Ilias Kyriakopoulos
Chairman & CEO
EuPraxis FSI

Ilias is the major shareholder and co-founder of an Integrated Operational Platform for NPLs, Advisory and REO services comprising of three distinct companies:

Ilias is the Chairman and CEO of EuPraxis FSI.
  • EuPraxis FSI is an independent fully integrated NPL Credit Servicer , licensed and regulated by Bank of Greece offering independent recovery & advisory services for troubled loan portfolios across all asset-classes of the NPL spectrum in the Greek Market.
Ilias is furthermore the majority shareholder of :
  • AEGIS S.K. - an award winning, multi-sector focused, independent Investment Advisory Boutique engaging in both Financial & Real Estate Advisory and Consulting Engineering.
  • and PS ESTIA is a company specializing in integrated end to end property management & REO  services and active in small scale principal real estate investments.
One of the crown jewels projects that Ilias spearheaded as Managing Partner of Aegis was the “Project Management for the implementation of the Non-Performing Loans Resolution Strategy" in Greece within the Bank of Greece reporting to the Institutional Lenders of the Hellenic Republic back in 2016, when the NPL market was in its embryotic phase.

Ilias is an ACCA - Chartered Accountant and has a Master’s Degree in International Securities Investment Banking from ICMA-Centre (International Capital Markets Association)/UK and Business Administration Degree from RWTH-Aachen/Germany (Diplom Kaufmann-BWL).