Student Housing 360
Dana Point, CA
February 24 - 25, 2022


IMN is pleased to announce the Second Annual Student Housing 360 conference, taking place February 24 – 25 in Dana Point, CA.

As the economy recovers and we continue to move in a positive direction coming out of Covid-19, the outlook for the student housing market is improving.  Once thought of as a recession-proof asset class, student housing was hit hard as universities and colleges were forced to close and move to online learning. As students are now returning to the classroom, the market has now started to approach a sense of pre-pandemic normalcy. 

We're excited to bring this unique program back to the Southwest as we explore the opportunities, trends and issues currently impacting the student housing market. We’ll explore strategies around investment, deal flow and acquisition, increasing NOI, attracting institutional capital, leasing, and marketing, and managing operations.  Expert panelists will discuss how changing demographics and the next generation of students are shaping housing needs, and how the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and heightened expectations around ESG and sustainability are shaping the future of student housing development.

Of course the health and safety of our staff, our customers and indeed all our stakeholders is of paramount importance to us.  To that end we will continue to work closely with our event execution partners to ensure we welcome you safely and deliver a legally compliant and best-in-class experience for you all.  We will follow local government guidelines and incorporate measures outlined in the Euromoney Events Shield to ensure optimal health and sanitary conditions are maintained throughout the event.

Featuring the timely educational takeaways and variety of tailored networking opportunities you’ve come to expect from IMN, we hope you will join us in February.  Be sure to bookmark this website to stay updated as more information becomes available.

Who Should Attend
  • Student Housing Owners & Developers
  • Property Management Firms
  • Equity Investors
  • Lenders
  • Brokers
  • Institutional Investors
  • Vendors & Service Providers
  • Attorneys & Accountants
  • Technology& Software Providers
  • Architects & Planning Professionals

Conference Highlights

Networking Tutorial

    Platform Introduction
    Getting Started
    Updating Personal Info
    Updating Demographics
    Searching By Name/Company
    Filter By Demographics
    Send Invitation
    Accept Invitation
    Messaging Connections
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    Wednesday, February 23rd, 2022

      12:32 PM
      Registration Times

      • In order to ensure a safe and socially distanced registration, IMN has organized a system of tiered registrations times as outlined below

        Tier 1: Wednesday 2/23 – 5:00pm to 6:00pm: Exhibitors and guests staying at the hotel

        Tier 2: Thursday 2/24 – 7:45am - 8:15am: Company names A-M

        Tier 3: Thursday 2/24  – 8:15am - 8:45am: Company names N-Z

      5:00 PM
      Tier 1 Registration

      • Exhibition Set-up and guests staying at the hotel

    Thursday, February 24th, 2022

      Registration Times:

      • In order to ensure a safe and socially distanced registration, IMN has organized a system of tiered registrations times as outlined below

        Tier 1: Wednesday 2/23 – 5:00pm to 6:00pm: Exhibitors and guests staying at the hotel

        Tier 2: Thursday 2/24 – 7:45am - 8:15am: Company names A-M

        Tier 3: Thursday 2/24  – 8:15am - 8:45am: Company names N-Z

      7:45 AM
      Tier 2 Registration & Breakfast

      • Company names A-M

      8:15 AM
      Tier 3 Registration & Breakfast

      • Company names N-Z

      8:45 AM
      IMN Opening Remarks

      8:50 AM
      Market Outlook: What’s Happened, Where are We Now, and Where are We Going?

        • Post-Covid pricing, interest rates, refinancing and liquidity levels
        • How are inflation, rising material and labor costs, labor shortages and supply chain issues impacting deals?
        • What macroeconomic trends, legislative and regulatory policies are shaping the market?
        • The importance of building disaster preparedness into your strategy and proactively assessing risk scenarios
        • What red flags should market participants be aware of?
        • Pandemic proofing student housing: What changes will remain years after Covid-19 is in the rear-view mirror?
        • What product types, locations, architectures, and interiors are driving new development?
        • How architecture, construction and design has responded, and what are some post-Covid amenity musts?

        • Thomas Errath, Managing Director (Harrison Street)
        • Jared Everett, Managing Director University Partnerships (Greystar)
        • Brian Thompson, Founder (Marker Investments)
        • Dominique Casimir, Vice President of Real Estate (Thomas Jefferson University)
        • Timothy Bradley, Founder (TSB Capital)

      9:35 AM
      Strategic and Big Picture Considerations for Owners and Operators

        • Tools to increase efficiency in operations
        • How are inflation, rising labor costs, labor shortages and supply chain issues impacting operations?
        • What technologies are operators using to create more efficiency?
        • Strategies to make the outsourcing process more effective
        • Benefits of using third party management

        • Jerry Wojenski, Chief Executive Officer (Varsity Campus)
        • Kayt Watts, Director of National Accounts (Advance Catastrophe Technologies)
        • Stacey Lecocke, Executive Vice President (Asset Living)
        • Jon Land, Manager of RE Sales (AvidXChange)
        • David Timmerman, Sr VP Asset Managment (DMG Investments)
        • Landon Zimmer, Managing Partner (Zimmer Development Company)

      10:20 AM
      Networking Break

      10:30 AM
      Women Leaders: Small Group Meeting

      • How can the industry attract more women leaders in the student housing market?  This small group meeting will explore best practices for mentoring and talent search, developing plans that encourage opportunities for growth, how to manage issues with return to the office vs. work from home scenarios, and understanding the concrete reasons as to why it’s more important than ever to be a diverse and inclusive organization. 

        • Katrina Lopez, Leasing Manager (GHP Management)
        • Jessica Mancuso, Director of New Development Marketing (Asset Living)

      11:05 AM
      Winning Investment Strategies to Deploy Capital in Student Housing

        • What type of growth is currently fueling the market?
        • Aligning investor appetite and seller pricing expectations
        • The pros and cons of small deals vs. large deals and portfolio vs. individual asset deals
        • What is the current appetite for distressed deals?
        • Staying ahead of trends in bidder interest, transaction velocity and cap rates
        • Identifying the factors that contribute to a deal happening or not happening
        • What is driving investor confidence?
        • Recognizing risk associated with the asset class
        • Strategies to identify capital sources
        • Partner Due Diligence – The importance of knowing who you’re doing business with
        • Investing for cash flow vs. appreciation

        • Doug Harrell, Account Executive (Juniper Square)
        • Stephanie Lynch, Chief Investment Officer (Student Quarters)
        • Matt Maruccia, CIO (Pierce Education Properties)
        • Steve Zhang, CIO (OC Ventures)
        • Juan Fernando Valdivieso, Managing Director (Peninsula Alternative Real Estate)
        • Frank Muhlon, Chief Investment Officer (Versity Investments, LLC)

      11:50 AM
      Innovative Deal Flow and Acquisition Strategies

        • Exploring core, core plus, value add and opportunistic deals
        • Portfolio diversification strategies
        • Achieving scale through portfolio acquisition
        • Using big data and technology to efficiently increase deal flow
        • Expanding your portfolio with new markets, new assets, new products, and new areas
        • Evaluating distressed opportunities
        • How do you find deals within your risk-return profile?
        • Due diligence and best practices to determine potential for rent increase and expense reduction

        • Scott Gale, President (Ventus Group)
        • Ivan Zuniga, VP - National Accounts (Advance Catastrophe Technologies)
        • David Fong, Partner (GoodLife Housing Partners)
        • Sanj Kakar, Chief Acquisitions Officer (Reliant Group Management)
        • Kevin McCune, Principal (Ryan)
        • Roger Phillips, CEO (Texla Housing Partners)

      12:35 PM

      1:50 PM
      Strategies to Attract Institutional Capital as they Evaluate the Asset Class

        • What are the risks and challenges institutional investors are concerned about?
        • What do new entrants to the market use to evaluate student housing as an asset class?
        • Why should institutional investors view student housing as appealing as other real estate investments?
        • How the market can attract foreign investment, family office and private equity capital
        • Have limited partners changed their investment parameters?
        • Are you prepared to meet the institutional capital ESG requirements?
        • Exploring joint ventures, equity financing, foreign capital, mezzanine, and debt availability
        • Acquiring and managing properties for institutional investors vs. equity fundraising
        • Cap rates and shrinking spreads – is the shift permanent?

        • Grant Puleo, Partner (Duane Morris LLP)
        • Fred Pierce, President & CEO (Pierce Education Properties)
        • Nick Lee, Associate (Blue Vista Capital Management)
        • Gregory Bronson, Director of Investments - Student Housing (Saxum Real Estate)
        • Swapnil Agarwal, Founder & Managing Principal (Nitya Capital & Karya Property Management)

      2:35 PM
      Staying Competitive with Innovative Leasing & Marketing Strategies

        • Recognizing changing demographics and delivering what they want
        • Regional markets require different strategies 
        • The importance of serving and communicating to current residents to retain strong occupancy rates
        • Effectively using social media and virtual tours
        • The value of using data to track and improve customer experience
        • Staying competitive in crowded markets
        • Successfully attracting international students
        • Will rent rate growth continue in the short term?

        • Brittany Pieper, Assistant Vice President, Marketing and Leasing (COCM (Capstone On-Campus Management))
        • Atish Doshi, Founder (The Black Sheep)
        • Jake Jarman, President (Redstone Residential, Inc.)
        • Tiffaney Alsup, Senior Group Marketing Manager (Cardinal Group)
        • Jennifer Messina, VP Of Marketing (San Miguel Management)

      3:20 PM
      Networking Break

      3:40 PM
      Exploring 2023 DOE HVAC Efficiency Changes

        • Overview/Map
        • New Seer ratings
        • Effect of HVAC Manufactures
        • Effect of Multi-Family New Construction and Replacement installations
        • Capital Expenditures

        • Neil Cole, Director of National Accounts (Goodman Manufacturing Co., L.P.)

      4:00 PM
      Technology: How PropTech is Disrupting the Student Housing Market

        • What are the latest tech developments in student housing?
        • Exploring the opportunities created by smart buildings, smart devices, high-speed internet and IoT
        • Using technology to reduce tenant turnover
        • Invest in the right revenue increasing technologies
        • Managing the relationship between vendors and operators
        • The importance of using virtual tours
        • What disruptive technologies are giving competitors the edge?
        • The convergence of student housing and technology – using tech vs. using people

        • Lindsay Brown, VP of leasing (Campus Advantage)
        • Troy Dodgion, Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President (Ashland Pacific)
        • Jonas Emre, Founder and CEO (Harrington Housing)
        • Dillon Deffense, President (Book & Ladder)
        • Lincoln Ogata, Chief of Operations (EZ Turn)

      4:45 PM
      Rehab, Renovation, General Property Upgrades, Ancillary Income and Amenities

        • Upgrading with a view toward increased rent, making the property habitable, or a view to exit?
        • Understanding changing quality control procedures
        • Regulatory requirements for investors
        • Innovative ways to increase NOI by adding ancillary income and amenities
        • What financing options are available for rehabbing and renovating?
        • Using technology for more efficient rehabbing
        • The importance of creating ancillary income opportunities (laundry, vending, parking, cleaning, storage…etc.)
        • The impact of inflation, rising material and labor costs, labor shortages and supply chain issues on property upgrade projects

        • April Priebe, Managing Broker (Align Asset Management)
        • Marvin Schnee, President (Sundance Real Estate Advisors)
        • Lisa Dillon, VP (University Furnishings)
        • Ivan Zuniga, VP - National Accounts (Advance Catastrophe Technologies)
        • Edward Ratinoff, Managing Principal (James Investment Partners)

      5:30 PM
      Networking Reception

    Friday, February 25th, 2022

      8:00 AM
      Registration & Breakfast

      8:30 AM
      How Can Family Office Investors Diversify with Student Housing Investments?

        • What makes student housing an attractive asset class to high-net-worth and family office capital?
        • ROI expectations for family office investors
        • Which subsets of student housing are most appealing to family offices?
        • Succession planning and wealth transfer planning for family offices
        • Managing relationships with family office investors
        • Co-investing in student housing with other families
        • Partner due diligence

        • Heath Goldman, President/CEO (ICON Wealth & Legacy Partners)
        • Peggy Lamb, Managing Director (Halstatt (Sproul Single Family Office))
        • Mark Weinstein, President (MJW Investments)
        • Rodney Emrani, President l Principal (Washington Place Equity)

      9:15 AM
      Top 10 Owners Roundtable Discussion

        • How has the pandemic influenced your long-term growth strategy?
        • Are ESG and sustainability concerns just “greenwashing” or can you be more profitable while also doing the right thing?
        • Are properties in high density, urban cities riskier now in a post-Covid environment?
        • What are the biggest challenges you see in the near term?
        • Are rent rates poised to continue to grow?
        • Is the market ripe for consolidation?
        • Have you become more proactive when it comes to assessing and mitigating risk?
        • Are distressed opportunities appealing to you?
        • What is going to disrupt the market in the next few years?

      10:00 AM
      How ESG, Diversity & Inclusion and Sustainability are Driving the Future of Student Housing

        • The importance of creating an environment of wellness for your residents
        • How the Next Generation of Students are Changing Housing Needs and Shaping Housing Design and Architecture
        • Going green is not just about saving the environment – it can be more profitable too!
        • Creating a diverse and inclusive culture:  What more needs to be done?
        • Best practices in sustainability and conservation
        • Reducing impact and expense and creating opportunity by benchmarking energy  
        • Passive house development
        • Smart apartments, gadgets, internet connectivity and IoT
        • The importance or providing options and diverse unit types

        • Desirée Patno, CEO & President (NAWRB)
        • Jenny Guyett, Assistant Dean of Students & Dir. of Residential Life (Claremont McKenna College)
        • Lindsay Brown, VP of leasing (Campus Advantage)
        • Allison Park, Vice President – Marketing (CA Ventures)
        • Mitch Karren, Chief Product Officer (SmartRent)

      10:45 AM
      Networking Break

      11:00 AM
      The Benefits of using a Third-Party Management Solution

        • The pros and cons of in-house management vs. outsourcing
        • Exploring the relationship between owners, investors, developers, and management companies
        • Vetting new entrants to the market
        • Keeping up with the higher expectations regarding level of service
        • Operational changes post-Covid
        • Strategies to make the outsourcing process more efficient
        • Using incentives as a performance management tool

        • Jason Fort, Executive Vice President (Asset Living)
        • Steve Crawford, SVP P3 (American Campus Communities )
        • John Kendrick, Director of Business Development (Landmark Properties, Inc.)
        • Demi Sterling-Kinney, EVP Operations (Aspen Heights Partners)
        • Brent Little, President & CEO (Fountain Residential Partners)
        • Natasha Kapoor-Acuña, Co-Owner (Kasa Properties Inc.)

      11:45 AM
      Making the Most of Sophisticated Structures

        • How has lender receptivity to public-private partnership deals changed?
        • Are their long-term positives that have shaped public-private partnership deals?
        • What are the benefits of entering into a joint venture agreement? 
        • How do joint ventures fit into portfolios?  Are they better suited for individual property owners?
        • Using creative deal structures to take advantage of tax benefits
        • Is the property entitled to a statutory tax exemption?
        • Beneficial vs. actual ownership
        • Property tax effects on deal flow

        • Matthew Berger, Vice President of Tax� (National Multi-Housing Council)
        • Noel Brinkman, SVP/ Public Private Partnerships (American Campus Communities)
        • Raoul Amescua, VP Development (The Michaels Organization)

      12:30 PM
      The 2nd Annual Student Housing Conference Concludes



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