Solar, PACE and ESG Investing
September 2 - 4, 2020


Despite challenging market conditions, Solar, PACE and ESG/Green Bonds have continued to receive significant investor interest judging by the success of recent transactions.  IMN is pleased to provide a platform for the market to hear directly from, and network with, some of the most influential issuers, investors, bankers, government entities and other corporate service providers in this space.

Join us for three days of engaging conversations and networking opportunities inclusive of:
  • Solar ABS on September 2
  • Investors’ Perspectives on Solar & PACE on September 2
  • PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) on September 3
  • ESG in Structured Finance – European Market Perspective on September 4
  • Positive Impact of ESG During & Post-Covid – U.S. Market on September 4
  • Interactive panel discussions with live Q&A and Polling
  • 1-to-1 Networking before, during and after the event
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Who Should Attend
  • Solar Energy Providers/Developers
  • PACE Issuers
  • ESG & Impact Investors
  • Fixed Income Investors
  • Rating Agencies
  • Investment Bankers & Financial Advisors in the Structured Finance and Energy Sectors
  • Legal Counsel
  • Servicers and Back-Up Servicers
  • Wind/Turbine Developers

Conference Highlights

My Agenda

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    Wednesday, September 2nd, 2020

      2:00 PM
      Solar: A Bright Light in the ABS Market?

        • Solar Securitization - Review of recent transactions (Sunnova, Mosaic, Loanpal), and expectation for issuance going forward. Trends and challenges, deal structures, innovative features, investor appetite etc.
        • Reviewing the solar investment tax credit (ITC) and the step-down of the solar ITC. What impact will this have on solar project development and the solar industry overall?
        • Residential Solar – with recent Solar ABS transactions, institutional investors are getting more comfortable with this class of ABS.  How has the investor profile evolved and what appetite has there been for recent transactions?  Is Solar ABS becoming more mainstream?
        • Community Solar makes solar accessible to a larger segment of the population – so what is holding back the exponential growth?  How has solar storage capabilities improved?  What sources of financing is available?
        • How does Solar compare to other Green Assets? What obstacles are issuers facing coming to market post-Covid?
        • Outlook for Distributed Solar: How are utilities responding?
        • Technological advancements helping boost the solar industry and Investor confidence.

        • Nathan Gabig, Managing Director (KPMG LLP)
        • Danny Abajian, Senior Vice President and Group Head of Project Finance (Sunrun)
        • Alex Kaplan, Senior Director, Capital Markets (Mosaic)
        • Stephen Viscovich, Managing Director (Credit Suisse)
        • Gary Blitz, Global Co-CEO, M&A and Transaction Solutions (Aon Transaction Solutions)

      4:00 PM
      Investors’ Perspectives on Solar & PACE

        • What do investors consider to the be the critical advantages and challenges to this sector? Will any political or economic changes to affect the asset landscape?
        • What are investors' major focus areas in Solar & PACE investing today? How have views on these sectors changed in the last 6 months, and what is the outlook for the next 6-12 months?
        • How buoyant are these sectors given the Covid-19 pandemic? Will we see a rise in ‘Green’, environmentally provisioned investing?
        • How bright does this sector look given the global focus of climate action?
        • How do investors view ‘green’ vs. ‘green-washing’? What can be done to prevent market spoilage due to bad market participants?
        • What are the challenges and risks to investing in Solar & PACE as opposed to other forms of ABS or even other financial instruments? Are key parties addressing these? How are investors individually seeking to do so where deficiencies still exist?
        Co-Hosted by the Fixed Income Investor Network (FIIN)

        • Joseph Lau, Chief Operating Officer (Lord Capital LLC)
    Thursday, September 3rd, 2020

      2:00 PM
      Watch this PACE – Capitalizing on New Opportunities

        • Securitization of PACE Assets:  Overview of Private Placements and 144a offerings - Pro’s and Con’s of each.  Structuring transactions in a post-Covid era. Increased investor interest.
        • C-PACE – Covid-19 proofing commercial property is essential with businesses returning to work.  What upgrades and opportunities are there?  A look at significant upgrades to commercial offices, healthcare and medical properties.
        • R-PACE – As more families work from home and utilize more electricity, is now the time for Resi Solar?
        • Review of PACE programs and PACE-enabling legislation.
        • Impact measurement and verification – what analytics and data is required to report on this successfully? What analytics and data may be collected in the future, to continue to increase the applicability of the program?
        • New Construction vs. Retrofitting: what are considerations specific to each?

        • Jamie Kocis, Partner, Deputy Chair, Corporate (Kramer Levin)
        • James Vergara, Chief Investment Officer (PACE Funding Group)
        • Mansoor Ghori, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer (Petros PACE Finance)
        • Alexandra Cooley, Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder (Greenworks Lending)
        • Susan Morth, Chief Executive Officer (EIC NY PACE)
    Friday, September 4th, 2020

      10:00 AM
      ESG in Structured Finance – European Market Perspective

        • Balancing sustainability and liquidity: Is ESG attracting greater liquidity?  
        • How do investors best integrate ESG principles into credit analysis of securitized assets? How do investors price in ESG risks?
        • What is required to be an ESG/Green complaint Issuer?
        • Analyzing the EU green taxonomy plans – opportunities and challenges.
        • Making ESG the future blueprint for transactions going forward: Proving the ROI of sustainability
        • Following the first Green Convertible Bond transaction what other green assets can we expect to see come to market?
        • What should the future of ESG reporting look like, and how can we achieve this?
        • What are Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)-linked bonds?  How are SDG-linked bonds best structured and priced?
        • Rapidly evolving landscape for ESG disclosure and ESG data requirements to align efforts to measure / track sustainability goals

        • Maria Lombardo, Head of ESG Client Strategies EMEA (Invesco Asset Management)
        • Dominika Rosolowska, Sustainability Funding Officer (European Investment Bank)
        • Sjoerd Humble, Head Funding & Portfolio Management (Obvion N.V.)

      2:00 PM
      Positive Impact of ESG During & Post-Covid - U.S. Market

        • Defining ESG in structured finance and ESG considerations as they relate to securitized assets
        • The creation of Covid-19 social bonds - Investing in Covid-19 social Bonds, a new subset of ESG investments. New issuances of the Covid-related bonds could propel social bonds into the ESG spotlight. A review of the benefits, opportunities and challenges.
        • How can we close the gap between current ESG reporting and investor expectations?
        • Sustainability Bonds and the re-allocation of capital flows towards sustainable projects.  Where do we stand in meeting Sustainable Development Goals and how can the capital markets play a role in achieving these?
        • With an increased focus on ESG investing, what will be the next sectors to evolve towards ESG and what are the hurdles?
        • What is the range of returns for ESG investments, and how do investors view these (absolute returns correlative to all investments)? Are these investments outperforming the market and worth the risk?
        • ESG Measurement & Management: Data Analytics, Certification, and Scoring.

        • Amy Hauter, Portfolio Manager & Head of Sustainable Fixed Income Investing (Brown Advisory)
        • Robert McDonough, Director of ESG and Regulatory Initiatives (Angel Oak Capital)
        • Lacie Clark, Chief Executive Officer (Monarch Private Capital)
        • Esohe Denise Odaro, Head of Investor Relations (International Finance Corporation)
        • Natasha Aikins, Director (Fitch Ratings)


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