Ron Rossi
VP, Business Development

Ron Rossi serves as the VP of Business Development for Investor Management Services (IMS).  Ron has over 20 years of commercial real estate experience with a focus on CRE software over the last 6 years.  Ron is responsible for delivering best in class analytics and reporting that enables clients of IMS to proactively manage their business and investments in the most efficient and proactive manner thereby increasing yields and minimizing risk.
IMS offers an Investor Management platform for CRE owners.  We focus on creating investor transparency and engagement by providing dashboards, document dissemination, and a centralized location for new offerings.  Additionally, IMS creates back office efficiencies through Waterfall Calculations, Distribution Automation, CRM, and Portfolio Valuation.  IMS is the software leader built by CRE Sponsors for innovative CRE Sponsors.

Prior to joining IMS, Ron was the CEO of Fairview Real Estate Solutions (a QuietStream Financial portfolio company).  The company built a web based technology solution, Fairview’s Trader Tool, for the CMBS industry that provided up to date analytics and underwriting across over 80,000 CMBS loans. This software was used by some of the largest and most active trading firms on Wall Street.
Ron received his B.A. in Business Administration from the University of California at Irvine.