Justin Ford
Pax Properties

Justin Ford began buying small residential properties in 2002. In 2006, he founded Pax Properties. Today, Pax has bought, renovated and managed over 1,000 units throughout Florida. Perhaps the company's signal achievements has been that, through the boom and bust, the company has never been late on a mortgage payment or lost an investor a dollar. Mr. Ford attributes that success to an core principles that make them patient buyers, prudent users of debt, and diligent operators, This approach has helped them recover from mistakes, weather down markets, and consistently take advantage of opportunities for long-term growth. This unique track record has helped Pax develop a loyal following of hundreds of repeat accredited investors and banks and regional lenders eager to fund their projects.   
Prior to founding Pax Properties, Mr. Ford was a financial editor and publisher for over 20 years, covering stock, bond and currency markets around the world, with an emphasis on emerging markets. He has written and edited hundreds of articles on international investment and has authored various books, reports and financial courses, including Seeds of Wealth (1999) and Secret Value & Growth Cities (2006) in which he warned of the brewing real estate bubble, identified the most dangerously overvalued markets in the country as well as the markets best poised to offer refuge from the coming crash.