Short Term Rental Forum
Austin, TX
June 16 - 17, 2022


IMN is excited to announce the launch of our inaugural Short Term Rental Forum, building off the critical success of our industry-shaping Single Family Rental (SFR) and Middle-Market Multifamily Summits. Short term rentals are becoming increasingly attractive for investors as the convenience and accessibility of the model drive customer demand. 

As this second generation market of short term apartment and single family rental investments develops, IMN looks forward to once again establishing itself as the market leading platform for industry education, networking and deal flow. Our Short Term Rental (STR) Forum will not only provide exclusive educational content and industry insights, but also presents a unique opportunity for senior-level attendees to network with residential, short-term rental and vacation, investors, developers, lenders, property managers and more.

Who Should Attend
  • Apartment Owners/Operators
  • Vacation rental Owners/Operators
  • Developers
  • Lenders
  • Investors
  • Service Providers
  • Asset Managers
  • Property Managers
  • Hotel Brands
  • Technology providers – home automation, security, distribution & guest amenities
  • Brokers
  • Payment system providers
  • Insurance companies
  • OTAs & accommodation booking platforms
  • ...and more

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    Thursday, June 16th, 2022

      7:30 AM
      Breakfast is served...Exhibition Open

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      8:25 AM
      The Economic & Industry Overview, Business & Consumer Travel Outlook, Short Term Renter Demographics & Covid-Era Demand Drivers To Consider

      • • More players and Institutional $$ coming in… Is it a good thing?
        • Competing with hotels
        • Traveling local vs. getting on a plane vs. going outside the US
        • How does inflation, outsized economic growth and consumer confidence translate?  
        • Are there an adequate number of listings to meet demand? What kind of growth are you seeing? Will it be sustained?
        • What should you know about renter income and inflation impact?
        • Profiling emerging demographics like the short-term renter by choice, The business traveler who stays longer for vacation and the work from home traveler
        • How many renters are Gen-Z vs. Millennials? How do they book their travel?
        • Your favorite markets…

        • Vince Ciepiel, Senior Research Analyst (Cleveland Research Company)
        • Jamie Lane, VP of research (AirDNA)
        • Michael Broussard, Regional Sales Director (AvantStay)
        • Micaela Lumpkin, Chief Credit Officer (CoreVest)
        • Tanvir Aman, Founder (Dunyha)
        • Mark Burch, Business Development Manager (Temple View Capital)

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      9:10 AM
      Keynote Address: The Mainstreamification of Short-Term Rentals

        • TJ Clark, Vice President of Business Development (Vacasa)

      9:25 AM
      New Regulatory Themes, Enforcement & Future-Proofing Your Business From Legislation & Post-Regulatory Change

      • • What are municipalities allowing? Curtailing? What do government types need to know about the industry and its impact on low-income housing and the local economy to be more open to the industry?
        • Tax regimes and compliance vs. traditional long-term
        • Regulations in urban vs. resort towns
        • How a non-lawyer can make sure you are following local regulations? Stay current on licenses, certifications, fees and taxes
        • Any Federal government concerns?
        • Are highly regulated locations a good thing? Which compliant cities are looking at increasing regulation?
        • Role of the property manager
        • Are local regulations easy to understand and follow? What to do if they aren’t
        • Are you open to medium- and long-term occupants? How quick can you make the switch?
        • Getting around some regulations

        • Jordan Bem, Principal (Arizona Investissements)
        • Matthew Clinton, Sales & Customer Relations Director (PI Rentals)
        • Colin Carvey, Chief Executive Officer (Revedy)
        • Matt Curtis, Founder (Smart City Policy)
        • Gretchen Kornutik, Director (The Whitmire Group, LLC)
        • Adam Frank, Senior Compliance Regulatory Counsel (Vacasa)

      10:10 AM
      Networking Refreshments

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      10:15 AM
      Women’s Plenary

      • Diversity and inclusion, managing teams, mentoring and talent search will be among the tough questions to be debated in this discussion


        * This session will be held in Salon 7 on the left hand side

        • MeiLani Hock, President (Why Not Me Bnb)
        • Diane Maldonado, Owner (Fast Impact Real Estate, LLC)

      Track A 11:00 AM
      Comparing Long Term vs. Short Term Renter Business… What You Need To Know (Small group Meeting open to all)

      • Just because you can receive 3 times the cash flow, that’s right 3x the cash flow of a long-term lease doesn’t mean there is a lot of other comparison points you need to know to effectively invest in or transition to the short-term rental business.  Some of the keys include the numbers you need to know and how do they compare; financing differences; property management haircuts and a bunch of other stuff

        • Andy Morris, Founder (Seattle Vacation Home)
        • Natalia Sosnina, VP of Acquisitions (Crosby Capital)
        • Justin Brodin, Director of Marketing (Proper Insurance)
        • Edward Yu, Founder (Red Maple Capital, LLC)

      Track B 11:00 AM
      Onboarding: Do's and Don'ts

      • • How do you get properties onboarded, launched, live, and flowing cash as quickly as possible with little disruption?
        • What are some of the common challenges to onboarding multiple properties (permitting, compliance, etc.)?
        • What are some key learnings when it comes to onboarding and integration?
        • If you decide to use a 3rd party to assist
        • The latest technology to available
        • The owner vs. platform perspective


        • Tim Horvath, VP, Acquisitions (The Whitmire Group, LLC)
        • Agustin Desintonio, Head of Hospitality Development (ARIZONA INVESTISSEMENTS)
        • Andria Santos, CEO (Fülhaus inc.)
        • Kassandra Webb-Galarza, Sr. Director of Homeowner Experience (Vacasa)
        • Beth Friedman, Director of Business Development (Walker Luxury Vacation Rentals)

      Track A 11:45 AM
      How Do You Value & Underwrite Income Generating Short-Term Rentals?

      • • Should your comps be hotels or apartments?
        • Modeling income and occupancy
        • Technology you can use
        • Working with appraisers
        • Rental income vs. appreciation
        • Portfolio vs. individual unit
        • Valuing a new vs. aged unit
        • Cash flow indicators you like to look at
        • How do you determine which markets will have a steady stream of built in guests?

        • Stephen Hester, Managing Partner (Vacation Rental Real Estate)
        • Jason Sprenkle, CEO (KeyData Dashboard)
        • John Tarantino, VP/Lending Team Manager (Genesis Capital)
        • Trent Hawthorne, COO (Rabbu)
        • Colin Carvey, Chief Executive Officer (Revedy)
        • Ian Gallagher, Director of Bus. Development (Vacasa)

      Track B 11:45 AM
      The Booking Process, Channel Management, Owner/Guest Communications and Guest Screening Insurance-A Comparison Of Platforms & Operators

      • • What has covid changed? What is sticking and what is melting away?
        • Which channels have increased? Decreased?
        • Lease agreements-What needs to be in them
        • Managing bookings, preventing double bookings and updating listings across multiple websites 
        • 69% of all inquiries do not leave a message…
        • And what does all of this cost?
        • Getting paid


        • Sharon Walker, Owner/CEO (Walker Luxury Vacation Rentals)
        • Veronique Lalonde, Co-Founder & COO (Angel Host)
        • Vince Perez, Partner (Beach House Rentals)
        • Erin Lenhardt, Founder (The Brighthouse)
        • Ari Eryorulmaz, Founder (Extenteam)
        • Edye Malcolm, VP of Sales (Safely)

      Track A 12:30 PM
      Scaling & Institutionalizing Short Term Rental Units

      • • On the construction side…
        • What do institutions look for in partners?
        • Entering new markets
        • The outsourcing decision tree
        • Can you scale and keep your niche?
        • Technology to assist
        • What kind of funding are you using?
        • What has been your surprise success? Biggest challenge? • Finding expertise

        • Mike Hosier, Head of Real Estate (Overmoon)
        • Jeff Smith, Director of Sales (Blueprint Title)
        • Jesse DePinto, Co-Founder (Frontdesk)
        • Nitesh Gandhi, Founder & CEO (Locale)
        • Jason Fudin, CEO and Co-Founder (Placemakr)
        • Emir Dukic, CEO (Rabbu, Inc.)

      Track B 12:30 PM
      The Medium-Term Rental Market And The Blurring Of The Extended Stay Hotel Market… What Kind Of Growth Can Be Expected For This Niche?

      • • Designing for medium- vs. short-term
        • Comparing medical vs. corporate markets
        • Targeting those new to the city
        • The business traveler staying on to explore the city
        • What kind of design, furniture, and functionality needs to be in the room
        • Where is your competition… Marketing vs. extended stay hotels
        • Regulatory restrictions vs. shorter-term leases

        • Ariel Wade, New Market Sales Executive (Padsplit)
        • Amanda Williams, CEO (Carolina Furnished Rentals)
        • Brian Carrico, Co-Founder (The Guild)
        • Becca Madigan, Senior Solutions Consultant (Price Labs)
        • William Powers, President (RTO Property)

      1:15 PM
      Luncheon for all

      • Courtesy of:

      Track A 2:15 PM
      Institutional Construction & Scattered Site Portfolio Permanent Financing Options

      • • What kind of products are out there?
        • What is the deal size you are looking to underwrite?
        • How do you value the property?
        • Financing single family rentals vs. apartments vs. short-term and vacation rentals
        • As rates are rising should you lock in?
        • How do you evaluate potential income?
        • New construction vs. acquisition loans
        • What kind of debt service ratio are you looking for?
        • Financing mixed short- & long-term apartments: How much of a building needs to be STR before you underwriting changes?  

        • David Eyzenberg, President (Eyzenberg & Company)
        • Alex Offutt, Managing Director (Constructive Capital)
        • Robin Simon, Partner (Easy Street Capital)
        • Adam Windham, Co-Founder & CEO (Host Financial)
        • Jeffrey Tesch, CEO (RCN Capital)

      Track B 2:15 PM
      Turning, Cleaning, Staffing: Apps, Tech & Property Management Best Practices: How Have They Changed?

      • • Is cleanliness next to godliness? How big of a factor is cleanliness when choosing a unit? How many guests opt-out of cleaning their unit?
        • How often do you do the “deep clean?”
        • Staffing during peak & non-peak times, recruitment, training & retention
        • Scattered site strategies
        • Do it yourself vs. having a 3rd-party come in: What to look for in an outsourced provider and compensation packages to keep workers motivated
        • Using Federal government immigrant recruitment programs
        • What is the true cost of turning/cleaning?   

        • Tom Powers, Director of Business Development (Resortia)
        • Mark Dennis, - (Agape Real Estate)
        • Matt Barr, Director of Sales (Breezeway)
        • Toivo Halvorsen, CEO (Dharma Hospitality Solutions)
        • John Chu, Co-Founder & CIO (Dunyha)
        • Elizabeth Sickels, Executive Goddess (Elizabeth Maora LLC)

      Track A 3:00 PM
      Looking Towards The Smaller Owner… Home Equity Loans, Seconds & What Else Is Out There

        • Changes in agency home loan policies and their impact
        •  Using home equity vs. traditional and seconds
        •  When is your local bank the best option? When is it the time to switch to institutional lenders?
        •  Purchase vs. refi
        •  Appraisals and comps
        •  Single home vs. condos vs. multi-unit while living on-site
        •  What type of institutions are financing?
        •  How much money down?  How are you evaluating a borrower’s creditworthiness, DTI ratios +?

        • Matt Matza, President (Visio Lending)
        • Collin Duffy, Head of Originations (Easy Street Capital)
        • Adam Windham, Co-Founder & CEO (Host Financial)
        • Yair Benyamini, CEO (Lendai)
        • Mark Welch, SVP Private Capital (Kram Capital Group)

      Track B 3:00 PM
      Developing Purpose-Built, Short-Term & Vacation Rental Communities

      • • What kind of amenity mix do you need?
        • Using exterior space
        • Mixing long- and short-term tenants in the same development
        • Apartments vs. single family developments: Where are the differences?
        • How important is sustainability?
        • Dealing with supply and labor shortages
        • How readily can you finance these projects? What are the terms?
        • What have been the covid-related changes that you have implemented on your new builds?

        • Mathew Avrhami, Founder (Rockridge Properties and Investments)
        • Eddy Barrows, Director of Development, CRE (AvantStay)
        • Meg Epstein, Founder and CEO (CA South)
        • Elizabeth Herzberg, Vice President, Development (Mint House)

      3:45 PM

      • Courtesy of:




      Track A 4:10 PM
      The Bridge & Short-Term Market: When Is Going Short Your Best Option?

      • • Approval and closing process
        • Property/personal loan income requirements and creditworthiness
        • Interest rates, repayment period, fees, covenants and terms
        • How do vacation and short term rentals impact the property’s valuation?
        • Comparing short-term rental vs. bridge loans
        • Bridge to perm
        • Recommendations in a rising rate environment

        • Terrence Taylor, Process and Business Development Manager (Acra Lending)
        • Vincent Ciardullo, SVP, Capital Markets (Civic Financial Services)
        • Stephen Hagerman, President (Easy Street Capital)
        • Allen Tucker, President and co-founder (Legacy Lending)
        • Aidan Mosher, Business Development Manager (Lima One Capital)

      Track B 4:10 PM
      Profitability, Financial Sustainability, Metrics, Revenue Management & Margins-What Is The Data & Corporate Strategy That Will Maximize Revenue?

      • • Is this a tech or operations space?
        • Partnering with companies for 10, 20 or 30 year deals when those operators measure their runway in months
        • Why can’t some of the largest operators make a profit? After covid why do so many STR business fail?
        • Margins and expenses when scaling
        • Demand management, pricing dynamics, expected vacancies and the key metrics on the customer side?
        • What kind of unforeseen costs arise? How much in reserves do you need? |
        • Insourcing vs. outsourcing processes… Comparing expense models
        • What kind of upsell opportunities return the most ROI?
        • Accounting technology tools
        • Protecting your bottom line… Risk mitigation, insurance & legal concerns

        • Michael Greene, CEO (ResiShares)
        • Ryan Saylor, Head of Partnerships (Beyond)
        • Misha Sulpover, VP of Artificial Intelligence Product (Cherre)
        • Zach Beck, National Sales Manager (Conservice)
        • John An, President (Ohana Stay LLC)
        • Andreas King-Geovanis, CEO (Sextant Stays)

      Track A 4:55 PM
      Growth Strategies To Successfully Build Operations & Property Management For Scale

      • Whether management companies are adding a few homes at a time, merging with other entities or acquiring an entire portfolio to their inventory, successfully scaling operations is an important piece of the business and a common challenge.
        Key takeaways will include how technology has powered operational efficiencies in field teams including housekeeping; when to outsource and how to approach new markets.  Real scenarios and workable solutions critical for a company’s long-term growth will be featured.

        • Raj Sarangam, President (ORP Investments, Inc.)
        • Jacobie Olin, President (C2G Advisors)
        • Rabih Elawar, Vice President of Growth (Inspectify)
        • Greg Carr, Vice President of Real Estate Development (Palmilla Beach Resort and Golf Community)
        • Brooke Pfautz, Founder & CEO (Vintory)
        • TJ Clark, Vice President of Business Development (Vacasa)

      Track B 4:55 PM
      Inside The Unit… Design, Furnishings, Smart Technology & Home Automation

        • Leslie Sonnier, CEO (Rebl Rentals)
        • Barb Hale, Co-Founding Partner (dluxSuites)
        • Jeff Iloulian, Co-Founder & CEO (HostGPO)
        • Chad Hensel, Chief Operating Officer (Rentlyne/LakeLyne)
        • Michael Venereo, Owner (Axess Luxury)

        Contains 1 presentations, but you must be registered for this conference and signed-in order to view/download the files

      5:40 PM
      Networking Reception

      • Courtesy of:

      6:40 PM
      Day One Concludes

    Friday, June 17th, 2022

      7:30 AM

      • Courtesy of:


      7:55 AM
      Stepping Up Your Short Term/Vacation Rental Volume: Closed Door Small Group Meeting For Active Owners & Builders Only

      • Discussions will detail when the extra management results in extra revenues- Is it worth it?: Dealing with local regulations; Turning and cleaning units and financing  Plus your questions will be on the docket

        * This session will be held in Salon 7 on the left hand side

        • Kevin Kirton, CEO (Buckhead Investment Partners)
        • Adam Whitmire, Director of Acquisitions (The Whitmire Group, LLC)

      8:45 AM
      Acquisition Strategy & Growing Your Portfolio: In Your Own Geo vs. Increasing Your Footprint; Apartments vs. Single Family Rental; City vs. Shore vs. Ski Slopes

      • • Valuation & do you pay up for a portfolio?
        • Using the 1031 market
        • How are rising interest rates and inflation impacting your investment choices?
        • Are you looking luxury or middle market?
        • Impact of coronavirus
        • Local cap rates and is the grass greener elsewhere?
        • Building vs. buying… When is new construction the best choice
        • Benefits of a mixed vs. target portfolio and what is the best asset for you?
        • Supply and demand for different assets


        • Matt Matza, President (Visio Lending)
        • Sterling Anderson, Founder & Principal (Aria Capital Partners)
        • Alex Belden, Head of Commercial Real Estate (AvantStay)
        • Steve Berneman, Co-Founder and CEO (Blueprint Title)
        • Allie Lynch, Chief Strategy Officer (Revedy)

      9:30 AM
      Picking Markets & What Has Been The Impact Of Coronavirus On The High Returning Short-Term/Vacation Rental Markets?

      • • Where is there a paucity of listings? Excess?
        • Is there now no off-season in some seasonal markets?
        • Where have daily rates exploded?
        • Will non-urban and easy-to-get-to locations still out-perform?
        • What kind of stats do you look at to ascertain future market performance?
        • What to look for in a secondary or tertiary market?
        • What kind of market restrictions can you live with?
        • How do you evaluate whether a home or market will be successful?
        • What type of data is available to support purchase decisions?
        • What amenitie do guests search for most?

        • Aaron Amuchastegui, Principal (Homerock)
        • Virginia Ivy, Owner/ Founder/ Operator (Ivy Vacations LLC)
        • Ashley Horsley, Chief Commercial Officer (KeyData Dashboard)
        • Daned Kirkham, Sr. Director of Real Estate & Principal Broker (Vacasa)
        • Raj Sarangam, President (ORP Investments, Inc.)

      10:15 AM
      The Large Owner Institutional Senior Executive Panel: How Are You Approaching The Short-Term Rental Market?

      • • Are short term rentals in your residential or hospitality bucket?
        • How much of the short-term rental become institutionalized?
        • What are you looking for in a short-term rental?
        • How do you measure success?
        • Are you open to purpose-built communities or buildings?
        • What are you looking for in a partner? Master lease vs. Fee agreements vs. Owning/Managing yourself
        • What are your long-term goals/exit strategy
        • Favorite geographies and product types

        • Joe Fraiman, CEO (Overmoon)
        • James Bagley, CEO (City Homes)
        • Paul Sacco, Chief Development Officer (Mint House)
        • Joe Riley, CEO (Patriot Family Homes)
        • Ryan Craft, CEO (Saluda Grade)
        • Jon Slavet, CEO (Sentral)

      11:00 AM

      • Courtesy of:






      11:15 AM
      Acquisition Shark Tank

      • Featuring 2 short term rental/vacation unit sales pitched to potential buyers followed by a Q&A period for each of the transactions.

        Tank Leader: Will Moderate The Session
        The Sharks:   Are Interested In Acquiring a unit or portfolio or Short-term or vacation rentals  
        The Property Owners: Will Present The Single Unit or Portfolios For Sale-(Presentation Required)

        • Shawn Garrett, Attorney (Costner Group)
        • Michael Cook, CIO (MCB Capital)
        • Stephanie Koenig, Vice President (StoicLane)
        • Paul Church, CEO (Property-Flippers)
        • Matt Reilly, Head of Acquisitions (Stonecrest Financial)
        • Fred Boothby, Co-Founder (Unique Stays)
        • Prashant Vanka, Owner (Zip Homes)

        Contains 1 presentations, but you must be registered for this conference and signed-in order to view/download the files

      12:00 PM
      Master Lease vs. Fee Agreements vs. Owning/Managing Yourself Now That The Coronavirus Downtown Is In The Rear View Mirror

      • • Impact of recent regulations
        • Taking lease risk… How much is it worth?
        • Fee structures and terms
        • Aligning interests
        • What kind of volume do you need to make keeping the 25% yourself and self-managing? What are the keys to building an in-house team?
        • New market strategy
        • Using virtual assistants and offshore services
        • Maintenance and rehab options

        • Rich Munroe, Owner (Diamond Edge Properties)
        • Julie George, Author and Consultant MILLION DOLLAR HOST’ (Million Dollar Host)
        • Juan Miguel Rivera, Co-Founder & CEO (Otium Rentals / JJ Ventures LLC)
        • Greg Brooks, Partner & National Director of Business Development (Rocket Station Virtual Staffing)
        • Robert Gilstrap, CEO (Suite Stays Atlanta)



This is a past conference, no registration is available.

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