Thomas Whitesell
EVP, Group Head, Real Estate
Pacific Western Bank

As National Head of the Pacific Western Bank's Nation Lending Platform, Mr. Whitesell is responsible for expanding the firm’s work with established commercial real estate developers and investors seeking real estate bridge and construction loans nationwide. An industry veteran of 30 years, Mr. Whitesell's experience includes bridge and construction financing as a senior and also mezzanine lender.  He has deep experience in preferred equity transactions as well as debt restructurings as a lender and attorney.
Prior to joining Pacific Western Bank, Mr. Whitesell held senior positions at banks and debt funds, originating and directing regional and national platforms for construction, bridge, mezzanine and preferred equity transactions in all product types. He has been responsible for over $30 billion in structured bridge and construction loans during the course of his career.
Mr. Whitesell’s strong track record of originating and closing profitable investments while building and maintaining quality relationships helps his clients grow their businesses and profitability.