International Litigation Finance
London, England
October 18, 2022


IMN is excited to announce a new edition of the Litigation Finance event coming to London on 18 October. The International Litigation Finance Forum was created in response to the demand for an event focused on litigation funding and arbitration on the international scale and follows the success of our existing established Financing, Structuring & Investing in Litigation Finance events in New York City. With a new location and same great content, London will play host to a select group of senior executives and thought leaders who are blazing trails for progress in the industry.

Last year’s New York City event hosted a delegation of over 275 people, representing litigation funds, law firms, corporate claimants, academia, brokerages and institutional investors.

A select number of Complimentary Passes are reserved for qualified litigators, arbitrators, corporate counsels, corporate CFOs and GCs, and institutional investors. To see if you qualify for passes, please contact Dan Ettinger at

The event provided the perfect platform for legal professionals involved in commercial disputes to meet with investors specializing in the financing of litigation and arbitration cases. Pioneers of this rapidly evolving industry discussed the opportunities available for investors and legal professionals, with some lively Q&A sessions making for an interactive experience.

The continued growth of the industry has caught the attention of investors from institutional investors, hedge funds, venture capital and private equity firms who recognize the untapped potential in the market. More and more law firms and corporate counsels are making the most of opportunities in the space and are increasingly using litigation finance as a form of risk management and profit generation.

With new players entering the market all the time, the new London edition of this one day summit will draw a diverse crowd of investors, litigation funders, brokers, corporate claimants, law firms and other entities in this exciting and developing market. IMN invites you to join us at the premier platform for relationship building, thought leadership and business development in the litigation funding space.

Who Should Attend
  • Litigation/arbitration funders
  • Hedge funds
  • Private equity funds
  • Law firms
  • Broker dealers
  • Corporate counsels
  • Pension funds
  • Sovereign wealth funds
  • Endowments
  • CFOs
  • Press

Conference Highlights

My Agenda

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    Tuesday, 18 October 2022

      Tier 1 Registration and Setup for Exhibitors

      Tier 2 Registration and Breakfast for All Attendees

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      Opening Remarks

      Access to Justice: Trends, Developments and the Outlook for the Future of Litigation Funding in Europe

        • What trends and developments have emerged in the market and where is the market headed?
        • How has the emergence of hedge funds/multi-strats in the market changed pricing?
        • What is the impact of the rise in group actions?
        • Is litigation funding the remedy to make European justice systems more equitable?
        • What are the short- and long-term risks to the market?
        • What new products are emerging – and how is insurance structures coming into play?
        • What are the effects of Covid-delay?
        • Are there enough good cases in Europe to support the amount of capital in the market?
        • Will we see a marketplace where shares of already funded cases are traded?
        • Which practice areas are popular right now?

        • David Greene, Co-President (CORLA)
        • Erik Bomans, CEO (Deminor)
        • Paul de Servigny, Investment Manager, Specialty Finance (IVO Capital Partners)
        • Jason Woodland, Partner (Peters & Peters Solicitors LLP)
        • Ana Carolina Salomão Queiroz, Partner (Pogust Goodhead)
        • Polly O'Brien, Partner (Schulte Roth & Zabel)

      Exploring Jurisdiction Differences Across Europe

        • How are different jurisdictions acting differently?
        • What are the risks associated with different jurisdictions for funders?
        • Exploring arbitrage between different countries
        • What challenges are you facing in different jurisdictions regarding education, regulations and funding?
        • In a new market, what is the most efficient route to creating a sound strategy?
        • Two years into the Resolution of Mass Damage in Collective Action Act (WAMCA) in the Netherlands – How is it going?
        • How to treat “corruption and illegality” allegations
        • What changes are ahead after implementation of the Unified Class Action Regime?

        • Edouard Fremault, Partner (Deminor)
        • Dr. Malte Stübinger, Senior Legal Counsel (Deminor)
        • Clémence Lemétais, Partner (UGGC Avocats)
        • Koen Rutten, Partner (Wijn & Stael )

      Networking Break

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      Fireside Chat: How is ATE Insurance Responding to the Changing Litigation Funding Market?

      • As the litigation funding market is changing in its appetite for investing in single cases, how is the ATE insurance market responding? Rocco Pirozzolo considers the evolution of the ATE insurance market in the face of such changes.

        • Rocco Pirozzolo, Underwriting Director (Harbour Underwriting Ltd)

      Approaches and Strategies for Organizing Capital

        • What are the different ways that funders are capitalized?
        • Does it matter where the capital for a funder comes from?
        • Where is most of the money coming from? Where are most of the investors? 
        • Successful and innovative strategies for raising capital
        • Will we see reforms on restrictions of funding?
        • Exploring different funding options: Using debt and equity instead of traditional capital raising
        • Will blockchain, cryptocurrency, and other technology impact the market? 
        • What are the main concerns for investors in this asset class?
        • How can the market attract more institutional investors?

        • Dennis Knitowski, EVP & Head of Capital Markets (Cartiga, LLC)
        • CJ Wei, Vice President (Northleaf Capital Partners (USA) Inc.)
        • Andi Mandell, Partner (Schulte Roth & Zabel)

      Success Strategies: How to Get the Best Possible Deal When Seeking Funding

        • Avoiding common mistakes when presenting a case to a funder
        • How to keep negotiations on track
        • What you shouldn’t do during due diligence
        • Exploring real world examples of what’s worked and what hasn’t
        • As a funder…what should you not to do be successful?
        • Finding the line:  What’s realistic and what’s not
        • How do you control litigation when there are multiple funders?

        • John Astill, Director and Co-Founder (Exton Advisors)
        • Elena Rey, Partner (Brown Rudnick)
        • Rosemary Ioannou, Director (Fortress Investment Group LLC)
        • Ben Moss, Portfolio Advisor (Orchard Group)

      Networking Luncheon

      The Future of Group Litigation in the UK

      • Tom Goodhead, Partner at Pogust Goodhead will chart the progress group litigation has made in the UK and set out some thoughts on the future of the sector. He will explore the reforms that are needed and the importance of litigation funding in ensuring the sector continues to thrive and grow.

        • Tom Goodhead, Managing Partner (Pogust Goodhead)

      Co-Investing, Diversification, Securitizations and the Secondary Market

        • How will secondary markets and public capital impact the market?
        • Why co-investing and diversification is imperative to a successful long-term strategy
        • What infrastructure exists for the secondary trading market?  What is being developed?
        • How does a secondary buyer diligence the opportunity?
        • What are typical gains for the original buyers when the credit is sold to a secondary buyer?
        • How do you price your book?
        • Will we see a marketplace where shares of already funded cases are traded?
        • What do you do with the “zombies” that sit in your book?
        • Is an increase in syndications on the horizon?
        • Exploring typical financial relationships co-investment situations
        • Is the market ripe for securitizations?

        • Adam Gerchen, CEO (Gerchen Capital Partners)
        • Boris Ziser, Partner (Schulte Roth & Zabel)
        • Justin Brass, Co-Head Litigation Finance Group (Stifel, Nicolaus & Company, Inc.)

      Litigation Insurance: Is the Use of Insurance Re-Shaping the Market?

        • How can insurance be used to grow the market?
        • Understanding after the event (ATE) insurance
        • Using insurance to lower rates on good risk
        • What does the underwriting process for a portfolio insurance deal typically look like?
        • How are funders using judgement preservation insurance?
        • Exploring the wider use of insurance and hedge products coupled with funding
        • How does an insurance-backed judgment monetization deal get done?
        • Will alternative premium structures become more common?
        • Using insurance to reduce the cost of capital and aid in the deployment of capital

        • Steve Jones, Executive Director & Joint Practice Head, Dispute Resolution Practice (Gallagher)
        • Robin Ganguly, Executive Director, UK & EMEA, M&A and Transaction Solutions (Aon)
        • Carlos Ara, Equity Partner (Cuatrecasas)
        • Mohsin Patel, Co-Founder & Director (Factor Risk Management Ltd)
        • Rocco Pirozzolo, Underwriting Director (Harbour Underwriting Ltd)

      Networking Break

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      Small Group Meeting: Women in Litigation Finance

      • How can the Litigation Finance industry attract more women leaders? This small group meeting will explore best practices for mentoring and talent search, developing plans that encourage opportunities for growth, how to manage issues with return to the office vs. work from home scenarios, and understanding the concrete reasons as to why it’s more important than ever to be a diverse and inclusive organization.

        • Lucy Pert, Partner (Hausfeld)

      Innovative Deal Terms and Structures

        • What current pricing is the European market seeing?
        • Making sure the interests of the lawyer and funder are aligned
        • Exploring retention agreements
        • Can the process become more efficient and accelerated?
        • Underwriting portfolio insurance deals
        • Balancing speed and predictability vs. confidence for the funders
        • Is the use of insurance changing deal terms and pricing?
        • How insurance can reduce the cost of capital and support the deployment of capital
        • Have diligence terms changed for single-event funding vs. multiple-case funding?
        • Will due diligence and pricing become more scientific and less driven by predictions?
        • What tools are available to help to drive down the cost of capital?
        • Defense side funding products

        • Paul Jeroen van de Grampel, Global-Co Head Litigation Risk Group, M&A and Transaction (Aon)
        • Elena Rey, Partner (Brown Rudnick)
        • Thomas Steindler, Director (Exton Advisors)
        • Jamie Molloy, Head of ATE (Ignite)
        • Ted Farrell, Founder (Litigation Funding Advisers)
        • Shawn Adams, Vice President Litigation Finance Group (Stifel, Nicolaus & Company, Inc.)

      Enforcements and International Arbitration

        • Developments in international arbitration and investment treaty arbitration case funding
        • Enforcement of judgements:  What is the EU position?
        • Trends and developments by region: America, Latin America, Australia, and Asia
        • Exploring asset enforcement
        • What special challenges does international arbitration pose (that the funding of domestic EU cases doesn’t)?
        • Which sectors and geographies are seeing the most international activity and opportunity?
        • What is the timeframe for the returns in international arbitration investments?

        • Nikos Asimakopoulos, Director of Disputes (Alaco)
        • George Pollack, Partner (Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg LLP)
        • Romain Zamour, Associate (Debevoise & Plimpton LLP)
        • Jagdish Menezes, Associate (Quinn Emanuel)
        • Simon Consedine, Counsel (Three Crowns LLP)
        • Tatiana Sainati, Partner (Wiley Rein)

      How are Corporates and Institutional Investors Using Litigation Finance?

        • How can corporates, institutional investors and other legal departments use outside capital to fund litigation and move financial risk off their balance sheet?
        • Using litigation finance to reduce costs, mitigate risk and enhance value of assets
        • The increasing popularity of group litigation, and the risk this poses for corporates
        • How active are corporates in monetizing large claims?
        • How corporates and institutional investors are using litigation finance to participate in group litigation from a claimant standpoint
        • Challenges and roadblocks in corporate utilization and how to overcome them
        • What deal structures are corporates using?
        • What can funders do to generate more deal flow with general counsels and their legal departments?

        • Stefano Catelani, Founding Partner (Calimala Legal and Webster University)
        • Andrew Leitch, Senior Associate (Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner LLP)
        • Sonia Hadjadj, Chief Insights Officer (Crafty Counsel)
        • Noah Wortman, Director-Global Collective Redress (Pogust Goodhead)

      Closing Remarks

      Cocktail Reception

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