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May 13, 2020


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    Wednesday, May 13th, 2020

      1:00 PM (Eastern Time)
      SFR Technology & Operations Webcast: COVID-19 Best Practices

      • Wednesday, May 13 | 1:00 - 2:30pm ET 

        Join IMN and our expert speaking faculty for a complimentary webcast on the latest technology and operations developments in the Single Family Rental industry. Featuring back-to-back discussions on how companies are changing their property management and owner communication, and the realities of property maintenence in the 'new normal', the webcast will arm attendees with the insights necessary to doing business amid today's unprecedented disruption.

        In addition to hearing from industry thought leaders, attendees have the opportunity to make meaningful connections via our online networking platform. Learn more here.

        Sponsored by:
        Inside Maps Property MeldSmartRent

      1:00 PM (Eastern Time)
      An Overview of the SFR Economy & Property Management

        • How are owners reacting to the current market?
        • Rent and renter growth factors
        • Rent payment impact on financial performance
        • Recession Forecasting: U or V? 
        • Trends in defaults, foreclosure filings and MSAs 
        • Do you expect migration to suburbs from major cities?
        • What will be the implications for the SFR industry?

      1:00 PM (Eastern Time)
      Property Management & Virtual Tour Technology

        • Latest technologies being used to automate operations?
        • Technology worth investing in, even when revenue is down?
        • Best ways to increase revenue through ancillary products - which have the most sign-ups and highest ROI?
        • Screening for Covid-19 at your property without breaking the law - is there an app for that?
        • What changes have you made to your website to accommodate COVID-19?
        • Handling expiring leases - what are you doing about rent increases, evictions and length of lease? Do you have the systems to handle it without tying up customer service? 
        • Remote workers - which functions and technology have been successful?
        • What % of tenants are paying? Tenant communication, technology and renter non-payment strategy

        • David Quine, CTO (VineBrook Homes)
        • Gabe Knox, Vice President (InsideMaps)
        • Cyril Berdugo, Co-Founder (Landis)
        • Todd Jable, COO & CTO (Renters Warehouse)
        • Gregg Knutson, Senior Vice President of Information Technology (Tricon American Homes)

      1:40 PM (Eastern Time)
      Using Maintenance Tools & Best Practices to Keep Your Staff Safe & Save $

        • Do tenants want to see maintenance representatives now? Can software and incentives fill the void?
        • Emergency maintenance on quarantined houses
        • Efficiency and ROI of products
        • Communications systems between the tenant, property managers and with your maintenance team 
        • Cleaning/maintenance: what are your best practices?
        • What is your preventive maintenance strategy?

        • Lauren Taylor, CEO (Capaven)
        • Arturo Rojas, Vice President of Operations (Conrex)
        • Raymond Hespen, CEO & Co-Founder (Property Meld)
        • Demetrios Barnes, Chief Operating Officer (SmartRent)

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  • Wednesday, May 13th, 2020
  • 1:00 PM

    SFR Technology & Operations Webcast: COVID-19 Best Practices

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