Single Family Rental Virtual
Virtual Conference
August 18 - 19, 2020


The single family rental sector has shown incredible resiliency and adaptability over the last several months. REITs, private equity funds, aggregators, fix & flippers, note buyers and other key industry stakeholders have demonstrated remarkable flexibility within today’s continuously shifting new normal, and the industry continues to thrive because of it.

In recognition of this adaptability and in an effort to manifest our own resiliency and flexibility, IMN is delighted to continue our commitment to foster relationships, engage in lively debate and enable the exchange of critical market intelligence by convening the industry, virtually, at our Single Family Rental Virtual Conference this August 18-19, with easy access from your own computer, laptop or mobile device.

Built upon a best-in-class, user-friendly platform, the virtual edition of our Single Family Rental conference features a host of capabilities that will ensure you arm yourself with the information and connections you’ve grown to expect from our industry leading live event, including:
  • Attendee Networking Attendees and sponsors can meet via video or text chat; one-on-one or in groups; to discuss the latest deals, investment opportunities or whatever else is on your mind.
  • Diverse Content Hear from over 100 industry leaders through a range of keynote addresses, panel discussions, ‘closed-door meetings’, and roundtables.
  • On-Demand Access Can’t make it to the live session? Add it to your personal calendar and enjoy on-demand access whenever the time is right.
  • Speaker Engagement Engage directly with the virtual conference speaking faculty during live sessions with Q&A and polling, or take the conversation offline within the networking portal.
  • Unlimited Resources Download and save pertinent industry resources throughout the entire platform from panel presentations to exhibitor whitepapers, you will not leave the conference empty-handed!
  • Ease of Access Register for the virtual conference and receive access from any device no matter where you are.
IMN is excited to adapt alongside our clients in the single family rental space and to bring this calendar fixture event to an even wider delegation of industry participants on August 18-19. We hope you will join us for this must attend virtual gathering.

Who Should Attend
  • Accounting
  • Bankers
  • Brokers
  • Econometric Services
  • Insurance
  • Law
  • Lenders
  • Mom & Pops/Fix & Flippers
  • Property Analytics
  • Property Auction
  • Property Broker
  • Property Management/Property Management Services
  • Rating Agencies
  • Single Family Investors
  • Single Family Owners/Operators
  • Service Providers/Vendors

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My Agenda

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    Tuesday, August 18th, 2020

      10:15 AM
      Explore the Hubb Platform

      • Finish setting up your Hubb profile, peruse the exhibit hall, schedule one on one meetings, connect with sponsoring firms, watch on demand  content, and more! 

      10:45 AM
      Opening Remarks

      10:55 AM
      State of the SFR Industry: A Return to 2008?

        • How are owners reacting to the current market?
        • Rent and renter growth factors: Are we on a break? How long?  
        • How much in rent payments? What is the impact on financial performance?
        • Rent regulation and housing affordability: How is it impacting SFR? Is it an industry positive?
        • Where are the hottest markets SFR Performance vs. other real estate sectors in different markets
        • Where are the fix and flip and Build-To-Rent market?
        • Technology’s impact on underwriting, acquisition, leasing & operating   
        • M&A activity: on hold?
        • Future of large vs. regional vs. small owners
        • Foreign money coming into the sector?
        *A note on timings: we want you to stay engaged with the fantastic content we have on offer today from our superb speaker faculty.  Recognizing that a virtual conference is consumed differently, we want to enable you all to grab coffees, snacks, check emails and, dare we say, tend to children (!), therefore each panel includes a 15 minute buffer at its conclusion to allow you to take those breathers, stay charged and ready to go.

      12:00 PM
      Financing Overview: What Is Financing Looking Like Today? Are You Switching To Workout Mode?

      • • How much debt is available: is the debt available for all or just existing clients? What are the terms?
        • What are workouts looking like today?
        • HLT transactions and cash outs: are you underwriting? How much have equity requirements risen?
        • Issues surrounding BTR and construction loans with forced government construction stoppages
        • How are you counting rental income during the covid-19 crisis?
        • Financing traditional rental vs. Build-To-Rent vs. fix & flip; Gap funding & second lien positions
        • Products for the small borrowers 
        • Availability of non-recourse financing and their workouts  

      12:45 PM
      Exhibit Hall Networking Break

      1:45 PM
      “C-Level” Plenary: Acquisition & Financing In Today’s Market

      • • How are you making sure you are capitalized?
        • Deals that fell through: Have you been revisiting?
        • 5 year growth plan: Have recent events changed your strategy?
        • Are you looking to increase your BTR product? What are the cap rates vs. traditional SFR?
        • Short term rentals: Are you considering?
        • Consolidation plans: What would you be looking for to buy? Sell out?  
        • What is the target yield of your portfolio?
        • What goes into the sales bucket? Why?
        • What keeps you up at night?

      Track A 2:45 PM
      Build-to-Rent 101: What You Need To Know On How The Market Is Changing

      • • How has the coronavirus impacted BTR?
        • What are the differences between BTR and SFR homes?
        • What are the variations of BTR?
        • What are the market factors you should consider before undertaking a BTR project?
        • How long does it take to permit and build a project?
        • What size does a community need to be for it to make sense?
        • First time looking for BTR financing: What do you need to know?  
        • What has changed in the market over the past few months?

      Track B 2:45 PM
      Using Maintenance Technology & Best Practices To Keep Your Staff Safe & Save Money

      • • Do tenants want to see maintenance representatives now? Can software and incentives fill the void?
        • Emergency maintenance on quarantined houses
        • Are you considering deferring maintenance to preserve cash?
        • Efficiency and ROI of products
        • Communications systems between the tenant, property management and with your maintenance team
        • Cleaning/maintenance after showing and on turns: What are your best practices?
        • Accounting for long-term and big ticket items
        • What is your preventive maintenance strategy?
        • Minimal maintenance and higher quality products: When does it pay to update existing?
        • Vacancy/rent levels of poorly vs. well-maintained units   

      3:30 PM
      Networking Break: Raffle Time!

      Track A 4:00 PM
      Financing Fix & Flips: The Latest Structures, Terms, Performance

      • • How are current local economies impacting your lending?
        • What is your current suite of products? Anything new? 
        • How do you determine the maximum debt exposure limit for customers?
        • Any special consideration for luxury/jumbo properties?
        • The last deal you passed on…
        • Exit strategy
        • Loans that go bad: What have you learned? Any commonalities?
        • What is on your product menu?
        • Working out loans where extensions are needed due to government construction stops or non-ability to sell at post-crisis price

      Track B 4:00 PM
      I-Buyers & Valuation Automation: How Are You In This Market?

      • • Why did you stop? Why did you restart?
        • How are you managing client expectations?
        • The anatomy of a cancelled contract
        • Are you keeping or selling existing inventory?
        • Evaluating the different i-buying strategies and variations of working with them
        • What kind of fee structures are out there for buyers and sellers?
        • Auto valuation vs. human?
        • Is it a good time to consider new markets?  How much scale is needed to succeed?
        • Dealing with complexities like title issues and mold
        • 1% of all single family sales are now transacted by i-buyers, how much do you think is possible? How much more volume are you planning for?

      Track A 5:00 PM
      Buy & Hold Acquisitions, Due Diligence & Pricing In Light of Recent Market Changes

      • • Are you finding distress? Are there motivated sellers out there? What kind of inventory is out there & making it pencil? What are the portfolios available looking like?
        • Deals that fell apart:  Are they coming back together? Did you have to put up more equity to make them work?
        • Financing and leverage: What was your latest deal?  
        • Where are appraisals coming in at? Do you think they are accurate?
        • Do you discount SFRs in a HOA? What kind of due diligence do you need to do on a HOA?
        • How do you factor low taxes into the equation?
        • Properties with liens and title issues: Are they worth curing?
        • Home price vs. rent you can charge equation
        • Your newest market is… Home/neighborhood quality you are looking for & new market acquisition tricks of the trade

      Track B 5:00 PM
      Workout & Other Ways To Keep Your Company’s Head Above Water & Liquid

      • • Cutting pay vs. layoffs
        • How the government can help
        • Cash reserves: How much more will you need?
        • Projecting non-/under payment of rent
        • Deferring maintenance/rehab
        • Alternatives to foreclosure and bankruptcy implications
        • Forbearance agreements: What needs to be included? Can they breach loan documents or JV agreements?
        • CMBS pool complications & the role of the special servicer
        • Impact of personal guarantees & other negotiable points
        • Lender liabilities challenges  

      5:45 PM
      Cocktail Time

      • Sponsored by: 

      6:45 PM
      Day One of SFR Virtual Concludes

    Wednesday, August 19th, 2020

      10:15 AM
      Coffee & Connections

      • Have your caffeine at the ready and then dive back into the virtual platform.  Scroll through our attendee list, filter market segments, and connect with prospective partners as we kick-off Day 2!

      Track A 10:30 AM
      BTR Overview: Will The Model Have Some Unexpected Twists & Turns Due To Recent Market Conditions?

      • • Has the coronavirus caused a crash landing?
        • Dealing with building moratoriums
        • Acquiring through homebuilder vs. joint venture vs acquire land and build
        • Demographic positives and negatives
        • Financing availability and structures
        • Design, amenities and living experiences
        • What are some of the latest deals being done? What makes them unique?
        • What are some of the markets that are up and coming for BTR? Why?
        • BTR data sources
        • Demographic of SFR vs. BTR tenants

      Track B 10:30 AM
      Tech Vendor Hot Seat

      • This panel will consist of 2-3 owners asking pointed questions to vendors the types of questions you would want answered when evaluating a particular system for purchase.  Audience participation is encouraged.

      Track A 11:30 AM
      Build-To-Rent Joint Ventures

      • • What do homebuilder/SFR joint ventures look like?
        • Developing from the entitlement up
        • Branding: Who puts their name on it?
        • Master planned communities
        • Waterfalls and expected returns
        • Leverage and financing
        • What kind of control issues come up?
        • Resolving post-construction issues How to set them up
        • Finding the right builder
        • Breaking up is hard to do… Have recent economic events made going forward an issue?

      Track B 11:30 AM
      Acquisition Shark Tank

      • Featuring 2 SFR sales pitched to potential buyers followed by a Q&A period for each of the transactions. Tank Leader: Moderates the session The Sharks: Interested in acquiring portfolios of homes The Property Owners: Presenting portfolios for sale

      12:15 PM
      Log-in Luncheon

      • Grab some grub and connect with your industry peers by making full use of the networking functionality the virtual platform offers.

      1:15 PM
      TBD Session

      2:15 PM
      TBD Session

      3:00 PM
      Large SFR "C-Level" Operations: Lessons Still Being Learned From Covid-19

      • • What are you doing about renters not paying?
        • Which expenses are you cutting to save cash?
        • Handling expiring leases: What are you doing about rent increases, evictions and length of lease?
        • Best ways to increase revenue through ancillary products: Which have the most sign-ons? Highest ROI?
        • Latest technologies you are using to automate your operations? Which one(s) are worth it even when revenue is down?  
        •  Has your hold/sell strategy changed?
        • Which functions have working remotely worked?
        •  Screening for the coronavirus at your property without breaking the law

      4:00 PM
      Distressed Build To Rent vs. Long Term SFR vs. Fix & Flip: Where Should You Be Now?

      • • Comparing the coronavirus impact on each area: Which area is best/worst off?
        • Where are current valuations? Impact of current prices of existing properties and finding land
        • What is your region’s REO trajectory: How does distress play into your strategy?
        • Comparing ROI, risks and other metrics
        • Lower maintenance and rehab costs vs. the timelines of build to rent and the tying up of money and staff
        • Lower rates:  Lower cost to re-finance houses vs. lower cost to finance new acquisitions and new builds … Which is better?
        • Impact of where are home ownership rates going?
        • Considering commission cost and cost of running an SFR operation
        • What is the typical cost ratio for construction vs rehab and the return you expect?
        • Differences in insurance coverage needed
        • Buying vs. Financing: Lots vs. incomplete projects vs. SFR out of receivership/bankruptcy/foreclosure

      4:45 PM
      Last Chance Saloon: Networking Stays Open for One Final Hour!

      5:45 PM
      IMN’s SFR Virtual Concludes-Thank You For Joining Us!



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