Aaron Amuchastegui

Aaron Amuchastegui has acquired more than 900 homes across 10 states primarily at trustee sale courthouse step auctions.  As the manager of Homerock, he has built custom asset management software to streamline acquisitions and management of existing properties.

Homerock is currently acquiring rental properties in California, Arizona, Texas, Florida, Ohio and Arkansas.  Homerock is currently interested in finding additional areas to acquire distressed rental housing.

Homerock is currently trying to secure better long term financing options for our rental portfolios in $5 and $10 Million dollars pools.

More about Aaron:
Aaron has been involved in the construction industry since he was a child in Southern Oregon. He attended the University of Oregon's School of Architecture, and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a bachelor’s degree in construction management from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. His wife Kaleena was there to support him from the beginning and they will be married 10 years this July. Today they live in Sacramento, CA with their four children.

Want to connect with Aaron? He is interested in systematizing and automating the real estate functions to put his systems into software. He believes that using software to leverage some of the legwork will help people have more successful companies. Reach out to Aaron if you have solutions for long term finacning, access to smaller acquisition pools, or if you are interested in him helping you with a tailored software solution.