Fotis Kourmousis
Special Secretary - Private Debt Management
Ministry of Finance

Fotis Kourmousis is the Special Secretary for Private Debt Management at the Ministry of Finance of Greece. Member of the Board of Directors of the Hellenic Development Bank and Deputy Head of the Council of EquiFund at the Ministry of Development and Investment. Member of the Liquidity Council at the Liquidity Observatory of Greece, which monitors new financing to the economy.

He has coordinated the implementation of the institutional framework for reducing private debt, focusing on non-performing loans, as well as debts towards State (Tax Authority, Social Security Institutions).  The most important projects include the creation and implementation of debt restructuring schemes:
•      Οut-of-court workout platform for settling debts of companies, their general partners, freelance professionals and farmers
•      Primary residence protection platform for settling and subsidizing mortgage, consumer and business loans encumbered with primary residence of individuals
In order to tackle over-indebtedness and promote financial literacy, he has developed a nationwide network of 50 Debt Information and Support Centers and Offices, which provide advice to households as well as small and medium-sized enterprises for free.

In the past he has served as Special Advisor for Sustainable Development in International Organizations, such as the United Nations (2003-2009) and the European Commission (1999-2002).

He served as Special Advisor to the Ministries of:
  • Finance for Tax and Customs Administration as well as Information Systems (2012-2015)
  • Economy - Development for Investment Issues (2011-2012)
  • Environment - Energy - Climate Change (2009-2011) for sustainability issues
  • Agriculture for the Common Agricultural Policy / Greek Presidency of the EU (2003)
Postgraduate studies in Strategy and Leadership at Oxford SAID Business School as well as Executive Master’s in Business Administration at American College of Greece (ALBA). Permanent Lecturer in Laboratories of the National Technical University of Athens, where he also obtained a PhD in Engineering. He has published numerous scientific articles in international research journals and has participated as a speaker at national, European and international conferences. Graduate in Environmental Management at the Aegean University.