Land & Homebuilding (East)
Miami, FL
April 10 - 11, 2018


IMN is pleased to announce the 5th Annual Real Estate Private Equity Forum on Land, Homebuilding & Condo Development (East), which will return to Miami, FL on April 10-11, 2018.

The forum, which in its 5th year has become the premier gathering of homebuilders, developers, and capital providers, will once again provide over 250 senior level industry participants with a day and half of panel discussions, keynote addresses, and networking & dealmaking opportunities.

Focusing on private equity, debt and joint venture financing in the dynamic land, homebuilding & condo development markets, our agenda will examine the latest investment opportunities, strategies and trends that will help carry your business forward in 2018 and beyond.

Topics of discussion will include the Macroeconomic Outlook for the Land and Single Family Home for Sale Market; Equity & Joint Venture Financing; Land Light vs. Land Long Strategies; and much more.

Be sure to bookmark this website and check back for regularly updated information.

We look forward to seeing you in Miami, FL on April 10-11!

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  • Funds
  • Homebuilders
  • Land Developers
  • Land Owners
  • Private Equity Firms
  • Property Management Firms
  • Legal Firms

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    Tuesday, April 10th, 2018

      8:15 AM
      Breakfast & Registration

      8:55 AM
      IMN's Opening Remarks

      9:00 AM
      Keynote presentation: Macroeconomic Factors and Their Implications for the Homebuilding Market in 2018

        • What does the new tax plan mean for each player in the housing market value chain?
        • Analyzing mortgage rate trends and their effect on consumer and homebuilder confidence
        • Federal regulatory changes affecting the housing market
        • FX, interest rates, bonds, and other markets – what is in store for 2018?

        • Ali Wolf , Director, Economic Research (Meyers Research LLC)

      9:30 AM
      General Market Outlook for Land, Homebuilding and Condo Development in the Eastern US

        • How has the supply/demand balance for homes changed throughout 2017 across various product types?  What impact has this had on prices?
        • What are the expected pricing trends across housing types for the coming year?
        • Land, labor and material costs – where are the opportunities to increase productivity by managing costs?
        • What is the current appetite amongst first time, second time and foreign buyers?

        • Jeff Meyers , President (Meyers Research LLC)
        • Domonic Purviance , Senior Financial Specialist (Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta)
        • Ed McDowell , Managing Director, Acquisitions (GTIS Partners)
        • Richard Gollis , Principal (The Concord Group, LLC)

      10:15 AM
      Private and Public Homebuilder Strategies for 2018

        • Land light vs land long – what is the ideal strategy in markets where land is desirable but difficult to acquire?
        • Public vs private homebuilder strategies – how do these typically vary across product types?
        • How are homebuilders viewing demographics in the East?  Is the active adult target group still an attractive proposition?
        • Financing strategies – what works best and what deals will you be looking to finance in 2018?
        • Evaluating the benefits and challenges of private equity joint ventures
        • Which markets have the most upside this coming year and why?

        • Steve LaTerra , Managing Director (Meyers Research LLC)
        • Blake Thompson , Managing Director (Blake Investment Partners)
        • Gregg Ziegler , SVP & Treasurer (Toll Brothers, Inc.)
        • Jim Leiferman , Chief Executive (Mattamy Homes)
        • Wade McGuinn , CEO (McGuinn Hybrid Homes)
        • Greg Weingast , EVP, Investments (Van Metre Companies)

      11:00 AM
      Morning Networking Break

      11:30 AM
      Assessing Land Developer Strategies in the Current Economic Climate

        • Land development trends – what can be expected in 2018 compared with last year?
        • Where are the most attractive investment opportunities for developers?  How does this vary by state?
        • Pricing assessments for raw, entitled and finished land across various Eastern locations
        • Where are the opportunities for redevelopment of infill sites in urban areas?
        • Homebuilder demand – what is currently desirable?
        • Site selection and evaluation criteria – how are these evolving?

        • Ed Steffelin , President & Co-founder (STAC Capital Management)
        • Peter Martin , Managing Director, Equity Research (JMP Securities LLC)
        • Jack Rostetter , President (H&H Homes)
        • Stylianos Vayanos , Chief Development Officer (Metronomic, Inc.)
        • Chris Raley , President (SCG Florida)

      12:15 PM
      Land Development Deal Structures in Today’s Market

        • What are the basic differences and similarities between mezzanine debt and preferred equity?
        • Senior debt for land A&D has loosened up a bit, but is the same true for subordinated debt and equity for A&D?
        • What types of development deals lend themselves best to a mixture of secured senior debt and subordinated debt and/or preferred equity?  What characteristics make a project more (or less) a good fit for structured capital?
        • What are the benefits and disadvantages to the developer related to mezzanine debt and preferred equity?  What are typical restrictions and requirements of subordinated debt/equity for the developer?
        • Do you see subordinated debt/equity structures becoming more or less prevalent in 2018?  Why?

        • Robert Siegel , Partner (Bilzin Sumberg)
        • Adam Peterson , Director (JEN Partners LLC)
        • Chris Bley , Partner (Newport Pacific Land)
        • Rodney Montag , CEO & Managing Partner (RAM Real Estate Capital)

      1:00 PM

      2:00 PM
      The 2018 State of the Capital Market for Condo and Single Family Investment, presented by Meyers Research LLC

        • How is the composition of the capital market for for-sale residential investments changing? What are the implications?
        • Debt finance has been constrained for the last few years: Is it finally coming back? Who will fill the debt void? What can we expect in 2018?
        • How are debt and equity providers now viewing for-sale residential investment opportunities?
        • Will pullback and uncertainty from banks continue? If so, what does this mean for the cost of capital? To what extent will mezzanine help fill the financing gap with risk retention regulations now in place? Is it a lender or borrower market today?
        • Are foreign investors still a dependable source of equity? What is attracting international money?
        • With interest rate hikes expected, how are lenders approaching interest rate risk mitigation in financing strategies?
        • Asset class/geo snapshot: What is/isn’t getting financing? Which geos are still healthy vs. which are a concern amongst capital providers?

        • Steve LaTerra , Managing Director (Meyers Research LLC)

      2:30 PM
      How are Financing Options Evolving for Real Estate Developers and Homebuilders?

        • Analysis of the various vehicles for the financing of homebuilding, land and condo development
        • How are funders adapting their approach to the real estate market with the changing fundamental market dynamics?
        • Which geographies and markets in the Eastern US are lenders most interested in?  Why?
        • Evaluating debt versus equity finance – which funding method is suited to certain projects and deals?
        • What can borrowers do to increase the likelihood of securing a loan?
        • Are there any emerging alternative sources of funding that are largely unutilized in real estate?
        • Structuring governance of projects which facilitates financing for builders/developers

        • Daryl Shevin CFA, CFO (13th Floor Investments)
        • Michael Maxwell , Chief Operating Officer (Builder Finance Inc.)
        • Joakim Mortensen , CCO (CoreVest Finance)
        • Cortney Newmans , Director, Business Development (Lima One Capital)
        • Rodney Montag , CEO & Managing Partner (RAM Real Estate Capital)
        • Chuck Brecker , Partner (Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr LLP)

      3:15 PM
      Afternoon Networking Break

      3:45 PM
      Land banking in 2018: Sourcing and Structuring the Deal

        • What are the main drivers behind land banking in the current market?
        • How are land banks typically being funded?  Does this differ by region?
        • Considerations regarding financing and fee structuring
        • Learning from past experiences – what has worked and what has been a bust?
        • Do you have any risk management practices in place?

        • Steven Friedman , Director (CohnReznick)
        • Rick Mandell , CEO (Aspen Portfolio Strategies Inc.)
        • Roy Schneiderman , Principal (Bard Consulting LLC)
        • Andrew Brausa , SVP (Brookfield Capital Partners)
        • David Valiaveedan , Managing Partner (Domain Real Estate Partners)
        • Roger Brush , President & Managing Director (Gibraltar Real Estate Capital)

      4:15 PM
      Product Innovation: The Future of Homebuilding and Condo Development

        • Catering for the millennials – how to capture entry level demand without negatively impacting the bottom line? 
        • When will order growth reach a level where prices can realistically start to come down?
        • How are homebuilders ensuring they are taking advantage of niche markets?
        • What innovative designs are being tested to save costs and create an attractive product?
        • Government and municipal incentives – which are worthwhile and how can these be improved?

        • Timothy Sullivan , Managing Principal (Meyers Research LLC)
        • Bob Swainhart , Director of Professional Services (Constellation HomeBuilder Systems)
        • Wade McGuinn , CEO (McGuinn Hybrid Homes)
        • Adam Greenfader , Chair - Florida Liaison (Puerto Rico Builders Association)

      4:45 PM
      Marketing to Millennials: What you Need to Know about this often Misunderstood Generation

      • Robyn Bonaquist, founder and CEO of B-Squared Advertising, presents "Marketing to Millennials," an in-depth look at the generation that has confounded the real estate industry for years. Learn what makes them tick, what turns them off (and on), and the Top 10 Tricks you can use to make your advertising program more successful.
        • Robyn Bonaquist , CEO (B-Squared Advertising)

      5:15 PM
      Networking Reception Courtesy of:

      6:15 PM
      Conclusion of Networking Reception and Close of Day One

    Wednesday, April 11th, 2018

      8:30 AM
      Breakfast & Registration

      9:00 AM
      Building to Rent and Building to Sell: Homebuilder and Financier Perspectives

        • What is the preferred model for private homebuilders when it comes to single family homes?
        • Having surpassed baby boomers as the largest living generation, what is the demand from millennials for single family rentals and single family for-sale homes?
        • How do investors feel about backing single family rental projects in the Eastern US?
        • Economies of scale – what is required to make this model financially viable and successful?

        • Timothy Sullivan , Managing Principal (Meyers Research LLC)
        • Robert Vahradian , Senior Managing Director (GTIS Partners)
        • Brian Scrone , Co-Founder (Jax Investments)
        • Matt Neisser , COO (LendingOne)
        • Justin Savich , Founder & CEO (Market Tampa Investments)

      9:45 AM
      An Exploration of Secondary and Tertiary Markets for Small and Large Homebuilders

        • How do investors and financiers view these markets?
        • Where are the opportunities from a geographic and segment perspective?
        • What processes are in place to ensure riskier investments are in line with the overall strategies of the businesses involved?
        • Case studies – which gambles have paid off and what lessons have been learned from failed investments?

        • Mike Timmerman , SVP (Meyers Research LLC)
        • Thad DiGiuro , SVP, Land Acquisition & Strategy (Ashton Woods Homes)
        • Adam Schott , Director of Land Acquisition (Meritage Homes)
        • Ed Steffelin , President & Co-founder (STAC Capital Management)

      10:30 AM
      Morning Refreshment Break

      11:00 AM
      Land Entitlement: The Risk/Reward Challenge

        • What is the current risk appetite of land developers, homebuilders and investors regarding the entitlement of projects in the Eastern US?
        • Key steps in identifying a property ideally suited for entitlement
        • What are the most common hurdles in the entitlement process and how are processes being adapted to improve the likelihood of success?
        • How best to work with councils and governing bodies to fast-track approvals and ensure that projects are right for the community and the investor?
        • Similarly, what is the best approach with groups who oppose a development project?

        • Tara Duhy , Executive Shareholder (Lewis, Longman & Walker, P.A.)
        • Michael Nunziata , Division President (13th Floor Homes)
        • David Slyman , Principal (Placemaker's North America, LLC)
        • Larry Franks , Director Land Acquisition (Toll Brothers)
        • Chris Raley , President (SCG Florida)

      11:45 AM
      Evaluating the Development of the Condominium Market in the Eastern US

        • Breakdown of different condo product types
        • Where is the demand coming from for each of these condo groups?  Which are attracting most interest from investors and commitment from homebuilders?
        • Supply and demand overview of luxury and boutique condos
        • What are the newest design innovations in mixed-use, master planned communities?  What are the main challenges in sourcing investment for such long-term projects?

        • James L. Fried , President (Sandstone Realty Advisors)
        • Peter Zalewski , Principal (
        • Richard Gollis , Principal (The Concord Group, LLC)
        • Gregg Ziegler , SVP & Treasurer (Toll Brothers, Inc.)

      12:30 PM
      Conclusion of The 5th Annual Real Estate Private Equity Forum on Land, Homebuilding & Condo Development (East)



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