James Dooley
AMIP Management

Mr. Dooley is the President of AMIP Management and manages their capital markets activities including acquisitions and opportunistic loans sales.  AMIP is an alternative asset management firm specializing in the acquisition and resolution of distressed residential mortgage loans and real estate.  Over the past two years AMIP has acquired over $1B in assets for two institutional clients and currently manages over $800M in loans and REO.

Mr. Dooley has over twenty years of experience trading and managing distressed residential mortgage loans, REO, and other distressed consumer assets.  The foundation of AMIP’s approach is the methodical sourcing of individual assets coupled with the systematic identification of the highest risk adjusted outcomes. Once loans are acquired virtually all asset management and loss mitigation decisions are handled in-house. We believe our hands-on approach achieves enhanced economic returns when compared to traditional acquisition and work-out strategies.

Mr. Dooley previously worked for Barclays Capital and a spin-off fund, C12 Capital Management, where he oversaw a group that managed a $4B distressed loan portfolio.  Mr. Dooley has also held senior trading roles at WaMu Capital, The Winter Group and Countrywide Securities.