Craig Bengtson
Director of Renovations
US Home Aggregation

As Director of Renovation I oversee all aspects of improvements and maintenance in US Home Aggregation's portfolio of Single Family Homes. 

We buy foreclosed Single Family homes at a significant discount to both market and replacement costs in tertiary markets where the population growth is 4-7 times that of the national average. We systematically renovate them in a uniform way with high standards and rent them out. For our capital partners our goal is to achieve an IRR of 25%+ while producing a current income of 10%-12% without exceeding 66% loan to value. For our Tenants our goal is to create the nicest rental in the neighborhood, in a standardized way so they will always know US Home AG quality, with the right balance of technology to simplify the processes and personal attention to make renting one of our homes a great experience.