The Deal’s ESG & Sustainability Forum
New York, NY
November 2, 2022


Are CEOs, the Board and Companies meant to maximize profits and shareholder value, or is it to do good and play the role of social activist?  Are institutional investors and fund managers supposed to maximize returns for their investors or try to have a positive impact on the world?

ESG and Sustainability concerns are now playing a prominent role in how companies around the world operate, and how investors allocate their capital. Executives and investors have come to terms with the fact that paying attention to the environment, diversity and inclusion, social responsibility and sustainability is not only imperative in the current landscape but can also have a positive impact on shareholder value and returns.
The Deal’s ESG & Sustainability Forum taking place on November 2nd at the Union League Club in New York City presents a full day of education and networking exploring what companies and investors are doing to create a more sustainable, environmentally friendly and socially responsible world, while adjusting to continued increases in expectations and standards.    

Who Should Attend
  • C-level Executives & Board Members
  • Institutional Investors
  • Asset Managers
  • Corporate Sustainability Officers
  • Chief Diversity Officers
  • Heads of ESG Investing
  • Corporate Attorneys
  • Corporate Communications Firms
  • Investor Relations Executives
  • Investment Bankers
  • Corporate Strategy Advisors
  • Technology Vendors

My Agenda

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    Wednesday, November 2nd, 2022

      The Corporate Path to ESG Success: Creating Actionable Change through Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

        • How are companies continuously adjusting their ESG and sustainability agendas?
        • What is the right mission and purpose for a corporation in the current landscape?
        • Building alliances with inclusivity-based organizations, and developing initiatives that focus on attracting, retaining, and developing top-tier and diverse talent
        • Best practices for investors and corporates
        • Is there real capital flight from industries and companies that are not taking ESG seriously?
        • What are the impacts for investors, dealmakers and the financial markets?
        • How companies are integrating environmental, social and financial considerations into their culture from idea generation to research and development and through commercialization
        • Demographic impact of millennials placing a greater importance on environmental and social issues

      Corporate Sustainability: Transforming the Global Economy with Sustainable Innovation

        • Is it possible for companies to implement carbon-neutral and sustainable practices without severely effecting profits?
        • How the push for decarbonization, renewables and net-zero can enhance shareholder value
        • Exploring the importance of supplier sustainability assessments
        • Are investors truly content with sacrificing returns in the name of promoting more eco-friendly operations?  How long will that last?
        • What are the biggest challenges facing companies making a pivot to more sustainable practices, be it in manufacturing, operations or dealmaking?
        • How do companies plan for longer-term environmental risks but also stay prepared for shorter-term issues?
        • How can companies institute eco-friendly initiatives with a purpose, and not just perception? 
        • Does all of this really matter?

      Managing Reputational Risk: How Far is Too Far?

        • What happens when companies want to “do the right thing”, but end up alienating certain customers and employees?
        • Companies may institute certain governance policies that provide opportunities for some employees but may exclude certain people from benefiting from those policies.  How does management manage this?
        • What happens when social media and Big Tech companies make decisions to block content or restrict access to some users because of their thoughts and beliefs? 
        • Should a company take on the role of social activist?
        • How can companies manage these risks to ensure that their path to “doing the right thing” doesn’t leave some on the outside and increase their reputational risk? 

      The Changing Role of the CEO: Aligning the Needs of the Management Team with the Expectations of Employees, Customers, Investors and Society

        • How do CEOs balance shareholder concerns and sustainable practices, while managing employee morale, share performance and customer satisfaction?
        • The importance of driving diversity, equity and inclusion from the top down
        • Should CEOs be prioritizing ESG investments?
        • Defining the company’s core purpose and how this drives shareholder value
        • How CEOs are addressing critical issues of trust, trade, technology and sustainability while placing people at the core of every decision
        • Should a CEO take on the role of a social activist?

      Demographic Shift: Demystifying the Path to Generational Diversity

        • There has been a lot of work done around racial and gender diversity at the board level, but what about generational diversity?
        • Are millennials the driving force behind the ESG revolution?
        • How and why do millennials have the ability to influence real social change?
        • How can companies get younger in the boardroom and cater to a younger customer base, when many will only look at seasoned board candidates to fill open seats?
        • What skills are many boards missing by not including younger board members, and why are they important?
        • Catering to your customer base:  What do millennials use to make their investment and buying decisions, where they work and where they live?

      “We’re Going Viral!” Scandal and Crisis Management

        • How does a company handle a major global crisis, social or political unrest, environmental disaster, human tragedy, or executive corruption scandal?
        • What do you do if a celebrity or public figure urges their followers to boycott your company?
        • How do you handle a CEO who is undermining the principles of the company?
        • How do shareholders and board members respond, and what steps should companies take, to reduce permanent long-term damage from these types of crises?
        • The importance of being proactive in building a strong crisis management plan

      ESG & Sustainable Investing Funds: Exploring Eco-Friendly, Socially Conscious and Pro-Governance Investors

        • Do ESG funds invest with a strategy to engage with companies, or do they have a disinvestment approach?
        • How can boards better prepare themselves to entice ESG-focused investors?
        • What are companies doing to make sure their ESG policies are up to date and in line with investor demands?

      Risk Assessment at the Board Level

        • Implementing processes to respond quickly to high impact ESG-related events and risks
        • How companies are placing an increased focus on the management of business vulnerabilities
        • What is the board’s role in addressing disruptive risk?
        • What tools are available to directors related to ESG and sustainability risks?
        • Should companies be held responsible not only for their financial performance, but their successes or failures on environmental and social issues as well?
        • How can positive change be achieved and measured at the board level?

      ESG Activism: Focusing on Sustainability, Demographic and Diversity Initiatives

        • How are companies re-evaluating their board composition because of the recent successes of environmentally themed director contests?
        • Institutional investors and index funds continue to appear willing to support director candidates with an ESG message
        • The importance of corporate nomination committees in re-evaluating director choices to ensure that boards are diverse and have sufficient industry experts as independent directors
        • How has the board selection process changed?
        • The role of the board in keeping CEOs on their toes amidst the volatile corporate environment
        • How are activist investors working with companies to add more diversity onto boards and into the C-suite?

      The Best of Both Worlds: Exploring Public and Private Sector Collaboration

        • Are the world’s social and environmental issues too large for the public or private sectors to attempt to attack alone?
        • Can the collaborative efforts of government, businesses and non-profits use their individual strengths as an effective tool to deliver change?
        • How are public-private partnerships allowing public entities to meet their sustainability goals while also benefiting the business?

      Regulatory Requirements: Staying Ahead of ESG Regulatory Changes

        • How ESG and climate-related regulations are impacting large investors
        • Company-investor communications and transparency:  How policy changes are impacting how companies engage with their investor base
        • Are companies who don’t live up to their ESG promises in danger of being sued?
        • Gearing up for COP27
        • The effectiveness of stock surveillance systems, shareholder proposal rules, proxy plumbing restrictions
        • Accelerating efforts to prevent greenwashing
        • Tough rules targeting proxy advisers and their effect on ESG investing and activism
        • Regulations around sustainability disclosures

      Success Strategies for Improving your ESG Score

        • Analyzing your ESG plan:  Where are you and where do you need to improve?
        • Disclosure: Measuring, reporting and transparency
        • Understanding the metrics used to evaluate your ESG score
        • Why benchmarking and reporting is essential
        • Using a third party to perform the assessment
        • What data do you already have?  What do you need?
        • What are your ESG goals and what are you willing to give up to get there?
        • How do you report your achievements?
        • Understanding non-financial metrics

      How Does ESG Impact Valuations?

        • Environmental factors that can impact deal valuations
        • How can you relate every day commercial valuation practice to the wider ESG and sustainability landscape?
        • Establishing framework and guidelines
        • How ESG plays into the acquisition process
        • How do ESG ratings affect the value of the deal?
        • How market value is influenced by a certificate or rating
        • Ensuring assets go through a consistent and accurate ESG valuation 

      Incorporating ESG Data into the Underwriting Process

        • What ESG data is incorporate into the underwriting process?
        • Using resiliency and sustainability studies
        • What data exists, how is it tracked over time, and how it is incorporated in underwriting?
        • Have investors been slow to incorporate environmental risks into underwriting?
        • Are institutional investors truly confident that companies will achieve their goals?
        • What data is incorporated into the underwriting process?
        • How is ESG data being used to assess risk?



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