Biotech ABS
Virtual Event
November 18, 2020


IMN’s Virtual Investors’ Conference on Biotech ABS, taking place November 18, will provide a platform to understand the biotech and healthcare sector, helping educate investors, borrowers and industry participants on the hottest new asset class in equity capital markets. This one-day virtual conference will consist of morning sessions focused on European aspects, and afternoon panels with a focus on the U.S., as regulatory challenges will be forefront on both sides of the globe. 

Biotech issuance in 2020 has now surpassed $60 billion globally, spurring this asset class to become the second most popular equity capital markets sector, with momentum driven by huge secondary moves and companies benefitting from a greater focus on healthcare investing that Covid-19 has generated.  

Join this must-attend gathering to engage with hedge funds, institutional investors, and more, to discover exciting new investment opportunities as this sector expands to comply with policy, market demand and changing consumer needs.

Who Should Attend
  • Regulators
  • Fixed Income Investors
  • Hedge Funds
  • Venture Capital Partners
  • Insurance Firms
  • Issuers 
  • Underwriters/Structurers
  • Rating Agencies
  • Analysts
  • Trustees
  • Servicers Technology Platform Providers
  • Analytics Firms

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My Agenda

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    Wednesday, November 18th, 2020

      Please note agenda is subject to change.

      • All session times in EST. 

      8:00 AM
      101: Understanding the BioHealth Boom

      • BioHealth is the new definition that better reflects the broader convergence of biotech, pharma, medical device, biomarkers, tools, healthcare analytics, hospital information systems, data analytics, mobile apps. This session is aimed at educating investors and those new to the asset class. 

      8:30 AM
      Keynote Speaker

      9:00 AM
      The Intersectionality of Biotech and Securitization

        • Migration of secured lending: Creating the possibility of securitization
        • We have seen this before: What pieces/structures are now developed place to create momentum?
        • How are valuations, rating pieces and bank capital relief growing investor and regulator confidence? Are these receivables now a safer investment for premium investors? 
        • Capital regulations: How has this developed for the bank lenders? Overview of exposure 

      10:00 AM
      Equity Investor Roundtable: BioHealth's Gone Bananas

        • Covid-19 focus: How is this driving the growth across peripheral supply chains?
        • Covid Impact of the government injecting money into the system (grants, paycheck protections)
        • Milestones & validation: Covid impact on clinical trials and Federal Drug Administration (FDA)
        • Doing your due diligence: Evaluating the risks associated with high returns
        • Demand for short term paper
        • Where are the opportunities if you are new to this sector? What sectors are suffering?

      11:00 AM
      Growing Relevance of Non-Equity Fund Raising

        • Sub section of IP securitizations
        • Where is the source of these stream of cashflows? Are they volatile?
        • Landscape of federal/state/private grants & biohealth tax credits

      11:45 AM
      Session Break

      12:30 PM
      Momentum of the Secondary Market

        • The sweet spot for issuers and private equity
        • Banks lenders: Feedback on capital and regulatory challenges
        • Liquidity evaluation: How to keep these assets on your books (and as cheap as possible)
        • What are the steps to making these receivables more liquid and attractive in expanding this market?
        • Benefits of healthcare receivables market: How to improve liquidity? Could this $8 trillion market over the residential market size given the shorter-term loans being securitized?

      1:15 PM
      Regulatory Challenges: U.S. and Europe

        • The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act): What is it? Will the economic stimulus be renewed? If so, which parts of the stimulus will end, and which will live?
        • The Promise of Digitalizing of healthcare (e.g., Germany passed Digital Care Act) vs the Reality of executing Cybersecurity
        • Cybersecurity: How has thinking around cybersecurity in healthcare evolved, and what challenges remain? Will healthcare records explode during the Covid-19 era and increase of claims with digital ID records?

      2:15 PM
      Biotech Issuers' Roundtable

        • Evaluation of 2020 issuances to date
        • Timelines, clinical developments, long and short-term goals
        • How quick is the volume recovery for providers from a business perspective?

      3:15 PM
      Ratings Methodology: Cross-Sector Healthcare

        • Beyond securitization: Municipal rating perspective 
        • Valuation of this quasi-financial asset: This is not debt, they are claims
        • How have technical challenges developed to allow potential for this market?
        • Creating a methodology that evaluates claims based on statistical record for insurance companies, and types of procedures – factors that determine expected value
        • Innovations applied to ratings of these short-term assets

      4:15 PM
      Crystal Ball: Where is the Opportunity in Pharma and Biotech

        • Economic impact of an election year and the pricing of pharma 
        • How has the US market played a visionary leadership role and potential for this market
        • Where not to invest and little opportunity?
        • Automoated lien claims – paving the future?
        • Social aspects of hospital finance: Surgeries, new normal living with Covid and future pandemics, what does that calculus look like ?
        • Agents of change: How to best manage capital

      5:15 PM
      End of Virtual Investors' Conference on Biotech ABS: Sessions will be recorded and available for 14 days post event



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