Single Family Rental East
Miami, FL
May 23 - 25, 2022

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IMN could not be more excited to welcome the SFR industry back once again – in-person - to the Loews Miami Beach for the 10th edition of our Single Family Rental Forum (East).  

With the SFR market currently estimated at $3.4 trillion and occupancy rates at an all-time high, an increasing number of investors are expanding their strategy to include this asset class.  We look forward to having the opportunity to convene the leading minds in the space and play our own small role in pushing this thriving industry on to even bigger and better things.

Of course the health and safety of our staff, our customers and indeed all our stakeholders is of paramount importance to us.  To that end we will continue to work closely with our event execution partners to ensure we welcome you safely and deliver a legally compliant and best-in-class experience for you all.  We will follow local government guidelines and incorporate measures outlined in the Euromoney Events Shield to ensure optimal health and sanitary conditions are maintained throughout the event.

Featuring the timely educational takeaways and variety of tailored networking opportunities you’ve come to expect from IMN, we hope you will join us this May 23-25 for another world-class event.

Who Should Attend
  • Accounting
  • Bankers
  • Brokers
  • Econometric Services
  • Insurance
  • Law
  • Lenders
  • Mom & Pops/Fix & Flippers
  • Property Analytics
  • Property Auction
  • Property Broker
  • Property Management/Property Management Services
  • Rating Agencies
  • Single Family Investors
  • Single Family Owners/Operators
  • Service Providers/Vendors

Conference Highlights

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    Getting Started
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    Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

      Registration Tiers

      • Sunday, May 22nd

        Tier 1 5:30 - 6:00 pm              Registration for All Attendees staying at The Loews

        Tier 2 6:00 - 7:30 pm             Registration for Exhibitors setting up a booth 

        Monday, May 23rd

        Tier 3 7:00 - 7:40 am              Registration for all other attendees, company name A-M

        Tier 4 7:40 - 8:20 am              Registration for all other attendees, company name N-Z

      5:30 PM
      Tier 1 Registration

      • Registration for All Attendees staying at The Loews 

      6:00 PM
      Tier 2 Registration

      • Registration for Exhibitors setting up a booth 

    Monday, May 23rd, 2022

      Registration Tiers

      • Sunday, May 22nd

        Tier 1 5:30 - 6:00 pm              Registration for All Attendees staying at The Loews

        Tier 2 6:00 - 7:30 pm             Registration for Exhibitors setting up a booth 

        Monday, May 23rd

        Tier 3 7:00 - 7:40 am              Registration for all other attendees, company name A-M

        Tier 4 7:40 - 8:20 am              Registration for all other attendees, company name N-Z

      7:00 AM
      Tier 3 Registration: Exhibition Opens

      • Registration for all other attendees, company name A-M

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      7:40 AM
      Tier 4 Registration

      • Registration for all other attendees, company name N-Z

      8:15 AM
      Opening Remarks

        • Steven Glener, SVP/Director of Programming (Information Management Network)
        • Jeff Cline, Executive Director & Principal (SVN | SFRhub Advisors)

      8:30 AM
      State of the SFR Industry And Its Key Drivers: Evaluating The Continuing Impact Of The Coronavirus, Money & Players Coming Into The Industry

      • • Impact of high cap rates? Rental home supply/demand?
        • BFR homes are expected to double by 2024...  High levels of asset appreciation and rent levels. How will the expansion of the BFR marketplace look over the next few years?
        • Given the scale of growth and attention from large capital groups, how are you all looking at environmental issues and ESG?
        • What could be the fallout of spiking home prices and rents? Are these rises sustainable?
        • Is rent collection continuing to be strong across the board? How about rent growth?
        • How much of a shift is there from scattered homes to actual master planned rental communities?
        • Where is the risk?
        • The Future of the small investor

        • Jeff Cline, Executive Director & Principal (SVN | SFRhub Advisors)
        • Beth O'Brien, Chief Executive Officer (CoreVest)
        • Ryan Broderick, Chief Executive Officer (Darwin Homes)
        • Doug Dale, Co-Founder & EVP (HomeRiver Group)
        • Stuart Denyer, CEO (New Western)
        • Kevin Ortner, President & CEO (Renters Warehouse)
        • Gary Beasley, CEO & Co-Founder (Roofstock)
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      9:25 AM
      An Overview Of The Latest Financing Terms, Rates & Availability For The SFR, BFR & Fix & Flip Markets

      • • Is the emergence of work from home and hybrid work having an impact on your underwriting?
        • Expanding into tertiary markets… Which ones are on your list? How are you driving sales vs. managing credit risk
        • Financing short term rentals, ADUs, lease-to-buy, manufactured housing and other alternative SFR sub-asset classes
        • Do you see money center and regional banks entering the space? What about life companies?
        • How are you evaluating home prices as they rise?
        • What do you do with varied appraisal opinions?
        • Are you following your customers into the secondary and tertiary markets?
        • 2023 predictions

        • Jeffrey Tesch, CEO (RCN Capital)
        • Joel Kirstein, Managing Director (Berkadia)
        • William Tessar, President & CEO (CIVIC Financial Services)
        • Ben Fertig, President (Constructive Loans, LLC)
        • Matt Neisser, CEO (LendingOne)
        • Jeff Tennyson, CEO (Lima One Capital)
        • Ranajoy Sarkar, Chief Product Officer (Roc Capital by Roc360)
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      10:20 AM
      Networking Break

      • Courtesy of: 


      10:30 AM
      Build-For-Rent 101

      • Small Group Meeting: Open For All

        Don’t miss everything you need to know about getting a start in the BFR industry.  We will discuss the land, construction, financing as well as the variations of product, exit and joint venture structures.  Also come with your questions because we are looking forward to focusing on them during this “un-panel”

        • Nathan Brooks, CEO (
        • Seth Markum, Vice President of Business Development (National Real Estate Insurance Group)

      Track A 11:15 AM
      The Build-For-Rent Industry Overview: Do You Believe The Rosy Growth Will Continue? For How Long?

      • • Capital coming into the industry… Is it here for the long-term? How long will it take to place?
        • Do you expect rising land prices and scarcity to persist? How about increased material and labor costs?
        • Operations, cap rates and exits vs. scattered site SFR
        • How do you expect BFR to evolve?
        • Which markets are in danger of being overbuilt?

        • Mark Peterson, Director of Build-for-Rent Division (SVN | SFRhub Advisors)
        • Chris Riley, Co-Founder & Managing Partner (Blaze Capital Partners)
        • Boris Zhuravel, Managing Director (CoreVest Finance)
        • Kris Van Meter, Head of Portfolio Management (Darwin Homes)
        • Doug Faron, Managing Partner (Shoreham Capital)
        • Mitchell Rosen, Managing Director, Head of Real Estate (Yieldstreet)
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      Track B 11:15 AM
      Long-Term Rental Loan Financing As Values & Rates Rise

      • • Are ARMs becoming more prevalent?
        • What are you seeing in the way of reserves for deferred maintenance
        • Securitized vs. unsecuritized terms
        • Rates and terms of private sector loans vs. local banks
        • What is the longest maturity loan you will do? Rate? Points?
        • Terms as leverage rises
        • Rates considering prepayment penalty, recourse, credit score and points
         • Markets you are in or out of

        • Nate Trunfio, Senior Director - Head of Sales (Lima One Capital)
        • Whit McCarthy, SVP, Correspondent Lending (CIVIC Financial Services)
        • Alex Offutt, Managing Director (Constructive Capital)
        • Micaela Lumpkin, Chief Credit Officer (CoreVest)
        • John Cate, Field Market Specialist (Finance Of America Commercial)
        • Ranajoy Sarkar, Chief Product Officer (Roc Capital by Roc360)
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      Track C 11:15 AM
      Valuing Properties… Making Sure The Data Doesn’t Let You Down

      • • Isn’t replacement cost the new low comp? 
        • Automated valuation models: Comparing home vs. rental valuation
        • Property tax forecasting
        • Learning from Zillow’s errors
        • How many data points should you be looking at?
        • What are the largest drivers of value in this market?
         • Comparing rental home prices… BTR vs. scattered site vs. sell to retail valuations
        • Single house vs. institutional portfolio valuation
        • How are you optimizing value?

        • Anthony McGill, Managing Director, Head of Advisory & Capital Markets (Zelman & Associates)
        • Meghan Czechowski, Managing Director-Valuation Lead (Apprise by Walker & Dunlop)
        • Martin Kay, CEO (Entera)
        • Bill Waltenbaugh, Chief Appraiser (Finance of America Commercial)
        • Henchman LeMaistre, Co-Founder & CEO (Picket Homes)
        • Brian Pidgeon, VP, National Sales Executive (ServiceLink)
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      Track D 11:15 AM
      The Future Of Landlord/Owner Technology & And How Will The SFR Market Be Leveraging These Innovations

      • • Driverless cars, work from home technology and other big picture technology-based changes and the impact on the SFR market
        • What are technology trends and big data telling us about the industry?
        • AI, algorithms and tech for acquisitions
        • Role of people vs. technology
        • When is proprietary technology the way to go? 
        • Technology in the construction process
        • Cyber threats and what an SFR owner should know
        • What do you feel has the most opportunity to be improved and innovated with technology? 

        • Umair Kabani, VP of Business Development (Inspectify)
        • Ashwin Agarwal, CEO (Advocate Technologies Inc)
        • Misha Sulpover, VP of Artificial Intelligence Product (Cherre)
        • Vishrut Malhotra, CEO (InspectHOA)
        • Ryan Letzeiser, CEO & Co-Founder (Obie)
        • Marc Bator, -Principal Product Manager-EXOS Close (ServiceLink Company)
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      Track A 12:00 PM
      The Economy, Covid-Related Demographic Changes, Future Monetary Tightening And Their Impact On The SFR Market

      • • What could be the fallout of spiking home prices and rents?
        • What is the supply for homes under $250k? Between $250-$400k?
        • Impact of rising interest rates on supply of housing? Demographics and preference shifts? Work from home? 
        • Politics and the economy
        • Thoughts on inflation and its effect
        • Supply side price pressures… When will they ease up?

        • John Hirschfeld, Chairman & CEO (HomeRiver Group)
        • Trey Cummings, CEO (CS Equities)
        • John Ryan, Chief Strategy Officer (Genesis Capital)
        • Sam Harrity, Head of Capital Markets (Mynd)
        • Polina Ryshakov, Sr. Director, Research & Econ (Sundae)
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      Track B 12:00 PM
      The Fix & Flip Market Overview… How Are Fix & Flippers Competing With Large Owners & I-Buyers For Houses And Still Making Money?

      • • Are you seeing investors more likely to modify their buy box as supply tightens or enter tertiary markets?
        • Responding to states changing laws regarding wholesaling disclosures or restrictions
        • Anatomy of a market you like
        • What kind of amenities are being added on the flip?
        • How have high prices, low margins and supply changed your approach?

        • Eric Abramovich, Co-Founder (Roc Capital by Roc360)
        • Shawn Miller, CEO (Archwest Capital, LLC)
        • Rick Sharga, Executive Vice President (ATTOM)
        • John Gordon, Director of National Accounts (The Home Depot Renovation Services)
        • James Gaskin, SVP Corporate Development (Renovo Financial)
        • Kevin Kao, City General Manager (Sundae)
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      Track C 12:00 PM
      For Tenants & Owners: How Is The Expiration Of The Federal Moratorium & Forbearance Changing The Market?

      • • Which locations have recently enacted tenant eviction halts?
        • As moratoriums end are you evicting all tenants who are behind in rent?
        • How long is it taking to evict a tenant in your markets? How about a non-paying owner?
        • Are you continuing to waive late fees? Help tenants find local and state programs?
        • Are you using cash for keys, security deposit protection programs or other tenant facing solutions to maximize rental recovery?
        • Are you seeing moratoriums on foreclosure sales?
        • How are servicers doing with the patchwork of new regulations?
        • Best practices for workouts, modifications, foreclosures, bankruptcy & legal recovery
        • Are you experiencing costly application fraud, creating challenges to fully lease online?

        • Rob DeWald, CEO (Precedent Management)
        • Martin Saenz, Managing Partner (Bequest Funds)
        • Kyle Kotake, Managing Partner (Brock & Scott, PLLC)
        • Eric Feldman, President (Eric Feldman & Associates P.C.)
        • Lou Baugier, CEO & Founder (VERO Leasing)
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      Track D 12:00 PM
      Measuring The Customer Experience, Ancillary Income & ROI

      • • What metrics do you use to measure resident satisfaction?
        • Comparing cash back vs. points… Which is better for creating a sticky relationship with tenants?
        • Mobile amenities like shuttles and e-bike access: What is the satisfaction level?
        • Incentivizing tenant preventive maintenance and paying rent on time
        • Comparing available technologies

        • Lee Rogers, President (realprotect)
        • Tom Clements, Co-Founder, CRO (PestShare)
        • Sal Patalano, Executive Vice President - North America (Plentific)
        • Lydia Winkler, Co-Founder & COO (RentCheck)
        • Joe Easton, Channel Partner Manager (Rent Manager)
        • Lynn Dodson, VP, Sales (Spectrum Community Solutions)

      Track A 12:45 PM
      Financing Your BFR Project From Land To Pre-Development & Construction Through Take Out

      • • How do you view the stepped up land basis?
        • How does a developer’s pre-sale to an end user with escrowed funds effect loan underwriting?
        • What do you require from borrowers before making disbursements from a construction reserve?
        • Raw vs. entitled land financing terms
        • Product and geo hot spots
        • Refinancing to long-term debt
        • How are you responding to projects under construction and over-budget with increasing costs? Modifying the loans? Increasing the debt?

        • John Watt, VP, Program Manager Investor Division (Unitas Financial Services)
        • Evan Kinne, President & CSO (AXCS Capital)
        • Mackinley Robinson, Director (Berkadia)
        • Josh Woodward, Chief Financial Officer (Lima One Capital)
        • Steve LaTerra, CEO (Terralane Communities)
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      Track B 12:45 PM
      Building A Portfolio To Sell To/JV With Institutional Investors

      • • Does (portfolio) size matter?
        • When building a portfolio of multiple BTR communities, is there more value to institutions in a single market/single product portfolio or in diversification?
        • How do institutions feel about tertiary and rural markets?
        • Comparisons vs. other exit strategies
        • Buying from I-buyers
        • Valuing scattered site portfolios
        • Equity finance and joint ventures

        • Malcolm Davies, Founder/Sr. Managing Partner (WAY Capital, Inc.)
        • Corey Hanker, Managing Partner (Fortus Partners)
        • Mike Tamulevich, COO (Marketplace Homes)
        • Jim McGinley, Executive Vice President (MORE Residential)
        • Chris Willard, General Manager | Portfolio Marketplace (Roofstock)
        • Michael Finch, EVP & Principal (SVN | SFRhub Advisors)
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      Track C 12:45 PM
      What Are The Key Demand Drivers & Cash Flow Predictors For The Short Term Rental Market?

      • • What kind of institutional funding and short-term rental specific financing is available?
        • Underwriting: projecting yields+ putting together a proforma
        • Internal vs. external management and associated costs/fees
        • Data sources for determining market rents and appropriate vacancy rates for vacation rentals?
        • The challenges of urban neighborhoods
        • Performance of luxury vs. lower end units/houses
        • Full-time rentals vs. second homes
        • Conversion best practices
        • Is the data out there reliable? What other methods are you using to determine the lending value?
        • Is it a good time to enter or increase your allocation? What do you need to know to scale?   

        • Ian Gallagher, Director of Bus. Development (Vacasa)
        • Aaron Kraut, CEO | Co-Founder (BrrrrLoans)
        • Kirby Atwell, Founder (Living Off Rentals)
        • Matthew Krac, Owner / Broker (Sellstate Partners Realty and CS3 investments)
        • Mark Burch, Business Development Manager (Temple View Capital)
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      Track D 12:45 PM
      Maximizing Your Growth… Getting to 50-100 Rentals In Your Portfolio

      • Small Group Meeting For Owners Only

        This small group meeting will discuss the critical components involved in taking SFR business up a few notches.  Bring your questions on competing for supply with institutions, financing available, property management tricks of the trade and rehab best practices.

        • Casey Quinn, Chief Executive Officer/Owner (CityLife Realty Group)
        • Greg White, Principal Broker & Owner (Imagine Home Realty)

      1:30 PM
      Morning Sessions Conclude

      1:45 PM
      Exhibition Hall Closed: Time at Leisure

      • Continue the networking by dining at:

        • Bar Collins
        • Lure Fishbar
        • Preston’s Market
        • Nautilus Pool Bar & Grill

        OR have some leisure time at:

        • Exhale Spa
        • Fitness Center
        • Mind & Body Studio
        • Glam + Go Salon
        • Pool & Beach
        • Water Sports

        For more information on any of these options please visit

      Track A 4:30 PM
      Women's Leadership Discussion

      • Survival and growth, defining personal and professional success and elevating the role of women will be among some of the major themes discussed.  Bring your own questions as we make new acquaintances, re-connect with old ones and debate the top issues on your mind in this forum where your questions and insights are welcomed.

        • Andrea Lane, Founding Member (Coast 2 Coast Turn Key LLC)
        • Celeste Quraishy, VP of Procurement and Pro Development (PunchList USA)

      Track B 4:30 PM
      A Blueprint On How To Get To 50-100 Flips A Year Profitably

      • Small Group Meeting For Owners Only

        As home prices, material cost and labor scarcity and expense continue to kill your margins how are you keeping the lights on? Where is the best ROI on your rehab today? How are you scaling when there is limited supply? And the question you bring to the table will be among the key issues to be discussed.

        • Eddie Blanco, Real Estate Broker (Stratwell)
        • David Shaw, Founder/Director (West Florida Invest)

      5:15 PM
      Networking Reception

      • Courtesy of: 

      6:15 PM
      Day One Concludes

    Tuesday, May 24th, 2022

      7:15 AM
      Exhibition Hall Opens and Breakfast is Served

      • Breakfast Courtesy of: 


      Track A 7:35 AM
      Build-For-Rent Closed Door

      • Small Group Meeting For Active Owners & Builders Only

        Join BFR owners and builders to hear about real life problems and solutions on everything in the BFR lifecycle from buying the dirt to building, the best product fit for your development, financing, managing and exit strategy. And of course, your questions are always welcomed.

        • Blair Sweeney, Managing Director (Landmark BTR)
        • Chase Davidson, Manager of Single Family Rental – Capital Markets (RangeWater Real Estate)

      Track B 7:35 AM
      Taking Your Business To The Next Level: The Mid-Sized Owner

      • Small Group Meeting For Owners Only

        What are you finding are the biggest impediments in the way for you to meet your target growth? What kind of technology solutions are out there that can help you grow? Is your home market getting tapped out and you were wondering what you need to do to expand into a different market or should I build my own inventory? These and your questions fill be the content for this “un-session”

        • Dan Brady, VP Acquisitions (ILE Homes)
        • Kelly Stumphauzer, Principal (Prosper Investments LLC)
        • William Powers, President (RTO Property)

      Track A 8:25 AM
      Identifying Key Attributes Of Your Favorite Secondary & Tertiary Markets… Are You Looking For Appreciation Or Cash Flow?

      • • How do you evaluate diversity of employers/employment?
        • Local restrictions to be aware of
        • Do secondary/tertiary markets have more older housing stock? What is the impact on HPA and OPCO? 
        • Build-for-rent in secondary and tertiary markets… What are the differences vs. primary markets?
        • Are secondary and tertiary markets inherently more risky?
        • How big does a market need to be to allow you enough diversity for it to make sense?

        • Mike Jansta, CMO (Altisource)
        • Dan Weitzenkamp, Chief Operating Officer (Apex Asset Management)
        • Leo Sanchez, Head of Acquisitions (Mynd)
        • Robert Bygrave, Vice President (Prominence Homes)
        • Adam Whitmire, Director of Acquisitions (The Whitmire Group, LLC)
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      Track B 8:25 AM
      How Are You Applying ESG Best Practices To Your Single Family, Build-To-Rent and Fix & Flip Strategies?

      • • What is the impact on CAPEX? OPEX?
        • ESG and customer responsibility
        • Smart energy, utility management and solar applications… How cost-effective are they?
        • Marketing lower rent vs. ESG… Which tenant demographic is willing to pay?
        • What we can learn from the multifamily industry?
        • How are pension and institutional partners looking at ESG when investing in SFR?
        • Construction best practices
        • Is home ownership an ESG goal? How about affordable housing?
        • What you need to know about the 45L Home Credit
        • Impact of SEC environmental disclosure proposal on private markets

        • Colleen Yeager, SVP - Operations (Quinn Residences)
        • Brady Bryan, CEO (BRAYN Consulting LLC)
        • Lexie Goldberg, Account Executive (Goby)
        • Marc Romito, VP, Enterprise Solutions (Elevation)
        • Frank Furman, Co-Founder & COO (Padsplit)
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      Track C 8:25 AM
      Technology… The Buyside Perspective

      • • What are you excited about?
        • Where are you allocating $$? What is the latest technology you decided not to spend $$ on?
        • ROI vs. brain damage
        • Cybersecurity: Where are the threats within your system that are unique to single family rentals?
        • What are you building instead of buying?
        • Big data: What is kind of interesting?
        • What do your tenants really like?
        • What are you doing on the acquisition/disposition side of the business?
        • Technology mega trends and their impact on SFR

        • Patrick Burns, Co-Founder & CEO (Spruce)
        • Marti Burrows, Managing Director (Greystar)
        • Brendan Joyce, President / Acquisitions Head (
        • Don Ganguly, SVP (Mynd)
        • Jerry Slusky, Principal (Picket Fence Communities)
        • Jared Rossean, Director of Technology (ROI Property Group, LLC)
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      Track A 9:10 AM
      Lot Development & Construction: Working In An Environment Of Land Shortages & Rising Costs

      • • What type of leverage and financing terms you can secure on land acquisitions?
        • Joint venture terms
        • Construction cost best guestimates
        • Horizontal vs. vertical construction
        • Are you ensuring that your contractors & subs are staying profitable during an inflationary environment?
        • What kind of stepped-up land basis are you expecting?
        • Comparing take out strategies
        • Building townhouses vs. duplexes vs. detached vs. horizontal apartments
        • Pros/cons of single platted vs. individually platted lots
        •Finding Infill lots

        • John Curry, Chief Executive Officer (Setanta Development Capital)
        • Michael Nunziata, Division President (13th Floor Homes)
        • Robert Jayne, Chief Construction Officer (Genesis Capital)
        • Liya Mo, VP, Acquisitions & Originations (Lafayette RE LLC)
        • Mathew Avrhami, Founder (Rockridge Properties and Investments)

      Track B 9:10 AM
      Short Term Credit Lines, Bridge, Gap Funding & Second Lien Financing For Rental Housing: What Are The Current Terms And Where Are They Going?

      • • Comparing second lien financing of smaller vs. larger portfolios
        • What are you looking for in exit pro formas?
        • Options for financing the rehab
        • Going from short- to long-term financing
        • When are HELOCs the best choice?
        • Non-QM and no doc loans
        • Cash-out refi structures
        • History of ownership and management you are looking for
        • Reserves and credit scores
        • Is it a good time for ARMs and IOs?

        • Justin Parker, Chief Financial Officer (RCN Capital)
        • Jia Li, Vice President (Credit Suisse)
        • Robert Talas, Co-Founder (Flatiron Realty Capital)
        • John Tarantino, VP/Lending Team Manager (Genesis Capital)
        • Ketan Parekh, Managing Director, Head of Capital Markets and Lender Relations (Toorak)
        • Bayan Misaghi, VP of Capital Markets (VCREF)

      Track C 9:10 AM
      Vendor Hot Seat I

      • This panel will consist of owners and property managers asking very specific questions to vendors, the types of questions you need to have  answered when evaluating a new product or  system for your operation including
        the ROI,  time and $$ saved by using the product, the problem that is being solved and related piece of mind that it gives the owner, how covid and the fast pace in technology change is altering your product, the impact of the microchip shortage and the different packages available  for different sized operators  
        Moderators: (SFR Owners/Property Managers):
        David Lichtenger, Managing Partner Intrepid Capital Investments
        Isaac W. Kyle, Founder/CEO Realtylogix 
        On the Hot Seat (Technology Service Providers:
        Taylor Hou, Chief Happiness Officer APM Help
        Grace Doering, Head of GTM Findigs
        David Kadleck, CEO FuseOn Connections, Inc.
        Jeff Corn, CEO Virtuance

        • David Lichtenger, Managing Partner (Intrepid Capital Investments)
        • Isaac Kyle, CEO & Founder (REALTY LOGIX)
        • Taylor Hou, Chief Happiness Officer (APM Help)
        • Grace Doering, Head of GTM (Findigs, Inc.)
        • David Kadleck, Managing Partner (FuseOn)
        • Jeff Corn, CEO & Co-Founder (Virtuance)

      Track A 9:55 AM
      Inflation, Rising Interest Rates And Costs, Cap Rate Compression, High Home Prices & Outsized Appreciation, Rising Supply, Rent Affordability: What Is Your Biggest Concern? How Should You Construct/Position Your Portfolio?

      • • Occupied vs. vacant; stabilized vs. rehab; building/tenant class & geography
        • What is your view on today’s inflation? What level of inflation are you underwriting at?
        • Rent vs. tenant income
        • What we can learn from past inflationary times
        • Is home price appreciation the way to go?
        • Build-for-rent as construction costs rise
        • Valuation in an environment of rising prices and how much your home values can rise
        • As OPCO rises…
        • Financing… Should you go longer term?
        • Comparing moderate, short-term vs. higher, long-term scenarios

        • Matt Neisser, CEO (LendingOne)
        • Evan Linkner, Principal (Ackman-Ziff)
        • Geoffrey Kristof, Head of Single Family Rental (Asia Pacific Land)
        • Faran Latafat, President, Single Family Developments (Core Development)
        • Mahesh Shetty, Chief Executive Officer (ILE Homes)
        • Mike McMullen, CEO (Prominence Homes)

      Track B 9:55 AM
      Finding Supply… Leveraging Acquisition Technology & Data vs. Boots on The Ground

      • • How are you using technology to uncover supply that others haven't found?
        • Operators view on technology
        • Using technology to find product
        • What part of the acquisition process have you added technology to?
        • What are the latest additions to your due diligence punch list? 
        • Packages for smaller owners
        • Risks in scaling data
        • Are we too reliant on algorithms based on what went on with Zillow vs the human aspect?
        • Which areas of acquisitions can accommodate more tech?
        • Where do you see the balance of human intelligence and technology in acquisitions?

        • Noel Christopher, SVP, Portfolio Services (Renters Warehouse)
        • Steve Berneman, Co-Founder and CEO (Blueprint Title)
        • Misha Sulpover, VP of Artificial Intelligence Product (Cherre)
        • Kate Ivey, Head of Marketing (Inspectify)
        • Sara Maffey, Head of Corporate Strategy and Business Development (Local Logic)
        • Darren Bordeaux, CTO (New Western)

      Track C 9:55 AM
      Post Pandemic Marketing & Self Touring: Are The Changes You Implemented Sticking?

      • • What are the specific critical components of a self-guided system?
        • How are you quantifying self-touring success? Tour-to-lease conversion rates?
        • What kind of data does a user have access to?
        • How are you ensuring site security?
        • Scattered site vs. rental community approaches
        • Customer reviews and how to get better
        • How does your self-tour integrate with your CRM module?
        • What percentage of renters are skipping the showing process altogether and leasing sight-unseen?
        • Should you have both self- and 3D touring? Comparing the numbers a

        • John Keeton, Owner (JKMD Homes LLC)
        • T.J. Bencho, President (CityLife Property Management)
        • Amy Barricelli, SVP (DLP Real Estate Capital)
        • Natalie Passerini, SVP-Growth (PlanOmatic)
        • Pini Lackner, Director of Sales Operations (Rently)
        • Kobi Bensimon, CEO (Showdigs)

      10:40 AM
      Networking Break

      • Courtesy of: 


      10:50 AM
      Ask the Financier

      • Small Group Meeting: Open For Owner's Only

        Having trouble getting financing for your newest project? Not sure if you should be locking in rates at this time? Wondering how having some trouble during covid-19 is going to affect you in the long term?  These and your questions will be the session topics in this first time small group meeting

        • Ryan Sailor, Head of Strategy (Aureus Finance Group)
        • Robin Simon, Partner (Easy Street Capital)

      Track A 11:35 AM
      Re-Imaging Your SFR Rehab Process

      • • What kind of new tech is out there to assist?
        • Dealing with a supply chain disruption
        • What are some non-traditional supply chains we can use? 
        • The warehouse strategy
        • How are you keeping GCs, subs and staff
        • What were some easy fixes you discovered?
        • Construction cost management scheduling and budget best practices
        •  Green approaches
        • Looking at ROI of a turn or rehab

        • Ryan Curran, SVP, Operations (Northsight Management)
        • Robin Droppa, VP of Solutions & Customer Success (FotoNotes)
        • Gabe Knox, Vice President (InsideMaps)
        • Celeste Quraishy, VP of Procurement and Pro Development (PunchList USA)
        • Samuel Tucci IV, CEO (Resolute Property Solutions LLC)
        • Bryan Lysikowski, CEO (ZVN Properties Inc.)

      Track B 11:35 AM
      Fix & Flip Acquisitions & Finance As Returns Continue To Tighten

      • • Which markets are you embracing? Avoiding?
        • Using lines vs. one-at-a-time mortgages
        • What is required for a lien release or draw request?  
        • Technology available
        • If my bank finances 75% ARV is there mezz available?
        • Lending to IRAs?
        • Non-recourse and other key terms
        • Financing the purchase vs. renovation
        • Has maximum price paid for a fix & flip property changed as the market has gotten more competitive?
        • With all the $$ available are terms getting better?
        • How are flip profits staying up?

        • Dominick Felix, CEO (CashGeeks)
        • Whit McCarthy, SVP, Correspondent Lending (CIVIC Financial Services)
        • Stephen Hagerman, President (Easy Street Capital)
        • Julius Mendoza, Regional Director (Kiavi)
        • Christian Corbitt, City General Manager (Sundae)
        • Patrick Flynn, VP & Co-Founder (Yellowbird Enterprises)

      Track C 11:35 AM
      The Future Of Tenant-Facing Technology

      • • Work from home technology 2.0
        • What should be in tomorrow’s customer tech package?
        • Finding rentals in virtual walkthroughs
        • From phones to doors… Facial recognition
        • What have you found out from mining tenant data?
        • Preparing for tomorrow technology: What I can do today?
        • Big picture technology-based changes and their SFR impact

        • Lino Maldonado, President (BeHome247)
        • Sarah Pallatroni, Resident Services Marketing Manager (Buildium)
        • Roey Dor, CEO (Obligo)
        • Pat Patterson, Director of Multifamily (Petscreening)
        • Lily Liu, CEO (Piñata)
        • Eric Krauss, Vice President (Rhino)

      Track A 12:20 PM
      BFR Buyer/Seller & Joint Venture Structures: What Are The Options? How Are You Structuring A Deal With The Extreme Volatility Of Supply And Labor Prices?

      • • The intricacies that can accompany 10% down and we’ll buy all you can deliver
        • Land entitlement + home construction vs. recently completed vs. under development
        • Picking your partner
        • Exit strategies vs. long-term hold
        • Negotiable points
        • Programmatic vs. one-off transactions
        • Operator/finance partner splits
        • Comparing private equity and institutional  vs. high-net-worth $$

        • Thomas Poe, VP, Business Development (PCCP, LLC)
        • Chinmay Bhatt, Senior Managing Director (Berkadia)
        • Eddy O’Brien, Managing Partner and Co-Founder (Blaze Capital Partners)
        • Michael Finch, EVP & Principal (SVN | SFRhub Advisors)
        • Heather McClure, Director (Walker & Dunlop)
        • Jordan Cohen, Chief Investment Officer (Transcendent Electra)

      Track B 12:20 PM
      The I-Buyer Plenary: High Profile Failures, Industry Changes And New Business Best Practices

      • • What is your buy box? Exit strategy?
        • How does inspection data change the way you approach maintaining occupied homes?
        • What is your latest technological innovation? What kind of ROI do you expect?
        • PE funding going forward
        • What are the newest services you are providing the SFR community?
        • What is your fee structure?

        • Clay Hertel, VP of Underwriting (Aureus Finance Group)
        • Steven Franco, Investments/Acquisitions (The Franco Team / Franco Ventures)
        • William Dickson, President (Marketplace Homes)
        • Hayato Hori, Owner (RocketOffr)
        • Patrick Burns, Co-Founder & CEO (Spruce)
        • Shayla McMurray, SVP of Investments (Swift Homes)

      Track C 12:20 PM
      The Future Of The Resident Experience-The User Panel

      • • What should be included in a Resident Benefit Package package? How much should you charge? Can residents receive a la carte or best to offer as a bundle?
        • When is it worth it to have a social director? Can a social director manage more than one community?
        • Insurance as an ancillary service?
        • Which community amenities pay off? Both for attracting tenants, but also providing higher valuations for your business.
        • How high end should finishes be? Are there Tech products you are adding at the Turn?


        • Bob Hansen, Head of Sales (Second Nature)
        • Brad Long, Director of Sales and Marketing (HomeRiver Group)
        • Laura Orr, VP Leasing & Resident Services (Roofstock)
        • Anthony Hughes, Director, Field and Project Management (Pathlight Property Management)
        • Joe Polverari, General Partner (PURE Group)

      1:05 PM

      • courtesy of: 


      Track A 2:20 PM
      The Owners Forum… What is Your Capital Stack Looking Like? How Are You Currently Financing New Acquisitions?

      • • Choosing among different sources & the mix as rates trend up
        • What are the key attributes to examine when evaluating lenders and equity partners?
        • PACE financing, solar credits and energy efficiency incentives
        • Are you approaching fundraising differently than in the past?
        • What kind of capital stack do you crave?
        • What is agency financing looking like?
        • Changing waterfalls, promotes, negotiations… What are the terms on the equity, mezz and preferred equity?
        • Foreign investor capital   

        • Tim Herriage, Executive Director (RCN Capital)
        • Alex Lugovoy, General Manager (Dobrin Homes)
        • Sepehr Bekam, Principal (Bekam Investment Group, LLC)
        • Justin Kain, Managing Partner (HPP Equity LLC)
        • Kathy Fettke, Co-CEO (Real Wealth Network)
        • Rob Fuller, Owner (ROI Property Group, LLC)

      Track B 2:20 PM Acquisition Shark Tank

      • Operating expenses, NOI margins, Schools, FEMA reports and DQ/eviction rates will be among the information featured when 2 SFR portfolios are pitched to potential buyers   
        Tank Leader: Tim Orscheln, Senior Investment Portfolio Advisor SVN | SFRhub Advisors
        The Sharks:   Pratik Sharma, Managing Director Bridge Tower Partners ;
        Michael Cook, Co-Founder & CIO MCB Capital;
        Paul Megler, Executive Vice President-Portfolio Management & Strategic Partnerships Walton Global*
        The Property Owners: Will Present The Portfolios For Sale-
        Brian Conlon, Business Devleopment Meridian Pacific Properties
        Frank Cava, CEO Cava Companies

        • Tim Orscheln, Senior Investment Portfolio Advisor (SVN | SFRhub Advisors)
        • Pratik Sharma, Managing Director (Bridge Tower Partners)
        • Frank Cava, CEO (Cava Companies)
        • Michael Cook, CIO (MCB Capital)
        • Brian Conlon, Business Development (Meridian Pacific Properties)
        • Paul Megler, Executive Vice President (Walton Global)

      Track C 2:20 PM
      Vendor Hot Seat II

      • A new set of participants but the same popular format… This panel will consist of owners and property managers asking pointed questions to vendors, the types of questions you would want answered when evaluating a new product or system for your operation including ease of integration, knowing if you are ready for the solution, how quickly the solution can be implemented and the product’s retention rate. Increasing pet revenue, property management solutions, utility management and construction services will be some of the products being discussed at this innovative session.    
        Moderators: (SFR Owners/Property Managers):
        Josh McLeod, SVP of Management Operations/Third Party Management American Homes For Rent
        Michael Cook, CIO MCB Capital
        On the Hot Seat (Technology Service Providers):  
        Ethan Lieber, CEO Latchel
        Noah Molnar, Managing Director POPIC, LLC
        Brett Scott, Senior Director of Strategic Accounts Propertyware
        Greg Brooks, Partner & National Director of Business Development Rocketstation

        • Joshua McLeod, SVP – Management Operations (American Homes 4 Rent)
        • Michael Cook, CIO (MCB Capital)
        • Ethan Lieber, CEO (Latchel)
        • Noah Molnar, President (POPIC, LLC)
        • Brett Scott, Senior Director of Strategic Accounts (Propertyware)
        • Greg Brooks, Partner & National Director of Business Development (Rocket Station Virtual Staffing)

      Track A 3:05 PM
      BFR: The Operations Side & The Maximizing Ancillary Revenue

      • • Developing and in-house expertise vs. outsourcing
        • Comparing vs. scattered site and multifamily approaches
        • Capex as communities age
        • Should you have an HOA? What are the structural options
        • Approaching the technology side
        • What kind of staff do you need to have on-site?
        • Community and in-house amenities: What has the best use and ROI?
        •  What is a typical operating expense ratio for BFR? What are the differences between detached, attached and horizontal apartments?

        • Geoff Segal, Cofounder and CTO (TaxProper)
        • Matt Nicholas, Vice President (Alliant Insurance Services)
        • Brady Bryan, CEO (BRAYN Consulting LLC)
        • Steve Wunch, VP of Marketing & Events (Leap)
        • Chris Griego, COO (TaskEasy)

      Track B 3:05 PM
      Financing: How A Small & Middle Market SFR Buyer Can Get To The Finish Line?

      • • How can an investor position themselves for the most favored terms?
        • Working with borrowers that have a recent bad history due to covid-restrictions
        • Portfolio loans: Do you need and special purpose entity and/or pledge of equity?
        • Fixed vs. floating: Which way to go?
        • What happens when you want to sell one asset out of a portfolio?
        • Single asset vs. portfolio of loans: A comparison of leverage, terms, reserve requirements and costs
        • Cash out refis vs. New originations

        • Zachary Streit, Founder & Managing Partner (Way Capital)
        • John Day, CEO (George Smith Partners, an AXCS Capital company)
        • Brad Chmura, Chief Operating Officer (CoreVest)
        • Stephanie Casper, SVP, Head of Sales (Kiavi (Formerly LendingHome))
        • David Young, VP– Correspondent & Strategic Partnerships (Sharestates)
        • Bayan Misaghi, VP of Capital Markets (VCREF)

      Track C 3:05 PM
      The SFR Industry: How Will It Look In 5 Years? How Are You Preparing For These Industry Changes?

      • • What are the big market changes that we are looking at?
        • Future trends and the markets that will be affected?
        • Work from home… Is it here to stay? Should I put my $$ into ski and beach towns? How about ex-urbs?
        • What are some of the newest business models out there? Outside of build-for-rent what other models do you see creating meaningful inventory for the industry?
        • Will SFR be bigger than The Beatles?
        • Regulatory proposals and their impact

        • Matt Rodak, Founder & CEO (Fund That Flip, Inc.)
        • Steve Carroll, CEO (Findigs, Inc.)
        • Ezra Dweck, President (IceCap Group)
        • Amy Rosellini, Chief People Officer (New Western)
        • Brittany Murphy, Head of Data Science (Spruce)
        • Datha Santomieri, Co-Founder and Vice President (Steadily)

      3:50 PM
      Networking Break

      • Courtesy of: 


      Track A 4:15 PM
      The Largest BTR Owners Panel

      • • What is your optimal product type and size community?
        • What kind of cap rates are you buying/selling at? What is the expectation on the exit cap rate? What are the variations within markets?
        • Are you experiencing local entitlement obstacles? What are they? How are you addressing? Are they different for suburban vs metro
        • How are you dealing with increasing land, labor and insurance prices?
        • What is your property management strategy? What does your OPEX look like?
        • The latest technology you have adopted
        • Which amenities are popular with tenants and moneymakers?
         • Density strategy
        • Financing: Private lenders vs. agency

        • Jessica Godwin, Director, Build to Rent (Roofstock)
        • Jason Green, Vice President, Business Development and Acquisitions (Asia Pacific Land (New York) Corp)
        • George Huang, Managing Partner (Bridge Tower Partners)
        • Chris Mataja, COO (Lafayette RE)
        • James Howley, Chief Investment Officer (Quinn Residences)

      Track B 4:15 PM
      What Kind Of Distressed Investment Opportunities Are You Finding? When & Why Will The Floodgates Open?

      • • Will the opportunity increase as interest rates rise?
        • Forbearance didn’t apply to property taxes or home insurance. Will there be an opportunity in tax and utility liens?  
        • Where are there foreclosure sale moratoriums?
        • When and why do you change loans from performing to non-performing to work out or sale
        • Pre- vs. post covid NPL market
        • Securitized; trigger events lead to disposal/sale foreclosure of asset
        • Comparing the risk/opportunity of today’s pandemic-led distressed vs. the 07-08 irresponsible lending distress
        • Will market saturation led to distress?
        • Are servicers and banks who had a backlog of paper tied up in moratoriums now looking to dispose?

        • Joe Petrusky, Director of Acquisitions (TCS Anika Homes)
        • Doug Smith, Portfolio Manager & COO (Castle Rock Capital Management)
        • Jason Stewart, Chief Investment Officer (FJ Real Property)
        • Eric Delgado, Director (MCM Capital)
        • Stacie Ngo, Vice President, Commercial Servicing (PHH Mortgage)

      Track C 4:15 PM
      You’ve Come A Long Way Baby… An Evaluation Of The Last 10 Years of Single Family Rental Investing

      • A little more than 10 years ago amid countless distressed real estate properties The Blackstone group made a splash by investing in single family rentals and an industry was born.  From note investing and REO to scattered site purchases to build-to-rent the industry has completely transformed the way consumers look at their homes.  This session will detail where we were, are and going.

        • Give expanded insight to your experience and for which organizations you have worked / founded.
        • Expand on the beginning of your SFR career with some highlights and pitfalls of the growth process.
        • Share how you started in SFR, share what the main challenges and solutions were in the early days.
        • Share how you and your company grew and created the solutions to a new unproven investment segment.
        • Review how you and your company evolved over time with new SFR supporting business concepts or platforms.
        • What are you focused on today and what do you see as an opportunity in the industry for the next 5-10 years?

        • Jeff Cline, Executive Director & Principal (SVN | SFRhub Advisors)
        • Jerry Coleman, Co-Founder and Chairman (Elevation)
        • Fred Tuomi, Former CEO (Invitation Homes)
        • Rich Ford, CDO (Roofstock)
        • Demetrios Barnes, Chief Operating Officer (SmartRent)

      Track A 5:00 PM
      Which Smart Home Strategies & Data Collected Are Maximizing Tenant’s Income & Minimizing Maintenance And Utility Costs?

      • • How are you finding and keeping subs and staff?
        • Comparing maintenance for BTR vs. Scattered site SFR
        • When does it make sense to defer maintenance?
        • The latest maintenance technology out there
        • Can you incentivize maintenance reporting by tenants?
        • Which smart devices are tenants pay a premium for?
        • What strategies/preventative or predictive tech are you seeing to reduce cost of maintenance and repair of major, hi-ticket systems like HVAC, water, appliances? 

        • Adriana Montes, CEO (Florida Dreams Capital Group)
        • Jeremy Aspen, CFO (Anequim)
        • Andrew Lester, Principal (CCL Capital Management)
        • Evan Augustine, Property Manager (CityLife Property Management)
        • Dillon White, Senior Account Executive (Rently)

      Track B 5:00 PM
      Re-Imaging Your Build-For-Rent Construction Process  

      • • The newest technology you have adopted
        • What you need to do if your supply is waiting at the port?
        • What are some non-traditional supply chains we can use? 
        • How are you keeping GCs, subs and staff
        • Re-evaluating the whole draw process
        • What were some easy fixes you discovered?
        • Construction cost management scheduling and budget best practices
        • Prefab and sustainability

        • Wes Homeyer, Managing Director (The Nehemiah Company)
        • Misty Linn, Owner (Core Ohio Realty / Owner)
        • Jeff Seal, Director of Originations (Groundfloor)
        • Avi Fogel, Chief Operating Officer (Homeshield)
        • Jim Barker, VP of Construction (Roofstock)
        • Steven Ludwig, President (Coastline Real Estate Advisors, Inc.)

      5:45 PM
      Networking Reception

      • Courtesy of: 

      6:45 PM
      Day Two Concludes

    Wednesday, May 25th, 2022

      8:15 AM
      Exhibition Opens and Breakfast is served

      • Breakfast Courtesy of: 


      8:30 AM
      Local SFR Markets… Will There Be Distressed MSAs/Situations Or Will Market Growth And Rising Values Overwhelm?

      • • State of local moratoriums
        • Evaluating job and population growth
        • Top markets you are tracking
        • Impact of rising interest rates
        • Downtown vs. Outer ring vs. Suburbs vs. ex-urbs
        • Where the institutions are/aren’t
        • Anatomy of a good Scattered SFR vs. BTR vs. Flip market
        • Higher priced markets you want to still be in
        • Where are the values getting too high?

        • Derrick Gruner, Chief Investment Officer (Aureus Finance Group)
        • Vincent Deorio, Executive Vice President (Atlas Real Estate)
        • Peter Ciganik, Managing Director (GTIS Partners)
        • Ezra Dweck, President (IceCap Group)
        • Alex Hemani, CEO & President (Ninety9 Capital)

      9:15 AM
      Finding Supply? What Is Your Acquisitions & Disposition Strategy? What Are Your Newest Due Diligence Points & Their Motivations?

      • • What is all the new $$ looking for?
        • Will SFR portfolio hold periods increase? Why?
        • Will an increase in tax rates slow the turnover of property? Will SFR portfolio hold periods increase?
        • What channels are providing inventory when everyone trolls MLS. I-buyers portfolio etc.
         • Minimizing appraisal and inspection fees vs. quality of information
        • Key methods in scaling the acquisitions side of the business

        • Adam Stern, Chief Executive Officer (Strata SFR)
        • Paul Viguerie, National Business Development Manager (Altisource)
        • Sterling Anderson, Founder & Principal (Aria Capital Partners)
        • Karen Gados, Managing Partner (Pikes Peak Capital)
        • Ray Mazzie, CEO (Southern Waters Development)

      10:00 AM
      Large “C-Level” Owner & Operator Panel… What Has Changed Regarding Your Strategy & Plans Over The Past Year?

      • • How do you see inflation impacting your business? How are you managing supply chains and labor?
        • Which markets are you ramping up? What are some of the key market dynamics you are looking for? Scaling best practices
        • Working with smaller players and I-Buyers
        • Managing joint ventures and partnerships: What kind of hiccups do you deal with along the way?
        • What are your current renewal rates? Raising rent while keeping vacancies low
        • Managing the renovation process
        • Work from home and how that is changing the ways you manage and recruit your teams
        • Technology and data… Any interesting new insights?
        • What are you seeing in the way of reserves for deferred maintenance and your own actual capex costs?

        • Matt Neisser, CEO (LendingOne)
        • Geoffrey Kristof, Head of Single Family Rental (Asia Pacific Land)
        • Pratik Sharma, Managing Director (Bridge Tower Partners)
        • Lauren Taylor, CEO (Capaven)
        • Rudy Casanova, Owner/Chief Revenue Officer (Global Strategic/Amerisource)

      10:45 AM
      Networking Break

      • Courtesy of: 


      11:00 AM
      The Private Equity Players Panel

      • • Are you looking to own or lend?
        • What do you look for in a partner? What does your partnership structure look like?
        • What types of markets appeal to you?
        • Are you open to scattered site portfolio purchases or is it build-for-rent? What are the attributes in a portfolio or community that you would buy?
        • How much $$ are you looking to deploy in the sector? What kind of returns are you looking for?

        • Jeff Cline, Executive Director & Principal (SVN | SFRhub Advisors)
        • Andrew Schaffler, Managing Director (Angelo, Gordon & Co.)
        • Jason Abel, Principal (Argosy Real Estate Partners)
        • Steve Iannaccone, Principal (Halstatt Real Estate Partners)
        • Mark Filler, Partner (Rice Park Capital)

      11:45 AM
      Profile of a Single Family Renter: Have You Been Seeing A Demographic Shift?

      • • Successful lead generation for different demographics
        • Financing and non-financial drivers and assumptions
        • Average income and family size
        • Where are renters moving to? From?
        • Which amenities and services do tenants consider most valuable?
        • Impact of working from home
         • The 55+ demographic vs. millennials… Comparing SFR appetites
        • Examining lower income single family renter demographics  

        • Jamie Rey-Hipolito, Vice President, Single Family Rental (ServiceLink)
        • Jenelle Berry-Cook, Chief Revenue Officer (MCB Capital)
        • Andy Zhu, Director of Business Development (Pentagon Holdings)
        • Howard Fife, Principal (Westport Capital Partners, LLC)
        • Justin McCarty, COO (Bungalow Living)

      12:30 PM
      Dueling Economists

      • First we had dueling swordsman.  Then we had dueling banjos.  Now it is dueling economists where the format will be two economists debating where interest rates, unemployment, growth and supply are going.

        • Christopher Sayler, Managing Partner (Pikes Peak Capital)
        • Domonic Purviance, Subject Matter Expert (Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta)
        • Brad Case, Chief Economist and Director of Research (Middleburg Communities)

      1:00 PM
      The 10th Annual Single Family Rental Forum (East) Concludes



This is a past conference, no registration is available.

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