Single Family Rental (East)
Hollywood, FL
May 29 - 31, 2019


IMN's established Single Family Rental Conference (East) returns to Florida for its seventh edition on May 29-31, 2019. This industry-leading event will once again bring together key market participants including REITs, Funds, Aggregators, Fix and Flippers, Note Buyers, Institutional Investors, and more for 2.5 days of lively discussion, thoughtful debate and countless networking opportunities.

The year’s gathering follows the success of last year’s event, which registered over 1,100 participants, and featured an expert speaking faculty comprised of some of the sectors largest companies and funds.

As Single Family Rental investments continue to soar with multi-million securitization deals taking place on a monthly basis, and 1 in 9 homes now being single family rental properties in the United States, there has never been a better time to invest in this growing market.

Join your peers this May in sunny Hollywood for another world-class meeting, and benefit from timely educational takeaways and extensive networking functions.

Who Should Attend
  • Accounting
  • Bankers
  • Brokers
  • Econometric Services
  • Insurance
  • Law
  • Lenders
  • Mom & Pops/Fix & Flippers
  • Property Analytics
  • Property Auction
  • Property Broker
  • Property Management/Property Management Services
  • Rating Agencies
  • Single Family Investors
  • Single Family Owners/Operators
  • Service Providers/Vendors

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    Wednesday, May 29th, 2019


      • Strategies/Markets

      Out of SFR and Into Alternative SFR Assets, Multifamily or Commercial

      • As home prices rise and ROI falls for single family homes many market participants are looking into different locations to buy homes, playing in different parts of the ecosystem like property management, financing or even leaving the single family market for altogether for different real estate asset classes.  But are there other sub-asset classes within the single family rental market you should consider before you throw in the towel including

        • Are you getting an education in student housing? Getting Grandpa’s advice on senior housing? Your kids’ thoughts on co-living?
        • Staying in the SFR market but changing your business plan. Turnkey vs. managing vs. financing
        • Is there value to be found in the note market? Buying SFR-backed paper?
        • Going turnkey
        • Can you afford to go into affordable housing?
        • Valuation in good and bad times
        • Less Than 60K Market  & Section 8/Low Income Housing 

      The 7 “Ds”: Finding, Acquiring & Managing Distressed Properties

      • • Turning lemons into lemonade: Finding the contractors and making the natural disaster damaged home investment work
        • How many owners take the insurance $$ and move on?
        • 2nd lien removal
        • Finding owners who are in trouble and willing to sell: What is your process?
        • Do desperate time yield better prices?  
        • Has hard line immigration been a panacea?
        • Prices have gone up so much, what's the discount on distressed assets compared to non-distressed assets?

      Demographics: What Are The Trends And Numbers You Pay Most Attention To? How Do You Use This Information When You Are Considering Entering A New Market?

      • • Consumer credit outlook
        • Has the consumer rent vs. buy decision changed?
        • Where is home ownership going?
        • Mitigating risk of shifting demographics. Matching rental portfolios for a diverse tenant profile
        • Latest millennial numbers & what kind of technology are they demanding? 
        • Rural vs. urban markets
        • Children and pets
        • What are you looking for in a new market? 

      Opportunity Zones: The Real Life Case Studies (Panel)

      • • Will this new legislation allow you to make profits in “C/D” areas?
        • What does it mean if you have some of your portfolio inside the zone, some of your portfolio not in the zone?
        • Fundraising so far
        • Are you just doing SFR in the o-zone or other asset types?
        • Will you continue to do o-zone deals?
        • Fund administration
        • Finding the right structure
        • Legal intricacies and tax issues investors and funds need to know
        • Risk mitigation 

      Opportunity Zones 101

      • What is an opportunity zone? Where are they located? What is the available step up in basis and hold period? What is the best way to structure you fund will be among the information shared at this tutorial geared toward those interested in investing and finding more out on this new and exciting development

      Short-Term Rentals

      • • Vacation homes are all I ever wanted
        • What you need to know about corporate rentals
        • Off-campus student homes
        • Local government regulation to look out for
        • Interior design vs. traditional single family
        • How much additional costs is the management and maintenance side of things?
        • Winter on the shore, summer in ski areas: What to do when off-season?
        • Systems and technology to help manage
        • The Corporate market and longer term short-term rentals
        • Traveler and business trends to be aware of 

      The Risk of Recession

      • • What would a recession mean to occupancy? Rent growth? The industry in general?
        • What can you learn from multifamily?
        •What effects are interest rates having on investor participation in the markets, and as investors proceed with caution are prices starting to drop?
        • Rent growth & HPA update
         • Where are bubbles developing? Already developed?
        • Individual markets and where they are in the market cycle: What is changing?

      Economy & State Of The Industry

      • • Todays politics and the impact on the SFR Market
        • The increasingly expensive labor market impact: More expensive labor vs. higher rent
        • Feds impact
        • Sand states vs. Rust belt vs. Southeast: Where to put your money
        • Different segments and different returns
        • Any IPO smoke signals?
        • What is the relationship between the volume of house flipping and the housing market?

      B/C Vs. Urban Markets: Where to Invest

      • • What kind of demographic is an urban renter? Suburban renter? How does location impact your acquisition strategy?
        • Schools are so important, what is second?
        • Walkability, public transit and their importance
        • Labor availability and wages
        • How much property tax can you carry?
        • Ex-urban and rural markets
        • Build-to-rent and fix and flip product 

      Build To Rent vs. Long Term Acquisition vs. Fix & Flip-Which Way to Go

      • In this competitive and unpredictable economic and housing environment it is not getting easier to make a profit.  This session will take the 3 main investment choices for the single family rental market participant… Build-to-rent, long term acquisition and fix and flip and compare why the market participant favors one of them and the amount of money that can be made in each.  Some of the discussion points will include:

        • Considering commission cost
        • Finding land vs. finding portfolios
        • Cost of running
        • Build To Rent
        • Long Term Acquisition
        • Fix & Flip


      • Strategies-Firm

      iBuyers & Valuation Automation

      • • Investment strategy/business model and what range of returns are you targeting?
        • What markets/properties are you focused on and where are investors on your platform finding the most attractive investment opportunities?
        • What operationally and technologically are you doing to improve execution, drive profitability, and scale the business?
        • What channels you’re finding the most success in? Are you investing for your own account or one behalf of investors?
        • What does it do to your business model if properties are not appreciation while you are holding them?
        • How competitive is the ibuyer market? How many players? What market share do you anticipate the iBuyers being able to achieve?
        • The technology used to enhance the business
        • How you do you approach building out operations in local markets?

      1000+ Rentals: The Large Investor Small Group Meeting

      • (Small Group Meeting for Owners Only) Technology development and new systems, outsourcing vs. keeping functions like maintenance in-house and acquisition and disposition woes will be among the points debated in this discussion.

      100-750 Homes: Middle Market

      • Are you getting preferential financing? Optimizing operations? Branching out into small multi units and rental buildings as SFR gets more expensive? How are you mixing and structuring acquisition, capex, improvement, refi, and retail sale with seller finance mortgage to take advantage of owner occupied incentives or real estate tax costs? These questions and more will be discussed at this interactive audience-led discussion.

      Large SFR "C-Level" Operations

      • • What do you do with under-performers?
        • Portfolio rebalancing
        • Net zero housing: Any interest?
        • Dealing with wage growth and higher material pricing
        • Rent growth expectations
        • How are you keeping your tenant put? How much turnover is expected?
        • What do you do to a new unoccupied or recently vacated home before putting back into the rental pool?
        • What bells and whistles are tenants paying for? 

      Large SFR "C-Level" Acquisitions & Finance

      • • Are you preparing for a downtown? How?
        • Do you see industry consolidation?
         • Under what conditions would you consider selling assets if the market nationally was to decline? Locally?
        • Are you buying into build-to-rent?
        • What do you look for in a new market?
        • Joint ventures with institutional investors and other fundraising efforts
         • Impact of the new iBuyers on the markets you are in
        • Internal growth: What you are shooting for and how you are going to get there?
        • What is your renter demographic and how does that translate into your acquisitions? 

      Mid/Large-Sized Fund Plenary

      • • What is your overall fund strategy?
        • Single family rentals: How are you playing in the market?
        • Your LPs and their thoughts on your SFR strategy
        • Opportunity zones/single family rentals & their intersection
        • Joint ventures: What you look for in a partner?
        • Fundraising outlook
        • Have you been doing any debt financing in the SFR market?

      Getting to 50-100 Rental in Your Portfolio

      • Virtual assistants, outsourcing vs. additional hires, scaling my business and finding relatively inexpensive funding will be some of the experience discussed in this interactive session where we look forward to hearing your input

      The CFO/Finance Head Plenary: Net Profit Margin Improvements, Peripheral SFR Profit Centers & Evaluating The Cost Of A New Tenant Vs. Raising Rent

      • • Rental Turn Management
        • Aging CAPEX: pay now or later?
        • Personnel and contractor retention
        • Smart home technology ROI
        • On-line payments
        • Minimizing turn costs
        • What is the latest fee you’ve instituted: How well is it working?
        • Recession fears: What is the impact on your financing?
        • The P&L statement: How’s it looking? What is changing?
        • Financing strategy
        • Building resiliency into your acquisition and investment management models
        • OPx and CAPx expenditures and the variations due to geography/location/sub-market, age of home, class of home,

      The Future Of The SFR Market: How Are You Preparing?

      • • What will be the changes that seemed in the near future are already here?
        • Future-proofing your homes
        • Recession, inflation and stagflation, oh my
        • The regulatory side of things
        • What if Trump wins another term? What if he doesn’t?
        • Labor supply and automation
        • The Demographics of generation “I”
        • Energy & power
        • Changing weather conditions



      • Acquisitions/Dispositions

      Acquiring & Managing for Investors

      • • What kind of money can you make? What is the structure of the compensation?
        • What happens if you buy something they aren’t satisfied with?
        • Can an aggregator have more than one agent in a market? What happens when you compete for the same property?
        • Rehabbing and maintenance
        • Stepping up the relationship: Joint ventures vs. joining the company

      Acquisition Shark Tank

      • Featuring 2 SFR sales pitched to potential buyers followed by a Q&A period for each of the transactions.

        Tank Leader: Will Moderate The Session
        The Sharks:   Will Be Interested In Acquiring Portfolios Of Homes…
        The Property Owners: Will Present The Portfolios For Sale-(Presentation Required)

      Using Data Mining, Big/Accurate Data To Search For Properties

      • • How income, education levels and vacancy effect poverty and crime and thus poor investment performance
        • Build to rent market, using data to determine land values and availability in areas where build to rent is viable
        • Off-market portfolios, using the data to both facilitate needs of portfolio buyers and sellers as well
        • Creating synthetic portfolios from multiple sellers
        • Data is about people: What the numbers say about the population and demographics

      Acquisition Due Diligence & Pricing

      • • Ensuring income producing assets fit your business management model
        • Market evaluation
        • Best practices for large portfolio purchases
        • Touring the property: What to look for that others don’t
        • Don’t forget the problems you can have without a title
        • Zoning and other local regulations
        • Seller paperwork: What is a deal breaker if missing?
        • What do you consider to be expensive? Too expensive?
        • What pricing determinants do you think are under-vs. over-used?

      Buy & Hold Acquisitions

      • • Are you still finding value at auctions? Auction sites? How are you managing risks in the process?  
        • Is there value to find in stabilized properties?
        • 2-4 family home market
        • Finding off-market inventory
        • Status of MLS inventory 

      Selling To Tenants

      • • Why are you considering selling to Tenants/owner occupiers?
        • Business models and their challenges: Helping tenants to bank financing? Seller financing? Lease Purchase agreements?
        • If tenant do not qualify how do you get them eligible?
        • Who are your target/ideal customers
        • What impact does the current changing market have on you strategy? What challenges do they create?
        • Regulatory compliance to be kept in mind



      • Build to Rent Track

      Build to Rent 101

      • How to make money, specs of what to build, where to build, exit strategy, build & hold, how to finance and information on cash flow will be some of the points under discussion

      Build to Rent Overview

      • • How big is the market?
        • What makes a good build to rent market? What are some of the markets you like?
        • What markets does BTR work in? What are the commonalities?
        • What are the best locations? Urban, suburban, ex-urban
        • Advantages & disadvantages of true BTR community vs. traditional multifamily/horizontal apartments
        • Demographics of renters
        • Cap rates out there 

      Build to Rent Land Acquisition & Construction

      • • Making higher labor costs pencil
        • Equity money time horizon
        • Who are your competitors for site acquisitions?
        • What is the optimal product mix: Building one-off homes on infill lots vs. masterplan communities vs. 100% self-contained community for rent
        • Perceived builder risks and/or advantages when purpose building for rent product
        • How much of your new product comes from build-to-rent vs. other channels? 

      Build to Rent Post Construction

      • • How much is the maintenance expenses and turn cost vs. traditional single family and vertical and garden apartment communities?
        • Lease up practices
        • Disposition strategies
        • Rent levels and growth
        • Tenant demographic and length of tenant stay
        • Townhouses vs. detached
        • Operating and performance metrics 


      • Fix & Flip Track 

      Fix & Flip Overview: How Is The Current Economic Environment Impacting The Market?

      • • Impact on where rates and housing prices are going
        • Where is the market thriving? Taking a breather?
        • Reality TV and its impact
        • Increased debt and equity coming into the market: What is its impact?
        • Labor scarcity and material cost
        • How profitable does a flip need to be for it to make sense?
        • Not-for-profits: Competition or partner? 

      Flip Acquisition/Disposition

      • • Best practices in an over-valued market
        • Long distance flipping: What are best practices and processes being used to flip outside your local market?
        • What to do in a slow-moving market? A market retreat?
        • When do you use rent-to-buy options as a disposal method?
        • Financing available
         • What goes into your rehab? What impact this decision?
        • Doing less deals-keeping more equity: A better option in an environment of less flips?
        • Where are you finding deals?


      Getting To 50-100 Flips A Year

      • Should you be doing your own rehabs and property management? What kind of funding should I be using? What class of home will me make the most $$ on? Should I be flipping in the cities or other locations? Should I sell vacant or occupied homes or go turnkey are some of the questions that will be the kinds of growth issues that will be discussed at this pre-conference discussion

      Making More Money Per Flip: Improving Rehab Margins

      • In this era of increased competition from institutions, i-buyers and dumb $$ trying to copy TV flippers coupled with pressures on the cost side from increasing material and labor expenses it is of even more importance to compare notes on increasing rehab efficiency.  This session will touch on such best practices as

        • What is the latest process that you changed? How is it working out?
        • My mother told me you better shop around: Where are you going?
        • Scheduling efficiency
        • Technology-enhanced efficiencies
        • Financing and organizational efficiencies

      The Mega Flipper Panel: Managing 100+ Transactions Per Year

      • • What are the macroeconomic factors you look for in a market? Sub-market?
        • Sources of financing
        • What are your options when you can’t sell?
        • What are you doing about a more competitive environment, higher acquisition prices and higher rehab expenses
        • Structure of business
        • Insourcing vs. outsourcing
        • How are you finding all of these properties? 

      Luxury Market Flips

      • • A million dollars isn’t what it used to be: Defining luxury
        • How many luxury flips do you do at a time?
        • How much time does it take from acquisition to sale?
        • Permitting and working with the local government
        • Financing the flip
        • Seems like the luxury market might be slowing down: What is your plan?
        • What kind of finishes do you put into the luxury vs. normal flip?
        • What if you can’t sell at your price? 

      Flip vs. Hold: What Are Your Best Options When House Price Drops During Renovations

      • • What is your hold flexibility?
        • Equity investors: Are they onboard? Do you need to be looking at the investor docs?
        • What kind of debt do you have?
        • Options in high property tax markets
        • More price cuts: What usually works?
        • Renting out the property: What are the terms and your medium range plans?
        • Considering tax liabilities 


      • Fundraising/Financing  

      Comparing Equity Fundraising for Long Term vs. Flip Investors

      • • Attracting long term equity from institutional investors and family offices
        • IRA & 401(k) money: What you need to know
        • Raising a fund vs. raising money one house at a time
        • Foreign and EB-5 money
        • Joint ventures with private equity & institutional money: What are the terms, structures and waterfalls to be expected?
        • Passive vs. active equity
        • Picking a partner: What are you looking for?
        • Partnering on flips vs. buy-to-hold
        • What are the expected return expectations, leverage/unlevered current yield, hold periods, and IRRs?
        • What kind of pitch should you build: What is the downside?

      Build-To-Rent Financing

      • • Fixed vs. floating: Which way to go
        • Loan-to-cost, loan to value, time frames, draws and recourse
        • Lines or credit vs. bridge loans: Which way to go and why
        • Lessons learned in this new sub-asset
        • Rejected loans: Why?
        • First time BTR investor looking for financing: What do you look for?
        • Securitizable asset? 

      Short Term/ Bridge for Rental Housing

      • • What are you looking for in a buy-to-hold investor: Experience levels & background, Credit scores, capital reserves and skin in the game
        • Lending criteria and how funds and loans are being deployed today
        • How much of rehab and purchase being financed?
        • Any markets or asset types we're starting to shy away from?
        • New or shifting strategies we're seeing deployed by our investors as we head into a potentially softening market?
        • Why would someone consider institutional financing over cash or private money?
        • How do lenders protect themselves against inherent risks that are a condition of specific MSAs?

      Long Term Debt Financing

      • • Will Freddie and Fannie continue refinancing portfolios? What you need to know
        • What are your views on providing cash out refinancing loans?
        • What impact do you think higher rates have had and has it impacted demand?
        • What is the demand from the smaller mom and pop operators for loans on 5-20 properties?
        • LTV’s for stabilized vs non-stabilized properties?
        • Are you seeing more non-recourse vs recourse loans and what is the pricing difference?
        • How important is underwriting the property manager when evaluating your credit decision?

      Comparing Debt Financing Sources

      • • Bank vs. non-bank structures
        • Securitized structures
        • GSE and other available government programs
        • Property owners who finance: Are they out to foreclose you?
        • Fund debt providers: What do their structures look like?
        • Debt sources: Which sources match best with fix and flip, build-to-rent and long term hold? Refi vs. cash out?
         • Short vs. long term debt
        • Corporate vs. property debt
        • Municipal and federal government debt

      Setting Yourself Up To Grow From Financing SFR-The Long-Term Owner Panel

      • • Short-term vs. long-term financing; 15 vs. 30 year: Which do you prefer? Why?
        • Hard money 6 month loan then refinance: When is that the best strategy?
        • What are your current sources for financing and refinancing and their economic terms?
        • Mistakes new and old investors can learn from
         • Obstacles and how to overcome
        • Working with a local lender vs. national lender
        • How important are release provisions and associated release premiums

      Financing Fix & Flips-Debt

      • • How do you underwrite Fix Flippers who are not builders? What type of leverage are you giving with those loans?
        • Best lending practices in a softening market. How do you protect yourself as a lender?
        • Any new or shifting strategies we're seeing deployed by our investors as we head into a potentially softening market?
        • M&A impact
        • In an increasingly competitive lending marketplace, with very similar terms amongst the players, how do you (as a lender) differentiate yourself?
        • Why would someone consider institutional financing over cash or private money?
        • How do lenders protect themselves against inherent risks that are a condition of specific MSAs?
        • Any markets or asset types we're starting to shy away from? Why?
        • Does your company offer a line of credit facility, what benefits does it give to the borrower?
        • What are you looking for in a fix and flip investor? Experience levels & background, credit scores, skin in the game, capital reserves

      Fix & Flip Financing: The Flipper Perspective

      • • How do you finance your flips?
        • Why did you choose your lender?
        • How much equity do you put in deals?
        • Do you get the financing deal-by-deal or use a line of credit
        • Equity financing sources
        • I would do anything for debt but I won’t do that
        • Are you changing your financing approach as home prices increase? 


      • Operations/Property Management

      Managing an SFR Portfolio Across Multiple Locations: Building/Keeping Teams and Finding Property Managers & Vendors

      • • Tertiary market challenges
        • Outsource vs. keep in-house: What do you look at?
        • How do you approach a new market?
        • What is your strategy for keeping key employees beyond the obvious?
        • What do you look for in a service provider?
        • Technology at the home office: What do you look for?
        • Technology in your pocket: What apps are you and your employees using? 

      Making the Process More Efficient…Rental Maintenance & Tech

      • • What are your maintenance expenses? How are you trying to minimize them?
        • What is the optimal man hours/maintenance techs per home?
        • Long term maintenance policy
        • What do you do when a short term renter vacates? Long term?
        • What kind of maintenance do perform while the tenant is in the house?
        • While on a service call does your tech inspect the house for problems to fix?
        • Smart technology in use

      Marketing & Getting New Tenants, What Really Works for SFR

      • • Complying with ADA and Fair Housing regulations
        • Tenant screening
        • Class “A” vs. “D” tenants
        • How successful has your blogging been?
        • SEO and what you should know
        • The marketing spend and ROI: What has had the most bang for your buck?
        • To broker or not to broker? That is the question
        • Guerilla marketing experiences 

      Technology Vendor Hot Seat… Owner Q&A Session Lead By SFR Owners

      • This panel will consist of 2-3 owners asking pointed questions to vendors the types of questions you would want answered when evaluating a particular system for purchase.  Audience participation is encouraged.

      Tenant Best Practices

      • • Rental process and lease renewal automation
        • Compliance with ADA and fair housing
        • What is your rate increase policy?
        • What kind of incentives work? Gift cards? Value Add Propositions?
        • Value-added proposition your firm offers
        • Customer service best practices-Proactive vs. Reactive
        • Changing Regulatory Environment-Collections and tenant eviction, new local- and state-level regulations to be concerned with
        • When to turn over to the lawyer vs.  Collections services
        • What kind of incentives work? Gift cards? Value Add Propositions? 

      Building Your Own In-House Property Manager/Broker

      • • How much does it cost? How much can you save?
        • How many properties does it take to make it worthwhile?
        • Exclusive brokers agreements vs. in-house
        • Handling markets outside your usual geographic area
        • Working with institutional vs. turnkey clients 

      Luncheon Roundtables



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