Viral Shah
Co-Founder and Head of Financial Products

Viral Shah is Co-Founder & Head of Financial Products at, where he oversees financial product innovation, the mortgage marketplace as well as recently launched marketplaces covering real estate brokerage, title insurance and homeowners' insurance. Viral’s experience spans consumer finance, capital markets, corporate development and strategy. At Better, Viral led the acquisition and integration of the mortgage lender that Better purchased in 2015, while concurrently running the $30mm Series A capital raise. Subsequent to the acquisition of Avex Funding, Viral built out the capital markets infrastructure for Better, obtaining multiple warehouse lines and establishing a loan marketplace representing $700 billion of annual demand and 70% of the mortgage market including 29 of the largest GSEs, banks, hedge funds, REITS and asset managers. Viral's career began with MyRichUncle at the age of 16 where he helped build the origination platform that brought student loans online for the first time and automatically decisioned applications instantly. Subsequent to MyRichUncle, Viral spent three years at Citigroup, where he traded structured products. At Citigroup, Viral traded an interest rate derivatives & algorithmic bond trading portfolio.