SFR/Fix & Flip Financing & Workouts Update
Virtual Panel
June 2, 2020


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    Tuesday, June 2nd, 2020

      2:00 PM (Eastern Time)
      SFR/Fix & Flip Financing Update

      • Tuesday, June 2 | 2:00 - 3:30pm ET | REGISTER HERE

        Join IMN and our expert speaking faculty for a complimentary webcast on fix and flip financing in the Single Family Rental industry. Featuring back-to-back discussions on working out loans, long term SFR financing, financing fix & flips and valuation, due diligence, title, legal & related-lending technology , the webcast will arm attendees with the insights necessary to doing business amid today's unprecedented disruption.

        In addition to hearing from industry thought leaders, attendees have the opportunity to make meaningful connections via our online networking platform. Learn more here.     

      2:00 PM (Eastern Time)
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      2:00 PM (Eastern Time)
      Financing Fix & Flips: The Latest Structures, Terms & Performance

      • • How are current local economies impacting your lending?
        • What is your current suite of products? Anything new? 
        • How do you determine the maximum debt exposure limit for customers?
        • Any special consideration for luxury/jumbo properties?
        • The last deal you cancelled... passed on…
        • Exit strategy
        • Loans that go bad: What have you learned? Any commonalities?
        • What is on your product menu?
        • Working out loans where extensions are needed due to government construction stops or non-ability to sell at post-crisis price
        • Line of credit or deal by deal
        • Smoothing out the bumps in a real estate transaction: title search, policy, settlement, escrow & related-lending technology 
        • Lender and title requirements around e-closings

        • Stephanie Casper, Vice President of Sales (LendingHome)
        • Patrick Burns, Co-Founder & CEO (Spruce)

      2:40 PM (Eastern Time)
      Long Term SFR Financing: What Is It Looking Like Today?

      • • How much debt is available-is the debt available for all or just existing clients? What are the terms?
        • Cancelling and changing terms of in-progress loans
        • What are workouts looking like today?
        • HLT transactions and cash outs-are you underwriting? How much have equity requirements risen?
        • Issues surrounding construction loans with forced government construction stoppages
        • How are you counting rental income during the covid-19 crisis?
        • Gap funding & second lien positions
        • Products for the small borrowers
        • Availability of non-recourse financing and their workouts
        • Short-term products

        • Jeff Pintar, President (Pintar Investment Company)
        • Greg Coleman, Co-Founder & Managing Partner (Revest Asset Management)
        • Adam Wolfson, Chief Investment Officer (Transcendent Investment Management)

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