Isaac Kyle
Former CEO GOAL Properties
GOAL Properties

Isaac W. Kyle is a Partner at GOAL Property Services, LLC (GOAL) and it's former CEO. While serving as the CEO of GOAL, Isaac developed the strategic business plan for the start-up, taking the organization from inception to managing ~4,000 single family rentals (SFR) in 13 markets. Simultaneously, Isaac grew personnel to ~55 full time employees in addition to developing multiple market locations throughout the United States during the first year of operations.

With a passion for teamwork and leadership and a proven track record of building agile professional teams that produce results, Isaac’s work is grounded in a belief that successful leadership is about people, vision, teamwork and results. Shaped by his personal, professional and military experiences, Isaac understands that management is about process, leadership is about people and vision is the link that brings people together as a team to produce results.

Isaac received a Master’s Degree in Real Estate from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Isaac currently resides in Houston, Texas.