David Sandmann

David Sandmann is the founder and Managing Director of HALO, the Home Access Lease Opportunity. Launched in 2016, HALO is a privately funded residential Lease-Option program designed specifically to help creditchallenged  homebuyers obtain a mortgage to purchase a home. HALO coined the term “near-qualified” to describe aspiring homebuyers that have a defined pathway to obtaining a mortgage, but need time to repair their credit. Unlike most lease-to-own programs, HALO is 100% focused on turning renters into buyers rather than keeping them as long-term tenants. With over 700 Realtors® and mortgage partners registered on the HALO platform, HALO recently launched HALO-GO, the “Guaranteed Offer” program. HALO-GO builds on HALO’s mission to empower homebuyers by allowing pre-qualified borrowers to use HALO’s balance sheet to make cash offers in competitive markets, removing the stigma of a mortgage contingency in order to compete with institutional investors. Just as HALO has helped hundreds of Americans to choose their dream home despite challenges on their credit report, HALO-GO is now assisting pre-qualified buyers to make winning cash bids on the home of their choice.