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August 18 - 19, 2020

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The single family rental sector has shown incredible resiliency and adaptability over the last several months. REITs, private equity funds, aggregators, fix & flippers, note buyers and other key industry stakeholders have demonstrated remarkable flexibility within today’s continuously shifting new normal, and the industry continues to thrive because of it.

In recognition of this adaptability and in an effort to manifest our own resiliency and flexibility, IMN is delighted to continue our commitment to foster relationships, engage in lively debate and enable the exchange of critical market intelligence by convening the industry, virtually, at our Single Family Rental Virtual Conference this August 18-19, with easy access from your own computer, laptop or mobile device.

Built upon a best-in-class, user-friendly platform, the virtual edition of our Single Family Rental conference features a host of capabilities that will ensure you arm yourself with the information and connections you’ve grown to expect from our industry leading live event, including:
  • Attendee Networking Attendees and sponsors can meet via video or text chat; one-on-one or in groups; to discuss the latest deals, investment opportunities or whatever else is on your mind.
  • Diverse Content Hear from over 100 industry leaders through a range of keynote addresses, panel discussions, ‘closed-door meetings’, and roundtables.
  • On-Demand Access Can’t make it to the live session? Add it to your personal calendar and enjoy on-demand access whenever the time is right.
  • Speaker Engagement Engage directly with the virtual conference speaking faculty during live sessions with Q&A and polling, or take the conversation offline within the networking portal.
  • Unlimited Resources Download and save pertinent industry resources throughout the entire platform from panel presentations to exhibitor whitepapers, you will not leave the conference empty-handed!
  • Ease of Access Register for the virtual conference and receive access from any device no matter where you are.
IMN is excited to adapt alongside our clients in the single family rental space and to bring this calendar fixture event to an even wider delegation of industry participants on August 18-19. We hope you will join us for this must attend virtual gathering.

Who Should Attend
  • Accounting
  • Bankers
  • Brokers
  • Econometric Services
  • Insurance
  • Law
  • Lenders
  • Mom & Pops/Fix & Flippers
  • Property Analytics
  • Property Auction
  • Property Broker
  • Property Management/Property Management Services
  • Rating Agencies
  • Single Family Investors
  • Single Family Owners/Operators
  • Service Providers/Vendors

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    Tuesday, August 18th, 2020

      9:00 AM
      Explore the Hubb Platform

      • Finish setting up your Hubb profile, peruse the exhibit hall, schedule one on one meetings, connect with sponsoring firms, watch on demand  content, and more! 

      9:25 AM
      Opening Remarks

        • Jeff Cline, Executive Director (SVN | SFRhub Advisors)

      9:35 AM
      State of the SFR Industry: Challenge & Opportunities in Tumultuous Times

        • How are owners reacting to the current market?
        • Rent and renter growth factors: Are we on a break? How long?  
        • How much in rent payments? What is the impact on financial performance?
        • Rent regulation and housing affordability: How is it impacting SFR? Is it an industry positive?
        • Where are the hottest markets SFR Performance vs. other real estate sectors in different markets
        • Where are the fix and flip and Build-For-Rent market?
        • Technology’s impact on underwriting, acquisition, leasing & operating   
        • M&A activity: on hold?
        • Future of large vs. regional vs. small owners
        • Foreign money coming into the sector?
        *A note on timings: we want you to stay engaged with the fantastic content we have on offer today from our superb speaker faculty.  Recognizing that a virtual conference is consumed differently, we want to enable you all to grab coffees, snacks, check emails and, dare we say, tend to children (!), therefore each panel includes a 15 minute buffer at its conclusion to allow you to take those breathers, stay charged and ready to go.

        • Jeff Cline, Executive Director (SVN | SFRhub Advisors)
        • Ben Hall, Vice President, Product (Altisource)
        • Sean Breuner, Founder & CEO (AvantStay)
        • Mathew Avrhami, Vice President (Harvard Investments, Inc.)
        • Tim Reilly, EVP, Asset Management Services (Radian)

      10:30 AM
      Financing Overview: What Does Financing Look Like Today?

      • • How much debt is available: is the debt available for all or just existing clients? What are the terms?
        • What are workouts looking like today?
        • HLT transactions and cash outs: are you underwriting? How much have equity requirements risen?
        • Issues surrounding BFR and construction loans with forced government construction stoppages
        • How are you counting rental income during the covid-19 crisis?
        • Financing traditional rental vs. Build-For-Rent vs. fix & flip; Gap funding & second lien positions
        • Products for the small borrowers 
        • Availability of non-recourse financing and their workouts  

        • Nema Daghbandan, Partner (Geraci LLP)
        • Scott Saunders, Sr. Vice President (Asset Preservation, Inc.)
        • Matthew Fernandes, VP Sales and Business Development (Finance of America Commercial)
        • Ed Steffelin, Senior Vice President (George Smith Partners)
        • Jeffrey Tesch, CEO (RCN Capital)

      11:10 AM
      Exhibit Hall Networking Break

      Track A 11:25 AM
      The SFR Economy: Are We At The Bottom Of The Cycle? Where Will We Be Going From Here?

      • • Will the recession look like a “V” or a “U”? When will we be on the way up?
        • Trends in defaults, foreclosure filings and MSAs in trouble vs. those prospering
        • Any early greenshoot indicators popping up?
        • Do millennials want to own homes? Will recent job interruptions delay this goal?
        • Strength of secondary cities in a recession
        • Aging in place
        • Is 65% home ownership a norm?
        • 2030: How many households do you expect will be formed? How many will be renters? SFR renters?
        • Interest rate outlook and what can lower and negative interest rates mean for the SFR market

        • Ted Jones, Chief Economist-SVP (Stewart Title Guaranty Company)
        • Domonic Purviance, Senior Financial Specialist (Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta)
        • Jeremy Sicklick, Co-Founder & CEO (HouseCanary, Inc.)
        • Peter Ciganik, Managing Director (GTIS Partners)
        • Howard Fife, Principal (Westport Capital Partners, LLC)

      Track B 11:25 AM
      Build-For-Rent 101: What You Need To Know On How The Market Is Changing

      • • How has the coronavirus impacted BFR?
        • What are the differences between BFR and SFR homes?
        • What are the variations of BFR?
        • What are the market factors you should consider before undertaking a BFR project?
        • How long does it take to permit and build a project?
        • What size does a community need to be for it to make sense?
        • First time looking for BFR financing: What do you need to know?  
        • What has changed in the market over the past few months?

        • Alex Sifakis, President (JWB Real Estate Capital)
        • James Dobbie, President (Avanta Residential, a Hunt Company)
        • Dennis Cisterna III, Chief Investment Officer (Lafayette Communities)
        • Jay Byce, CoFounder & SVP (ResiBuilt Homes)
        • Mitch Rotta, Director, New Construction (TRICOR)

      Track A 12:20 PM
      Fix & Flip Overview: Where Is The Market Today?

      • • How are current capital market conditions impacting financing?
        • Are homes currently being bought or is there a market pause?
        • Are customers buying completed houses now?
        • Impact of elimination of state and local tax deduction; high income taxes in certain states; demographic changes/ geographic movement
        • Changing rent vs buy equation
        • Impact of increased debt and equity into the market
        • Finding properties: Are you changing your strategy?
        • Will the rising cost of labor/materials continue? Any impact on the recent trade agreements?
        • What rate of return is out there in today’s marketplace

        • Patrick Flynn, VP & Co-Founder (YellowBird Home Buyers)
        • Khalil Kanaan, Senior Managing Director (Finance of America)
        • Kelly Stumphauzer, Founder/Owner (Prosper Cleveland)
        • Paul Stockamore, Managing Partner (Yellowstone Capital Partners)
        • Ryan Kuhlman, President (BREIA & Miami Dade REIA)

      Track B 12:20 PM
      Acquisitions, Dispositions, I-Buyers & Valuation Automation: When To Use Technology vs. People During & Post Crisis

      • • Why did you stop i-buying? Why did you restart? Are you keeping or selling existing inventory? 
        • How are you managing client expectations? 
        • With the current advancement of PropTech, how many human analysts do you think are appropriate to have internally?  •  The walk through: Physical vs. Virtual
        • Evaluating the different i-buying strategies, ideal home, fee structures and variations of working with them 
        • Auto valuation and home quality evaluation vs. human? 
        • Is it a good time to consider new markets?  How much scale is needed to succeed? 
        • How to mix technology with boots on the ground
        • Dealing with complexities like title issues and mold 
        • 1% of all single family sales are now transacted by i-buyers… How much do you think is possible? How much more volume are you planning for?

        • Brian Pidgeon, VP, National Sales Executive (ServiceLink)
        • Tony Pistilli, SVP Chief Appraiser (Computershare Loan Services)
        • Nathan Harbacek, Director - Capital Markets (OpenDoor Labs Inc.)
        • Jesse Shemesh, Portfolio Manager (Point Acquistions LLC)
        • Michael Hosier, VP, Rental Operations & Direct (Offerpad)

      1:00 PM
      Log-in Luncheon & Networking at the Sponsor Booths

      • Grab some grub and connect with your industry peers by making full use of the networking functionality the virtual platform offers. Visit the SVN I SFRhub Advisors booth to discuss the topic of Homebuilders & Build-For-Rent Visit the PointCentral booth to discuss the topic of How to Bring Smart Properties to your Organization Visit the RCN Capital booth to discuss the topic of Fix & Flip Financing   Visit the SmartRent Booth to discuss the topic of SGT and virtual tours     *A note on timings: we want you to stay engaged with the fantastic content we have on offer today from our superb speaker faculty.  Recognizing that a virtual conference is consumed differently, we want to enable you all to grab coffees, snacks, check emails and, dare we say, tend to children (!), therefore each panel includes a 15 minute buffer at its conclusion to allow you to take those breathers, stay charged and ready to go.

      1:30 PM
      C-Suite Plenary: Overview on Acquisitions & Financing

      • • How are you making sure you are capitalized? 
        • Deals that fell through: Have you been revisiting? 
        • 5 year growth plan: Have recent events changed your strategy? 
        • Are you looking to increase your BTR product? What are the cap rates vs. traditional SFR? 
        • Short term rentals: Are you considering? 
        • Consolidation plans: What would you be looking for to buy? Sell out?  
        • What is the target yield of your portfolio? 
        • What goes into the sales bucket? Why? 
        • What keeps you up at night? 

        • Gary Beasley, CEO & Co-Founder (Roofstock)
        • Drew Flahive, President, Amherst Residential (Amherst)
        • Colleen Keating, CEO (FirstKey Homes)
        • Dallas Tanner, President and CEO (Invitation Homes)
        • Chaz Mueller, CEO (Progress Residential)
        • Kevin Baldridge, President (Tricon American Homes)

      Track A 2:30 PM
      Fix & Flips Financing & Acquisitions: The Latest Structures, Terms, & Performance

      • • How are current local economies impacting your lending?
        • What is your current suite of products? Anything new? 
        • How do you determine the maximum debt exposure limit for customers?
        • Any special consideration for luxury/jumbo properties?
        • The last deal you passed on…
        • Exit strategy
        • Loans that go bad: What have you learned? Any commonalities?
        • What is on your product menu?
        • Working out loans where extensions are needed due to government construction stops or non-ability to sell at post-crisis price

        • Joe Negri, Managing Director & Co-Head of Institutional SFR (Amherst)
        • Mark Filler, CEO (Apex Home Partners)
        • Andrew Hurd, VP, Credit & Underwriting (Finance of America Commercial)
        • Paul Turovsky, Fund Manager (Four Square Realty Investments)
        • Ishay Grinberg, Founder & CEO (Rental Beast LLC)

      Track B 2:30 PM
      Tech Vendor Hot Seat

      • This panel will consist of 2-3 owners asking pointed questions to vendors the types of questions you would want answered when evaluating a particular system for purchase.  Audience participation is encouraged.

        • Gregg Knutson, Senior Vice President of Information Technology (Tricon American Homes)
        • Isaac Kyle, Former CEO GOAL Properties (GOAL Properties)
        • David Quine, CTO (VineBrook Homes)
        • Zach Parsons, Strategic Sales Consultant (Buildium)
        • Inaas Arabi, GM of Propertyware (RealPage Inc.)
        • David Namkoong, Senior Account Executive (Rently Keyless)
        • James Barrett, Chief Executive Officer (Tenant Turner)

      3:10 PM
      Networking Break: Raffle Time!

      Track A 3:25 PM
      Buy & Hold Acquisitions, Due Diligence & Pricing Update

      • • Are you finding distress? Are there motivated sellers out there? What kind of inventory is out there & making it pencil? What are the portfolios available looking like?
        • Deals that fell apart:  Are they coming back together? Did you have to put up more equity to make them work?
        • Financing and leverage: What was your latest deal?  
        • Where are appraisals coming in at? Do you think they are accurate?
        • Do you discount SFRs in a HOA? What kind of due diligence do you need to do on a HOA?
        • How do you factor low taxes into the equation?
        • Properties with liens and title issues: Are they worth curing?
        • Home price vs. rent you can charge equation
        • Your newest market is… Home/neighborhood quality you are looking for & new market acquisition tricks of the trade

        • Holen Brady, Sr. Manager Product (Altisource)
        • Mercedes Torres, Founder & Director (Epic Real Estate / CashFlow Savvy)
        • Stephanie Casper, VP, Head of Sales (LendingHome)
        • Karen Gados, Managing Partner (Pikes Peak Capital)
        • Jennifer Gunnels, Chief Operating Officer (Realty Haven, LLC Property Management)

      Track B 3:25 PM
      Tenant Best Practices: Rental Non-Payment, Eviction Moratoriums & Re-Upping Leases

      • • Current level of rent you are receiving?
        • How many tenants are having an issue with rent payment? How are you treating the ones in cities without eviction mandates? How long do tenants have to forgo payments until eviction can/will begin?  Tenants with judgements prior to coronavirus?  
        • What works best?
        •Payment plans, using last month’s rent, having tenants use credit cards, using security or discounts for paying in full?  
        •Communicating with your tenants: What works best?
        • GSE aid vs. eviction prevention: Evaluating your choice
        • Renter Bankruptcy: What Are The Implications?
        • Examining non-rental fees including pet screening, requirement of renter’s insurance, and other upfront costs (application fees, deposits) impact your ability get new tenants?
        • What are the keys to a successful virtual tour?
        • Cleaning between showings and turns

        • Barnett Brodie, Managing Partner (Reichman Brodie Real Estate)
        • Kristina Reynolds, VP of Operations (33 Realty Management)
        • Genger Charles, Head of Government Relations & Strategy (Amherst)
        • Michael Krause, Partner (Atrium Management Company)
        • Adam Meshekow, Chief Growth Officer (Leap)

      Track A 4:20 PM
      Smart Homes & Virtual Tours: Is The ROI & Demand There Now?

        • Touring methods for COVID and beyond
        • What are the keys to a successful self showing?
        • How are prospects responding? 
        • Operational impact on virtual and self-touring
        • Cleaning between showings and turns - how to handle in a COVID world?
        • What does a smart home look like these days?
        • Selecting and protecting the right smart home network
        • Cost of adding smart home technology to an existing vs. new home
        • Comparing device installation, servicing and maintenance approaches
        • What are some of the most popular and cost-effective smart home features pre-pandemic vs. today?
        • The intersection of maintenance and smart home devices
        • Renewal process best practices-When can the rent be pushed? The smart amenities?
        • What do smart home and smart touring options look like moving forward?

        • Alex Lugovoy, General Manager (Dobrin Homes)
        • James Barrett, Chief Executive Officer (Tenant Turner)
        • Jeff Corn, CEO & Co-Founder (Virtuance)
        • Jeff Proebstle, National Sales Director (Vivint SmartHome)
        • Jules Perera, Vice President, Technology (Progress Residential)

      Track B 4:20 PM
      Workouts & Other Ways To Keep Your Company’s Head Above Water & Liquid

      • • Cutting pay vs. layoffs
        • How the government can help
        • Cash reserves: How much more will you need?
        • Projecting non-/under payment of rent
        • Deferring maintenance/rehab
        • Alternatives to foreclosure and bankruptcy implications
        • Forbearance agreements: What needs to be included? Can they breach loan documents or JV agreements?
        • CMBS pool complications & the role of the special servicer
        • Impact of personal guarantees & other negotiable points
        • Lender liabilities challenges  

        • John Keeton, Partner (Morningside Funding LLC)
        • Doug Smith, Portfolio Manager & COO (Castle Rock Capital Management)
        • Stacie Ngo, Director, Commercial Servicing (PHH Mortgage)
        • Kathy Fettke, Co-CEO (Real Wealth Network)
        • Steven Kollar, Managing Principal (Cash Flow Properties/ROIturnkeypropertie)

      5:00 PM
      Sponsor Booth Cocktail Roundtables

      • Visit the Altisource Booth to discuss the topic of Acquisitons/Dispositions (National)

        Visit the Wan Bridge Booth to discuss the topic of Build-to-Rent Construction & Design Roundtable Viisit the Vivint Smart Home Booth to discuss the topic of Property Technology: Virtual/ Self-Guided Tours and Smart Home Tech Visit the Avanta Booth to discuss the topic of Exploring SFR by Location

      5:00 PM
      Women's Inside Scoop

      • Rently is excited to host its Women’s Inside Scoop as Day 1 draws to a close.  All women in our delegation are invited to join Rently for two interactive and engaging discussions: Session 1: Defining Personal and Professional Success Session 2: Survival and Growth in the Current Environment Sponsored by: 

      5:00 PM
      Women's Inside Scoop: Survival and Growth in the Current Environment

      • Please visit the Rently Booth to join. 

        • Claire Pyatt, Senior Client Success Manager (Rently)
        • Rachel Petticrew, Operations Manager (Camillo Properties)
        • Nicola Cowan, Head of Partnerships (Great Jones)
        • Shannon Yeats, Senior Vice President National Operations (Progress Residential)
        • Genger Charles, Head of Government Relations & Strategy (Amherst)

      5:30 PM
      Women's Inside Scoop: Defining Personal and Professional Success

      •  Please visit the Rently Booth to join.

        • Claire Pyatt, Senior Client Success Manager (Rently)
        • Becky Marson, Chief Human Resource Officer (Conrex)
        • Josephine Alexander, SVP, Head of Finance - MSR (Main Street Renewal LLC)
        • Lauren Maloney, Marketing Manager (PlanOmatic)

      6:00 PM
      Day One of SFR Virtual Concludes

    Wednesday, August 19th, 2020

      10:15 AM
      Coffee & Connections

      • Have your caffeine at the ready and then dive back into the virtual platform.  Scroll through our attendee list, filter market segments, and connect with prospective partners as we kick-off Day 2!     *A note on timings: we want you to stay engaged with the fantastic content we have on offer today from our superb speaker faculty.  Recognizing that a virtual conference is consumed differently, we want to enable you all to grab coffees, snacks, check emails and, dare we say, tend to children (!), therefore each panel includes a 15 minute buffer at its conclusion to allow you to take those breathers, stay charged and ready to go.

      10:30 AM
      Keynote Address

      • John will present a data-driven overview of the single family rental market, analyzing key trends and associated drivers, and providing an expert outlook for the industry moving forward.

        • John Burns, CEO (John Burns Real Estate Consulting)

      Track A 11:15 AM
      What Will the Next 3-12 Months Look Like For The Flipper, BFR And SFR Owner?

      • • Impact of the coronavirus on the market going forward
        • Will Build-For-Rent continue its upward projection?
        • Meet the new administration… Same as the old administration?
        • What can you gleam from the Single Family Rental Market Index
        • Will demand keep up for the SFR product?
        • Trends in the for-sale market you need to pay attention to
        • GSE developments that can impact the market
        • How will the AI/Smart home relationship continue to evolve?
        • Effect of driverless cars on infrastructure and property: If it improves commute times will we see a trend towards people moving back out to the suburbs in search of larger less expensive homes?

        • Matt Neisser, COO (LendingOne)
        • David Lichtenger, Managing Partner (Intrepid Capital Investments)
        • Greg Coleman, Co-Founder & Managing Partner (Revest Asset Management)
        • Steve Gaenzler, SVP, Data & Analytics, Technology & Transaction Services (Radian)

      Track B 11:15 AM Acquisition Shark Tank

      • Featuring 2 SFR sales pitched to potential buyers followed by a Q&A period for each of the transactions. Tank Leader: Moderates the session
        • Jeff Cline
        The Sharks: Interested in acquiring portfolios of homes
        • Luis-Miguel Aste
        • JK Jay
        • Wade McGuinn
        The Property Owners: Presenting portfolios for sale
        • Michael Steinberg
        • Thad Switzenberg

        • Jeff Cline, Executive Director (SVN | SFRhub Advisors)
        • JK Jay, CEO, Founder (Hudson Oak)
        • Wade McGuinn, CEO (McGuinn Hybrid Homes)
        • Luis-Miguel Aste, Director of Acquistions (TCS Anika Homes)
        • Michael Steinberg, President (Prestige Equity Management, Inc.)
        • Thad Switzenberg, Senior Portfolio Investment Advisor (SVN | SFRhub Advisors)

      Track A 12:10 PM
      BFR Overview: How Will the Model Respond to Recent Market Conditions?

      • • Has the coronavirus caused a crash landing?
        • Dealing with building moratoriums
        • Acquiring through homebuilder vs. joint venture vs acquire land and build
        • Demographic positives and negatives
        • Financing availability and structures
        • Design, amenities and living experiences
        • What are some of the latest deals being done? What makes them unique?
        • What are some of the markets that are up and coming for BFR? Why?
        • BFR data sources
        • Demographic of SFR vs. BFR tenants

        • Kevin Stuckey, SVP of Development (Wan Bridge Group, LLC)
        • Pratik Sharma, Managing Director (Bridge Tower Partners)
        • Eric Matheis, Asset Manager (Pintar Investment Company)
        • Michael Finch, EVP & Principal (SVN | SFRhub Advisors)
        • Jim Driscoll, Executive Director of Acquisitions & Asset Management (Transcendent)

      Track B 12:10 PM
      Maintenance and Rehab: Technology & Best Practices To Keep Your Staff Safe & Save Money

      • • Do tenants want to see maintenance representatives now? Can software and incentives fill the void? 
        • Emergency maintenance on quarantined houses 
        • Are you considering deferring maintenance and rehab to preserve cash? 
        • Efficiency and ROI of products and popular rehab additions
        •Communications systems between the tenant, property management and with your maintenance team 
        • Cleaning/maintenance after showing and on turns: What are your best practices? 
        • Accounting for long-term and big ticket items 
        • What is your preventive maintenance strategy?
        • Minimal maintenance and higher quality products: When does it pay to update existing?
        • Vacancy/rent levels of poorly vs. well-maintained units    

        • Inaas Arabi, GM of Propertyware (RealPage Inc.)
        • Jennifer Stoops, Executive Vice President (Park Avenue Properties)
        • Zach Bassett, VP, Field Operations (Property Masters Inc)
        • Demetrios Barnes, Chief Operating Officer (SmartRent)
        • Sean Miller, President (PointCentral)

      12:50 PM
      Log-in Luncheon & Networking at Sponsor Booths

      • Grab some grub and connect with your industry peers by making full use of the networking functionality the virtual platform offers. Visit the Premium Title Booth to discuss the topic of Regional & National Investment Expansion-The Value of Experienced Service Providers Visit the LendingHome Booth to discuss the topic of Financing Single Family Investment Properties for the Full LifeCycle Visit the ServiceLink Booth to discuss the topic of One Touch Solutions Visit the Virtuance Booth to discuss the topic of Virtual Tours

      1:10 PM
      C-Suite Plenary: Navigating the Crisis and Optimizing for the Future

      • • What will be your strategy as we emerge from Covid-19?
        • Build-to-rent partnerships and how big will the BFR sector be for homebuilders?
        • Mergers, acquisitions, capital markets
        • Expansion strategy: How has it changed?
        • Will prices of existing home stock be lower? Will any markets come back to the buy list?
        • Comparisons vs. 2008
        • What do you think of the short-term rental market?

        • Ivy Zelman, CEO (Zelman & Associates)
        • Drew Flahive, President, Amherst Residential (Amherst)
        • Scott Kelly, President (CONREX)
        • Dana Sprong, Co-Founder & Managing Partner (VineBrook Homes)

      Track A 2:10 PM
      BFR Joint Ventures

      • • What do homebuilder/SFR joint ventures look like?
        • Developing from the entitlement up
        • Branding: Who puts their name on it?
        • Master planned communities
        • Waterfalls and expected returns
        • Leverage and financing
        • What kind of control issues come up?
        • Resolving post-construction issues How to set them up
        • Finding the right builder
        • Breaking up is hard to do… Have recent economic events made going forward an issue?

        • Mark Peterson, National Director, Build-for-Rent (BFR) Division (SVN | SFRhub Advisors)
        • Bruce McNeilage, CEO (Kinloch Partners)
        • Adam Wolfson, Chief Investment Officer (Transcendent Investment Management)
        • Mitch Rotta, Director, New Construction (TRICOR)

      Track B 2:10 PM
      Checking Coverage Checklist In Times Of Coronavirus: An Insurance and Legal Plenary

      • • Coverage implications for COVID-19 project shutdowns
        • Can insurers retroactively modify policies to exclude coronavirus?
        • New local government regulations to be aware of
        • Crisis-related coverage extensions and liability policies
        • When to establish communications
        • Waiving of premiums for small businesses… Who qualifies?

        • Ted Farry, COO (Fortune Acquisitions)
        • Leah Slaughter, Co-Founder and CFO (OmniKey Realty)
        • Andrew Blank, Manager, P&C Claims (Sedgwick)
        • Bill Mecklenburg, President (SES Insurance Brokerage Services, Inc.)

      2:50 PM
      Exhibit Hall Networking Break

      3:05 PM
      Large SFR Operations Executive Panel: Lessons Still Being Learned From Covid-19

      • • What are you doing about renters not paying?
        • Which expenses are you cutting to save cash? 
        • Has your outsourcing strategy changed with the Covid-19 crisis? 
        • Handling expiring leases: What are you doing about rent increases, evictions and length of lease? 
        • Best ways to increase revenue through ancillary products: Which have the most sign-ons? Highest ROI? 
        • Latest technologies you are using to automate your operations? Which one(s) are worth it even when revenue is down?  
        •  Has your hold/sell strategy changed? 
        • Which functions have working remotely worked? 
        •  Screening for the coronavirus at your property without breaking the law 

        • Lauren Taylor, CEO (The Haven Group)
        • John Hope Bryant, Founder & CEO (The Promise Homes Company)
        • Alan O'Brien, EVP of Operations (Tricon American Homes)
        • John Halasz, CEO (US Home Aggregation)
        • Ryan McGarry, Managing Partner, COO (VineBrook Homes)

      3:50 PM
      The Great Debate: Distressed Build-For-Rent vs. Long Term SFR vs. Fix & Flip: Where Should You Be Now?

      • • Comparing the coronavirus impact on each area: Which area is best/worst off?
        • Where are current valuations? Impact of current prices of existing properties and finding land
        • What is your region’s REO trajectory: How does distress play into your strategy?
        • Comparing ROI, risks and other metrics
        • Lower maintenance and rehab costs vs. the timelines of build to rent and the tying up of money and staff
        • Lower rates:  Lower cost to re-finance houses vs. lower cost to finance new acquisitions and new builds … Which is better?
        • Impact of where are home ownership rates going?
        • Considering commission cost and cost of running an SFR operation
        • What is the typical cost ratio for construction vs rehab and the return you expect?
        • Differences in insurance coverage needed
        • Buying vs. Financing: Lots vs. incomplete projects vs. SFR out of receivership/bankruptcy/foreclosure

        • Adam Whitmire, Fund Manager (Arabella Capital)
        • Sanjay Raghavaraju, Founder & CEO (33 Holdings)
        • RJ Palano, Director of Acquisitions (Buy Cash Flow Properties)
        • Joe Calloway, Founder (RE360)

      4:30 PM
      Last Chance Saloon: Networking Stays Open for One Final Hour

      5:30 PM
      IMN’s SFR Virtual Concludes: Thank You For Joining Us!



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    Also please do not forget that if you are playing audio files on the mobile device (without being connected to WiFi), your Mobile/Cellural Internet data will be spent to play these audio files.
  • Tuesday, August 18th, 2020
  • Wednesday, August 19th, 2020

1120 Avenue of the Americas, 6th Floor, New York, NY 10036
Tel: +1(212)901-0506 Fax: +1(212)768-2484

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