Single Family Rental (East)
Miami, FL
August 4 - 6, 2020


IMN's Single Family Rental Investment Conference (East) returns to Miami for its eighth edition on August 4-6, 2020. This industry-leading event will once again bring together key market participants including REITs, Funds, Aggregators, Fix and Flippers, Note Buyers, ABS & REIT Investors, and more for 2.5 days of lively discussion, thoughtful debate and countless networking opportunities.

The year’s gathering follows the success of last year’s event, which welcomed over 1,100 participants, and featured an expert speaking faculty comprised of some of the sectors largest companies and funds.

As Single Family Rental investments continue to soar with multi-million securitization deals taking place on a monthly basis, and 1 in 9 homes now being single family rental properties in the United States, there has never been a better time to invest in this growing market.

Join your peers this August in sunny Miami for another world-class meeting, and benefit from timely educational takeaways and extensive networking functions.

Who Should Attend
  • Accounting
  • Bankers
  • Brokers
  • Econometric Services
  • Insurance
  • Law
  • Lenders
  • Mom & Pops/Fix & Flippers
  • Property Analytics
  • Property Auction
  • Property Broker
  • Property Management/Property Management Services
  • Rating Agencies
  • Single Family Investors
  • Single Family Owners/Operators
  • Service Providers/Vendors

Conference Highlights

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    Getting Started
    Updating Personal Info
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    Searching By Name/Company
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My Agenda

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    General Themes

      State of the SFR Industry: A Return to 2008?

      • •How are owners reacting to the current market?
        • Rent and renter growth factors: Are we on a break? How long?  
        • Rent regulation and housing affordability: How is it impacting SFR? Is it an industry positive?
        • Where are the hottest markets SFR Performance vs. other real estate sectors in different markets
        • Where is the fix and flip market?
        • Technology’s impact on underwriting, acquisition, leasing & operating
        • Build-to-rent: After this pause will the growth continue?
        • M&A activity: On hold?
        • Future of large vs. regional vs. small owners
        • Foreign $ coming into the sector

      The SFR Economy: Are We At The Bottom Of The Cycle? Where Will Be Going From Here?

      • • Will the recession look like a “V” or a “U”? When will we be on the way up?
        • Trends in defaults, foreclosure filings and MSAs in trouble vs. those prospering
        • Any early greenshoot indicators popping up?
        • Do millennials want to own homes? Will recent job interruptions delay this goal?
        • Strength of secondary cities in a recession
        • Aging in place
        • Is 65% home ownership a norm?
        • 2030: How many households do you expect will be formed? How many will be renters? SFR renters?
        • Interest rate outlook and what can lower and negative interest rates mean for the SFR market

      We Are The Government And We Are Here To Help You. Which Government Programs Should You Be Tapping?

      • • SBA loan programs
        • Tax credits, employee retention and sick leave
        • Local tax deferrals
        • IRS-What is delayed, changed and what isn’t
        • GSE programs
        • Payments to renters: Will this help your demographic?
        • Payroll tax changes
        • If a third-party vendor who you are paying salaries for to keep the lights on gets government financing for not laying off staff should you get reimbursed?
        •  Tax treatment of Qualified Improvement Property
        • Impact on depreciation with classification as 15-year property, as opposed to 39-year property
        • Modification of interest expense limitations
        • Changes in regulations resulting in losses and the new treatment of these losses 

      What Will the Next 3 Months Look For The Flipper, BTR And SFR Owner? 12 Months?

      • • Impact of the coronavirus on the market going forward
        • Will build-to-rent continue its upward projection?
        • Meet the new administration… Same as the old administration?
        • What can you gleam from the Single-Family Rental Market Index
        • Will demand keep up for the SFR product?
        • Trends in the for-sale market you need to pay attention to
        • GSE developments that can impact the market
        • How will the AI/Smart home relationship continue to evolve?
        • Effect of driverless cars on infrastructure and property: If it improves commute times will we see a trend towards people moving back out to the suburbs in search of larger less expensive homes?

      Which Markets Are Hot, Slowing Down? Defaults, Foreclosures and MSAs In Trouble

      • • What are the unique determinants you use to evaluate a market?
        • Markets with large amounts of SFR-Determining if there is still runway for growth; How about markets with low levels of SFR?
        • Favorite and least favorite flip, rental and build-to-rent markets
         • Looking off the radar
        • Do you expect ex-urban markets to make a comeback or are they too risky at this market juncture?
        • Transit vs. schools
        • Role of market strength in acquisition/disposition strategy
        • Submarkets level analysis  

      Keeping Your Company’s Head Above Water & Liquid

      • • What kind of stress testing are you doing?
        • Cutting pay vs. layoffs
        • How the government can help
        • Restructuring loans
        • Cash reserves-How much more will you need?
        • Projecting non-/under-payment of rent
        • Deferring maintenance/rehab

    SFR Strategy

      Working Out Your Loans: What An Owner Needs To Know

      • • Alternatives to foreclosure
        • Forbearance agreements: What needs to be included?
        • Negotiable points
        • CMBS pool complications
        • Impact of personal guarantees
        • Lender liabilities challenges
        • Borrower bankruptcy implications
        • Role of the servicer & special servicer
        • Rent forbearance: Can it breach loan documents or JV agreements?

      1000+ Rentals: The Large Investor Small Group Meeting

      • (Owners Only)  Public vs. private financing; Mergers and acquisitions, portfolio sales and being acquired; preparing for a downtown and more will be on the docket. 

      100-750 Homes: Middle Market

      • What kind of financing terms should I be getting? Who should my next key hire be? What about building for rent in scale? These will be some of the discussion points for this owner only session

      Getting to 50-100 Rentals In Your Portfolio

      • Should you hire maintenance vs. property manager? Is it time to look at new markets? What technology should I be adding? When should you give up your brokerage position and go full time plus your questions will be the highlights of this owner only discussion

      I-Buyers & Valuation Automation

      • • Evaluating the different variations on theme
        • What kind of fee structures are out there for buyers and sellers?
        • Auto valuation vs. human
        • I-buying alternatives out there
        • Working with i-buyers… What you need to know
        • New markets you are looking to enter and what is your marketing strategy for these new MSAs?
        • How much scale is needed to succeed?
        • Dealing with complexities like title issues and mold

      Opportunity Zones & SFR: What The Latest Guidance Tells Us

      • • Raising funds: Should you use a fund structure?
        • Capital gain treatment
        • Valuation of properties/land inside vs. outside the zone
        • What makes the SFR investment different vs. other assets?
        • Distressed properties in opportunity zones
        • Managing risks and meeting business objectives
        • Financing out there
        • Affordable housing and op zones
         • O-zones and SFR… What will they look in 5 years? 10?

      B/C vs. Urban Markets; Gentrifying vs. Established Markets-Where Are The Future Risk-Adjusted Returns At This Point Of The Market?

      • • Looking at the last cycle…
        • Which economic indicators are you using to identifying these markets?
        • Considering market liquidity
        • The top suburban markets; 24 vs. 18 hour city opportunities and those far outside the urban core
        • Impact of affordability
        • When/Where are ex-urban markets coming back?
        • Which locations is the fix and flip trade coming back? Leaving?
        • Retail and neighborhood indicators
        • Management in these markets
        • Markets you are getting in and out of

      Identifying, Investing in & Managing SFR in Gentrifying & Emerging Neighborhoods

      • • Home price performance-Finding markets where pricing is on the way up
        • Rising employment- When that might not be a good indicator?
        • Finding the right mix on the security side
        • Population growth- What may be important about why people are moving in?
        • How many building permits are too many?
        • How affordable does the rent need to be?
        • Retail and neighborhood indicators

      Build To Rent vs. Long Term Hold vs. Fix & Flip: Where Should You Be Now?

      • • Comparing the coronavirus impact on each area-Which area is best/worst off?
        • Where are current valuations? Impact of current prices of existing properties and finding land
        • What is your region’s REO trajectory: How does distress play into your strategy?
        • Comparing ROI, risks and other metrics
        • Maintenance and rehab costs
        • Lower rates: Lower cost to re-finance houses vs. lower cost to finance new acquisitions and new builds … Which is better?
        • Considering the timelines of build to rent and the tying up of $$ and staff
        • Where are home ownership rates going?
        • Considering commission cost and cost of running an SFR operation
        • What is the typical cost ratio for construction vs rehab and the return you expect?
        • Differences in insurance coverage needed


      “C-Level” Plenary-Acquisition & Financing in Today's Market

      • • How are you making sure you are capitalized?
        • Deals that fell through-Have you been revisiting?
        • 5 year growth plan-Have recent events changed your strategy?
        • Are you looking to increase your BTR product? What are the cap rates vs. traditional SFR?
        • Short term rentals-Are you considering?
        • Consolidation plans-What would you be looking for to buy? Sell out? 
        • What is the target yield of your portfolio?
        • What goes into the sales bucket? Why?
        • What keeps you up at night?

      Acquisition Due Diligence & Pricing: In Light of Recent Market Changes, What Are Your Biggest Challenges?

      • • What are some of the newest due diligence and pro forma additions?
        • Single home vs. portfolio
        • Do you discount SFRs in a HOA? What kind of due diligence do you need to do on a HOA?
        • How do you factor low taxes into the equation?
        • Properties with liens
        • Title issues: Are they worth curing?
        • Lenders and private investors: What are some of the new due diligence practices that you’ve gone through recently?
        • Home price vs. rent you can charge equation
        • New market acquisition: Tricks of the trade Acquisition Shark Tank

      • Featuring 2 SFR sales pitched to potential buyers followed by a Q&A period for each of the transactions.
        Tank Leader: Will Moderate The Session
        The Sharks:   Are Interested In Acquiring Portfolios Of Homes
        The Property Owners: Will Present The Portfolios For Sale

      Acquisitions & Dispositions: When To Use Technology vs. People During & Post Crisis

      • • With the current advancement of PropTech, how many human analysts do you think are appropriate to have internally?
        • Predicting home quality
        • Do you use brokers or stay in-house?
        • How to mix technology with boots on the ground
        • Pricing in-house vs. i-buyer vs. broker
        • What type of transaction is ideal for an i-buyer? Broker?
        • The walk through

      Buy & Hold Acquisitions:Where Are You Seeing Caprates? What Opportunities Are Out There?

      • • What kind of inventory is out there & making it pencil? What are the portfolios available looking like?
        • When does it make sense to invest in low relative cap rate assets?
        • Financing and leverage: What was your latest deal?
        • Your newest market is…
        • Renovation & integration best practices
        • What is a value-add deal looking like?
        • Home/neighborhood quality you are looking for
        • Are there motivated sellers out there?
        • Deals that fell apart: Are they coming back together? Did you have to put up more equity to make them work? 

      Pricing, Valuations & Sales Best Practices During This Downtown

      • • Deals that fell apart: Have you been able to put Humpty together again?
        • What is the methodology you are using to price your portfolio?
        • What kind of offers are you getting?
        • Why are you pruning your portfolio?
         • Do you plan to go bulk institutional or retail?  What is the pricing like? Brain damage?
        • Negotiable vs. non-negotiable points
        • Do you sell to your renters? Outright sale vs. sale-leaseback and other alternatives
        • What kind of challenges have you faced when selling?
        • Do you use brokers or stay in-house? 

      Acquiring & Managing for Investors: Are You Seeing More Inquiries? Action?

      • • Are investors looking for deeply distressed deals or are they being realistic?
        • Lessons learned, advantages and disadvantages of working with large owners
        • What are some of the mistakes that you have helped aggregators avoid?
        • What happens when an acquirer has two+ agents in a market? What happens when you both bid on the same property?
        • How is your venture structured? How are you paid?
        • Taking the next step… Joint ventures
        • What is the typical volume and transaction size for these structures? How many houses per vehicle?  What are the metrics-cost per house, cash yield per property, expense ratio per property?


      Build-to-Rent 101: What You Need To Know On How The Market Is Changing

      • • How has the coronavirus impacted BTR?
        • What are the differences between BTR and SFR homes?
        • What are the variations of BTR?
        • What are the market factors you should consider before undertaking a BTR project?
        • How long does it take to permit and build a project?
        • What size does a community need to be for it to make sense?
        • First time looking for BTR financing-What do you need to know? 
        • What has changed in the market over the past few months?  

      BTR Overview: Will The Model Have Some Unexpected Twists & Turns Due To Recent Economic Trade Winds?

      • • Has the coronavirus caused a crash landing?
        • Dealing with building moratoriums
         • Acquiring through homebuilder vs. joint venture vs acquire land and build
        • Demographic positives and negatives
        • Financing availability and structures
        • Design, amenities and living experiences
        • What are some of the latest deals being done? What makes them unique?
        • What are some of the markets that are up and coming for BTR? Why?
        • BTR data sources
        • Demographic of SFR vs. BTR tenants

      BTR Land Acquisitions/Lot Development: Are Prices Dropping? Are You Doubling Down?

      • • Buying entitled vs. unentitled land: How do you approach zoning & entitlement process for SFR?
        • How much time does it take to go through permitting in this environment? What is the value of buying entitled vs. raw land? -What do you feel is the biggest difference in underwriting and positioning BTR compared to a more typical for sale product? 
        • What type of product are you looking to build What is the square footage, density, finish level and other key attributes that will impact your decision?
        • What type of items are you looking to incorporate into the development/construction that might differ from for sale construction/communities

      BTR & The Plethora of Variations Out There: Which One(s) Are The Best For Your Situation?

      • • Has the coronavirus altered your developement plans?
        • Scattered site vs. community
        • High vs. lower density: Townhouse vs. duplex vs. attached vs. detached vs. apartment
        • Community and home amenity mix and demographic target  
        • BTR and master planned communities
        • The rental/for sale mix vs. all rentals
        • What are the top things that a BTR home need that a traditional SFR home doesn’t have?
        • 1 vs. 2 story construction
        • The luxury market
        • Spending per square foot

      Build-To-Rent Joint Ventures

      • • What do homebuilder/SFR joint ventures look like?
        • Developing from the entitlement up
        • Branding-Who puts their name on it?
        • Master planned communities
        • Waterfalls and expected returns
        • Leverage and financing
        • What kind of control issues come up?
        • Resolving post-construction issues How to set them up
        • Finding the right builder
        • Breaking up is hard to do: Have recent economic events made going forward an issue?


      Building-For-Rent Efficiently: Optimize Profitability Through Design, Construction Cost Management & Budget Best Practices

      • • Have any costs dropped? 
        • Rental market feasibility and NOI optimization analysis
        • Floor plan size and mix, and finish level optimization
        • Land & horizontal development
        • Market value variations- Weather delays, material and labor
        • Laminated or tile floors? Kitchen finishes
        • The top community amenities and where the ROI is
        • What the consumer is looking for in the interior?  
        • Townhouse vs. duplex vs. attached vs. detached vs. apartment

      Homebuilders in the SFR Market: What is your Strategy?

      • • What is your traditional home building strategy? How do single family rentals fit in?
        • Merchant building for SFR owners
        • Joint ventures-What are the terms?
        • Building for rent: Starting up your own shop
        • Under what conditions do you sell excess inventory to single family rental companies
        • What to do with model homes?
        • SFR and master planned communities
        • Builder fee structures
        • What kind of yields/cap rates do you look for?

    Fix & Flip

      Getting to 50-100 Flips a Year

      • (For Owners Only) How much does scale pay a part in lowering expenses? What kind of technology will assist in you scaling your business? What should you look for in your next market will be among the discussion shared at this plenary

      Fix & Flip Overview: Where Is The Market Going?

      • • Impact of elimination of state and local tax deduction; high income taxes in certain states; demographic changes/ geographic movement and
        • Changing rent vs buy equation
        • Impact of increased debt and equity into the market
        • Finding Properties-Are you changing your strategy?
        • Will the rising cost of labor/materials continue? Any impact on the recent trade agreements?
        • What rate of return is out there in today’s marketplace

      Flip Acquisitions: Have You Changed Your Acquisition Criteria For The Current Market?

      • • Where Are You Finding Product?
        • What’s a reasonable margin percent given the today’s market?
        • The downside of leverage
        • What kind of barriers to scale exist when growing your off-market channel?
        • New developments in financing
        • Do you sell to retail or institutions? Do you make that decision upon purchase?
        • What was the latest change you’ve made in your process?

      Large Flippers Plenary: Doing Business During These Times

      • • How do you perform 100+ flips per year & effectively compete against the I-buyers in an environment of smaller profits?
        • Technology to run multiple flips around the country
        • Best practices for building a business
        • What do you outsource? Keep in house?
        • How many full- vs. part time vs. consultants do you have to run your operations?
        • How are you able to confirm your construction budgets on wholesale deals when you do not get an inspection period?
        • Acquisition and disposition strategy

    SFR Sub-Asset Classes

      Buying Distressed Loans & NPLs: Do You Expect The Market To Be Like 2008?

      • • Current opportunities and risks
        • Workouts, modifications & legal recovery
        • Firsts vs. seconds-Pre-foreclosure vs. late stage… Where’s the actual yield?
        • Short sale timeline
        • Should you keep the loan performing with modifications? What are the cash on cash returns?  
        • Deed-in-Lieu programs
        • Sources of distressed supply
        • Expected vs. actual yields
        • Keeping the owner as a renter
        • Rehabbing renters

      2-4 Unit Homes & Small Apartments: How Is The Market Holding Up?

      • • Relative value and returns vs. SFR in different markets
        • New construction vs. value-add rehab
        • Garden apartments, senior and student housing vs. traditional
        • Buying both SFR and Multifamily… When is this strategy the best of both worlds?
        • Providing brokerage and other services to SFR vs. multifamily-Any preferences?
        • Acquisition strategies
        • Comparing work force and low income housing
        • Rent and amenities
         • Comparing terms out there
        • Cash flow and economies of scale

      Affordable/Workforce Housing: Has Market Attractiveness Increased As The Economy Tanked Or Is Rental Non-Payment A Bigger Issue?

      • • How does lower income housing typically fare during a downturn? 
        • Regulation headaches to contend with
        • Returns and NOI vs. other sub-assets
        • Comparing affordable and workforce housing; Suburban vs. urban product
        • Rehab, renovation & amenities: Trying not to over-“amenitize”
        • Opportunity zones and other tax-advantage programs, tax credit a financing available
        • Workforce and affordable housing on a macro level
         • Building affordable housing in expensive, regulatory-burdened cities

      Distressed: How Is The Opportunity Playing Out This Time?

      • • How did you find your last home or portfolio?• Buy low; sell high vs. buying in a hot market-Which do you subscribe to?
        • Are there distressed opportunities in opportunity zones?
        • Natural disaster strategy-Purchases vs. owned portfolio
        • When to flip/When to keep in your portfolio? 
        • When does it make sense to build a new home instead of rehabbing?
        • Financing distressed homes vs. distressed loans vs. fix & flip and build-to-rent loans
        • The servicing side
        • Bulk buying opportunities
        • Buying a project out of receivership/bankruptcy/foreclosure

      Evaluating The Short Term Rental Market: Is It A Good Time To Enter Or Increase Your Allocation?

      • • How do you expect the short term rental market to perform post crisis?
        • There are take the keys offers available-When are they a good deal? 
        • How are you valuing STR units now? Buying and selling in today’s market
        • Pricing strategy/revenue management and demand drivers
        • Air Bnb alternatives
        • Scaling from 50-100 vs. 1-2 rentals
        • Traveler expectations- Vacation renter vs. business traveler- Furnishing & improvements needed to make the unit maximize cash flow
        • Mixed portfolios-choosing which units to be in rental pool vs. short-term
        • Cash flow predictors & Operational challenges
        • Local legal/zoning
        • Market predictions/overview/economy  

      Fractional Home Ownership, Home Appreciation Structures & Other Alternative SFR Homeownership Options

      • • How are they holding up in this market?
        • Are homeowners looking to cash in equity? What kind of structures are out there?
        • How are you dealing with non-payment?
        • Does fractional ownership fall under Covid-19 non-foreclosure regulations?
        • Expected performance in a recessionary environment
        • Who owns the property during the lease period?
        • Is there a penalty to the tenant if they fail to execute on the lease option?
        • What is the underwriting process when the purchase occurs?
        • How liquid are these products?
         • Protecting tenants starting to remodel but not finishing
        • Local laws to be aware of

    Financing and Operations

      Financing Overview: What Is Financing Looking Like Today? Are You Switching To Workout Mode?

      • • How much debt is available: What are the terms? 
        • What are workouts looking like today?
        • HLT transactions-are you underwriting? How much have equity requirements risen?
        • Issues surrounding BTR and construction loans with forced government construction stoppages
        • How are you counting rental income during the covid-19 crisis?
        • Financing traditional rental vs. build-to-rent vs. fix & flip; Gap funding & second lien positions
        • Products for the small borrowers
        • How large will the BFR & SFR securitization markets get? What does that mean for the owners?
        • Availability of non-recourse financing and their workouts 
        • GSE mandates, FHA lending objectives, HUD initiatives related to affordable housing goals-What can Washington change?

      Lender Overview: How Are You Helping Borrowers Work Out Their Loans? When Is Foreclosure Your Answer?

      • • So many lenders, so many workouts: How will you choose who to workout?
        • Cross-collateralized and personal guarantees
        • Extend and pretend 2020 style
        • Handling construction and rehab loans
        • CMBS vs. whole loan borrowers
        • Once you foreclose… What is next?
        • Picking property managers and realtors

      Short Term, Bridge, Gap Funding & Second Lien Financing For Rental Housing

      • • New opportunities vs. keeping existing loans performing
        • Impact of government advised construction stoppages
        • Workouts vs. foreclosures
        • What kind of deals are you looking for? What do you redline?
        • Can you also do the takeout?
        • What does your client look like?
        • Special consideration for luxury/jumbo properties
         • Loans that have gone bad, what trends are you noticing?
        • What are the current products you offer
        • Exit strategies you use
        • How are your terms changing? 

      Financing Fix & Flips: The Latest Structures, Terms & Performance

      • • How are current local economies impacting your lending?
        • What is your current suite of products? Anything new? 
        • How do you determine the maximum debt exposure limit for customers?
        • Any special consideration for luxury/jumbo properties?
        • The last deal you passed on…
        • Exit strategy
        • Loans that go bad: What have you learned? Any commonalities?
        • What is on your product menu?
        • Working out loans where extensions are needed due to government construction stops or non-ability to sell at post-crisis price

      Fix & Flip Financing & Workouts: The Borrower Perspective

      • • Line of credit or deal by deal?
        • How much equity is available? What are your equity source(s) How much do you put into a deal?
        • What have been some recent challenges you had to go through to get your loan?
        • Terms you are looking for: Are they out there?

      Financing Build-To-Rent As The Market Takes a Breather

      • • Debt and equity availability
        • Restructuring-What is it looking like?
        • How is financing rentals different than financing build-to-rent?
        • GSE activity in the build-to-rent market
        • Underwriting land vs. construction
        • What a first-timer needs to know
        • Are forward commitments available?
        • What is market loan-to-cost ratio, loan to value, time frames, draws and recourse?
        • Is there a typical equity waterfall formula?
        • Are you seeing a trend in appraisals toward direct caps in BTR? How about direct cap appraisals on scattered site portfolios?

      Long Term Financing: What Are The Options In Today’s Market?

      • • Are you backing out of any deals?
        • CMBS-based transaction market
        • Lender guidelines post coronavirus-How are you accounting for rental property income being interrupted?
        • Rate and term refi vs. cash out refi
        • How are you making the closing process more efficient?
        • Agency financing-What is still available?
        • Debt servicing ratios you look for
        • Do you underwrite low income and workforce housing?
        • How is your firm protecting yourself in case of potential headwinds?
        • Determining maximum debt exposure limit for customers?
        • What products are you currently offering?

      Financing & Restructuring SFR Loans: The Borrower Perspective

      • • What have you done about a lost financing commitment?
        • When do you look to refinance? What did you do when your refi is cancelled?
        • When do you use bridge financing and hard money?
        • Ideal debt/equity mix: Has the equity requirement risen?
        • Self-funding projects
        • Which sources of equity do you use?
        • Have you taken advantage of the rate drop?
        • Does the best rate always win?
        • Recent business plan tweaks to easier get funding
        • How are workouts going?

      Debt & Equity Financing Sources: How Are They Changing In Today’s Market?

      • • Which debt source like which product?
        • Different sources… Different workouts
        • When speed is important: Is hard money the best solution?
        • Sources that like Fix and flip vs. Build-to-rent
        • Where can you use GSE financing? HUD? 
        • 2-4 unit & portfolios
        • What are securitized lenders looking for? Banks?
        • How important is financing use flexibility?
        • Crowdfunding lender terms

      Equity Fundraising & Strategies: What Is Out There? What Are The Terms?

      • • Accessing & attracting long term equity from institutional investors and family offices
        • IRA & 401(k) money: What you need to know
        • Raising a fund vs. raising money one house at a time
        • Trump is liking Foreign and EB-5 money: What will the market be opening up in the near future?
        • Partnering on flips vs. buy-to-hold
        • Joint ventures with private equity & institutional money: What are the terms, structures and waterfalls out there?
        • Passive vs. active equity
        • Picking a partner: What are you looking for?
        • What are the expected return expectations, leverage/unlevered current yield, hold periods, and IRRs?
        • What kind of pitch should you build-What is the downside?
        • JV workouts and breakups

      Setting up your First Real Estate Fund In Today’s Troubled Markets-Is It A Good Time?

      • Have gone the route of family, friends and country club money? Have had better than average risk-adjusted returns? Maybe it is time you went institutional?  This session, targeted towards those who are thinking of raising a fund for the first time will discuss the pros and cons.

      Large SFR "C-Level" Operations: Lessons Still Being Learned From Covid-19

      • • What are you doing about renters not paying?
        • Which expenses are you cutting to save cash?
        • Has your outsourcing strategy changed with the Covid-19 crisis?
        • Handling expiring leases-What are you doing about rent increases, evictions and length of lease?
        • Best ways to increase revenue through ancillary products -Which have the most sign-ons? Highest ROI?
        • Latest technologies you are using to automate your operations? Which one(s) are worth it even when revenue is down? 
        •  Has your hold/sell strategy changed?
        • Which functions have working remotely worked?
        •  Screening for the coronavirus at your property without breaking the law

      Increasing Revenue Via Cutting Expenses: Budget Best Practices, Reserves, Operating & Performance Metrics, Expense Ratios & Benchmarks

      • • How do you come up with your projections? Pro formas vs. operating budgets- Role in acquisitions and borrowing/lending
        • Normal operations, turnover cost, minor repairs and capital expenditures
        • Budgeting for the unexpected and capital expenditures-how much should you set aside?
        • Should you have a separate capex budget? What costs should be included? How should you reserve for them?
        • Debt coverage service ratios and property, interest, taxes, insurance, association
        • Rehab & maintenance budget best practices and cost benchmarks
        • Rent collection benchmarks & cost of renter acquisition
        • Property management is what % of rent?
        • Build-to-rent vs. SFR maintenance numbers
        • Labor and construction operating expenses? Where are they now?

      Building Your In-House Property Manager/Broker: Is It A Good Time? The Pros, Cons & Pitfalls

      • • Is there good help out there looking for jobs? Can you afford them?
        • What is the most important trait you look for when hiring a manager?
        • Can AI replace property management at some point of time?
        • Virtual assistant vs. 3rd-party management vs. technology
        • What should performance standards look like?
        • What are the new technologies which affect your decisions towards hiring a third party manager?
        • Hiring/insourcing maintenance vs. property management
        • What to do in a new market?

      Using Maintenance Technology & Best Practices To Keep Your Staff Safe & Save Money

      • • Do tenants want to see maintenance representatives now?
        • Emergency maintenance on quarantined houses
        • Are you considering deferring maintenance to preserve cash?
        • Efficiency and ROI of products
        • Communications systems between the tenant, property management and with your maintenance team
        • Maintenance on turns: What are your best practices?
        • Accounting for long-term and big ticket items
        • What is your preventive maintenance strategy?
        • Minimal maintenance and higher quality products: When does it pay to update existing?
        • Vacancy/rent levels of poorly vs. well-maintained nits 

      Rehab: What Are Current Challenges You’re Experience In The Current Environment?

      • • Is rehab an essential service?
        • What kind of supplies are you having difficulty finding in this market?
        • How standardized are your rehabs? How many choices do you provide?
        • Are there geographical areas that are causing burdens on costs, staffing, vendors? If so, what processes are being utilized to augment these burdens?
        •  What can we do to support vendors/suppliers?
        •  Software tools to help with cost management, budgeting & schedules
        • What processes do you have in place to ensure timely quality control on your end product?

      Tenant Best Practices: Non-Payment Of Rent & Eviction Moratoriums

      • • Current level of rent you are receiving?
        • How many tenants are having an issue with rent payment? How are you treating the ones in cities without eviction mandates?
        • What works best? Payment plans, using last month’s rent, using security or discounts for paying in full?
        • Advising tenants to take loans and put on credit cards-An effective strategy?
        • Communicating with your tenants-What works best?
        • Reporting rental accounts to the credit bureaus
        • GSE aid vs. eviction prevention-Evaluating your choice
        • Renter Bankruptcy-What Are The Implications?
        • Examining non-rent fees
        • Can you kick out a tenant that has a judgement already?

      Strategies for Re-upping Leases & Finding New Customers During the Crisis- Is Virtual Tour Technology Always The Answer?

      •  • How much screening?
        • Why doesn’t the prospective new resident close?
        • How does pet screening, requirement of renter’s insurance, and other upfront costs (application fees, deposits) impact your ability get new tenants?
        • Are you qualifying residents at 3x rent or some other threshold?
        • Community amenities and how they rank with your residents
        • What do you use to accurately price rent?
        •  Did you build your own proprietary data/automation system or are you using open source marketing tools/apps?
        • Best practices during the lease signing when setting expectations with the resident?
        • What is your average resident stay? Renewal process best practices and are you able to achieve renewal rent growth with stays? And when they don’t stay-The turn
        • How are you pushing leads to your sales team? Are you lead scoring and pushing thru a CRM

      Checking Coverage Checklist In Times Of Coronavirus: An Insurance and Legal Plenary

      • • Coverage implications for COVID-19 project shutdowns
        • Can insurers retroactively modify policies to exclude coronavirus?
        • New local government regulations to be aware of
        • Crisis-related coverage extensions and liability policies
        • When to establish communications
        • Waiving of premiums for small businesses: Who qualifies?

      Management & The Technology Used To Keep Track Of & Accurately Rate Your Vendors

      • • Mitigating the longer term soft costs that are impacted by vendors not performing
        • Motivating your vendors to prioritize your work above peers
        • Who is responsible at your shop for vendor management? Why?
        • Credentialing, accounting, reporting, compliance, risk mitigation, and performance measurement
        • Utility management solutions
        • Procurement and negotiation best practices   
        • The last screw up: How did you resolve the problem?  
        • When is it time to end a relationship?  
        • Changing a vendor, What are the key factors?  
        • RFPs on new services

      Tech Vendor Hot Seat

      • This panel will consist of 2-3 owners asking pointed questions to vendors the types of questions you would want answered when evaluating a particular system for purchase.  Audience participation is encouraged.

        Moderators: (SFR Owners/Property Managers)   On the Hot Seat (Technology service providers)  



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