Kamil Homsi
GRC Investment Group- Dubai (SFO)

Kamil Homsi - CEO of the GRC Investments Group - Dubai, Single family office that focus on commercial real estate, renewable energy, and waste management.
Mr. Homsi is a permanent member of the investment committee and the head of the global expansion and the portfolio oversight. Multi-lingual, seasoned executive and consummate global entrepreneur with 30+ years of valued transaction-centric experience in cross-border deal structure, alternative investments, and capital markets.
Kamil is an advisory board member among various entities and an expert dispute resolution specialist, recognized speaker on philanthropy, Impact investing and ESG principals. He is an expert on family governance, Mentorship, and succession.
Kamil is fully versed in cross border capital placement regulations and tax incentives within developed economies and emerging markets (i.e., BEPS, GDPR, SFDR, JETRO, CCPA, FIRPTA, CFIUS, AML, FIRRMA, KYC, GRI…. Etc.),
Mr. Homsi has extensive background in engaging with C-Suite executives, influential HNW families and financially accredited multi-national investors. Additionally, has established credibility as a strategic advisory board member within the Global HNW & Family Office Space on dynamic macro-economic vision, and uncommon ability to engage an inter-disciplinary team of professionals with immense global network connections and endured business alliances.
Global Realty Capital LLC is the onshore arm of the global family office, Its focus is to identify investment opportunities and qualify potential partners that share alignment of interests, code of ethics and common objectives.