •  Making your website more appealing and user friendly
        • A picture say 1000 words… 365 degree cameras, 3-D and 4-D plans: Identifying the ROI on the visual 
        • If I want growth, where should I put my efforts? Blogging, flyers, realtors, current clients?

      Controlling Tenant Turnover & The Tenant Cycle: Move in, Tenant Interaction, Service-Level Strategies & The Move Out

      • • Fair Housing issues & ADA Compliance
        • Payment options
        • Damages, clean up and disputes regarding tenants getting their deposit back 
        • Do you use incentives to keep turnover down?
        • A happy tenant is a tenant that stays: Making sure your tenant is happy
        • How can you know a tenant might move early on? Can you convince him to stay? Move him to a bigger house? Help in his search to buy a house?
        • Kicking off the relationship right
        • Turn technology out there
        • Profit centers: Helping tenants save on the services that they want to buy from you
        • Helping tenants with their credit

      Tenant Facing Legal Stuff: Lease Breaks, Collections, Fair Housing & When To Get The Lawyer

      • • Risk management
        • Collection/judgement/default/eviction best practices, flexibility and local timelines
        • When to take the legal function in-house
        • Fair housing abuses
        • Making sure prospective tenants are screened properly
        • Owner negligence cases

    Friday, September 6th, 2019

      New Tenant Cost vs. Raising Rent-Revenue Management Best Practices

      • • How much of an increase do you need to make up for turnover cost, advertising, commission and lost rent?
        • What would make you not renew a tenant?
        • Evaluating your rent vs. the market: Is the do-it-yourselfers adequate?
        • Considering the cost side
        • How to communicate the increase with the tenant
        • Can you keep the rent flat and raise amenity pricing?

      Expense Control: Benchmarks, Developing a Reserve Policy, Maintenance & Operating Capital Budget

      • • Role of automation
        • Reserve policy for international clients, taxes, bad rent and maintenance
        • Lease break expectations
        • What type of rental payments do you accept? Collection: Do you do yourself or employ an agency?
        • Escrow for taxes
        • Outsourcing from a cost perspective
        • Increasing revenue vs. decreasing expenses: Which way causes less brain damage?


      Maximizing Financial Performance & Growing My Fee Income With The Biggest ROI? Value-Added & Opportunistic Rehab, Amenities & Ancillary Services

      • • Latest revenue growth attempts
        • Applying the airline model to apartments
        • Utility hook up and tech fees: What kind of charges make sense?
        • Making your maintenance services a profit center
        • What kind of returns can you make from the tech side of the business?
        • Acquisition due diligence
        • Upgrading vs. quickly leasing
        • NOI of different houses in different markets

    Friday, September 6th, 2019

      Finding & Keeping Qualified Labor & Contractors In An Increasingly Competitive Market

      • • Immigration and government regulation
        • What kind of labor-saving technology is out there?
        • Hiring effective sales people
        • Staffing levels for different property quality and size of properties
        • Does location matter?
        • A happy employee is a well paid employee? Compensation packages
        • When is it time to hire an on-sight manager? Additional clerical worker?
        • Training for different apartment types
        • Section 8, public, workforce housing etc.
        • Finding property managers
        • Making sure communication doesn’t break down

      Structuring Your Business Outside Your Home Market: Virtual Team Members vs. Outsourcing vs. Remote vs. Self-Management vs. Hybrid Approaches

      • • Finding property managers/vendors in tertiary markets
        • The offshore route for call centers and virtual employees
        • What kinds of functions does it pay to centralize? Decentralize?
        • Impact of apartment size & number of units
        • Can centralizing work with lower income buildings?
        • Employee performance
        • Insuring uniform standards across a decentralized structure
        • Management structure and decision making authority
        • Technology in property management: How much can it save in staffing? What are the pluses and minuses?

      Which Technologies Are You Updating? Are You Building, Buying or Outsource?

      • • Are you happy with the way your built software came out? How much time and money did it take?
        • Comparing property management one stop software available: Which modules are you using?
        • Maintenance technology: What to look for
        • Putting on your checklist a checklist system
        • What makes a good CRM system?
        • Helping efficiency and transparency
        • Is technology making you lose touch with the tenant?
        • Going green advantages
        • E-paying



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