Trade Receivables
London, UK
November 11, 2021


Following the success of last year's virtual launch event, IMN is delighted to announce the 2nd Annual Investors' Conference on Trade Receivables will take place as a blended physical and digital gathering 11 November in London, UK.

As the role of trade finance reemerges in a new era of post-pandemic globalisation, the conference will provide a platform for investors, lenders and other key stakeholders to understand the current trends and inner workings of the quickly evolving Trade Receivables sector.

With programme content and networking activities hosted both in-person and virtually, participants are offered flexibility in how they experience this exploration of the asset class' growing attractiveness and accessibility. Delegates will glean key insights into its plethora of advantages, including consistent returns, portfolio diversification, high origination volume, and strong credit qualities, as well as forge connections with the industry's most important players.

We look forward to welcoming you this Autumn - both face-to-face and virtually - to another must-attend event.

Who Should Attend
  • Trade Receivables Investors
  • Institutional Investors
  • Alternative Finance Lenders
  • Underwriters/Structurers
  • Insurance Firms
  • Rating Agencies
  • FinTech Providers
  • Legal Professionals
  • Regulators
  • Development Finance Institutions
  • Export Credit Agencies

Conference Highlights

Networking Tutorial

    Platform Introduction
    Getting Started
    Updating Personal Info
    Updating Demographics
    Searching By Name/Company
    Filter By Demographics
    Send Invitation
    Accept Invitation
    Messaging Connections
    Post Conference Content

My Agenda

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    Thursday, November 11th, 2021

      9:00 AM
      Conference Opens & Networking Breakfast

      9:30 AM
      Marco Outlook for Global Trade

        • How buoyant is this market in the face of an increasingly unpredictable environment? i.e., Brexit, Covid, Climate Challenges, Suez & Middle Corridor Issues etc.
        • How are major economies recovering from the pandemic and what impact is this having of global trade volumes?
        • What are the impacts of UK and US political regimes with respect to trade?
        • Has the Greensill collapse garnered increased scrutiny from governments and regulators, and what, if any, long term effects will this have?

      10:05 AM
      The ABC(P)’s: Securitising Trade Receivable Portfolios

        • Volume of Trade Finance Deals, primary and secondary market activity, deal structures, and breakdown of portfolio assets.
        • How important is Securitisation in Trade Receivables as a key tool for plugging the funding gap between financial markets and the real economy?
        • Pandemic performance of transactions and underlying assets. What can be expected from the ending of government protection policies, especially for SME recovery?
        • What are the structures and motivations behind securitising trade receivable portfolios?
        • What are the benefits to using bankruptcy remote SPVs to achieve better pricing than otherwise achieved through supplier credit based full recourse transactions?

      10:50 AM
      Networking Refreshment Break

      11:15 AM
      Cross-Jurisdictional Challenges: Legal and Regulatory Policy Regime Changes

        • How critical and beneficial is STS for this market? How easy is it to obtain this label for transactions retroactively?
        • Where is the intersection of Legal and Accounting rules? What are the challenges and how can we overcome them?
        • Divergence of UK and EU securitisation regimes – What challenges and opportunities does this pose? E.g., Off Balance Sheet execution and capital treatment
        • A look at IFRS9 and CRR, plus other key regulations for the Trade Receivables market.
        • What are the legal and regulatory challenges for multi-jurisdictional transactions, and how are these managed?

      12:05 PM
      Transaction Case Study

      12:30 PM
      Delegate Luncheon

      1:30 PM
      Global Trade Centres: APAC and Alternative Markets

        • What factors are responsible for the rapid recovery of trade volumes in the APAC regions throughout the pandemic?
        • What trends can be seen in the Asian markets compared to the European Markets? What has caused the recent increase in Receivables and Supply Chain Finance?

      2:20 PM
      A Question of Sustainability: The Evolution of ESG in Trade

        • Where are the current trade ESG portfolios focused? E.g., Energy/Environment – and what does the future hold for ESG receivables transactions?
        • Do we have enough buy-in from all parties in the ecosystem to support ESG advancement? What more is needed to prove the significant benefits and returns to ESG?
          • Who is/should be leading the charge in this area? Is the onus on regulators, financiers, or do we need more cohesion?
        • What will it take for the market to develop a consistent and objective aet of ESG measurements and principles, given the variance between financiers, regulators, investors, third parties etc?
        • Are the ‘S’ and ‘G’ being left behind in favour of the ‘E’? How do we ensure all factors are in the equation and what is currently being done on these factors?

      3:05 PM
      Networking Refreshment Break

      3:20 PM
      Digitalising Trade: Technological Trends Transforming Trade

        • How is digitisation within trade receivables streamlining technology platforms and decreasing barriers to entry for smaller market players?
        • Who are the new fintech/alternative finance, and non-bank entrants, and what impact are they having on the sector? How are they working alongside banks and fund managers?
        • Do DLT advancements provide any meaningful impact to Trade Finance and Receivables? What hurdles still exist here?

      4:10 PM
      Investing in Trade: Institutional Investor Roundtable

        • How is the investor base evolving, and what is the current appetite for Trade Receivable Securitisation deals? Is there enough significant yield and relative value compared to other asset classes?
        • What are the key considerations and motivations for new and existing investors? What has caused the current surge of Private Equity and Insurance players entering the market?
        • How are Investors looking at the credit risk of these constantly revolving portfolios? How big a role is Credit Enhancement and Credit Insurance playing now, and in the future?
        • What are the avenues to enter/access the asset class? Is it currently too difficult to get exposure?

      5:00 PM
      Conference Concludes & Networking Drinks Reception



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