Todd Wood
Christopher Todd Communities LLC

Todd Wood, CEO of Christopher Todd Communities, is a leader in the Build To Rent industry.  Christopher Todd Communities was launched in 2016 as an early innovator in what has now grown into one of the hottest real estate segments in the country.  His diverse business background encompasses a dynamic career spanning nearly four decades.
The company creates private luxury single-family rental smart homes within gated communities that showcase resort-style amenities.  Now armed with an exclusive, strategic partnership with America’s most trusted national homebuilder, Taylor Morrison, the two companies are collaborating to bring this innovative concept to new markets. Taylor Morrison buys the land and builds/owns the communities, and Christopher Todd Communities brings its successful strategic playbook and marketing expertise that, to date, has resulted in higher rents, faster lease ups, and higher resident satisfaction rates than traditional apartments. Upon stabilization Taylor Morrison plans to sell the communities to investors.  Christopher Todd Communities has evolved into a “brand asset maximizing” company, creating enhanced value through the branded community and lifestyle experience.  

An entrepreneur, Todd’s success has been built on faith and hard work. Born into a family of 6 children, at the age of 10 Todd began working in the family candy business where his grandfather’s edict prevailed: “Our family only works 6 days per week, half days. 6am to 6pm, Monday through Saturday.”

Following an early decade-long successful career in executive sales with Xerox Engineering Systems, and building custom homes as a passion, Todd and his family moved to Arizona from Utah and started a small family business baking all-natural and organic bread long before it was mainstream. Because of the work ethic instilled by his grandfather - coupled with good market timing – the Wood’s family Alpine Valley Breads catapulted onto the national food scene,  ultimately supplying wholesome bread products to all of the major grocery chains, including Costco and Sam’s Club.    Todd sold the company, including the production, warehouse, and distribution facilities in 2015 to a major national distribution company.  He then tried retirement. It is about the only thing he has ever failed at as he was too young and ambitious to sit idle.
Contemplating returning to his earlier love of real estate, he researched the market for the next big thing. Everything looked like white bread to him. That is, until he discovered a rental community that had something different, with small single-family homes.  Inspiration struck. What he saw had good potential, but he wanted to put his own spin on it. With that, he set out to create A New Way To Live®, now the Christopher Todd Communities trademark and mission.