New Hotel Construction & Development
New York, NY
May 12, 2020


With the growth of New York’s hotel construction pipeline outpacing the U.S., IMN is excited to bring back the only conference totally dedicated to  hotel construction to New York, NY, on May 12.
There are lots of exciting hotel projects in the works in New York over the coming years. Between now and 2021, almost 114 will open, with 10 of that number being finalized this year*. New York is at the epicenter of the country’s hotel construction, with active inventory expected to reach nearly 139,000 rooms by the end of 2021*. IMN's event is a must attend for anyone in the hotel construction industry looking to capitalize on the industry boom.
At the same time, another critical shift is underway in the hotel sector. To meet the evolving demands of global travelers, hotel owners are increasingly pursuing extensive renovations to strengthen their portfolios. Further driving value, more hoteliers have looked to redevelopment and adaptive reuse, breathing new life into historical and underutilized buildings and development sites. Reflecting the drive toward value-add investments, this year’s conference will feature expanded coverage of adaptive reuse and renovation, as well as the financing landscape for value-add deals, to showcase strategies that leading hotel owners are using to unlock value.
Hotel Owners/Developers, PE Funds, Brands & Management Groups, Lenders, Design/Construction Professionals, and other Senior Level Hotel Executives who have projects under construction or are considering taking the plunge… This is the one conference you must attend!

*NYC & Company

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    Preliminary Agenda

      Data Deep Dive: Hotel Performance Review, Regulatory Update & Industry Forecast

      • The past year saw slowed absorption of new hotel rooms coupled with escalating construction costs, pushing hotel owners and developers to find new ways to maintain profitability. A rise in redevelopment, repositioning, recapitalization and adaptive reuse plays has followed, with more hoteliers and investors deploying capital into these and other value-add strategies. In this new order, revenue growth, cost containment and guest delight are all top priorities for the industry. With a view toward the next 12 months, this interactive discussion kicks off the conference with a deep dive into the latest U.S. hotel performance data, exploring impacts on occupancy, ADR and RevPAR, and offering an outlook for the NYC hotel development pipeline and regulatory environment.

      Hotel Owners Executive Roundtable: What Are Keys to Success?

        • How are changes in NYC’s hotel development and zoning regulations impacting your construction plans?
        • With a rise in financing options, what creative GP/LP structures are you exploring to make deals work?
        • How are the changing behaviors of travelers affecting hotel design and programming? Which service models and hotel subtypes are generating value in today’s market, and which are likely to see less demand?
        • How do you view competition from the short-term rental market? To what extent is shadow inventory influencing your pipeline?
        • How much more consolidation do you expect to see in the industry, and how will this impact your business?

      Preparing for the Next Wave of Digital Innovation in Global Hospitality

        • What are the top emerging technology and digital trends in the global hospitality industry? Which technology/software product launches are on the horizon, and which ones will you invest in next?
        • What are the latest innovations in AI, VR, blockchain technology, facial recognition, and how can they benefit hotel owners?
        • Which hotels are using robots, and in which functions? What are the efficiencies achieved and challenges faced in using robot technology?
        • With widespread adoption of Wi-Fi 6 and 5G mobile networks on the horizon, are you investing in the right networks?
        • Amid rapid digital transformation, what information security threats have emerged, and what are you doing to address them?
        • Which business functions are still lagging in terms of innovation?
        • What will be the next major innovation in hospitality technology?

      Women in Hotel Investment & Development Roundtable

      • Where will increasing innovation and disruption take the hospitality sector next, and what new opportunities does this create for women in the industry? Hear from leading hotel owners and developers who are pursuing diverse tactics to unlock value and manage complexity in an increasingly competitive and varied landscape.

      Investing in Smart Technology to Elevate Your Brand & Guest Experience

        • From a hotel technology standpoint, how are the expectations of today’s travelers changing, and how are hoteliers exceeding these expectations across various service models (economy, luxury, select- and limited-service, resort, business traveler/convention center)?
        • Which smart home technologies are you investing in to exceed guest expectations? How are you integrating IoT devices into smart guestrooms?
        • How are brands using technology to convey and reinforce design elements? What does the sustainability-focused guestroom of tomorrow look like? What adjustments do you need to make to improve sustainability across your portfolio?
        • What features are you including to make your hotels more accessible, and how are you measuring the impact of these improvements?
        • What returns are you realizing on investment in smart technology? Where do you anticipate pulling back your tech investment?
        • What technology has enabled you to streamline your hiring and retention process, as well as improve staff training and engagement?

      Is Your Development Plan Future-Proof?: Penciling Out When Margins Cave In

        • Which systems and solutions have helped you achieve meaningful cost savings? How are you underwriting rising land and materials costs into your proformas? Amid rising costs, how are you allocating funds for contingencies?
        • How do construction and pre-open budgets compare by tier, submarket, and for branded vs. unbranded hotels?
        • How long will the hotel economy continue its bull run? How does this impact your decision to build new or redevelop? How does the planning timeline differ for development vs. repositioning & renovation, based on tier?
        • What type of product are you bringing to market, and where? Which development strategies are better suited for gateway vs. secondary and tertiary markets?
        • How are consumer preferences changing, and what does this mean for hotel development? To what extent are short-stay providers encroaching on the hotel market?
        • To what extent is modular hotel construction generating value in a rising cost and tariff environment? What have you learned from successful (and not-so-successful) modular construction plays?

      Maximizing Your ROI in Architecture & Design

        • How do you balance cost-effective architecture with an enhanced guest experience? What is your definition of efficient design?
        • Where have you seen brand integration succeed or fail within an architectural design?
        • What goes into the alternative material and construction process decision?
        • What do you consider top renovation ideas that will help your hotel stand out and increase revenue? What is the potential ROI of incorporating pop-up shops and other experiential retail concepts within hotel properties?
        • What are the efficiencies and challenges in bringing supertall developments to market in today’s economic and regulatory environment? 
        • How do you manage the relationship with your architect and designer, and what do you do to maintain quality control over operational decisions?
        • What steps have you taken to create a more flexible, social and wellness-friendly environment across your portfolio, and what has been the impact on performance?

      Assembling an Agile Construction Team

        • How does your construction team address regionally specific climate conditions? What are you doing to future-proof your properties?
        • How do you handle construction planning and project management? Outsource or in-house?
        • At what point in the process do you experience delays, and how do you manage these? What risks do you face with extended timelines, and what do you do to mitigate them?
        • What types of communication and documentation management technology do your teams use? Where do you encounter challenges in getting all stakeholders on the same page?
        • What does your vetting process for contractors look like, and how can you make it recession-proof?
        • What are best practices for ensuring a renovation meets brand standards are met, and when is there more flexibility around standards?
        • What are you doing to manage increasing costs in a tight labor market?

      Case Studies in Adaptive Reuse & Renovation

        • Which types of properties are the most difficult to modify? How do you partner with architects, designers and local authorities to ensure feasibility? What are some key design pitfalls to avoid when undertaking these types of projects?
        • Where are the highest returns for adaptive reuse projects, and what are some of the most innovative ones? What lessons have you learned from successful historic preservation and adaptive reuse projects? What compliance issues should be taken into account? How does your process compare for a brand PIP vs. a soft brand or independent renovation?
        • What are key components of a true value-add strategy, beyond renovations and management changes? In a recession, to what extent are distressed hotel assets considered a source of value?
        • How do you identify properties that are ripe for redevelopment? What goes into your due diligence process?
        • What systems and processes do you use to ensure smooth communication among project teams?

      Private Capital Roundtable: Buy, Build or Finance?

        • What are the supply-demand dynamics in the markets you’re targeting? Where will oversupply have the greatest impact, and what will that mean for market fundamentals in NYC and elsewhere?
        • What are some recent examples of hotel owners and developers using C-PACE financing to close funding gaps in large-scale retrofit and new construction projects?
        • What strategies will investors and lenders look to for adding value amid moderating economic growth? What’s their take on construction risk at this late stage in the economic cycle?
        • What’s the outlook for private debt fundraising for hotel construction and development projects?
        • How are terms changing for preferred equity, senior and mezzanine debt?
        • What terms do PE investors require for providing capital for new construction?
        • How do PE investors view value-add opportunities in the hospitality space? What strategies have proven effective at growing revenue?

      Hotel Construction & Development in Opportunity Zones

        • How are you approaching hotel investments in opportunity zones? What are the complexities associated with executing these deals, and what are the less obvious pitfalls to avoid?
        • How has the latest IRS guidance impacted your opportunity zone investment strategy?
        • What is the most current data indicating about the growth trajectory for hospitality investment opportunity zones in and around NYC? How likely is a development and construction boom within the area’s qualified opportunity zones, and which submarkets do you expect to see the strongest growth?
        • With economic growth lagging, what risks are fund managers and investors monitoring?
        • Which new players are likely to enter the opportunity zone investment market in the coming year?



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