Data Centers East
Washington, D.C.
June 8 - 9, 2017


We are excited to be back in Washington D.C for our 7th Annual Provider Forum on Data Centers & Cloud Services Infrastructure (East.)
As the data center and Cloud services industries continue to evolve at a dizzying pace, so too are the business models and investment strategies of industry stakeholders.
Join leading industry executives as we address the key factors influencing business models and investment decisions and look to the future of market direction.
Points under discussion include:
  • What is the current state of the data center/Cloud services infrastructure market?
  • Will the record-breaking M&A activity continue? What is the impact of consolidation on market dynamics/data center valuations?
  • How can data centers/CSPs tap into the current dry powder?
  • How are changes in end-consumer behavior and technology driving the future of data centers and long term investment strategies?
  • What are the investment strategies now being favored by data centers, CSPs and investors?
  • What are growth areas for data centers/CSPs in terms of infrastructure and service offerings?
  • Moving beyond more space and power: What is the future of innovation in data centers?
  • What will be the impact of the new Administration on this market sector? What must providers keep on their regulatory radar at a state and federal level?
  • What are the new key factors in site selection today?
  • What impact have edge data centers had on market dynamics and the way of doing business?
  • What are the points to watch for network evolution and connectivity over the next 3 years?
  • What are the challenges and opportunities coming down the pipeline?
  • Where will this industry be in the next 3-5 years?
Addressing the critical business issues that C-level executives at data centers, colocation and Cloud service providers (CSPs) must face, the event annually welcomes senior executives from leading data center and Cloud service providers, end-user clients, investors, capital and service providers.
We look forward to welcoming you June 8-9, at the Mandarin Oriental in Washington D.C.! 

Who Should Attend
  • Banks, PE firms, Venture Capitalists and other investors in this industry
  • Data Center/Colocation Tenants and Cloud Service Consumers
  • Enterprise End-Users that own their Data Centers
  • Public and Private Data Center, Colocation and Cloud Service Providers
Other service providers to the industry including but not limited to:
  • Advisory/consultancy firms Hardware and software solutions providers investment bankers
  • Brokers
  • Data center engineering/design/construction firms
  • Law/tax/accounting firms
  • Utility companies

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    Thursday, June 8th, 2017

      7:30 AM
      Breakfast & Registration


      8:10 AM
      IMN's Welcome

      8:15 AM
      Chair’s Opening Remarks

        • Jeffrey Moerdler , Member (Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky and Popeo, P.C.)

      8:30 AM
      Data Center, Colocation & Cloud Service Provider (CSP) Mid-Year Market Update

        • Are there cyclical changes that have become foundational changes in this industry?
        • What are notable recent trends within the public vs. private provider markets? What has market net growth been over the past year (with/without hyper-scalers)? Where are infrastructure/ service pricing levels? Rental rates?
        • How many new data center/colo/CSPs are starting up? What gaps are they filling?
        • What is the rate of new construction? What kinds of data center are being built and where? What new apps are driving this? Where are enterprise apps going?
        • What are growth areas for data centers/colocation/CSPs in terms of service offerings? What are the demand drivers to watch for?
        • M&A update: Who is buying who? Why the record-breaking M&A activity? How much more will there be?
        • The impact of consolidation on market dynamics/data center valuations: Who are the winners/losers?
        • The new Administration: What will be the impact on this market sector? Will there be greater data flow to Canada? What must providers keep on their regulatory radar at a state and federal level? How will the new SEC Chairman view this market? Will there be deregulation but greater enforcement activity? Will data centers be considered as ISPs? What is the potential impact on investment in this space?
        • Where has there been the greatest private equity investment? How does market confidence compare to this time last year? What are current sale lease-back trends?
        • Capital sources and availability: What’s getting financed and by whom?

        • Brad Thomas , Editor (The Intelligent REIT Investor)
        • Svein Hagaseth , SVP, North America (Green Mountain Data Center)
        • Yan Ness , CEO (Online Tech)
        • Tim Horan , Managing Director (Oppenheimer & Co.)
        • Josh Yatskowitz , Industry Analyst (Bloomberg Intelligence)

      9:15 AM
      President/C-Level Executive Wholesale & Hybrid Player Perspective

        • What has been the impact of hyper-scale companies on your business? How are you competing/ co-existing with them?
        • How are you viewing the market consolidation? Are you looking to buy, be bought or keep the status quo? What opportunities does the current market dynamic offer you? Drawbacks?
        • What is your investment sentiment today? How are you looking at numbers? What returns are you targeting? Debt leverage? How are you preparing for interest rate hikes and the prospect of a slowing economy? How are you managing costs?
        • How is IoT impacting your business/investment strategy? How are you approaching IoT implementation and strategy? Has IoT demand had a discernable impact on your data center?
        • What are your growth strategies in a world of increasing commoditization? If you are not already a REIT, are you considering converting to one? Where are you allocating $ for your next data center build-out? Are you looking to go global? Large data center vs. smaller scattered sites in one locale: Which way to go?
        • What new demand drivers for data center/colocation/Cloud services and infrastructure are you seeing? What innovation amongst providers is there as a result? Are you seeing medium-large enterprises increasingly migrate to the Cloud? How are you determining what to invest in? What service offerings have paid off and which haven’t?
        • What will be the next big client type? What services will be critical to offer in the future? How are you analyzing your clients’ usage data to better tailor services/your capabilities for their particular needs?

        • Miles Loo , EVP (Newmark Knight Frank)
        • Jeffrey Burges , President (DataSite Colo)
        • John Sheputis , President (Infomart Data Centers)
        • Hunter Newby , Owner (Newby Ventures)
        • Brian Johnston , Chief Technology Officer (QTS – Quality Technology Services)
        • Aaron Wangenheim , COO (T5 Data Centers)

      10:00 AM
      Networking Break Courtesy of

      10:30 AM
      Site Selection 2017

        • Mapping supply/demand domestically and internationally: What geographical sites are overbuilt vs. underserved?
        • How/why are locations for data centers changing? What are new key factors in site selection today? To what degree is client demand/requirements vs. technological advancements facilitating this change? How important is proximity to business/accessibility for clients? What impact is edge computing having on site selection? Where will be the next key hubs?
        • Land/lot prices/values: Where are they going? What are the determinants? How is this impacting cost modelling? Where are providers being priced out? Are there underserved, reasonably priced sites still available? In which locales do business and economic incentives offset high land/power/tax costs?
        • Evaluating international vs. domestic sites: Due diligence considerations
        • A word to the wise: The top ten site selection mistakes and how to avoid them

        • Chris Curtis , SVP, Development & Acquisitions (Compass Datacenters)
        • Jeff Kopp , Manager, Business Consulting (Burns & McDonnell)
        • John Clune , CEO (Cavern Technologies)
        • Kent Hill , Manger, Strategic Economic Dev (Dominion Energy)
        • Buddy Rizer , Executive Director (Loudoun County Department of Economic Development)
        • Rick Drescher , Managing Director, Technical Services (Savills Studley)

      11:15 AM
      Edge Data Centers 2017

        • Defining edge data centers: What they are/are not
        • Business models and strategy: Who are the edge providers? What types of data center are they building/what facilities are they offering? In what markets? What are pricing structures?
        • What is the latest in the market adoption of the edge data center model? End user adoption? Who are the end customers? What is driving their demand?
        • Who does/doesn’t need to utilize edge data centers? Which applications need to be near end-users?
        • What impact have edge data centers had on market dynamics and the way of doing business?
        • How much capital is going into edge networks? Where are investors putting their money?
        • Which edge markets are under-served?
        • What is the 3-5 year growth outlook for edge data centers? What will the typical edge data center look like?

        • Ron Sacks , Co-Founder, CEO & Managing Partner (Provdotnet, LLC)
        • Hugh Carspecken , CEO (Dart Points)
        • Jeffrey Burges , President (DataSite Colo)
        • Kylle Jordan , Economic Development (Minnesota Dept. Employment & Econ Development)
        • Jeffrey Moerdler , Member (Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky and Popeo, P.C.)
        • Stephen Belomy , SVP US West Coast (Etix Everywhere)

      12:00 PM
      Cloud Service Provider CEO Panel

        • Where are you seeing growth/demand for your services/infrastructure? From the retail colocation market? Other areas? How are you getting on prospects’ radars?
        • How are you competing with the ‘big guys’? What niche(s) have you carved out? Are you going for scale? How are you building out your ecosystem? What are your growth strategies?
        • Buy vs. build Cloud: What is the latest on what enterprise end-users are doing/want? How are you positioning in response? What do you see as underserved markets/untapped opportunities?
        • How are you effectively communicating the differences between Cloud offerings to end-user clients to enable them to better target purchase opportunities?
        • Cyber-attacks and risk management: How are you balancing costs with security?
        • Disaster recovery in a multiple Cloud/provider environment…discuss
        • What are your approaches to data mining/utilization?
        • How to avoid vendor lock-in in the Cloud?

        • Cris Daniluk , President (Rhythmic Technologies)
        • Peter Feldman , CEO & Principal (DataGryd)
        • Luke Norris , CEO & Founder (Faction)
        • Shay Houser , CEO (Green Cloud Technologies)
        • Sagi Brody , CTO (Webair)

      12:45 PM
      Luncheon Courtesy of

      1:45 PM
      Small/Mid-Sized Data Center Executive Perspective

        • How was the past year for you? What was your % of incoming customer growth vs. pipeline growth? What are you anticipating for the rest of 2017-2018?
        • How are you looking at your business today? Are you positioning to buy or be bought? Where are current market opportunities? Notable trends in the small/mid-sized operator market? What is your long-term strategy?
        • What are your approaches to maximizing returns? How are you viewing risk and translating that into your investment strategy/capital deployment? Where will future pipeline growth come from?
        • Is it the right time to grow your business? Aside from M&As, what are your growth strategies? New markets? If so, where and what is your due diligence process? New customer bases? How to meet the evolving needs of existing clients vs. expand into new client bases? How to determine your focus/spend?
        • What are your sources of growth finance? How do deal terms/rates/conditions compare today?
        • How have you/will you change your product/service offerings? What level of managed services (other than Cloud) should small operators provide? How to offer new services? Partner with a solutions provider or use a custom data center builder? What are the real estate and other investment implications? What % of your business should you own vs. outsource? Is it still possible to make $ on raw space?
        • How are you setting yourself apart from your peers? Specialization? How can you co-exist with the ‘big kids on the block’? Why have your clients been selecting you? Leaving?

        • Emily G. Naughton , Associate (Greenberg Traurig, LLP)
        • Bob DeSantis , Chief Executive Officer (365 Data Centers)
        • John Clune , CEO (Cavern Technologies)
        • Svein Hagaseth , SVP, North America (Green Mountain Data Center)

      2:30 PM
      The Latest Best Practices in Sales & Marketing, Lease Structuring & Risk Allocation

      • This session will be in two parts. Firstly, we discuss the latest sales and marketing techniques to secure new customers. Secondly, as customers become increasingly sophisticated, their priorities and hence lease agreements are changing. In addition, as high profile data breaches continue to make news headlines, key aspects of lease agreements are being revisited by all parties. The second part of this session addresses these aspects by examining the latest approaches to structuring leases including risk allocation and accounting for critical legal issues. Part One
        • Assessing methods to reach prospective enterprise end-user vs. service provider customers: channel partners vs. brokers vs. site selection consultants vs. in-house staff vs. outside marketing consultants vs. social media avenues
        • How are brokers becoming more involved in the marketing strategies of providers?
        • Getting the biggest bank for your sales/marketing buck: What to do in-house vs. outsource 
        • What tools do you use to market your space/services? What must be included in a comprehensive sales/marketing strategy? How to differentiate yourself from the competition?
        • Enterprise end-user vs. service provider clients: Hot buttons; key selection criteria; their latest needs; current price sensitivity; the deal-breakers today
        • How to capture value through branding? Site-specific branding vs. corporate branding
        Part Two
        • Accounting for the risks associated with the data center vs. end-client in the lease agreement
        • Limitations on liability/liability exposure issues
        • The latest in data privacy, HIPAA, security and breach issues: What data-related changes can be expected under Brexit?
        • Data breaches: What insurance options are there to cover data centers?
        • SLAs and broadening remedies: What SLA credit issues can be raised by a tenant?
        • Lease or Master Service Agreement (MSA): Which does a tenant prefer?
        • Conflicting rights & options: Balancing optionality for tenants without restricting the data center
        • Addressing tenant requests for the right to approve a change in provider in the event of a M&A

        • Sean Patrick Tario , CEO & Catalyst (Open Spectrum Inc.)
        • Andrew Gold , SVP of Corporate Development & Chief Counsel (Infomart Data Centers)
        • Jeffrey Moerdler , Member (Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky and Popeo, P.C.)
        • Yan Ness , CEO (Online Tech)

      3:15 PM
      Network Evolution & Connectivity 2017

        • What is the latest on the increasing role of interconnection between data centers? What are the fees/revenue opportunities? Other advantages? Drawbacks?
        • Where does the market adoption of the US Open- IX model currently stand?
        • How is the dark fiber business playing out?
        • How are networks changing? What are the implications for data centers/CSPs? What do data centers/CSPs need to consider going forward?
        • How much are you spending on your network compared to other parts of the business? Is this amount an increase or decrease?
        • What is your density, capacity, newest networking services and unique capabilities?
        • Latency and performance trends
        • Optimizing client network architectures
        • What are the points to watch for network evolution and connectivity over the next 3 years?

        • Jennifer Fritzsche , Managing Director (Wells Fargo Securities, LLC.)
        • Michael Levy , Global Product Manager (Cyxtera)
        • Eli Scher , Chairman & CEO (New Continuum Holdings Corporation)
        • Ron Sacks , Co-Founder, CEO & Managing Partner (Provdotnet, LLC)

      4:00 PM
      Networking Break Courtesy of

      4:15 PM
      M&As: War Stories & the Economics of the Deal When Buying/Selling Data Centers

        • How much are debt/equity funds willing to underwrite to facilitate M&As today?
        • Valuing data centers in the current market
        • What are the benefits of buying and aggregating your competitors in the current market?
        • M&As vs. co-investment
        • M&A strategies: How can data centers capitalize on current opportunities?
        • Managing end-customers during M&As: The good, the bad and the ugly
        • Understanding the economics of the deal in buying/selling data centers in today’s market
          • The CRE deal     
          • The cash-flow deal

        • Kemal Hawa , Shareholder (Greenberg Traurig, LLP)
        • Rashad Kawmy , Director, Leveraged Finance (CapitalSource)
        • Robert Nolan , Managing Partner (Halyard Capital)
        • Todd Coleman , President & CEO (Estruxture Data Centers)
        • Thomas Watts , CEO (Watts Capital Group)

      5:00 PM
      Financing Growth: The 2017 State of the Capital Market for Data Center/Colocation/CSPs

      • This session addresses financing for new development; site and company-level acquisitions; site upgrades; and to enable expansion of service offerings
        • How is the composition of the capital market for data center/CSP investments changing? What are the main sources of debt/equity? How are they now viewing this industry?
        • What is/isn’t getting financed and why? Which geos are still healthy vs. which are a concern amongst capital providers? How much equity do data center operators need to put into the deal? 
        • Typical deal structures/terms/pricing/timeframes/costs
        • With interest rate hikes expected, how are lenders approaching interest rate risk mitigation in financing strategies?
        • What governmental incentives are available for data center development projects?
        • Positioning to attract debt finance/JV equity partners: What are capital provider hot buttons?
        • The top 10 most heavily negotiated issues
        • Lessons to learn from recent financing successes/failures

        • James Grice , Partner (Bryan Cave LLP)
        • James Henry , Senior Managing Director (Bank Street Group LLC)
        • Robert Nolan , Managing Partner (Halyard Capital)
        • Mark Solovy , Managing Director, Technology Finance Group (Monroe Capital)
        • Daniel Seltzer , Director (MUFG)

      5:45 PM
      Networking Reception

      6:45 PM
      Day One Concludes

    Friday, June 9th, 2017

      7:55 AM
      Breakfast and Registration

      8:15 AM
      Data Center Technology Innovation Showcase: Decreasing Costs, Improving ROI & Working Towards Sustainability

      • Technology is revolutionizing the way the data center industry does business. Realizing energy savings and efficiencies, technology has shifted from being a cost-center to improving ROIs.  In this session solution providers showcase their offering with the objective of illustrating the ROI that can be achieved. Of equal focus is the sustainability element of the technology being showcased. With corporate responsibility and sustainability requirements becoming more prevalent amongst enterprise end users, technological innovation in this space also needs to demonstrate its ‘green factor’. Q&A from the audience is encouraged.
        • Design
        • Energy use
        • Network Infrastructure
        • Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

        • Jim Thomas , President & CTO (IPR International)
        • Daniel Gaffney , Director of Global Critical Facilities (BNY Mellon)
        • Stan Blackwell , Director- Customer Service and Strategic Partnerships (Dominion Energy)
        • Ben Radhakrishnan , Program Director (National University)
        • Ali Marashi , CTO (vXchnge)

        Contains 2 presentations, but you must be registered for this conference and signed-in order to view/download the files

      9:00 AM
      2017 Tech Trends; Drivers & ‘The Next Big Thing’ for Data Center, Colocation & CSPs

      • Each year we address the annual top technology trends that data center/Cloud service providers and end-user organizations cannot afford to ignore. In this session we revisit the 2016 list to see what progress has been made, as well as discuss new/emerging technologies, and the overall subsequent impact on doing business for both the providers and their end-users.
        • Internet of Things (IoT)
        • Software-defined apps and infrastructure/virtual data centers
        • The convergence of cloud and mobile computing
        • Artificial Intelligence in the data center
        • Web-Scale IT
        • Enabling Big Data
        •  “? “

        • Jack Pressman , Director, Strategic Planning, Dev. DC, Cloud Computing (Netrix, LLC)
        • Aaron D. Sawchuk , Co-founder & Chairman (ColoSpace, Inc)
        • James Coakley , Senior Managing Director (Next Tier / HC)
        • Phillip Sandino , VP of Data Center Operations (RagingWire)
        • Tate Cantrell , CTO (Verne Global)

      9:45 AM
      Innovation Roundtable Discussion: How Changes in Consumer Behavior & Technology Are Driving The Future of Data Centers & Long Term Investment Strategies

      • In creating new products and services, data centers need to be fully in sync with the wants and needs of the end-consumer and their behaviors. The data centers which accurately predict the use case for consumers will be the ultimate winners. Active audience participation is encouraged throughout this session. Among the points to be discussed are:
        • How is the use case of data centers changing?
        • How are apps changing data center needs? Will apps make data centers obsolete in the future?
        • How is consumer behavior changing? What data are consumers consuming? How to monitor this? How to monetize this?
        • How can providers best utilize their own data?
        • Will the majority of data continue to be stored in data centers?
        • Moving beyond more space and power: What is the future of innovation in data centers?

        • Erik Levitt , CEO (Open Data Centers)
        • John Parker , Global Data Center Management (ESRI)
        • Tami Fratis , CEO (IPR International)
        • Marc Block , Partner (Littleton Joyce Ughetta Park & Kelly llp)
        • Mario Calderone , VP of Real Estate (Server Farm)

      10:30 AM
      Networking Break Courtesy of

      10:45 AM
      Opportunities in Government Data Center & Cloud Infrastructure/Services for Commercial Providers

      • Whether consolidating infrastructure as part of the Data Center Optimization Initiative (DCOI) or following requirements to leverage Cloud services efficiencies via the Federal Cloud First and FedRAMP initiatives, government agencies are re-approaching their data center and Cloud services/infrastructure needs at historic levels. This session addresses the particular wants and needs of Government from commercial data center/Cloud service providers.
        • What is the business case for data centers/CSPs to target federal, state and municipal government agencies as clients? How can commercial providers get on the radar of federal, state, and municipal government agencies?  
        • Which data center/Cloud services are being adopted by government agencies and at what rate? Which government applications are being migrated to the Cloud vs. staying in-house? Which data center/Cloud service areas are undersupplied vs. oversupplied by providers?
        • Understanding the particular needs/service requirements of federal, state, and municipal government agencies as clients
        • Security best practices for effectively securing and maintaining government data in the Cloud
        • What is the qualification process for commercial CSPs to become an interagency shared services provider (ISSP)?
        • Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) certification -  Examining the requirements, timeframes and costs involved

        • Frank Stiff , President (Cheval Capital, Inc)
        • Jack Pressman , Director, Strategic Planning, Dev. DC, Cloud Computing (Netrix, LLC)
        • Pete Tseronis , Founder and CEO (Dots and Bridges LLC)
        • Henry J. Sienkiewicz , Author, Strategic Advisor, Former CIO (Defense Information Systems Agency)
        • Keith Trippie , Managing Director (Shop4Cloud Inc.)

      11:30 AM
      Enterprise End-User Perspective: Changing Requirements; Migration to the Cloud; Hot Buttons & Other Issues

        • How are your data center requirements changing? What are you now looking for in terms of size/space/kw/speeds? In-house solutions vs. leasing vs. collocating vs. outsourcing? What further change do you anticipate over the next 3-5 years? 
        • How do you currently evaluate data centers? Aside from size/space/kw, what are your main selection criteria? Provider hot buttons? Do you prefer specialists or one-stop-shops? How important are brand names to you?
        • How are you viewing hyper-converged platforms/private Cloud vs. traditional compute and public Cloud? What’s the value proposition/use case analysis for a profit vs. non-profit institution leveraging the Cloud? How much do you anticipate moving to the Cloud vs. using your own internal solutions? What alternative hybrid IT models are proving of interest?
        • What are the road blocks to getting senior management buy-in for migration to the Cloud? Are these lessening? How are you addressing security concerns with your provider(s)?
        • Where are enterprises heading with their data center/IT strategies? How are you managing costs? Viewing short term vs. long term investment in this area?
        • How can enterprises best use their own data? Assessing predictive analysis and other applications/tools

        • Hunter Newby , Owner (Newby Ventures)
        • Daniel Gaffney , Director of Global Critical Facilities (BNY Mellon)
        • John Parker , Global Data Center Management (ESRI)
        • Shawn Conaway , VP, Cloud Adoption (FIS)
        • Joseph Furmanski , Director, Data Center Facilities and Technologies (University of Pittsburgh Medical Center)

      12:15 PM
      Day Two Concludes



This is a <u>past</u> conference, no registration is available.


  • Conference Venue
  • Mandarin Oriental, Washington D.C.

    1330 Maryland Avenue Southwest
    Washington, D.C., 20024
  • Suggested Hotel
  • Marriott Marquis Washington DC

    901 Massachusetts Ave NW
    Washington , DC, 20001

    Additional Info: IMN does not have a room block at this hotel.
  • Suggested Hotel
  • Kimpton Hotel Monaco Washington DC

    700 F St NW
    Washington, DC, 20004

    Additional Info: IMN does not have a room block at this hotel.
  • Suggested Hotel
  • Hyatt Place Washington DC/National Mall

    400 E Street NW
    Washington, DC, 20024

    Additional Info: IMN does not have a room block at this hotel.


Content/Audio Files

  • <span style="color: #888; font-size: 0.8em;">Only sessions that contain published presentations or audio files are shown here. To view full agenda please expand "Agenda" tab. <br/> <br/> Also please do not forget that if you are playing audio files on the mobile device (without being connected to WiFi), your Mobile/Cellural Internet data will be spent to play these audio files. </span>
  • Thursday, June 8th, 2017
  • Friday, June 9th, 2017
  • Data Center Technology Innovation Showcase: Decreasing Costs, Improving ROI & Working Towards Sustainability

    ** This session contains presentations. Presentations will be made available to conference registrants starting first day of the conference.
    *** This session contains audio, but you must have been registered for this conference to be able to play audio files

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