Marshall Sklar
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Marshall Sklar was born and raised in Hewlett, New York and later moved to Boca Raton, Florida where he graduated from Florida Atlantic University.  Since childhood, Marshall has been a master of focus and accomplishment.  It was in his freshman year of college that he discovered his passion for real estate mentorship, management and investment.  While in school, Marshall co-founded numerous real estate related start-ups including an off campus housing website which is the foundation of his career.  This venture would eventually become one of the leading sources for off campus housing solutions in South Florida and was awarded 1st place in the 2009 FAU Business Plan Competition.  This was a huge milestone for his business, as he went up against over 30,000 competitors to place number one, gaining Marshall and his company noteriety amongst some of the largest names in real estate, both locally and abroad.   

Marshall later expanded into the brokerage aspect of the industry and created an investor-based model for the acquisition of rental as well as "flip" properties.  The company, "" together with its partners and investors how now successfully bought, remodeled and re-sold over 1,200 proprties.  Marshall currently serves as the co-founder of Florida’s Best Realty Services as well as managing partner at, LLC and their affiliate companies including a title company, storage facility and numerous other real estate related assets.  His position includes finding investment opportunities in distressed real estate assets and either remodeling to rent, or re-sell them once complete.  The company acquires properties for investors via a modern hybrid program which he pioneered with his business partner Eric Nathanson, one of South Floridas prominent real estate investor/operators.  Their most recent acquisition was one of east Boca Raton’s most well respected industrial-outdoor and indoor storage facilities.  The property (Mizner Storall) is situated on just over 2.5 acres of prime real estate near the Atlantic Ocean.  Mizner Storall has quite a history as it was owned and operated by an influential Boca Raton family since the mid 1900’s, and in mid 2017, Sklar and Nathanson were able to take over ownership and management of the facility via an off market transaction with the heirs of the estate.

Marshall has been featured in numerous media outlets, investment groups, and seminars for his accurate forecasting of the subprime meltdown, real estate crash and the rebound which would soon follow in South Florida real estate market.  He precisely called and openly forecasted to his dedicated followers the events as they unfolded, from the boom to the bust, as well as the recovery. 

Marshall has a passion for learning and sharing knowledge, most importantly, in helping others succeed as he has done.  He speaks at numerous real estate conferences and investment clubs throughout South Florida, including the Boca Raton Investment Club (BRIC) and the Broward County Real Estate Investment Club (BREIA).  Marshall is also active on social media and shares his real estate stories and experiences with thousands of viewers via his facebook live video feeds and blogs.  He lives a life believing that "knowledge is power" and he wants to enlighten those around him with knowledge in any way possible.

In 2015, Marshall was a main focal point in a front page article written by lead economic correspondent Jim Tankersley of the Washinton Post.  The article focused mainly on the South Florida boom-bust cycle that took place while Jeb Bush was the governor of Florida and how Marshall and his investors seized an opportunity to prosper from the crash; yet they did so with honesty and integrity. (article link below)

In 2017, Marshall was featured as a lead role in “Flippin’ Florida”, a TV Pilot about buying and selling homes in South Florida.  

Marshalls hobbies include fishing, spear-fishing, boating, physical fitness running and training, traveling and most importantly, his family of two children, Daniel and Maya, wife Natalya and chocolate labrador retriever Pilar.