Single Family Rental Property Management
Austin, TX
September 27 - 28, 2021


With a new location and same great content updated for 2021, IMN's Single Family Rental Property Management, Operations, and Tech Forum is back to bring you a day full of exclusive educational content and industry insights on September 27-28 in Austin, TX. Bringing together property and asset managers, owners, equity investors, and service providers including a variety of sponsors and exhibitors discussing everything you need to know about the latest in residential property management.
From sessions like the Large Property Management Senior Executive Forum, technology trends, M&A to marketing to your perfect tenant as well as small group meetings discussing growth and roundtables getting local players to network this uniquely crafted event is the perfect opportunity for attendees to learn and network with the key industry participants. Be sure to check in periodically for regularly updated program information.

Of course the health and safety of our staff, our customers and indeed all our stakeholders is of paramount importance to us.  To that end we will continue to work closely with our event execution partners to ensure we welcome you safely and deliver a legally compliant and best-in-class experience for you all.  We will follow local government guidelines and incorporate measures outlined in the Euromoney Events Shield to ensure optimal health and sanitary conditions are maintained throughout the event.
We look forward to seeing you in September in Austin,TX!

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    Monday, September 27th, 2021

      7:30 AM
      Registration & Breakfast For Small Group Meeting

      7:45 AM
      Small Group Meeting – Owners & Property Managers Only

      • SFR Property Management: Where Is The Market Heading?

        What is covered will be up to you so bring your own questions to this truly interactive discussion

        • Christine Chau, Owner (Texas Urban Realty, LLC)
        • Stacy Winship, VP, Property Management (Empire Communities)

      8:00 AM
      Registration & Breakfast for All Attendees

      • Courtesy of: 

      8:30 AM
      Opening Remarks From IMN

      8:35 AM
      Welcoming Remarks From Ryan Broderick, CEO, Darwin Homes

        • Ryan Broderick, Chief Executive Officer (Darwin Homes)

      8:40 AM
      The SFR Property Management State of Play: Will Industry Growth Continue? Evaluating The Changes and Property Management Lessons Learned from Covid-19

        • Industry adjustments and challenges as a result of the pandemic
        • What kind of growth level does the institutional single-family rental market still have in it? 
        • Are the industry demographics still favourable?
        • Latest regulations and their impact
        • Technology game changers over the last 18 months

        • Isaac Kyle, Founder & CEO (REALTY LOGIX, LLC)
        • Brian A. Flaherty, Chief Operating Officer (Global Strategic Business Process Solutions Inc.)
        • John Keeton, Owner (JKMD Homes LLC)
        • John Bradford, CEO (
        • Randall Henderson, Vice President (Property Management Inc.)
        • Christine Chau, Owner (Texas Urban Realty, LLC)

      9:25 AM
      Middle Market “C-Level” Session: Competing With Larger Players

        • Are you looking to stay small? Why? How do you play up the advantages against the larger players?  
        • Importance of building vendor relationships when you can’t always compete on price
        • Threat posed by big tech and VC backed large-scale PMs coming into the marketplace
        • Competing on cost vs. value
        • Using third parties as a way to expand
        • What is your newest product offering?

        • Henson Orser, Head of Business Development (Findigs Inc.)
        • Maria Napolitano, Broker (Allegiant Management Group)
        • Ryan Broderick, Chief Executive Officer (Darwin Homes)
        • Dawn Ostovich, Broker/Owner (Osto Property Management)
        • C.J. Rogers, Owner/Broker (StarPointe Realty Management)

      10:10 AM
      Networking Break

      • Courtesy of: 

      11:00 AM
      Hiring & Staffing: How Much Scale Do You Need to Build an Internal Team vs. Maximizing Use of 3rd Parties, Remote Staffers and Virtual Assistants

        • What effect has Covid-19 had on your virtual management processes and what are the best practices for managing remote team members?
        • What are the benefits of virtual management, and what are the pitfalls?
        • What are the automation trends in property management operations? Are you using virtual assistant support?
        • The offshore route for call centers and virtual employees
        • What kinds of functions does it pay to centralize? Decentralize?
        • Can centralizing work with lower income buildings?
        • Technology in property management: How much can it save in staffing? What are the pluses and minuses?

        • Stacy Winship, VP, Property Management (Empire Communities)
        • Michael Krause, Partner (Atrium Management Company)
        • Todd Ortscheid, Chairman (Revolution Rental Management)
        • Curtis Roddy, CEO (Roddy Real Estate Group)
        • Andrew Smallwood, VP of Revenue (Second Nature)

      11:45 AM
      Role Of Founder as a Company Grows

        • When should you still be the CEO? When should you give up the position?
        • How large do you need to be before you can afford to give up the captain’s chair?
        • Transitioning from hands-on to a leadership role
        • Identifying the best use of your time, what should you delegate and what should you hold on to?
        • Identifying your strengths and weaknesses and staffing to take advantage

        • Clay Lehman, President (Resolute Property Management, LLC)
        • Matt Leschber, Broker/Owner (1836 Realty, LLC)
        • Trey Cummings, CEO (Omega Realty Group)
        • Darren Nix, President and Founder (Steadily)

      12:30 PM

      1:45 PM
      The Future of Institutional SFR Housing? What Are The Big Operational, Market & Technology Changes we Can Expect?

        • Will any of the strategies outside of build-to-rent create meaningful inventory?
        • What interesting new business models do you think will take hold?
        • Demographic and SFR trends that will come to fruition when the build-to-rent community you just started is completed
        • The future of multifamily and its impact on single family rentals
        • Expectations of new housing supply and its impact
        • What can we expect from 5G?
        • Building further afield and the impact of driverless cars

        • Chris Poston, GM and Head of Asset Management (Darwin Homes)
        • Erik Norwood, CTO (Elevation Energy Solutions)
        • Ethan Lieber, CEO (Latchel)
        • Matt Hammel, VP of Revenue (Bungalow)
        • Marco Nelson, Co-founder & CEO (RentCheck)
        • Matthew Ng, Chief Product Officer (igloocompany)

      2:30 PM
      Client Management Best Practices

        • On-boarding clients: What are the key issues that come up?
        • Extending the contract
        • Approaching existing clients for additional business and services
        • When the client approaches you for a market or service you do not perform…
        • What are the fees currently out there?
        • When does it pay to end the relationship?
        • In-house clients… The toughest critic?

        • Melissa Sharone, President (First Rate Property Management)
        • Michael Krause, Partner (Atrium Management Company)
        • Jordan Muela, CEO (LeadSimple)
        • Raymond Hespen, CEO & Co-Founder (Property Meld)
        • Lauren Blevins, Chief Leasing & Acquisitions Officer (America's Rental Managers)

      3:15 PM
      Networking Break

      • Courtesy of: 

      4:00 PM
      Which Technologies Are You Looking to Improve? Are You Updating, Building or Buying New?

        • Interesting new tech offerings that you think will take hold
        • What tech are you no longer using? Why?
        • Comparing property management one stop software available: Which modules are you using?
        • Is technology helping improve the customer experience and retention rates?
        • Maintenance technology: What to look for?
        • Going green: What updates add to your bottom line when added/replaced in units?
        • Helping efficiency and transparency
        • E-paying: Have changes implemented due to Covid continued?

        • Zach Kinloch, COO (Darwin Homes)
        • Jon Land, Manager of RE Sales (AvidXChange)
        • Michael Troy, Senior Account Executive (Rently)
        • Kathleen Kilpatrick, Director of Property Accounting (Mynd)
        • William Roach, VP Operations (Northsight Management)
        • Henson Orser, Head of Business Development (Findigs Inc.)

      4:45 PM
      Acquiring and Managing for Investors: Working with Institutional Investors and Family Offices

        • Which new markets are emerging in the Institutional space?
        • Is the SFR market overheated? How to address the ‘property churn’
        • Does hands on knowledge from running a property management company give you an advantage for investment underwriting for acquisitions?
        • How do you get paid?
        • How should you approach an institutional investor?
        • What kind of reporting and operations does an institutional investor look for?

        • Mahesh Shetty, CEO (ILE Homes)
        • Vincent Deorio, Executive Vice President (Atlas Real Estate)
        • Ted Farry, COO (Fortune Acquisitions)
        • Rolf Jaeckli, MD, Head of US Residential Equity (Man GPM)

      5:30 PM
      Networking Reception

    Tuesday, September 28th, 2021

      7:30 AM
      Breakfast for All Attendees & Registration for Women's Breakfast Meeting

      • Courtesy of:

      7:45 AM
      Women’s Breakfast Discussion

      • Succeeding in a glass ceiling world, finding the right balance as we emerge from Covid-19 and single family rental property management best practices (plus your questions) will be some of the discussion points featured

        • Melissa Sharone, President (First Rate Property Management)
        • Christine Chau, Owner (Texas Urban Realty, LLC)

      8:00 AM
      Resident Benefits Packages - The Future of Resident Experience

        • Why SFR leaders are moving from a service-centric business to an experience-centric business in the decade ahead.
        • What goes into an RBP, and how are operators structuring it all to create “Triple Wins” for residents, investors, and teams?
        • What gets amenitized and what gets monetized? How do you approach and think about pricing and presentation?
        • What best practices for implementation have you seen? New lease, renewal, mid-lease? What keys to  accounting, operations, communication?

        • Andrew Smallwood, VP of Revenue (Second Nature)
        • Todd Ortscheid, Chairman (Revolution Rental Management)
        • Jennifer Stoops, Exec VP Corporate Development (Park Avenue Properties - A PURE Company)
        • Phillip Vera, Chief Executive Officer (Auben Realty)

      8:30 AM
      Large Firm Property Management Sr. Executive Re-Opening Discussion: Property Management Post-Coronavirus

        • How are collections? How has your late fee policy changed? Rent relief or evict?
        • Changing tenant and owner demands today as a result of Covid. How are you adapting your business to stay on top? Are you raising rents or keeping the same?
        • How do you find in-house employees, quality vendors, maintenance techs, construction workers in this tight market?  Any new tools to manage them effectively?
        • Using M&A as a strategy to expand: Should you get bought out? What would it take?
        • When considering new portfolios, do you have a minimum in units that you will manage?
        • What technology ‘must haves’ enhance your business? What is the most recent technology that you have added that has increased ROI?

        • Vincent Deorio, Executive Vice President (Atlas Real Estate)
        • Matthew Whitaker, Chief Executive Officer (Evernest)
        • Jennifer Stoops, Exec VP Corporate Development (Park Avenue Properties - A PURE Company)
        • Randall Henderson, Vice President (Property Management Inc.)
        • John Hirschfeld, Chairman & President (HomeRiver Group)

      9:15 AM
      Keys to Company Growth In A Maturing Industry: Growing Your Portfolio in Your Own Geographic Area vs. Opening New Markets vs. Expanding The Services You Are Providing

        • The challenges of portfolio growth when clients are always looking to cut fees
        • How are you preparing your company to grow? How are you generating the capital? Where is the capital coming from?
        • What does it take to manage in multiple markets?
        • Managing short term rentals and vacation homes/Air B&B vs. traditional multifamily
        • When is enough scale to start building an internal team on the ground?
        • Which up and coming markets are speaking to you? Why?

        • Bruce Wuollet, Founder (Bakerson, LLC)
        • Bryan Jenkins, Principal Broker (AHI Properties)
        • Phillip Vera, Chief Executive Officer (Auben Realty)
        • John Keeton, Owner (JKMD Homes LLC)
        • Clay Lehman, President (Resolute Property Management, LLC)

      10:00 AM
      Revenue Management Best Practices: New Tenant Costs vs. Raising Rent

        • How much of an increase do you need to make up for turnover cost, advertising, commission and lost rent?
        • What would make you not renew a tenant?
        • Evaluating your rent vs. the market
        • How to communicate rent increase with your tenants
        • Can you keep the rent flat and raise amenity pricing?

        • Christine Chau, Owner (Texas Urban Realty, LLC)
        • Jonathan Cook, Business Development Manager (AHI Properties)
        • Nicole Hernandez, VP of Asset Management (Man Group Global Private Markets)
        • Shana Hill, Operations Broker (Evan Howell Properties)
        • Jacob Cap, Owner (ABJ Real Estate Fund)

      10:45 AM
      Networking Break

      • Courtesy of: 

      11:00 AM
      Value-Added & Opportunistic Rehab, Automation Tools, Amenities & Ancillary Services: Where Is The ROI

        • Returns from the tech side of the business
        • Which new amenities do you provide as a result of Covid-19?
        • Applying the airline model to apartments
        • Acquisition due diligence
        • NOI of different houses in different markets
        • Making your maintenance services a profit center

        • Christine Bennett, Co-Owner (Revolution Rental Management)
        • Trevor Garrett, Founder & Principal Broker (Property Management Connection)
        • Brett Scott, Senior Director of Sales (RealPage)
        • Amanda Trott, Director of Operations (Skyline Properties)
        • Nick Trimmer, Regional Sales Director (SmartRent)

      11:45 AM
      Looking At Rent Collections: CARES Act, Rent Relief vs. Evictions

        • What is your level of payment like? Why aren’t tenants paying? Any common characteristics of non-payers?
        • What is your role in assisting tenants find appropriate programs to help with their obligations?
        • Security deposit solutions
        • State regulations to be aware of
        • Unique solutions to minimizing risks
        • How to minimize damage
        • Cash for keys

        • Allison Stoneham, Director of Asset Management (Pintar Investment Company)
        • Aaron Amuchastegui, Principal (Homerock)
        • Chris Turner, Broker & Owner (Turner Properties)
        • Eric Krauss, Director, Sales & Partnerships (Rhino)
        • Bill Staniford, CEO (Qira)

      12:30 PM
      The 3rd Annual SFR Property Management, Operations & Tech Forum Concludes



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  • Standard Rate - $1,795
  • Virtual Event Registration - $595

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