Real Estate Opportunity & Private Fund Forum
Laguna Beach, CA
January 17 - 19, 2018


Significant shifts are happening in commercial real estate (CRE).  
With the protracted cycle the CRE industry is in uncharted territory.
Is this is a fundamental shift? Does early/mid/late-cycle investing need to be re-evaluated?
With geo-political risk, tax reform and other critical industry disruptors that are causing or have the potential to cause major change across asset classes, where are we headed?
How in turn does this impact deal flow, valuations, large fund dominance in fundraising, the availability and cost of capital, etc., etc., etc.?
As some investment opportunities recede, what others are rising to take their place? What are the innovative investment strategies that early adopters are already reaping the rewards from?
Tackling these fundamental issues, IMN is excited to once again host the largest event of its kind on the West Coast: 15th Annual Winter Forum On Real Estate Opportunity & Private Fund Investing, January 17-19, 2018, The Montage Resort & Spa, Laguna Beach, CA.
Attracting 1000+ registrants each year this three-day event is renowned for its history of delivering critical market information, strategic insights and unmatched networking opportunities.
Join us in January for the industry insights and connections that could make or break your year.

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  • Asset Managers
  • Developers
  • Funds
  • LPs
  • Service Providers
  • Special Servicers

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    Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

      7:30 AM
      Registration & Breakfast Courtesy of:


      8:25 AM
      Opening Remarks from IMN

      8:30 AM
      A Year into the Trump Economy: Good, Bad or Indifferent for US CRE?

        • ‘Making America Great Again’: Which CRE investors and which asset types/markets are benefiting? Losing out?
        • What domestic and global macro-economic trends are likely to have the greatest impact on US CRE investments this year and how?
        • Has there been a discernable impact on US CRE due to Brexit? Global political instability?
        • Will international capital flows into US CRE continue at the same rate? What could affect this?
        • Dust off your crystal ball: Interest rate predictions
        • Quantitative Easing and the impact of the Federal Reserve: How does an unwind of the FED impact real estate pricing, cap rates, debt costs etc.?
        • What proposed fiscal policy is likely to have the greatest impact on US CRE in the next 2-3 years? What should CRE investors be paying particular attention to?
        • What has been the direct and indirect impact of recent natural disasters on the US economy and subsequently CRE?
        • What can we learn from previous macro-economic cycles? CRE cycles?
        • All things considered: Are you optimistic or pessimistic about US CRE investment opportunities over the next 2-3 years? (Neutral is not allowed)

        • Robert Ivanhoe , Chairman, Global Real Estate Practice (Greenberg Traurig, LLP)
        • Robert Kline , Managing Director (JLL)
        • Mark Jacobs , Managing Director, Real Estate Opportunities (Oaktree Capital MGMT LLC)
        • Lorne Polger , Senior Managing Director (Pathfinder Partners, LLC)
        • Peter Muoio , Chief Economist (Ten-X)

      9:15 AM
      State of the Industry & Fund Market Update 2018

        • Has there been a fundamental adjustment or are we just in a really long CRE cycle?
        • Looking ahead through 2018, do you think the real estate market is headed for more turbulence? Will there be a crash or a soft landing? Why? Peak pricing cannot continue…can it? What will happen?
        • Do we need to reevaluate early/mid/late cycle investing? If so, how?
        • What has been the impact of the new Administration on US CRE to-date? What further change do you expect to see this year?
        • What are the biggest risks that CRE investors are worried about in the year ahead? Geopolitical risks? Risks to the economy, recession?
        • Deal flow was substantially down in 2017: What can expect this year? What will be the main drivers/inhibitors to transaction volume?
        • Is there a divergence in where capital is being spent by CRE investors? How is the current market climate different to recent years?
        • What do you think are the main positives/opportunities and negatives/risks facing real estate markets in general? Maturing cycle, rising interest rates, peak values, slower growth?
        • There has been less interest in value added from investors: Will this continue in 2018?
        • New fund formats: What are the latest trends? Their pros/cons? Are they proving successful in attracting institutional investors?
        • What property sectors face the biggest challenges or opportunities ahead? What mini-bubbles are brewing and in which sub-markets?
        • Can the proliferation of debt funds continue? Is it easier raising debt vs. equity?
        • How are CRE investors adapting investment strategies to current (and future) market conditions?

        • Ronald Kaplan CPA, National Lead, Commercial Real Estate Practice (CohnReznick LLP)
        • Warren de Haan , Head of Originations (ACORE Capital)
        • Benjamin Young , Head of US Real Estate Equity (Black Rock)
        • Jim Sullivan , President, Advisory & Consulting (Green Street Advisors)
        • Daniel Schapiro , Partner (H/2 Capital Partners)
        • Kevin Shannon , Co-Head, US Capital Markets (Newmark Knight Frank)

      10:00 AM
      Fees, Promotes & Fund Structuring: How are Managers Using Structure to Effectively Attract Capital?

        • GP alternative structure/co-investment flexibility & related fees
        • Blind fund vs JVs vs programmatic JVs
        • Institutional investors vs HNW (retail investors and offshore investors)
        • Key principal/employees carried interest participations
        • Carried interest, asset management & other fees/fee waivers 
        • Pooled vs. deal by deal distributions, clawbacks and escrows
        • LP/Preferred deferred promotes/catch up distributions, take control, most favored nation & advisory board rights 

        • Sandy Presant , Chair, Real Estate Fund Practice Group (Greenberg Traurig, LLP)
        • Barry Chase , Managing Principal & CEO (Belay Investment Group)
        • Jonathan Romick , Managing Director, General Counsel & CCO (GEM Realty Capital, Inc.)
        • Peter Fish , Managing Director, lnvestment Banking (Raymond James)
        • Steve Jasa , CFO-Investment Management Group (The Wolff Company)
        • Michelle Wells , EVP of Investor Relations (Waterton)

        Contains 1 presentations, but you must be registered for this conference and signed-in order to view/download the files

      10:45 AM
      Morning Networking Break Courtesy of:


      11:15 AM
      A Debate - Which Offers the Greatest Investment Potential in 2018: Core/Core+ Vs. Value Added Vs. Opportunistic Vs. Debt

      • The CRE industry is in uncharted waters: A protracted cycle; the prospect of rising interest rates; prices at historic levels; much talked about industry disruptors now having a discernable effect on CRE; equity funds playing in the debt space and a proliferation of debt funds; large funds expanding to core investments; LPs favoring large brand-name funds causing a capital raising squeeze on smaller funds; climate change’s impact on CRE and related industries; not to mention potentially huge regulatory and tax reforms and levels of geo/political uncertainty not seen in recent history. With so many new factors to equate as well as general unknowns, how to know where to invest across CRE asset classes/markets? Luckily, our panelists are here to give much needed insights on this issue.
        • Alain R’bibo , Partner (Allen Matkins)
        • Jason Schreiber , Principal, Investments (CIM Group)
        • Sean Dalfen , President & CIO (Dalfen Industrial)
        • Bert Crouch , Managing Director (Invesco Real EState)
        • Sam Caven , VP, Acquisitions (Starwood Capital Group)
        • Scott Stafford , Co-founder & Principal (Strada Investment Group)

      12:00 PM
      What’s Selling & Who’s Buying in 2018? Acquisition & Disposition Trends/Strategies Roundtable

        • Are we back to 2006/2007 with buyers being more aggressive in their risk tolerance?
        • What’s the current impetus for owners to sell? For buyers to buy at current prices?
        • What impact is the late stage of the current cycle having on acquisitions/dispositions? Is now a good time to sell? Buy? How to know when to sell/when to hold?
        • Who’s selling and who’s buying? What’s selling/what’s not?
        • Is the pricing better in non-institutional markets?
        • What’s the level of distressed opportunities? In what asset classes/geos?
        • Have you changed your due diligence processes in the past year? If so how and why?
        • As a buyer, how are you sourcing deals?
        • As a seller, how are you marketing your properties/attracting buyer interest?
        • Acquiring debt vs. equity
        • Buying/selling single properties vs. complex portfolio transactions

        • Hilary A Shalla , Partner (Latham & Watkins LLP)
        • Allan Sternberg , Director (Angelo, Gordon & Co.)
        • Jay Glaubach , Managing Director, Real Estate (Ares Management)
        • Bradford Howe , Co-CEO (Lowe Enterprises Investors, LLC)
        • Kevork Zoryan , Managing Director (Morgan Stanley)
        • Evan Ptalis , Managing Director-Commercial Division (Ten-X)

      1:00 PM
      Buyer/Seller Meet Up & Business Card Exchange

      • Directly after the dispositions roundtable CRE executives looking to buy/sell CRE have the opportunity to meet and exchange business cards in an informal setting geared towards making business connections.

      1:30 PM
      First Day of Sessions Conclude

      6:00 PM
      Welcoming Reception

      7:00 PM
      Welcoming Reception Concludes

    Thursday, January 18th, 2018

      7:45 AM
      Registration & Breakfast Courtesy of:


      8:25 AM
      Opening Remarks from IMN

      8:30 AM
      State of the CRE Finance Market 2018

        • 2017 real estate transaction volumes were down but lenders continue to find deals: Where and what were the most popular debt plays last year?
        • Increased competition from a proliferation of capital sources: Where is the new capital coming from and what do they want to lend on? 
        • How long will we remain in a “borrowers’ market” and what factors could reverse this?
        • With interest rate hikes expected, how are lenders approaching interest rate risk mitigation in financing strategies?
        • What are the prospects for a rollback of regulations such as Dodd Frank and will they have a favorable impact on CRE lending? 
        • What impact, if any, have the much discussed CMBS risk retention regulations had on the CMBS industry? 
        • New construction and development: What is/isn’t getting financing this late in the cycle?
        • What does the coming year hold for senior lenders such as Banks, Life Cos and CMBS?
        • What are notable trends in development lending across property types? How is this impacting new supply?
        • How will the mezzanine lending business change?  Does it need to change?

        • Andrew E. Auerbach , Partner (Bryan Cave)
        • Ananda Reynolds , Global Syndicated Finance (Bank of America Merrill Lynch)
        • Drew Fung , Managing Director (Clarion Partners)
        • Sujan Patel , Founder (Nantam Capital)
        • Jay Rollins , President (JCR Capital)
        • Paul Rahimian , CEO (Parkview Financial)

      9:15 AM
      Large Fund Panel: Navigating Uncharted Territory

        • Some high profile CRE investors are selling to get out while others are buying - they can’t both be right: What’s your CRE investment sentiment for the next 12 months? What factors are influencing this? How can you account for the ‘unknowns’?
        • What is your current approach to CRE investing? Has the new administration changed your investment strategy? If so, how? 
        • Are you having trouble deploying capital? Where and in what are you investing? When do you think asset prices will normalize?
        • Are you considering niche CRE asset classes? Are you innovating and if so, how?
        • Where's the best risk-adjusted return investment in CRE right now?
        • New development vs. acquisition vs. improving your existing portfolio vs. harvesting
        • Are you willing to take on more or less risk than a year ago? Are you building risk-protection into deals? If so, how? Have you seen any notable changes in the types of deals coming across your desk in the past year? If so, how and why?
        • What are realistic IRRs for core/value add/opportunistic today? What returns are you targeting?
        • Peak markets: Buy, hold or sell?
        • What market/macro factors are your biggest concerns in terms of CRE investing for 2018-2020?

        • Alvin Katz , Partner (Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP)
        • Kim Hourihan , Senior Managing Director (CBRE Global Investors)
        • Matthew Shore , CIO (DRA Advisors LLC)
        • Ambrose Fisher , Managing Director (Oaktree Capital Management, LP)
        • Perry M. Pinto , Principal (Walton Street Capital, LLC)

      10:00 AM
      Morning Networking Break Courtesy of:



      • Concurrent Sessions: Choose Between Tracks A, B or C

      Track A 10:45 AM
      Senior Lender Panel 2018: Banks/Insurance Cos/Pension Funds/Debt Funds/Mortgage REITs/CMBS

        • As late cycle lending typically gets more conservative, how do terms/conditions compare amongst the different debt sources today? How is aggressive competition within senior lending impacting the terms you are offering? Your deal flow? What is your overall willingness to lend today?
        • CRE lending standards tightened amongst banks in 2017: What loan types/assets/markets are being flagged? Preferred? What to expect this year?
        • How are you viewing risk in the current market? How are you underwriting at this point in the cycle? How are you approaching interest rate risk mitigation?
        • Risk retention rules: What impact have they had on you to-date?
        • Can we expect more European banks and European institutional lenders to enter the US CRE senior debt markets? What assets/markets are they targeting and how do loan terms/rates compare to their US counterparts?
        • What are you looking for in a borrower/deal? What are red flags for you today? What structures are necessary to have you involved? What equity must borrowers put in?
        • How are you viewing construction loans? What are the must-haves for you to even look at a deal? Where are pricing levels? What is the outlook for construction finance this year?
        • Fixed or floating: What are your customers choosing? 
        • How are you looking at mezzanine finance, preferred equity and crowdfunding in deals?
        • What top three factors will have the biggest impact on your deal flow this year?

        • David L. Packer , Partner (Pircher, Nichols & Meeks LLP)
        • Alan L. Flatt , Director (Bank of America Merrill Lynch)
        • Bryan Cavalier , Managing Director & West Coast Head, Real Estate Finance (CIT Group)
        • Thomas Whitesell , Managing Director, Construction Real Estate (CapitalSource)
        • Dan Katz , Senior Vice President (Colony NorthStar)
        • Ronnie Gul , Principal (Mesa West Capital, LLC)
        • Alex Rapoport , Senior Director, Head of Mortgage Loan Production (USAA Real Estate)

      Track B 10:45 AM
      Industry Disruptors – What CRE Investors Must Know NOW

      • In this session we focus on different disruptors that are having a fundamental impact on the CRE industry. From the Whole Foods acquisition by Amazon sending shockwaves throughout the retail sector (and indirectly benefitting the industrial sector) to ride-sharing and driverless cars. From telecommuting to micro apartments and the subsequent shrinking of square footage being rented. What do CRE investors need to know and consider to stay ahead of the curve?
        • Ride sharing and driverless cars: What can we learn from the early adopters of driverless cars? When/where will they be more widespread? What to do with parking lots? Where will parking lots still be needed? What will the impact be on Retail? Offices? Residential communities? What has been the impact of ride sharing on CRE to-date?
        • How are millennials driving demand for real estate? Are they now moving to the suburbs? If so, what kinds of suburb? What are they looking for in living space? Work space? Retail? Leisure?
        • Curtailed immigration: Shortages in labor, renters, buyers – which asset classes/markets will be affected most?
        • Decoding the key demographic/lifestyle trends driving supply/demand across asset types: Industrial, last mile logistics and retail; co-living & micro apartments; creative office, co-working & telecommuting; medical; hotel & experiential destinations
        • Rebuilding US infrastructure: What is the potential impact on CRE?
        • CRE Blockchain: The next big thing? What are the potential ramifications for the CRE industry?
        • Which asset classes are more prone to risk from industry disruptors than others?
        • What other industry disruptors are on the horizon? What technology/asset classes are the ones to watch? What new property types are in the pipeline?

        • Todd Hankin , Partner (EisnerAmper, LLP)
        • Philip Cyburt , Managing Partner (Monday Properties)
        • Brandon Sedloff , Managing Director (Juniper Square)
        • Adam Hooper , CEO & Founder (RealCrowd)
        • Chris Fraley , CIO (RealtyMogul)
        • Brandon Huffman , Portfolio Manager (Rubenstein Partners)

      Track C 10:45 AM
      Securing Foreign Capital 2018: An Interactive Roundtable Discussion

      • CRE executives who have successfully secured foreign capital from a variety of sources/for a variety of projects will lead this conversation. Active participation and Q&A is encouraged from the floor.
        • 2016 was a record-breaking year for foreign investment in US CRE. How did 2017 fare? Any notable trends?
        • How has the Trump administration’s policies and approach impacted the U.S. as a place for foreign investors to invest?
        • FIRPTA, CFIUS and PATH act and the impact of recent changes. What else is on the horizon that might impact foreign investment in US CRE?
        • China: Can we expect further restrictions on capital outflows? What has been the impact on US CRE investment to-date? Are the Canadians the ones you should be talking to?
        • What are the main sources of foreign capital and how do they compare? How to source/access?
        • Are foreign investors looking beyond gateway markets and core properties? What asset classes/geos/markets are attracting the greatest amount of foreign capital?
        • What are typical return expectations? Typical investment criteria that foreign investors have at a property level and at a fund/partner level?
        • Which foreign investors are pulling back? For which asset classes/markets is interest waning?
        • Assessing sovereign wealth fund activity in US CRE
        • How to bring capital in and out in the most efficient manner?

        • David Springsteen , Principal, Global Tax Services (CliftonLarsonAllen LLP)
        • Aron Youngerwood , SVP & General Counsel (GLP)
        • David Lynn , CEO (Everest Healthcare Properties, LLC)
        • Jeff Hawkins , Managing Director (JLL - Investment Banking)
        • Thomas Wiese , Senior Managing Director (Lombard International)
        • Kevin Shannon , Co-Head, US Capital Markets (Newmark Knight Frank)
        • Michelle Jewett , Partner (Stroock & Stroock & Lavan LLP)

      Track A 11:45 AM
      High Yield Bridge/Mezzanine Loan Investment 2018

        • What is the state of the bridge/mezzanine finance industry? Why the proliferation of lenders? Who are the new lenders? Is the market overcrowded?
        • Where do you stand the from a risk-reward perspective? Is there a flight to yield?
        • How are you approaching interest rate risk mitigation in your financing strategies? How are you underwriting at this point in the cycle?
        • As yields continue to shrink are you looking at other investments? If so, what and how do they compare in terms of risk and relative return? How are your investors viewing this?
        • What is the appetite of institutional investors for CRE bridge/mezzanine investments today?
        • In a crowded market, how are you differentiating your lending programs? Are your investment parameters changing? Asset class preferences? What are the structural features that are evolving?
        • Are you/would you team up with a senior lender to create a ‘one-stop-shop’?
        • As core markets have primarily run their course, where are today’s best market opportunities, both domestically and internationally? Can we expect meaningful changes to the bridge/mezzanine markets as they relate to gateway and secondary/tertiary markets?

        • Diana Brummer , Partner (Stroock & Stroock & Lavan LLP)
        • Michael Schwartz , Commercial Real Estate Finance Broker (Financial Compound)
        • Gary Mozer , Principal/ Co-Founder (George Smith Partners)
        • Alexa Mizrahi , Director, Loan Origination (Lone Oak Fund, LLC)
        • Bruce Batkin , President & CEO (Terra Capital Partners, LLC)
        • Edward Marek , Manager (West Bay Capital)

      Track B 11:45 AM
      Alternative CRE Asset Classes: What Is Their ‘True’ Investment Value?

      • How does the ROI of alternative CRE asset classes and the economics of these deals compare to the traditional food groups? How is the capital raising environment for these asset classes? What is the level of LP interest and the availability of finance? Repurposing buildings for alternatives: Where are there synergies? Where are opportunities still prime for the picking, and where are markets becoming too frothy?
        • Cannabis
        • Self-Storage
        • Data Centers
        • Last mile logistics
        • Infrastructure
        • Medical Office/Health
        • Specialty

        • Michael Baum , Shareholder (Greenberg Traurig, LLP)
        • Christopher Winnen , Managing Principal, Real Estate Equity (Allstate Investments)
        • Scott Peterson , CIO (Digital Realty)
        • Jesse Daly , VP, Strategy & Business Dev (EPR Properties)
        • Avik Mukhopadhyay , Managing Director (Kennedy Wilson)

      Track C 11:45 AM
      Tax Reform Update: The Latest on the Implications for CRE Investment

        • What are the primary 2017 tax act provisions that are relevant to commercial real estate?
        • How What will the 2017 tax act affect commercial real estate?  
        • Should real estate companies restructure their operations?
        • How will like kind exchanges change?
        • What’s next for commercial real estate in light of the 2017 tax act?
        • Will Congress clarify any of the provisions in the 2017 tax act?
        • Is Treasury likely to issue regulations under these provisions?

        • Gerald V. Thomas II, Partner (McGuireWoods LLP)
        • Yunna Weinzerl , Tax Partner (Armanino LLP)
        • Kenneth Weissenberg , Partner (EisnerAmper LLP)
        • Shane Shelley , Partner (Morrison & Foerster LLP)
        • Doug Buurma , Partner (Moss Adams LLP)
        • Scott L. Jackson , Principal (Squar Milner LLP)

      Track A 12:30 PM
      Comparing Alternative Sources of CRE Finance for Small-Cap Deals & New/Non-Established Borrowers

      • While there are a lot of capital sources for CRE, there are fewer options for small cap funds and new or non-established borrowers. Our panelists evaluate senior and mezzanine financing options for acquisitions, new development and refinancings across asset types/markets for small funds/new borrowers. In doing so they examine when one capital source may make sense over another for any given deal and what it takes to secure in the current market.
        • Banks/insurance cos./pension funds
        • Debt funds/mortgage REITs
        • Private lenders
        • Crowdfunding/Reg A+
        • Family offices
        • Foreign capital

        • Jesse Sharf , Partner (Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, LLP)
        • Patrick Walsh , SVP, Commercial and Industrial Lending (Axos Bank)
        • Brian Good , CEO (iBorrow)
        • Edward Ratinoff , Director (James Investment Partners)
        • Bryan Shaffer , Principal/Managing Director (George Smith Partners)
        • Marc Heenan , Head of Originations (PeerStreet)

      Track B 12:30 PM
      Multi-Family 2018

      • How do fundamentals look for this market? What will be the impact of curtailed immigration on the Multi -Family market?
        • How to invest in an overbuilt market? Where are you seeing opportunities within Multi-Family? What is your current investment strategy and what returns are you targeting?
        • Is the abundance of supply offsetting demand? Assessing supply vs. demand within the different markets and within the different Multi-Family sub-types
        • With Millennials starting to move out of city centers are the suburbs the ‘new urban’? If so, what are the suburbs to watch?
        • Mixed use; smart building tech? Who are your targeted tenants and how are you attracting them in a highly competitive market?
        • Financing for Multi-Family tightened last year: How are lenders viewing this asset today? What does it take to get financing for new development this late in the cycle? Are certain sub-types being favored over others?
        • How to approach valuations in markets where prices for Multi -Family properties have risen significantly above previous peaks? How are the high valuations impacting returns?
        • What are other factors that could negatively or positively impact the Multi-Family market in the next 2-3 years?

        • Gabe Weinert , SVP, Capital Markets (Walker & Dunlop)
        • Sue Zabloudil , Office Managing Partner (Akerman LLP)
        • Muhammad A. Nadhiri , Managing Partner (Axis Development Group)
        • Adrian Goldstein , Co-Founder & Partner (CGI Strategies)
        • Christian Ryan , US Real Estate and Hospitality Practice (Marsh, Inc.)
        • Jim Policaro , SVP, Development (Lerner Corporation)

      Track C 12:30 PM
      The CRE Tech Revolution: In What, When & How to Invest for the Greatest ROI?

        • CRE tech spend: In which business functions to invest? Where can the greatest ROI be realized?
        • When to update vs. overhaul
        • Selecting the right solution….and tech provider: Key considerations
        • Implementation: Avoiding common mistakes & easing the headaches
        • Tracking ROI
        • Update: The latest & greatest CRE tech solutions on the market
        • The next big thing….

        • Mark Levinson , Partner-RE, Funds & Finance (Thompson Coburn, LLP)
        • Michael C. Dombai , Managing Director (Cortland Fund Services)
        • Darren Powderly , Co-Founder (CrowdStreet)
        • Ron Rossi , VP, Business Development (IMS CRE)
        • David Dent , Senior R.E. Market Analyst (Yardi Systems Inc.)

      1:15 PM
      Lunch Courtesy of:

      Track A 2:30 PM
      Fund Exits 2018

        • What are notable exit trends from the past year?
        • Is there a ‘best’ exit strategy today?
        • How to know when the time is right? When to defer an exit?
        • Key considerations in selecting an exit route: Understanding processes, timelines and costs
        • Impact on fund economics
        • LP/investor issues/considerations
        • Tax planning, structuring and compliance issues

        • Jesse A. Criz , Partner (DLA Piper)
        • Gregg Bloomberg , Partner (CohnReznick LLP)
        • Joey Lansing , Senior Managing Director (Harrison Street|Real Estate Capital)
        • Heath Linsky , Partner (Morris, Manning & Martin, LLP)
        • Christopher Reeder , Partner (Robins Kaplan LLP)

      Track B 2:30 PM
      Retail 2018: A New Paradigm

        • Are we experiencing a temporary dislocation or a permanent shift in Retail?
        • How optimistic are you about Retail as an asset class and why? Are you still investing, hanging tight or withdrawing? Why? Are you looking at other asset types? Warehousing/industrial?
        • How are lenders and LP investors viewing Retail CRE as an investment today? What projects are/are not getting financed? What are lenders looking for in a Retail deal today?
        • Where has there been market correction and where can further correction be expected?
        • What are the implications of Amazon/Whole Foods? eCommerce: What further impact can be expected? Which physical store-retailers will thrive and which will be challenged in the coming years? Will retailers ever expand again?
        • Does the rise in experiential Retail offer positive investment opportunities?
        • What are good Retail niches/geos to invest in for the short-medium term? Grocery anchored necessity retail vs. strip centers vs. power centers vs. lifestyle vs. malls
        • What opportunities within distressed Retail CRE are there? Are you actively pursuing deals? Why/why not?
        • What is the future of Retail? Where to from here? What other industry disruptors are on the horizon?
        • How can Retail owner/operators manage the transition to the future (whatever that might be)?

        • Stuart Graiwer , Partner (Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP)
        • Jason Liu , Managing Principal (AmCap, Inc.)
        • Todd Laurie , EVP-Investments/Partner (Baceline Investments LLC)
        • Adi Chugh , Founder & Managing Partner (Maverick Commercial Properties)
        • Joel K. Mayer , Managing Director, Head of Retail (Rockwood Capital, LLC)
        • Mark Strauss , Managing Director (Walker & Dunlop)

      Track C 2:30 PM
      Impact Investing in Workforce & Affordable Housing: Generating Returns by Doing Good

        • Workforce housing vs Affordable housing: What are the differences and why does it matter?
        • Creating a profitable business model: Successful strategies for integrating affordable housing into market rate projects
        • Making the #s work: Utilizing government subsidies with conventional financing
        • Comparing financing models: Private financing vs. government subsidies vs public-private partnerships -which works best?
        • Are there notable differences in the way different regions are working with private equity on affordable housing?
        • Pitfalls and opportunities in mixed income and mixed use projects
        • Hold periods and other exit risks

        • David P. Cohen , Partner (Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP)
        • Theo Oliphant , Managing Partner (Axis Development Group)
        • Dominic Zamora , Principal (CliftonLarsonAllen LLP)
        • Jason Danley , COO (Peak Capital Partners)
        • Chad Carpenter , Chairman & CEO (Reven Housing REIT, Inc.)

        Contains 1 presentations, but you must be registered for this conference and signed-in order to view/download the files

      Track A 3:15 PM
      Pricing Risk & Approaches to Devising a Risk-Adjusted CRE Investment Strategy Today

      • As the issue of risk continues to be a critical issue for CRE investors, we are pleased to hold this popular roundtable once again. Is risk being properly priced? Is there a stretch for yield? What returns justify the risk? How to justify buying at the current pricing in your exit strategies? How to price risk at a project level? At a portfolio level? How to determine where to invest that will have the least negative impact on the risk spectrum? Participants in this session discuss approaches and strategies for pricing risk and for devising a risk-adjusted approach to CRE investment in today’s environment. This is intended to be an interactive roundtable format where all participants are invited to be actively involved.
        • David A. Barksdale , Partner (Ballard Spahr LLP)
        • Christopher Kelly , Managing Director (Amherst Capital)
        • Ryan McGrath , VP (Andell, Inc.)
        • Bradley Wood , Managing Director, Economic & Valuation Services (KPMG)
        • Dani Evanson , Managing Director (RMA, Inc.)
        • Sean Armstrong , Principal & Portfolio Manager (Westport Capital Partners LLC)

      Track B 3:15 PM
      Land/Homebuilding/For-Sale Residential Market & Investment Update

        • How did this market sector fare in 2017 and what does this bode for 2018? Any notable trends within the different for-sale residential ‘food groups’? Land? Where is there overbuild? What markets are underserved? Where is there under-valued land (or is that just an oxymoron)?
        • How do fundamentals look? Has the new administration had a discernable impact on this sector? If so, how? What to expect in 2018?
        • Japanese builders are entering the US homebuilding business: Will they do what Honda and Toyota did do the US automakers?  
        • Who will be the homebuyers of 2018? Millennials? Where are home-buyer affordability levels?
        • Are mortgage companies opening their doors wider? What will be the drivers for this?
        • Is the end of the housing cycle near? Are we close to overvaluing land again? How to invest in this sector at this stage?
        • Affordable housing vs. master planned communities vs. condos vs. first-time buyers vs. age-specific housing vs. other?: Where are you allocating capital? What IRRs are you targeting today? Your risk tolerance?
        • Building supplies and labor costs: Is there an end in sight to rising costs? What impact will curtailed immigration have on labor and new construction?
        • Foreign capital: How is it changing the landscape of this market? What to expect for 2018? What are the prime capital sources for this market today and what are they now favoring?

        • Steven Friedman , Director (CohnReznick)
        • David Butler , Managing Partner (Argosy Real Estate Partners)
        • Kevin Hackler , Partner & Portfolio Manager (Castlelake)
        • Theodore Karatz , Senior Director, Acquisitions (GTIS Partners)
        • William A. Shopoff , President (Shopoff Realty Investments L.P.)
        • Frederick Cooper , SVP, Finance, Int. Dev. & IR (Toll Brothers, Inc)

      Track C 3:15 PM
      Fundraising 2018

        • How much institutional capital is now out there for CRE and where is it coming from?
        • With the top 10 CRE fund raising firms accounting for the majority of fund raising, what does this portend for smaller and mid-sized managers?
        • How do institutional investors view the increasing concentration? How does their reducing their number of manager relationships impact the industry? Do the big funds revert to the mean and simply become industry indexes?
        • Public/private pension plans, endowments, family offices, High-Net-Worth (HNW) individuals and Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWFs): How are they differing in their appetite for investing in non-brand name funds? What are their key criteria? The asset classes they are currently favoring/avoiding?
        • What is the anatomy of a successful fundraise today for smaller funds? Any notable changes in deal structures, terms, conditions over the past year? What fund investment strategies are having a tough time raising capital? Which are attracting investors? Will debt funds continue to outperform in their fundraising?
        • What non-traditional equity sources can small to mid-sized managers tap into?
        • How important are placement agents today?
        • Missing the fundraising target: What next?

        • Nadia S. Sager , Partner (Latham & Watkins LLP)
        • Christopher Brodhead , SVP, Investor Relations (BROADSTONE)
        • Mark Penna , Managing Partner (Emerald Creek Capital)
        • Jon-Paul Momsen , VP & Senior Managing Director (Harbert Management Corporation)
        • Kevin Dowling , Strategic Account Director (Juniper Square)
        • Matthew Posthuma , Partner (Ropes & Gray, LLP)

      4:00 PM
      Afternoon Networking Break Courtesy of:



      • Concurrent Sessions: Choose Between Tracks A, B or C

      Track A 4:15 PM
      Family Office and High-Net-Worth Panel

        • What do you see as the CRE market’s great challenge in the year ahead? Opportunity?
        • What are your risk tolerance levels today? Are you optimistic about 2018 or pulling back on your CRE investments? Where does CRE fit in your portfolio?
        • Co-investments, (solo) direct investment, separate accounts or something else? What is your preferred route to CRE investment and why?
        • What are your 2018-2020 investment goals? What IRRs are you looking for? What assets/markets are your sweet spots? Has this changed over the past year?
        • Are you doing/considering impact/socially-responsible CRE investing?
        • What do you look for in a JV partner or a fund manager? Turn offs? How much capital do you expect GPs to put in? How do you ensure interests are continually aligned?
        • How can funds/prospective partners get on your radar? What advice would you give those looking to do business with you? What are critical steps towards relationship building?

        • Michael E. Scheinberg , Partner (Pircher, Nichols & Meeks LLP)
        • Harvey Bookstein , Partner (Armanino LLP)
        • DJ Van Keuren , VP (Hayman Family Office)
        • James McCartney , Managing Director, Advisory Group (Net Lease Capital Advisors)
        • W. Colin Walker , SVP & Private Client Advisor (U.S. Trust)

      Track B 4:15 PM
      Office 2018: Down but Not Out?

        • What is your Office investment strategy for the year ahead and why? What returns are you targeting? Is financing easy to come by? Are your LP investors voicing concerns?
        • Have businesses right-sized their footprints now or is there more downsizing to come? In which markets?
        • What further industry disruption is expected within Office CRE investments? Within what timeframes? What windows of opportunity might this create? What do owner/operators need to be considering now?
        • The suburban office market vs. Central business districts (CBDs): Where are glimmers of hope for traditional office? Creative office?
        • With not enough demand for traditional use, what trends are we seeing in the repositioning and adaptive reuse of Office?
        • Are tenant profiles changing? Are there ‘up and coming tenants’ to watch for?
        • Tenant negotiations: Have they changed in the past year? What are current hot button issues? Do tenants have greater bargaining power today and on what points are owner/operators conceding?
        • What will be your biggest challenge as an investor in Office this year? How are you preparing to address it?

        • Ken Muller , Partner & Co-Chair PE Funds (Morrison & Foerster LLP)
        • Michael Mandel , Co-Founder & CEO (Compstak)
        • Jonathan Epstein , Partner & Head, West Coast (GreenOak US)
        • Mukang Cho , CEO & Managing Principal (Morning Calm Management)
        • David Milestone , Vice Chairman (Newmark Knight Frank)
        • Eric Clapp , Managing Director (Westport Capital Partners LLC)

      Track C 4:15 PM
      Small-Mid Sized Funds: The Secrets of Our Success in a Tough Climate

        • What is your strategy for survival in today’s climate? How are you co-existing with the big funds as they expand into the turf of non-brand names?
        • Are we experiencing a fundamental shift in which only the big players and niche/minority funds survive? Are many of your peers leaving the market? How to know when to call it quits?
        • How optimistic are you about 2018 and why? Are you playing it safe at this stage in the cycle?
        • What will be your main focus for the year? Challenges?
        • Are the barriers to market entry now too high for new (non-brand name) funds? What are today’s numbers?
        • Fundraising: What does it take to persuade institutional investors to back you over the industry giants? How important is it to register as an RIA as a ‘stamp of approval’ to attract LP investors? What compliance infrastructure is necessary for registering with the SEC?
        • What are the golden rules to work by for success if you are a small-mid-sized fund today?

        • Nathaniel Marrs , Partner (DLA Piper)
        • Craig A. Spencer , CEO (Arden Group, Inc.)
        • Andy Stewart , Managing Partner (Argosy Real Estate Partners)
        • Adam O'Farrell , Chief Legal Officer (Bridge Investment Group)
        • John R. Sischo , Managing Principal (Coretrust Capital Partners, LLC)
        • Jim Hibbert , Managing Director (Noble Street Advisors)

      Track A 5:00 PM
      Getting Deals Done Today: Case Studies on Real Deal JVs & Best Practices

      • We are welcoming back this popular session from last year. Session participants discuss their recent JV experiences on CRE deals from their respective perspectives: Equity provider; operating partner; LP; lender and attorney. All scenarios discussed are real deals.
        • Have there been notable changes in key aspects of your JV deals in the past year? If so, what does this bode for 2018?
        • Top 10 most heavily negotiated issues
        • Stumbling blocks and how to address them
        • Must-have documentation
        • Partner/service provider selection
        • Red flats and when to walk away
        • “In hindsight”…. and key take-aways

        • Jack Creedon , Partner (Ropes & Gray LLP)
        • Joshua Pukini , Managing Partner (AB Capital)
        • Timothy Haskin , Senior Managing Director (AECOM Capital)
        • Steven Lear , Partner, Leader of the National Joint Venture Team (Holland & Knight)
        • Jon MacDonald , General Counsel (Fairfield Residential)

      Track B 5:00 PM
      Hotel 2018

        • What were the drivers behind the slowdown in the hotel industry last year? What are other notable hotel trends from 2017 and what do these indicate for 2018? How does Airbnb continue to impact this industry?
        • “Suban” hotels:  The next big thing?
        • Non-traditional structures and non-traditional hotel offerings: What new approaches to creating meaningful value are we seeing within the hotel industry? A fad or here to stay?
        • Brand proliferation: What are the ones to watch? What are the new hotel subtypes?
        • High-end luxury experiential destinations: How is this subset faring? What are the latest destinations?
        • Shortening the development cycle: New approaches to building faster and cheaper
        • What are the industry disruptors? What do hotel investors need to be considering?
        • Urban development: What, where and why? 
        • Rebuilding after hurricane season: Lessons learned

        • Jason Gorczynski , Partner (Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP)
        • Malcolm P. Davies , Principal (George Smith Partners)
        • Mark Gordon , Managing Partner (Intrinsic Hotel Capital)
        • Punit Shah , Chief Executive Officer (Liberty Group)
        • Neil Cohen , CFO (Windsor Capital Group, Inc.)

      Track C 5:00 PM
      Industrial: The New Retail?

        • Industrial was the ‘hot’ asset class of 2017: But how robust are demand drivers as we enter 2018? Assessing the manufacturing outlook, leasing activity and other critical trends
        • Can industrial maintain its peak pricing levels? Why? How much more market share can it grab from Retail and Office?
        • How are LPs and lenders currently viewing industrial? Foreign investors? Are they favoring any sub-asset types? What returns are investors targeting?
        • Manufacturing vs. warehouse/distribution vs. Flex/R&D: Which offers the greatest investment opportunities and why?
        • Large (300,000+ SF) vs. medium vs. small (20,000-40,000 SF) space users: Where is there growth and what are the drivers of this?
        • What are today’s industrial tenant must-have requirements? How much are they willing to pay for them? What makes a good tenant? Who to court and how?
        • Port cities aside, where are the places to be for industrial? What are the critical factors to consider when analyzing industrial CRE opportunities? Which markets/locations are tapped out vs. underserved? Which metros are offering incentives to developers?
        • With competition rampant, how to source deals quickly?
        • New build vs. redevelopment?
        • What are the risk considerations specific to industrial CRE and how to assess? How best to manage supply chain risk?

        • Daniel G. Vitulli , National Partner, Real Estate Group (Marcum LLP)
        • Richard Brace , Director of Research (AEW Capital Management)
        • Glenn Mueller , Real Estate Investment Strategist, Managing Director (Black Creek Group)
        • Tyler Mattox , Principal (MCA Realty)
        • Damon Austin , Managing Director, Capital Deployment - West (Prologis)

      5:45 PM
      Networking Reception

      6:45 PM
      Second Day of Sessions Conclude

    Friday, January 19th, 2018

      7:45 AM
      Registration for Closed Door Breakfast Roundtable: Women in CRE (This session is for women only)

      8:00 AM
      Women in CRE – An Interactive Closed Door Breakfast Roundtable: Forging a Path to Success

      • We are delighted to introduce this new roundtable to the 2018 Winter Opportunity Fund Forum. There are many different routes to success in the commercial real estate industry as well as common obstacles. In this roundtable, senior female executives representing different fields within the CRE industry will share their experiences and their routes to their current positions. In doing so they will offer invaluable insights into how to get ahead in a highly competitive and male-dominated industry no matter what stage you are at in your career. The session is intended to be interactive and all participants are encouraged to be actively involved in the conversation. Come prepared to share experiences and insights that will benefit your colleagues in the audience. Session Concludes at 8:55 Open to All Women Registrants (Space is limited. Pre-Registration Recommended.) To register, please email  
        • Wendy Mann , CEO (CREW Network)
        • Sondra Wenger , Managing Director (CIM Group)
        • Leslie Lundin , Managing Partner (LBG Real Estate Companies, LLC)
        • Joan Hayden , VP & Corporate Counsel (PGIM Real Estate)
        • Diana Brummer , Partner (Stroock & Stroock & Lavan LLP)

      8:40 AM
      Registration & Breakfast Courtesy of:



      • Concurrent Sessions: Choose Between Tracks A and B

      Track A 9:00 AM
      When & How to Progress from Deal-to-Deal Investments: A New Fund/Emerging Manager Roundtable

      • This session has two objectives. First, we examine the decision-making process in determining when to progress from deal-to-deal investments to launching a fund. Second, we address the critical considerations and steps that all new funds/emerging managers must take when launching in this highly competitive market.
        • Assessing the pros/cons of deal-by-deal investments vs. fund investments
        • Comparing the economics: deal-by-deal vs. fund
        • How to know when to progress to launching a fund? Key factors to consider
        • Understanding the realities of launching a fund as an emerging manager in today’s market
        • Fees, waterfalls & other structural considerations
        • Value proposition & differentiation: Carving out your niche
        • Attracting talent
        • Embracing the ‘F’ word: Fundraising
        • The ins and outs of anchor investor recruiting and structuring
        • Paperwork/compliance/legalities/governance
        • Rookie mistakes and how to avoid them
        • Failure to launch: Now what

        • Jeffrey Stoke , Partner (Procopio, Cory, Hargreaves & Savitch LLP)
        • Brandon Sedloff , Managing Director (Juniper Square)
        • Vernon Chin , Senior Director (Canyon Partners Real Estate LLC)
        • George Pandaleon , President (Inland Institutional Capital, LLC)
        • Christian Lyndes , Senior Vice President, Sales (NES Financial)
        • Rodgers Harshbarger , Director, Private Investments (UNC Management Company)

      Track B 9:00 AM
      Innovative Repositioning/Adaptive Re-Use Case Studies: Thinking Outside the Box

      • Market dynamics and industry disruptors are changing demand for CRE across asset classes. Existing structures are being repositioned to cater to new demands and new CRE sub-product types are being created. Those who spot the opportunities and innovate in this evolving market will reap the rewards. Panelists, through recent case study examples, walk us through how they have successfully created value in their CRE assets through repositioning and adaptive re-use strategies.
        • Notable 2017 trends: What is getting repositioned/converted and into what?
        • Are you specializing in the repositioning/adaptive re-use of a particular asset type? If so, what and why? What are your risk/return thresholds?
        • What are your key criteria when looking for a property to transform?
        • Which Retail properties have conversion potential? What to convert to? Data centers?
        • Mixed-use: The do’s and don’ts of Retail for apartment/office owners
        • Supply/demand market analysis: The devil is in the details
        • How to work with municipalities? Which municipalities are actively modifying codes/zoning regulation to encourage adaptive re-use projects?
        • Accessing federal incentive programs
        • Securing financing: Ways to overcome the obstacles
        • In hindsight….and learning from the mistakes of failed projects.

        • Eric V. Rowen , Shareholder (Greenberg Traurig, LLP)
        • Jeffrey B. Reder , SVP, Private Real Estate (CenterSquare Investment Management)
        • Sondra Wenger , Managing Director (CIM Group)
        • Michael Halperin , SVP (Contrarian Capital Management, LLC)
        • Leslie Lundin , Managing Partner (LBG Real Estate Companies, LLC)

        Contains 1 presentations, but you must be registered for this conference and signed-in order to view/download the files

      Track A 9:45 AM
      Limited Partner 2018 Perspective

        • What factors affecting the CRE market are you watching most closely?
        • To what degree is geo political volatility impacting your investment strategies? The late cycle/the prospect of rising interest rates?
        • Is there a flight to safety? Are you in a ‘wait and see’ mode? How are you viewing risk and what will have the biggest impact on your CRE strategy and capital deployment this year? Will you be increasing or decreasing allocations?
        • CRE debt and/or equity? What asset classes/markets are you favoring/pulling back from? What investment opportunities are you seeing in this disruptive market? What returns are you targeting?
        • Deal-by-deal; commingled funds; separate accounts; and/or direct investment: What investment models are you preferring?
        • Is the trend amongst LPs to invest primarily in brand-name funds a flight to safety or a fundamental shift? Are you allocating to non-brand name funds? What advice can you give such funds for their fundraising efforts?
        • Has your fund manager/JV partner selection criteria changed in the past year? What do you look for?
        • Alignment of interest: What are you looking for? Are funds increasing transparency? Lowering management fees? What more are you looking for funds to do?

        • Steven Moore , Managing Director (KPMG)
        • Chris Miers , - (Bard Consulting)
        • Vernon Chin , Senior Director (Canyon Partners Real Estate LLC)
        • Brad Creel , Director of Real Estate Investments (Lockheed Martin Investment Management Co.)
        • Rodgers Harshbarger , Director, Private Investments (UNC Management Company)

      Track B 9:45 AM
      GP/OP Joint Venture Shark Tank

      • Waterfalls, deal terms, preferred returns, control provisions and cost overruns will be the main topics under discussion as we address joint ventures from both the operator and equity provider perspective. Tank Leader Marc Lazar, Partner, Goodwin
        The Funds
          Russ Bates, Head of the Americas, GIRE, Aviva Investors Arne Arnesen, Senior Managing Director, Rockwood Capital   The Operating Partners  Pete Kutzer, Managing Partner, Edgewood Realty Partners, LLC Zak Klinvex, Director of Acquisitions, Post Brothers 
        • Marc Lazar , Partner (Goodwin)
        • Russ Bates , Head of the Americas, GIRE (Aviva Investors)
        • Pete Kutzer , Managing Partner (Edgewood Realty Partners, LLC)
        • Zak Klinvex , Director of Acquisitions (Post Brothers)
        • Arne Arnesen , Senior Managing Director (Rockwood Capital, LLC)

        Contains 2 presentations, but you must be registered for this conference and signed-in order to view/download the files

      10:30 AM
      Morning Networking Break Courtesy of:



      • Concluding General Sessions

      10:45 AM
      Urban vs. Suburban vs. ‘Suban’: Opportunities in Secondary & Tertiary Markets Today

        • What are notable trends in the secondary/tertiary CRE markets from 2017? Which geos met expected returns vs. fell flat? Which asset classes were the winners and losers?
        • What does 2018 hold in store for secondary/tertiary markets? What are the key factors that will impact CRE investment opportunities in non-gateway markets this year?
        • Urban vs. suburban: Is there really a divergence?
        • Are Millennials moving to the suburbs? If so, what’s driving this? Where are they looking?
        • The advent of ‘suban’: What is it? What led to its rise? Should we be taking it seriously?
        • With prices at all-time highs, what is private equity’s appetite for non-gateway markets? How do prices compare to the pre-crash era?
        • How to create investment opportunities in secondary/tertiary markets in this disruptive market?
        • Which assets in which markets are attracting debt/equity? What is the cost and availability of financing?
        • What are the markets/assets to watch this year?
        • Has your approach to due diligence changed recently? If so, how? What are new red flags?

        • Jonathan Temps , Counsel (Thompson Coburn, LLP)
        • Dan Rosenbloom , Co-Head Investments (CADRE)
        • Ryan Kaplan , VP, Real Estate Investment Group (Goldman Sachs & Co.)
        • Henry Bandet , Founder & Partner (HG Capital, LLC)
        • Scott Whittle , Director, Finance (Rubenstein Partners)
        • Andy Walburger , Senior Director (Ten-X)

      11:30 AM
      Sustainability & ESG in CRE Investment

        • Sustainability and ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) is trending to the US – what are the drivers of this movement?
        • To what degree are LPs jumping on the bandwagon? Is a portion of their allocations dedicated to sustainability/ESG-focused CRE investments? If so, is this likely to increase? What are their key requirements?
        • To what degree are commercial tenants demanding sustainable/ESG-focused buildings? What are common wants/needs? Are these deal breakers? How much of a competitive edge do you have over those who do not have sustainable/ESG-focused buildings?
        • How are you using sustainability/ESG initiatives to lower operating costs? What are actual cost savings? Via what initiatives?
        • What can the US learn from the European CRE markets in this area? 
        • An overview of federal, state and local tax credits and incentives for CRE sustainability/ESG initiatives 
        • Key state and municipal laws and compliance obligations – what further regulation is in the pipeline? It’s likely impact?
        • Oversight/management/reporting of your sustainability/ESG initiatives
        • Sustainability/ESG performance rating
        • Peter Adler , Managing Principal (Adler Consulting LLC)
        • Joan Hayden , VP & Corporate Counsel (PGIM Real Estate)
        • Joe Walsh , Senior Project Manager (RELATED CALIFORNIA)
        • Daniele Horton , Founder & President (Verdani Partners)
        • Matt Eggers , VP, Energy (Yardi Systems)

      12:15 PM
      IMN's 15th Annual Winter Forum On Real Estate Opportunity & Private Fund Investing Concludes



This is a <u>past</u> conference, no registration is available.

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  • Wednesday, January 17th, 2018
  • Fees, Promotes & Fund Structuring: How are Managers Using Structure to Effectively Attract Capital?

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  • Thursday, January 18th, 2018
  • Impact Investing in Workforce & Affordable Housing: Generating Returns by Doing Good

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  • Friday, January 19th, 2018
  • Innovative Repositioning/Adaptive Re-Use Case Studies: Thinking Outside the Box

    ** This session contains presentations. Presentations will be made available to conference registrants starting first day of the conference.
    *** This session contains audio, but you must have been registered for this conference to be able to play audio files

  • GP/OP Joint Venture Shark Tank

    ** This session contains presentations. Presentations will be made available to conference registrants starting first day of the conference.
    *** This session contains audio, but you must have been registered for this conference to be able to play audio files

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