Fabrizio Pagani
Global Head of Economics and Capital Market Strategy
Muzinich & Co.

He is currently Global Head of Economics and Capital Market Strategy at Muzinich & Co., a New York investment firm specialized in public and private corporate credit. He is based in Paris and London offices, with global responsibilities in developing strategies and investment tools in order to expand the firm’s global franchise. He also serves as Chairman of ENI Advisory Board, a body which gathers international experts on geopolitics, climate change and energy. While the Chief of Staff of Italy's Minister of Finance, he supported the Minister in setting up and implementing economic policies at domestic, European and international level. He devised policies to enhance competitiveness and innovation, reform the banking sector and attract foreign investment. He created "Finance for Growth", a government plan on alternative means of financing for business. He led the privatization program of the Italian government and engaged extensively in briefing foreign investors and policy makers on Italy's economic reforms.

He represented Italy in G20 Sherpa meetings. He advised the Prime Minister on domestic, European and international economic policies. He devised and promoted “Destinazione Italia”, a major government plan to attract foreign investment and foster innovation.

During and after the financial crisis, as Head of the Sherpa Office he coordinated the OECD work for the G20 and the G8. He also advised the OECD Secretary – General on political issues, including European affairs.

He has been a visiting scholar at the SIPA, Columbia University and at the University of Maryland, College Park. He has been visiting professor at the University of York and maître de conference at SciencesPo, Paris. He has been awarded the NATO Research Fellowship. He has published books and articles on current affairs and he is member of several think tanks and policy units.