Milka Micic
Executive Director
J.P.Morgan Private Bank

Milka Micic is an Executive Director within J.P. Morgan’s Private Bank. As a Client Advisor, Milka is responsible for advising wealthy clients regarding their banking, investments, estate planning, lending and more. She partners closely with her clients’ outside advisors to meet lifestyle needs, leave a legacy to future generations, fulfill philanthropic goals, and other objectives.
Prior to joining J.P. Morgan, Milka headed investment and credit operations at Crosby & Woodard Enterprises LLC.
Milka holds her B.A. from Loyola University Chicago and her MBA with a concentration in International Business and Finance from Roosevelt University. She also holds a Masters of Education from AIU.
Milka is a Board member and Treasurer of the Bill of Rights Defense Committee and an active supporter of the Young Women’s Leadership Charter School as well as other educational reform efforts in the city of Chicago. She currently lives in Chicago with her husband and son.