US Marketplace Lending
New York, NY
December 1, 2017


As the online lending industry continues to expand in terms of volume and variety of assets, platforms will need to ensure stable and diverse sources of funding to maintain this growth. In order to accomplish this, a robust and liquid secondary market for these loans is essential to establish. From whole loan portfolio sales, to CUSIPS, to securitization, this conference will explore efforts underway to ensure access to long term, large scale, efficient sources of capital that will underpin these growth strategies. This is the only event where institutional investors keen on helping to establish and invest in marketplace loans and securities backed by them will attend in critical mass.

Any marketplace lender looking to solidify their funding strategy must attend to learn about secondary market developments, and to meet with investors serious about deploying large amounts of critical capital into the sector. Any investor seeking a lower risk, higher yielding fixed income investment opportunity must attend in order to learn more about emerging best practices and standards, latest concepts in bank partnerships, and types of assets funded. We will also explore the ever changing landscape of regulations directed at the online lending sector, including those already implemented overseas, and what the possible impact of such regulations could be.

Who Should Attend
  • Online Lending/P2P platforms
  • Specialty finance companies
  • Private equity firms
  • Hedge funds
  • Wealth management firms
  • Senior lenders
  • Asset managers
  • Asset-backed issuers
  • Insurance Companies
  • Regulators
  • Fixed Income Investors
  • Issuers Funding via Debt Capital Markets
  • Underwriters
  • Rating Agency Analysts
  • Trustees
  • Servicers
  • Technology Platforms
  • Analytics Firms
  • Legal professionals

Investors & Issuers 207

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    Friday, December 1st, 2017

      8:00 AM
      Breakfast and Registration

      9:00 AM
      Opening Remarks

        • Lauren Kerr , Conference Producer (IMN)

      9:05 AM
      Opening Keynote

        • Paul Nash , Managing Director (Nash Strategies LLC)

      9:30 AM
      Marketplace Lending: Is this the Real Life? Is this Just Fantasy?

        • Key themes learned from 2017: An update on the current marketplace lending landscape. Did predictions meet reality?
        • What macro-economic trends in the consumer and commercial economic space could cause potential disruption to the market place sector?
        • How has the competitive landscape changed? What does this mean for loans originated today versus a year ago?
        • What asset classes have performed better than others and what’s the forecast for each?
        • Is the industry concerned on the underwriting standards of the new platforms? Have the established platforms maintained their underwriting standards or compromised these to keep lending volume up?
        • The evolution of rating agency assumptions: Rating hurdles and future risks 
        • What is the value of big data today? Does alternative data result in more optimal lending decisions vs. relying traditional data?
        • Has the legal and regulatory backdrop evolved in any meaningful way? What changes should we expect going forward?

        • Brian Weinstein , Managing Partner (Blue Elephant Capital Management)
        • Philip Bartow , Portfolio Manager (RiverNorth)
        • Don Davis , Portfolio Manager (Prime Meridian Capital Management)
        • Josh Tonderys , President (Marlette Funding)
        • Kenneth Marin , Partner (Chapman and Cutler LLP)
        • Andreas Wilgen , Group Credit Officer,Global SF (Fitch Ratings)

      10:30 AM
      The CEO’s Roundtable: How Have Company Strategies Adjusted in this Ever-Changing World of Marketplace Lending?

        • When should Fintech companies go public? Does raising capital and visibility hinder the ability to innovate?
        • How are CEOs funding their lending activities?
        • The finance model: Why are more platforms using more of the balance sheet like model?
        • Controlling operating costs: How are platforms remaining profitable with increasing marketing costs as competition for acquiring borrowers heats up?
        • How do CEOs view incumbent banks: Competitors, clients or future acquirers?
        • How to maintain new product development and customer retention as lending moves closer to traditional banks. Why is it so hard to launch into new products, such as credit cards

        • Peter Renton , Founder (Lend Academy)
        • David Klein , Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder (CommonBond)
        • Perry Rahbar , Chief Executive Officer (dv01)
        • Sasha Orloff , Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder (LendUp)
        • Vishal Garg , Chief Executive Officer (Better Mortgage)

      11:30 AM
      Refreshment Break

      • Image result for peeriq

      11:50 AM
      A-Z of Securitizations Done to Date

        • US ABS issuance and trends
        • 2017 has seen an increase in platforms accessing the securitization market: Who is participating and how?
        • Changing landscape of investor participation
        • What will make securitization markets for marketplace lending even more robust in the future?
        • What is the view on overall credit quality and the market demand for the different assets?

        • Matthew Joseph , Partner (Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP)
        • Randal Johnson , Director (Deutsche Bank)
        • Rosemary Kelley , Senior Managing Director & Co-Head of ABS (Kroll Bond Rating Agency)
        • Ram Ahluwalia , Chief Executive Officer (PeerIQ)
        • Ashish Jain , Senior Vice President, Capital Markets (SoFi)
        • Patricia A. Schulze , Vice President (Wilmington Trust)

        Contains 1 presentations, but you must be registered for this conference and signed-in order to view/download the files

      12:30 PM
      The Regulatory “180”: What Effect does the Past Year’s Dramatic Shift in Regulatory Outlook have on the MPL Market?

        • How well developed is the marketplace lending regulation framework to date? How has this developed over the last year?
        • How might the high level political landscape inhibit business? How might it encourage business?
        • Madden vs. Midland Funding: How this might affect the model of bank origination and selling loans to investors? What are the lender challenges? What is the status of legislative initiatives to address MvM?
        • How are established platforms meeting the new regulations? What strategies are new platforms employing to ensure compliance?
        • The role of the CFTC, CFPB and OCC as regulators of this market

        • Peter Rudegeair , Reporter (The Wall Street Journal)
        • Richard Neiman , Head of Regulatory & Government Affairs (Lending Club)
        • Nathaniel Hoopes , Executive Director (Marketplace Lending Association)
        • Rob Lavet , General Counsel (SoFi)
        • Manish Kapoor CFA, Managing Principal (West Wheelock Capital)
        • Phil Goldfeder , Vice President, Governmental Affairs (Cross River Bank)

      1:10 PM
      Delegate Luncheon featuring Keynote Fireside Chat

        • Peter Rudegeair , Reporter (The Wall Street Journal)
        • David Kimball , Chief Executive Officer (Prosper Marketplace, Inc.)

      Track A 2:20 PM
      The Rise of the Regional Banks

        • Do regional bankers view the marketplace lending space as competitive threat or new opportunity? 
        • Are regional banks looking to implement online lending into their own framework?  
        • What are the regional banks doing to proactively be a part of the online lending evolution and how are they picking their partners?

        • Diana Asatryan , Reporter (Debtwire)
        • Aryea Aranoff , Chief Strategy Officer (Darien Rowayton Bank)
        • Geoffrey Kott , Chief Financial Officer (Cross River Bank)

      Track B 2:20 PM
      Improving MPL Liquidity and the Role of Securitization

        • Does securitization of the MPLs make them more liquid? 
        • How important is this funding tool for the market?

        • Orion Mountainspring , Senior Counsel (Chapman and Cutler LLP)
        • Kevin Walsh , Chief Commercial Officer (PeerIQ)
        • Alex Koles , Chief Executive Officer, Founder and Managing Director (Evolve Capital Partners)
        • Andy Smith , Portfolio Manager (Emerald Asset Management)

      Track A 2:50 PM
      Less Tech more Fin: Is Marketplace Lending Going against the Industry it was Founded on?

        • The evolution of marketplace lending: Is the combination of technology and finance creating a more sustainable ecosystem of lending? 
        • Advantages and disadvantages of the various strategies: 
          • Obtaining a bank charter
          • Partnering with an established bank 
          • Obtaining a state license 
        • Is working with banks productive, or hindering growth? What constitutes the decision to bank charter?

        • Steven Dresner , Founder & Chief Executive Officer (DealFlow Financial Products, Inc)
        • Al Goldstein , Chairman, Chief Executive Officer (Avant Holding Co., Amount)
        • Noah Breslow , Chief Executive Officer (OnDeck Capital)
        • Stephen Bisbee , President (eOriginal Inc)
        • Chuck Weilamann , Managing Director (DBRS)

      Track B 2:50 PM
      Diversifying Beyond Venture Capital and Private Equity Funding

        • Is marketplace lending market growth dependent on being able to source capital beyond venture capital and private equity? Or is there still a robust enough demand by VC and PE firms? 
        • What are investors examining when reviewing new market entrants? 
        • New strategies for private equity to become short term profitable vs. holding long term investments 
        • Is venture capital effectively competing with bankers to provide warehouse funding?
        • Is there value in being exclusive to one form of financing? Or to remain stable do you need to diversify your funding strategy? 
        • ICOs in the media: What is the view on their large sums of capital being provided to new ventures?

        • James Alexander , Credit Underwriting & Capital Markets (ProducePay)
        • Zhengyuan Lu , Managing Director (SVB Financial Group)
        • Cory Barry , Partner (Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP)
        • Jeremy Christensen , Senior Vice President, Director of Fund Custody (Millennium Trust)
        • Christopher Johnson , Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer (Finitive LLC)

      Track A 3:20 PM
      Trends and Best Practices for Loan Servicing

        • Originator servicer risk: Why use a third-party servicer?
        • Best practices for eliminating risks with securitized portfolios
        • Evolution of the securitization industry: Impact of block chain on digital lending

        • Shaun O'Neill , President & Chief Operating Officer (Concord)
        • Charlie Moore , Chief Executive Officer (Global Debt Registry)
        • Karan Mehta , Head of Capital Markets (Marlette Funding)
        • Nausser Abushaaban , Treasury Director (Mosaic)

      Track B 3:20 PM
      Placing Your Bets: How are Banks Making their Lending Decisions when it comes to Financing Platforms

        • Success stories from platforms who have obtained bank funding; Best practices and unique characteristics 
        • What warning signs does a bank look for when evaluating lending to a platform?

        • Peter Manbeck , Partner (Chapman and Cutler LLP)
        • Richard Mauro , Director of Capital Markets (Wunder Capital)
        • Nicole Byrns , Director Credit Structuring (Deutsche Bank)

      3:50 PM
      Refreshment Break

      4:10 PM
      The Marketplace Lending Institutional Investors’ Roundtable

        • How have institutional investors strategies for entering this market changed over the last year? 
        • What trends have institutional investors seen evolve over the last year?
        • What goes into the investment decision making process?
        • Is there continued appeal in buying securitized products? 
        • What major trends are emerging that may be cause for concern or cause for excitement?

        • Rupert Taylor , Founder & CEO (AltFi Data)
        • Francisco Paez , Director (MetLife)
        • David Aidi , Partner (Atalaya Capital Management)
        • Joseph Roth , Vice President (Prospect Capital)
        • Val Katayev , Managing Partner (Prime Meridian Capital Management)
        • Gregory White , Managing Director (Oppenheimer & Co. Inc.)

      5:00 PM
      Conference Concludes and Networking Reception Commences



This is a <u>past</u> conference, no registration is available.


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  • Friday, December 1st, 2017
  • A-Z of Securitizations Done to Date

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