Real Estate Family Office East
Miami, FL
October 16 - 17, 2019


Following a series of successful conferences across the country (Miami, California and Chicago), IMN is excited to return to Miami to host our 5th Annual Real Estate Family Office and Private Wealth Management Forum (East), October 16-17, 2019 in Miami, FL.

With the average family office now allocating about 15% of their portfolio to real estate direct investments (up from 13% last year), IMN’s Real Estate Family Office Forum is well-timed for the industry to discuss the opportunities in this asset class.

Whether you use direct investments, private equity managers or the public markets, there is a plethora of investment options that can be considered. This deep dive into real estate by the IMN conference will meet all of your educational and networking needs.

We look forward to welcoming to you Miami in October!

Who Should Attend
  • Asset Managers
  • Debt & Equity Financiers
  • Family Business-Owners
  • Family Foundations and Endowments
  • Family Offices
  • Investment Consultants
  • Investment Infrastructure Providers
  • Legal
  • Placement Agents
  • Private Banks
  • Private Equity
  • Private Investment Offices
  • Private & Public Real Estate Funds
  • Private & Non-Traded REITs
  • Real Estate Investment Managers
  • Tax Services Including 1031 Investment Advisors
  • Wealth Advisors

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My Agenda

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    Wednesday, October 16th, 2019

      Family Office Leadership Discussion on the Markets

        • Which sectors and markets are you most excited about?
        • Is there a downturn around the corner?  How does your feeling towards this impact your allocation to real estate?
        • How are leading family offices structuring deals to remain competitive?
        • What are the most common challenges facing today’s family offices?
        • How do family offices determine their asset allocations?
        • Are you using algorithms to make investment decisions? What assumptions go into those algorithms?
        • What resources are you using to mitigate risk?
        • How are you addressing cybersecurity and other existential threats?  What keeps you up at night?

      The Importance of Culture and Identity: How Do They Inform a Family Office Investment Strategy?

        • What’s your family’s investment thesis?  Does it address the values of younger family members?
        • Why do culture and identity matter?
        • How is your family office structured and why?
        • What’s in your family’s constitution? How does it impact how you conduct business?
        • What strategies have worked for more seasoned family offices? How can they be applied today?
        • Who makes investment decisions? Are these made by consensus or through specific allocations to family members?
        • What questions should you ask your interim and long-term trusted advisors?
        • OCIO vs. internal investment team
        • What sectors are off-limits for your family office? Why?
        • How do you view ESG and which sectors are best positioned to meet these requirements?

      Investing Family Office Capital in Opportunity Zones

        • What types of opportunity zone projects are currently underway and what is the expected ROI?
        • Due diligence on opportunity zone projects – what do family offices need to know?
        • Analyzing the merits of the project vs only the tax benefits
        • Family office strategy – is it better to invest directly or as a limited partner, or both?
        • What fund structures are evolving amid changing regulations? How do you know if your fund is structured correctly?
        • Are certain markets or property types better suited for opportunity zone investment than others?
        • What do you need to know to protect your investments in opportunity zones?

      Protecting Your Assets: Always Have a Plan

        • What should family offices consider when selecting an asset protection plan?
        • What are the benefits for family offices of using asset protection trusts?
        • How can advisors protect their clients and their assets from fraudulent creditor claims?
        • What should advisors know about state laws around trust and estate planning?

      Niche Opportunities & Alternative Investments In Real Estate

        • A deep dive into the various alternatives out there – urban parking, senior and student housing, co-working, self-storage, agricultural land, conservation etc.
        • Which sectors provide the most promising yields?
        • How important is portfolio diversification as a form of risk management?
        • What risks need to be considered when investing in niche opportunities, themselves?
        • Do these alternatives lend themselves better to short or long term investments?

      Land Acquisition, Development & Homebuilding

        • What macroeconomic and demographic trends are driving the land development and homebuilding market?
        • How are trade and tariff issues impacting this sector?
        • Why are more institutional landlords building new homes?
        • Are build-to-rent homes actually delivering durable cash flows?
        • Is it better to look for deals locally or to explore new markets? What are best practices for each strategy?
        • How are family office and offshore investors taking advantage of these opportunities?

      Investing in the Hotel and Hospitality Sector

        • What travel trends are creating new opportunities for hotel owners and investors?
        • Which hotel subtypes are offering the best returns?
        • What are the pros and cons of investing in existing hotels vs. building new ones?
        • What do inexperienced hotel investors need to know before entering the sector?
        • As lifestyle- and wellness-focused hotels become more prevalent, is the struggle for talent only going to get worse?

      Opportunities Within the Multi Family Sector

        • Key market drivers for the multi family sector – what has been impeding the market and what has been aiding it?
        • Which areas are seeing lots of multi family development?  Which areas are oversupplied?
        • What other factors need to be taken into consideration when investing in a multi family residential project?  Do you have relationships with specific developers?
        • How are local governments incentivizing private investors to meet housing affordability needs?  Do these measures negatively impact profits?
        • Value-add properties vs. distressed assets

      Creating a Succession Plan: Structural Issues & Multi-Generational Transitioning

        • Is it possible to produce one comprehensive plan that services multiple generations?
        • How can differences in views between generations be reconciled?  With whom does the responsibility lie?
        • When does it make sense for a family member to remove themselves from the decision-making functions of the family office?
        • How does your practice approach such issues?

      Investing in Retail: The Importance of Innovation

        • Is now the time to invest (debt and/or equity) or to sell?
        • Where are today’s opportunities in retail?  Malls, lifestyle, grocery-anchored, power, community/strip, outlets, mixed-use, etc.
        • How are investors getting creative when putting together retail deals?
        • Which new products and sponsors are entering the retail space?
        • Net lease properties
        • What are the most severe risks facing the retail sector, and how can investors protect themselves?
        • How will technology continue to impact the supply chain (warehouse technology, AI, automation, driverless cars, etc.)? What do owner/operators now need to be considering?

      Tokenizing Real Alternative Investments with Real Assets and Real Income

      Analyzing the Resurgence in Direct Real Estate Investing by Family Offices

        • What opportunities and types of direct investment are family offices eyeing up?
        • What is driving the resurgence of direct investing in real estate?
        • Co-investing – how do you conduct due diligence on potential partners and the deal itself?
        • Have you partnered with other family offices before and what lessons have you learned?  Are there any less obvious pitfalls to avoid?
        • Evaluating the different ways a direct investment can be structured – what are the pros and cons?

      Investing in the Single Family Rental Sector

        • What role to SFR investment play in the portfolio?  What are the attractive characteristics of the sector?  What kind of returns can be expected?
        • How is the market positioned for future growth? Does it face similar oversupply risks as multifamily?
        • What is driving renter demand for single-family real estate? How long will those trends continue?
        • Primary, secondary and tertiary market opportunities – which areas do you like?  Which are you avoiding?
        • Will Generation Z have a major impact on single-family real estate? What about Millennials and Baby Boomers?
        • How are opportunity zones playing a role in SFR investment?
        • Is the build-to-rent boom expected to last?

      Internal Investment Team vs OCIO: Selecting the Right Approach for Your Family

        • What are the pros and cons of hiring an internal investment team and, conversely, of using an OCIO?
        • How can you identify and retain talent?
        • When does each model make sense?
        • What are the responsibilities of an OCIO?  Selection criteria and red flags?

      Exciting Developments in the Office and Industrial Sectors

        • With vacancy rates at record lows in many markets across the country, is now the time to invest in industrial real estate?
        • Where are the opportunities and what are the biggest challenges in these markets?
        • How to evaluate an industrial or office property when presented with an investment opportunity
        • Developing new property vs. buying an existing asset
        • How do you view the growth of e-commerce and what effect has this had upon your investment strategy in the last few years?
        • Aside from e-commerce, which industries are providing the most demand for industrial space?  Cannabis, manufacturing etc.?  How does this vary by market?



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