Multifamily Property Management & Operations
Dallas, TX
March 21 - 22, 2019


IMN is pleased to announce its inaugural Multifamily Property Management & Operations Forum will take place this March 21 & 22 in Dallas, Texas.
The forum was created in response to the demand for an event focusing on multifamily property management and follows on from the success of our existing established Residential Property Management forum and Multifamily Middle Market franchise, which have 400-500 participants each time out.
IMN’s Multifamily Property Management & Operations Forum not only provides exclusive educational content and industry insights, but also presents a unique opportunity for attendees to network with property managers, apartment owners and investors who are outsourcing to these property management groups.

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    Thursday, March 21st, 2019

      7:30 AM
      Registration And Breakfast For Small Group Meeting: Exhibits Open

      7:45 AM
      Growing Your Property Management Business: Going From Small/Mid-Sized Owner/Property Manager

      • For Owner/Operators/Property Managers Only The pros and cons of in-house vs. outsourced property management, expanding outside your home market and key staffing additions will be among the points discussed at this interactive discussion among attendees and discussion leaders.
        • James Kandasamy , Director of Acquisitions & Investor Relations (Achieve Investment Group)
        • David Perez , COO (Carroll Organization)
        • Dave Sherbal , Owner (Heschel Asset Management)

      7:50 AM
      Registration And Breakfast For All Attendees Courtesy Of:

      8:35 AM
      Large Firm Property Management "C-Suite" Executive Forum

      •   • How are you reacting to the lack of new staff availability? What have you been doing to retain staff?
        • What has been you latest technology innovation?
        • What were the challengers for last building you opened?
        • Acquired portfolio integration: What were the keys?
        • What new initiatives have you been doing to keep tenants?
        • Managing material and staffing costs for rehabs
        • How are you balancing what is important to the investor, renter and employee while increasing the bottom line
        • Fee structures: How much are you paying? Charging?
        • What are the risks out there that are keeping you up at night? How are you minimizing them?
        • Bryan Brinson , Managing Partner (Meridian Management Group)
        • Ryan Wehner , Owner (Wehner Multifamily)
        • Joe Emerson , Partner (Weller Residential)
        • David Perez , COO (Carroll Organization)

      9:20 AM
      Electric Cars, Uber & Technology Game Changers: Evaluating The Impact On Apartments And Property Managers And Translating These Trends & Experiences Into Money

      • • With so many technology trend… Separating the noise from the real game changers
        • How are you accounting for the increase in offline alternative workers?
        • Uber, ride-sharing, bikes, public transport and the parking lot
        • Generating revenue from parcel lockers
        • What will Gen-Z be demanding?
        • Attack of the drones: How to prepare?
        • Payment technology
        • By 2023 90% of the population will connect to the grid by smartphones…
        • Using technology to enrich the resident experience
        • Using big data for to enhance a renters personal experience
        • Mickey Kropf , CEO (Vector Travel)
        • Matt Nelson , Account Manager (Community Controls)
        • Art Lieb , Managing Partner (Provence Real Estate, LLC)
        • David Namkoong , Senior Account Executive (Rently Keyless)
        • Demetrios Barnes , Chief Operating Officer (SmartRent)

      10:15 AM
      Networking Break Courtesy Of:

      11:10 AM
      Structuring Your Back Office: What You Need to have In-House And What Can You Outsource?

      • • Creating your own Management Firm: What are the Key Considerations?
        • Identifying your core expertise
        • How many doors should you have under management before it makes sense?
        • Hiring someone in-house vs. keeping outsourced
        • What is wrong with your current management firm: Is there a way of improving that situation?
        • Outsourcing some management, keeping some in-house: What is behind that decision?
        • Impact of concentrated vs. dispersed portfolio
        • Do lenders approve?
        • Mike Ballard , Partner (Ascent Multifamily Accounting)
        • Dan Ford , President (Elmington)
        • Matthew Quinn , Vice President (Pathfinder Partners)
        • Daniel Jaramillo , CEO (Strategic Properties)
        • Ann-Marie Bomba , Principal Owner (Topaz Asset Management)

      11:55 AM
      Cost Of A New Tenant vs. Raising Rent-Revenue Management Best Practices: Evaluating Unit Rate Pricing Optimization Tools

        • Pros and cons of revenue management software
        • Who has the rent amount decision? Should it be pushed down?
        • Determining how many new leases and renewals need to be executed at a property to keep up with pro-formas
        • How many scheduled visits of prospective tenants result in signed leases?
        • Post renovation: What are the key factors at assist in determining the new rent?
        • Impact of competitive rents
        • Considering building class factors

        • Jillian Anderson , VP, Business Development (Elmington)
        • Jason Thornton , Acquisitions Manager (BH Management Services)
        • Joanna Rose-Self , Regional Manager (Estage Property Management)
        • Emily Goodman Shortall , Owner/Founder (Harvey Goodman Realtor Property Management)
        • Chris Nebenzahl , Institutional Research Manager (Yardi Matrix)

      12:50 PM

      1:50 PM
      Maintenance & Maintenance Technology

      • • Scheduling and best practices for predictive maintenance
        • How are you handling maintenance requests?
        • How are you handling acquisitions with large amounts of deferred maintenance
        • Is 24-hour service call centers and maintenance overkill?
        • Budgeting and planning for preventive maintenance and turnover
        • Automation systems: What needs to be present?
        • What size justifies having a regional manager?
        • The art of operating expense negotiations
        • Maintenance benchmarks for different building classes
        • Considerations for peak leasing season
        • Steven Kollar , Managing Principal (Cash Flow Properties/Renters First Choice)
        • Dana Dunford , CEO (
        • Gordon Firth , Director of Investment Acquisition and Development (OmniKey Realty)
        • Michael Branam , Director of Sales - Multifamily (PointCentral)

      2:35 PM
      Sourcing, Attracting The Tenant… Marketing/Leasing & Evaluating Best Practices Using Traditional And Social Media Methods

        • How are you communicating with your current and prospective tenants-What works for different customers and different buildings? What is the impact of ADA?
        • What are the most important factors in tenant screening? What do you look for in screening software?  
        • What is your spend on tenant acquisition?
        • In-house vs. outsourcing
        • Getting high reviews, tenant retention and re-leasing strategies
        • How are you making customer service a vital part of your company’s success? Are you turning a request into revenue?
        • On-demand & tech-enabled customer service: How on-demand is it? What was your last upgrade? What is next?
        • What kind of training do your customer service and leasing reps undertaking?
        • What have you been doing to add high touch personal interactions to an increasingly technological customer service experience?
        • What is your responsiveness timeline?
        • Maintenance practices: What have you updated lately?

        • Christine Millier , Director, Sales and Marketing (Village Green)
        • Veronica Nieto , Regional Manager (Achieve Properties)
        • Allison Ambrose , CEO (ARG Property Management )
        • Melanie Trapnell , VP Operations - Austin, Houston & CA (Gables Residential)
        • Connie Rodriguez , Property Manager (Achieve Properties)

      3:20 PM
      Networking Break Courtesy Of:

      3:50 PM
      Working With Institutional Investors, Lenders And Family Offices: Property And Asset Management

      • • What kind of reporting requirements do you expect
        • Breaking up of responsibilities
        • What happens when you find deficiencies? Contractual items that aren’t being carried out?
        • What kind of additional staffing do you need?
        • Changes in your operational business plan that you needed to undertake
        • Control…
        • Rent growth objectives
        • Joe Emerson , Partner (Weller Residential)
        • Darren Williams , President (Portico Property Management)
        • Liz Fujino , Director of Finance (Sunstone Properties Trust)
        • Amy Violette , Regional Manager, Business Development (Stay Alfred, Inc.)
        • Darin Munson , President (The Phoenix Group)
        • Kellie Sanders , Vice President, Southwest Operations (Village Green)

      4:35 PM
      Developing Operating & Capital Budgets

      • • Unanticipated costs, budget contingencies, reserve calculations and utilization
        • Forecasting best practices
        • Budget vs. actual… Post-game analysis
        • Budgeting for turnover
        • Tools to assist
        • Making you stay to the budget
        • On the look-out for budget busters…
        • Developing a rehab and maintenance budget
        • Budgeting for those little things
        • What is continually on the budget variance report? Why? What are you doing about it?
        • Theresa Leatherbury , President (Rachuba Management, Inc.)
        • Ashley Wilson , Co-Founder & Co-Owner (Bar Down Investments LLC)
        • Randy Fleece , President (Gateway Management Company)
        • Michael Cook , Director (GTIS Partners)

      5:20 PM
      Networking Reception

      6:20 PM
      Day One Of The Inaugural Multifamily Property Management And Operations Forum Concludes

    Friday, March 22nd, 2019

      8:15 AM
      Registration And Breakfast Courtesy Of:

      8:35 AM
      Property Management Technology: Build vs. Buy vs. Outsource & Assessing New Systems

        • Do you need new technology? Are your current networks and systems getting the job done? What are you lacking? How have your processes changed?  What processes would you like your new system to perform?
        • Direct cost of a technology purchase vs. total cost of ownership
        • Evaluating if you have the expertise in-house
        • Costs/benefit analysis: What are the inputs?
        • Building some, outsourcing others: Why?
        • System upkeep considerations
        • What kind of tech development have you been keeping in house?
        • If you keep a function in-house locally but outsource it in a different market who’s technology do you use?
        • Data integration
        • Disaster recovery and redundancy

        • Joseph Gozlan , Founder (EBG Acquisitions)
        • Kristen Thomasino , VP, Real Estate Solutions (AvidXchange)
        • Mike Stephenson , Director of Business Intelligence (BH Management Services)
        • Andrea Shaw , Director of Systems Training (Gables Residential)
        • Ty Brewer , Managing Director & CIO (Greystar)

      9:30 AM
      Structuring Your Operation: Centralized vs. De-Centralized; Taking Advantage Of Multi-Building & Geographic Efficiencies

        • Centralized or decentralizes operation: Why?
        • Staffing approaches to multi-building complexes
        • How much freedom do you give local managers?
        • Does it make sense to centralize certain functions while de-centralizing others?
        • The regional office: A hybrid approach?
        • Working asset managers and consultants into the structure
        • Centralizing operations outside of the US  

        • Mark Pearson , General Counsel (Nitya Capital)
        • Janet Riddlebarger , President Asset Management Group (HHHunt)
        • Michael Slaughter , Owner/ Broker (OmniKey Realty)
        • Jeremy Edmiston , SVP (Pinnacle)
        • Tami Fossum , Executive Director (GEM Management, LLC)

      10:15 AM
      Networking Break

      10:30 AM
      Property Management Shark Tank

      • Looking for a new property management company? IMN has taken its popular shark tank concept into the management side of the business and you’ll see 2 apartment owners who are looking to outsource the management of their property consider bids on their portfolio.  Discussions will focus on such issues as management structure, compensation and incentives
        • Kelly Blaskowsky , Senior Vice President of Operations (Roscoe Properties)
        • Sarah Laidler , Designated Broker & Principal (Accolade Property Management Group)
        • Evie Law , Vice President of Operations (Incore Residential)
        • Courtney Vitek , Regional Property Manager (MLDC Management)
        • Daniel Jaramillo , CEO (Strategic Properties)
        • Ryan Wehner , Owner (Wehner Multifamily)

      11:15 AM
      Value-Added & Opportunistic Plays Apartments… Rehab Strategy & Amenities: Where Is The Biggest ROI?

      • • Coming up with the budget
        • Deferred maintenance ROI
        • Fee-based additions: Which ones have the most interest?
        • Which amenities do you outsource?
        • Outdoors and common areas: What do residents look at? Really use?
        • What is your Individual unit’s strategy? Do you replace the same items in every apartment or replace what is needed?
        • When do you feel comfortable raising rent?
        • Value-add strategy during a recession…
        • Josh Mandell , President/COO (Gateway Companies)
        • Jon Mendoza , Director of Acquisitions (Abacus Capital Group)
        • Sandy Albert , Senior Director of Real Estate (Common)
        • Leah Slaughter , Agent & Owner (OmniKey Realty)
        • Dianne Kuykendall , COO & Director of Property Management (Waller Group Properties)
        • Amy Violette , Regional Manager, Business Development (Stay Alfred, Inc.)

      12:00 PM
      The Inaugural Multifamily Property Management And Operations Forum Concludes



This is a <u>past</u> conference, no registration is available.

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