Shawn Miller, CEO, 5 Arch
Gene Clark, President, 5 Arch
Michael Miller, Chief Marketing and Production Officer, 5 Arch
Alex Hemani, CEO & President, ALEX Hemani Companies
Lincoln Palmer, EVP-Property Operations, American Homes 4 Rent
David Singelyn, CEO, American Homes 4 Rent
John Knab, Managing Director, Americas Housing Alliance
Mark Filler, CEO, Apex Home Partners
Steve Katz, Chief Investment Officer, Arbor Realty Trust
Alexandra Glickman, Area Vice Chairman, Managing Director-Practice Leader, Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.
Melanie Pennell-Mayer, Principal & COO, Associated Ventures
Bruce Wuollet, Founder, Bakerson, LLC
Joshua Eadie, Director Business Development, Bell Partners
Christine Evans, SVP Acquisitions, Bridge Tower Partners
George Huang, Managing Partner, Bridge Tower Partners
Pratik Sharma, SVP, Bridge Tower Partners
Nathan Brooks, CEO,
Mike Bednarski, Managing Partner, Broome Capital
Gagan Sharma, President & CEO, BSI Financial Services
Michael Maxwell, Chief Operating Officer, Builder Finance Inc.
John Burley, Founder & CEO, Burley & Associates, Inc.
RJ Palano, Director of Acquisitions, Buy Cash Flow Properties
Steven Kollar, Managing Principal, Cash Flow Properties/Renters First Choice
George Aplicano, CEO, Cash Now Homes
Christine Smith, Director of Project Mgmt, Castle Rock
Doug Smith, Portfolio Manager & COO, Castle Rock Capital Management
Dan Magder, Managing Director, Center Creek Capital
Daniel Choquette, Managing Director, Cerberus Capital Management / FirstKey Homes
Greg Hebner, Managing Director, Community Rebuild Partners
Jeremy Thomason, Executive, Sales, Corelogic
Ralph McLaughlin, Deputy Chief Economist, CoreLogic
Ryan McBride, COO, CoreVest
Stephanie Casper, VP, Originations, CoreVest
Beth O'Brien, Chief Executive Officer, CoreVest Finance
Douglas Skipworth, Co-founder & Principal Broker, CrestCore Realty LLC
Ethan Bahir, Co-founder, Inc.
Nathan Trunfio, President, Direct Lending Partners
Alex Lugovoy, General Manager, Dobrin Homes
Josh Craig, VP, Sales & Strategy, Finance of America Commercial
Andrew Hurd, VP, Credit & Underwriting, Finance of America Commercial
Scott Hodgden, VP, Sales, Finance of America Commercial
Tarl Yarber, Owner, Fixated Real Estate LLC
Bruce Bartlett, Founder & President, Flip Great
Corey Hanker, Managing Partner, Fortus Partners
Chris Garner, CEO, Garner Properties & Management LLC
John Day, Chief Business Development Officer, Genesis Capital
Tom Hallock, Chief Lending Officer, Genesis Capital
John Ryan, Chief Revenue Officer, Genesis Capital
Brian A. Flaherty, COO, Global Strategic Business Process Solutions Inc.
John Prinz, Partner, Gordian Fund
Chris Skardon, Partner, Gorelick Brothers Capital LLC
Michael Cook, Director, GTIS Partners
Peter Ciganik, Managing Director, GTIS Partners
David Sandmann, Founder, HALO
Mathew Avrhami, Vice President, Harvard Investments, Inc.
Max Cabellos, Operations Manager, Hogar Hispano Inc.
Marcos Morales, Executive Director, Hogar Hispano, Inc.
Devu Gandhi, VP & GM of HomeLight Simple Sale, HomeLight
Aaron Amuchastegui, Manager, Homerock, LLC
David Lichtenger, Managing Partner, Intrepid Capital Investments
Dallas Tanner, President and Chief Executive Officer, Invitation Homes
Cheryl King, VP, Investments, Invitation Homes
Bruce McNeilage, CEO, Kinloch Partners, LLC
Christopher Evans, Partner, Law Offices of Kimball, Tirey & St John LLP
Matthew Bell, Regional VP, Sales, LendingHome
Matt Neisser, COO, LendingOne
Trez Moore, Managing Director of Capital Markets, Lima One Capital
Jeff Tennyson, Chief Executive Officer, Lima One Capital
Cortney Newmans, Director-Business Development, Lima One Capital
Dana Wasson, Director National Sales, Lima One Capital, LLC
Mike Tamulevich, Director of Sales, Marketplace Homes
Wade McGuinn, CEO, McGuinn Hybrid Homes
Christopher Clothier, Partner/VP Sales & Marketing, Memphis Invest GP, Dallas Invest, Houston Invest
Kevin Conlon, Principal, Meridian Pacific Properties
John Keeton, Partner, Morningside Funding LLC
David Howard, Executive Director, National Rental Home Council
Marco Santarelli, President & Founder, Norada Real Estate Investments
Louis Amaya, CEO, NS Capital Management
Sterling Anderson, President & CEO, Overbrook Properties
Jennifer Stoops, Senior Vice President, Park Ave Properties
Danny Kattan, Director, PIA Residential
Jesse Shemesh, Portfolio Manager, Point Acquistions LLC
Sean Miller, President, PointCentral
Benjamin Bass, COO, Propel Builders
Zach Bassett, VP, Field Operations, Property Masters Inc
Raymond Hespen, CEO & Co-Founder, Property Meld
Kelly Frizell, Owner, Prosper Cleveland
Jeffrey Tesch, Managing Director, RCN Capital
Joe Calloway, Founder, RE360
Ben Prisbylla, Acquisitions, RE360
Michael Drew, CEO, Real Estate Done 4 U
Deb Newell, Executive RE Consultant, Real Time Consulting Services
Tim Horvath, Director, Affiliates & Properties, Real Wealth Network
Kathy Fettke, Co-CEO, Real Wealth Network
Jason Lindwall, SVP Spend Management, RealPage Inc.
Inaas Arabi, GM of Propertyware, RealPage/PropertyWare
Lee Rogers, President, realprotect
Barnett Brodie, Managing Partner, Reichman Brodie Real Estate
Ishay Grinberg, president, Rental Beast
Greg Rand, Chief Strategy Officer, Renters Warehouse
Kevin Ortner, President & CEO, Renters Warehouse
Jay Byce, CoFounder & SVP, ResiBuilt Homes
Daniel Cardona, Head of Acquisitions, ResiBuilt Homes
Anthony Stansberry, Director of Sales, ResiBuilt Homes
Paul Jackson, Principal, Residential Capital Partners
Chad Carpenter, Chairman & CEO, Reven Housing REIT, Inc.
Greg Coleman, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Revest Asset Management
Ranajoy Sarkar, Chief Product Officer, Roc Capital
Tyler Simpson, Vice President, Roc Capital
Robert Nickell, Principal, Rocket Station Real Estate
Rob Fuller, CEO, ROI Property Group
Billy Whitehead, COO, ROI Property Group
Clayton Wyatt, VP of Business Development, Roofstock
Gary Beasley, CEO & Co-Founder, Roofstock
William Powers, President, RTO Property
Marc Pelletz, Principal, Sarasota 5 LLC
Shaun Shenouda, REI Program Manager,COO, SES Risk Management
Stephen Blevit, Partner, Sidley Austin LLP
Demetrios Barnes, Chief Operating Officer, SmartRent
Lee Kearney, Owner, Southeast Property Investments Network
John Higgins, CEO & Co-Founder, Steady Technologies, Inc.
Phillip Syrios, Partner and Property Manager, Stewardship Investments
Bill Syrios, Founding Partner, Stewardship Properties
Ted c. Jones, Chief Economist - Senior VP, Stewart Title Insurance Company
Shawn Gharagozlu, Director of Marketing, SVN | SFRhub Advisors
Jeff Cline, Executive Director, SVN | SFRhub Advisors
Michael Cook, Chief Asset Officer, Sylvan Road Capital, LLC
Pete de Best, Co-Founder & Managing Member, Tarek Buys Houses LLC
Ken Davis, CEO & President, TaskEasy
Erik Heuser, EVP, Chief Strategy Officer, Taylor Morrison, Inc.
Grace Soueidan, Chief Operations Officer, Temple View Capital
Edward Barasch, Senior Advisor, The Empire Group of Companies
John Hope Bryant, Founder & CEO, The Promise Homes Company
Adam Whitmire, VP, Acquisitions, The Whitmire Group, LLC
Adam Wolfson, Chief Investment Officer, Transcendent Investment Management
Jordan Kavana, Founder & CEO, Transcendent Investment Management
Kevin Baldridge, President, Tricon American Homes
John Halasz, Managing Director, US Home Aggregation
Craig Bengtson, Director of Renovations, US Home Aggregation
Graham Strong, CFO, VineBrook Homes
Ryan McGarry, Managing Partner, COO, VineBrook Homes
Stephen Seal, CEO, Voyager Pacific Capital
Michael DelPreete, Principal, We Heart Houses
Howard Fife, Principal, Westport Capital Partners, LLC
Pat Flynn, Vice President, Yellow Bird Home Buyers

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