Martin Granoff
Granoff Enterprises

 Founded Granoff Enterprises in 1980 as a fund raising organization, from investors, for various 3rd party business ventures seeking capital or financing. Soon thereafter branched out into the cash flow arena, initially acquiring seller-financed real estate notes (both residential and small commercial) and then purchasing future state lottery payments from prize winners (at that time there was no lump-sum option offered winners by state lottery commissions). We then expanded to include advances on lawsuit settlements payable over time, seller-financed business notes, disability income payments, royalty streams, partnership buy-outs payable over time and so many other cash flows payable over time where the payees did not want to wait for their monies and we felt comfortable with the payor. We are constantly amazed at the variety of cash flow opportunities available to acquire/advance on. All our business comes to us through 3rd party referral sources.