Mitch Rotta
Executive Vice President (EVP) – Acquisitions and Sustainability

Mitch Rotta currently serves as the Director of New Construction overseeing the entire lifecycle of a project from land acquisition through vertical construction. With a background in large commercial projects, Mitch has implemented numerous construction efficiencies into Tricor’s Build-to-Rent program. Building-Information-Modeling (BIM), alternative building materials, direct product sourcing and in-house labor are just a few of the techniques Tricor is utilizing to help separate themselves in the build-to-rent space. This combination will allow Tricor to produce the most affordable, durable and energy efficient smart rental homes in the country.
After being involved in the construction industry from a very early age, Mitch graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Construction Management. Upon graduation he secured a job opportunity with Hensel Phelps Construction, one of the nation’s largest commercial contractors. Over the course of five years, Mitch oversaw over $1 billion dollars of construction ranging from $650 million in renovations at LAX to $150 million prototype missile defense system for the Navy located in Kauai, HI. After being involved in the commercial construction world, Mitch’s focus turned to residential homes where he worked for Desert Star Construction in Scottsdale, AZ. Over the course of the next two years Mitch provided both project management and field supervision on some of the most luxurious homes in the world. Projects ranged from multi-million-dollar renovations to new construction of ultra-high-end estates ranging from 18,000 to 65,000 square feet.